Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back Seat

It’s funny, the other day Kitty’s blogging bestie was telling Kitty that one of his girlfriends gave him a blowjob in his car…and that’s it…I mean he didn’t go down on her or finger fuck her or anything. At the time Kitty told my blogging bestie that I don’t see myself doing that for the simple reason that Kitty wants to get off too!

Interestingly enough last night The Traveling Salesman was in town. Kitty thought he was all but gone since he emailed me at what turned out to be the busiest week of all for Kitty. At the time I told him I could not meet him and expected not to hear from him again so when he emailed about meeting for a drink last night Kitty made the date.
We met at a local chain restaurant that has decent food. The bar was packed so we sat at a table and ordered drinks and food. I have to say, the Traveling Salesman is the only one of Kitty’s play mates that treats our play dates like actual dates with a happy ending. Kitty LOVES that!

So we sat and had quite an enjoyable conversation. Kitty waited because the one thing the Salesman did not mention was whether he would be staying over or not before his next destination. When I asked him he said he wasn’t able to this time but next time for sure and we discussed a night out on the town. As we were walking out to our cars Kitty thought how sweet it was for the Salesman to make a side trip so far out of his way for drinks with Kitty. I mean seriously he wasn’t expecting to get laid. He just wanted to see Kitty and that makes Kitty happy.

Kitty offered to give the Salesman a tour of my new car. He smiled and climbed in the front seat. We kissed and although it was not exactly comfortable we continued. It was still light out and we were in a fairly crowded parking lot. The Salesman suggested we go in the back seat. Initially Kitty declined but then I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his and thought, “Kitty, give the salesman a little memory of the evening.”
We moved in the back seat which was just slightly more comfortable than the front and Kitty began to undo the Salesman’s pants while we kissed feverishly. He pushed his pants down just a bit exposing his beautiful hard cock. Kitty looked at it for a moment. 

This was the first time I had actually gotten a chance to see it in the light. It didn’t seem small and man was it nice and hard. Kitty put the head in my mouth and began to gently suck. I could feel the Salesman’s hand on my head gently pushing it down onto his cock. I took the whole thing in my mouth and from the sound of his sighs Kitty could tell the Salesman was enjoying himself. Kitty ran my tongue up his shaft and then down the other side as I played with his balls. His breath quickened and he moved his cock in and out of my mouth. Kitty was wondering if the Salesman was expecting me to swallow his cum when he suddenly pulled away, cupped his hand over his cock and let out a loud sigh. He took a moment and said, “I think I need a tissue.”

This all struck Kitty as pretty funny and ironic. In the end I did not feel cheated. The Salesman was so appreciative of Kitty’s oral skills that it was really a gift for Kitty too. After a quick conversation about the last time we have ever had sex in a car, the Salesman got into his and went on his way. Just another day in the life of Naughty Kitty.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet, Kitty. Sounds like fun, though I have always preferred the comfort of a bed.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kitty, I would definitely take you on an actual date. That is where the seduction begins, isn't it?