Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Years Later

 I haven't seen XXX in years which is funny because we actually live in the same town now...opposite sides of town but still...

I still think about him, wonder about him. Is he still married? Is he happy? Probably not. He's just not the happy type but still, I wonder.

So last night even though I was picking up takeout from a restaurant just down the block from his house...a restaurant we used to joke about being for old people, I was somewhat surprised to see him walk past my car with his dog. He has a DOG!!! I don't see him as an animal lover. He looked kind of strange so I wasn't quite sure it was him. 

Without thinking I waved and smiled. He looked like he vaguely recognized me. I rolled down my car window. We exchanged pleasantries very briefly. "How are you?" yadda yadda. I made a quick joke about the restaurant.

It was a 60 second exchange and then I drove away passing him one last time but looking the other way. We pretended, I guess. HE pretended...

...that he didn't used to text me in the morning to meet him at his apartment after work.

...that he didn't used to fuck me from behind while we watched in the bedroom mirror

...that I didn't ride him reverse cowgirl style until we both came

...that just like the others he deceived me and discarded me for what he thought was someone better.

For those 60 seconds I pretended...

...that he didn't make me feel worthless by discarding me.

...that he didn't deceive me.

...that he didn't pretend to keep me close to make sure that I wouldn't tell his bat shit crazy wife.

...that I didn't cheat on my husband who I now realize was at one time the love of my life.

Years later...

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Old College Friend

An old college friend of mine came for a short visit this week. The funny thing is that he says he doesn't remember me from that time.

He was fucking one of my girlfriends back then. She supposedly had a serious boyfriend and Old College Friend had a girlfriend who he eventually married.

Ironically OCF's wife had an affair with her boss over the course of 10 years so OCF opted out of the marriage once he found this out. He's finalizing everything shortly but has since become bi-coastal. Both of his locations are long distance from Kitty. 

He had to go back to his marital home to collect the last few things and decided to take a detour to visit moi. In fact I invited him but on a Monday?????

Oh, I should have mentioned that OCF is quite successfully semi-retired. He's now a "consultant" so he is enjoying the good life for sure and Monday's are nothing to him while a Monday to me is the beginning of a long grueling week.

At any rate he arrived 7ish on Monday night, we went for dinner at a local Indian restaurant then chatted for a bit at Kitty's house before Kitty could no longer keep my eyes open.

OCF stayed in Kitty's guest apartment upstairs. Of course as soon as I got in bed that night, I was wide awake so I texted OCF that I was disappointed that we didn't have a longer visit.

Being the man of leisure that he is, he said he could stay another day so he did. I felt a little more prepared. I pulled out some frozen chicken marsala and had planned to saute up some spinach. Not bad for a quick dinner after work, I thought. Even though he's easy going, OCF is diabetic which was a concern to me as far as meal prep is concerned.

At about 2 in the afternoon the next day, I received a text which basically said, "The Palm is having a filet/shrimp special. But if you still want to make dinner that is fine too."

Needless to say Kitty's ass was loading into OCF's little Mercedes sportster by 6:00 for 6:30 reservations at the nearest Palm restaurant and by 8:30 we had consumed what had to be the richest most decadent meal of my life. One of my issues is that on the rare occasion that I find myself at a restaurant like The Palm, I over indulge. Unfortunately this was no different but fortunately OCF and I walked through the casino, OCF played a few rounds of poker and by the time he was done I was feeling much better.

We returned to Kitty's and I made myself comfortable. The funny thing is that I REALLY made myself comfortable. I washed off my make up, put in my invisalign retainers, threw on an old tee shirt and big fluffy robe and plopped on the couch. Within a few minutes, OCF grabbed my hand and began stroking my arm. Our conversation was very vanilla in fact I don't even remember what we were talking about.

I kept thinking, "OMG I'm not prepared for this!!" But then I thought, "hell, I can do this and I WANT to do this!"

The attraction was not immediate and I'm not even sure if he was attracted to me. Maybe he was just bored. I didn't want to reject him. He's been going though a tough divorce and has been telling me stories of all the fuck nuts he's met through online dating. The least Kitty could do is show him a good time.

There was a point where it was getting so late that I thought, "We need to get this ball rolling." but I had to somehow transition. He still had not said anything remotely romantic or sexual. I still had my retainer in and OMG my pussy was not prepared for this!!!

I believe I commented, "Well, I'm going to take out my retainer and go to bed. If you'd like to join me you are welcome." 

We hadn't even kissed yet. Luckily he shut the lights off in my bedroom. We were lit by the warm glow from the living room light. This made it easy for me to take off my clothes without feeling self conscious. We got into bed and began to kiss. His lips were larger than I am used to and he was slightly rough. Soon his kisses became deeper, longer and more intense. Kitty being the good kitty that I am followed along which I believe turned him on. OCF still had his underwear on and I could feel his insulin pump line which made me even more tentative.

He began sucking my nipples with just the right intensity and I became wet and ready. I rubbed the outline of his cock with the same intensity that he used to kiss me. Finally he removed his underwear. Without warning OCF jumped down and put his head between my legs eating my pussy like he was at an Old Country Buffet. Although it felt good and has been so long, I was self conscious since I had not properly prepared that area. DAMN! Why didn't I take the time to prepare?!?!?!?

I pushed him off a bit and asked if I could get on top of him. He said sure but between us we were not quite ready. He's heavy and I am heavy. This is a first for Kitty so we had to jump around a bit to find a position that works. Silently I vowed to lose weight before attempting such a feat again.

He began to lose his hard on so it was my turn to jump down and suck on his cock. Again, I assumed he enjoyed the intensity so I sucked his cock hard and moved my mouth up and down the shaft several times as I felt it grow in my mouth and heard him moan. It tasted a bit like sweat. That was my payback I suppose for my pussy not being pristine.

He recommended laying on our sides. That was the ticket. He moved in and out of me and I moved along with the rhythm he had set and in just a few minutes he moaned and said, "oh my god I'm going to cum!"

I continued to move as did he until the last of his cum was inside of me.

The rest of the night was restless for me. I felt as though I had no room in the bed. He had kicked the covers off and I just felt uneasy.

Early in the morning, I woke up for work and he returned to his guest apartment and has since left.

The next few days should be interesting. They always are after a one night stand such as this one.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

16 Months Part 2


 I agreed to move forward with our relationship wondering to myself how I was going to lose 50 pounds before he saw me naked again. The rest of the afternoon was somewhat awkward once again due to the fact that I hadn’t made the slightest effort to prepare myself for the occasion. To be fair it was my day off and I had planned on working around the house and garden and it is completely normal for me and a friend to pop out for lunch or ice cream or yard sale-ing for that matter looking as I did.

I had contemplated showering and “getting dolled up” to pay SS a surprise visit but I decided to let things marinate.

We texted a bit here and there and then yesterday once the work week began and I had brushed my teeth, shaved and bathed I texted SS to see if he was game for a rekindling so to speak.

Over the year he had helped me on several occasions with issues I had with my car or the house and would tell me he’d “take it out in trade”. He even mentioned at lunch that he had dropped hints like that and I never reacted.

It was finally time. We didn’t have to worry about masks or covid. We could kiss on the lips and I could finally suck his cock the way I know he likes it.

Since I am a bit of a type A planner and had my week planned out prior to our reunion I offered to slip over after dinner with my son.

It worked out since SS is in his busy season and often works late enough to give me that time. I arrived at his little cottage as he was just getting out of the shower. We sat on the couch and caught up on work and family stuff for a bit. I’m not quite sure how long it was before he said, “I hear someone in the bedroom. Do you want to go back and check it out?”

I suppose that was the most awkward moment of the evening. We kissed a little bit first. His lips were like pillows and our tongues danced in each other’s mouths I immediately became wet and my nipples began to tingle.

We went back into his room and he took off his robe. He was already half erect. That alone gave me the encouragement that I needed to get past my self-doubts.

I immediately undressed and showed him that I had slipped on one of the black lace bras that he was so fond of which was ironic since I ended up taking it off right away.

He immediately grabbed my tits and began to suck on them. My first instinct was to suck his cock. I was overwhelmed with desire. Instead, he pulled out some jelly and began to rub my clit with it to warm me up. For me good kissing and the sight of an erect cock is enough to get me wet. He did finally let me move down to suck on his cock the way he enjoys it. I took it all the way in and sucked just a little because I know he loves that. He likes to feel the back of my throat with the head of his cock. It didn’t take long for him to pull me up off of his cock to kiss him and then that was my que to climb on top.

I began to ride him just as I had done hundred of times before and it felt just as good as it always had. Our chemistry is undeniable. He knows exactly where, when and how to touch me. It’s as though he can read my mind. He knows exactly how to work my nipples with his thumb and forefinger at just the right time to make me cum. I never get tired of that.

As we were fucking, he said over and over, “I love the way you fuck.” Once again something he says pretty much every time but not an unwelcome comment.

When I had thought I came he requested finishing on top so we changed positions. It wasn’t long before he was ready to cum himself and asked, “can I pull out and cum on your tits?”

To which my reply was ,”yes, of course”. It seemed like the right thing to do and so he did.

We lay together for a bit but something was just not right. I could not put my finger on it and then I realized that I wasn’t done yet. Had I cum?

I moved SS’s hand over to my pussy and asked for his magic fingers. He began to work my clit and rub the lips around it in such a way that put me into an alternative universe. He held onto me tight as I wriggled around. I could hear myself moaning over and over and over. I had lost all control. I had no idea what he was doing but I didn’t want him to stop until finally like coming out of a trance I was conscious and satisfied.

I think it’s going to be a good summer and I think I got my mojo back…thank GOD!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

16 Months Part 1


It’s been sixteen months since I’ve fucked anybody. I had gotten to a comfortable place with that. Not that I haven’t had offers. For whatever reason I simply wasn’t interested. I wasn’t in the mood. I lost my mojo but in a very calm and peaceful manner…or so I thought.

I had actually gotten to a point where I did not ever expect to have or WANT to have sex again. I’ve been so ashamed of my body and my weight gain. I figured that I’d focus on myself for awhile and was quite content yet not quite inspired either. I actually hadn’t realized it.

The other day SS texted me and asked if I was interested in grabbing “breakfast, brunch or lunch”. It really wasn’t a good time for me. My son had company for the weekend. I was making them breakfast and trying to get them out the door so they could do some site seeing. Also, I had painters over and you know how difficult it is to get painters these days. Or is it just my struggle?

Anyway, I did accept his lunch invitation but I suppose I didn’t get back to him quick enough so he texted that since he hadn’t heard from me, he was going to go about his day and go to work. What a DICK!

To make a long story short, we played text tag for a bit and finally found ourselves at one of our old spots for lunch. Now apparently, I was in some sort of mood because not only hadn’t I showered or put on deodorant much less make up, I didn’t even brush my teeth. I know…RIGHT?!?!?! BAD KITTY.

So, we’re have a good lunch, talking, catching up, blah blah and we get to the end of the meal and out of no where SS sits back a bit in his seat and says, “So, I want to ask you a question.”

Of course, I tell him to go ahead. To which he responds, “Where are we? Am I back to ‘client status’?”

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what he was talking about. We hadn’t discussed our relationship since the very beginning. In fact, HE was the one who completely shut down communication about feelings etc. Over the past year he sent me mixed messages and while it was bizarre I didn’t concern myself with it because it wasn’t holding me back from anything and quite frankly I didn’t have the time to worry about it.

When we were in the company of other friends he’d talk about me like we were together but often weeks would go by without us communicating by phone, text or in person.

Feeling rather uncomfortable at the prospect of discussing the intimate details in a public restaurant not to mention I was completely aware of what I looked like and probably smelled like.

He made some valid points. He said “we had a pretty good thing going”, and he wasn’t ready to give that up. I thought about what he was saying and although I was seemingly indifferent, I thought the only difference between what our relationship has been this past year which is basically friends to picking up our romantic relationship again would be the sex.

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Struggle is Real

 Kitty has been having a terrible time with masturbation lately. I can't help but wonder if it is Covid related. LOL that's a joke...kind of. Everyone is blaming everything on Covid these days. Why not Kitty's lack of masturbation?

Recently one of my blog buddies asked me about masturbating and if Kitty still does it. Sure I do! Or at least I try.Over the past year my night time ritual is that I fall asleep, wake up anytime between 3 and 4 am to go to the bathroom then toss and turn to try to fall back asleep. 

Every now and then I'll get a little tickle...every now and then... So Kitty pulls her little silver bullet out of the night stand and rubs it against her clit. But really that's not enough. Kitty has to use her imagination. My blogging buddy sent me a link to a porn but it's just not doing it for me these days. I don't know what it is. Kitty lost her focus. 

So the porn does nothing for Kitty anymore. I can't put my finger on it. The guys and the girls really have a creep factor that turns Kitty off not on so Kitty turns to distant memories of playdates past.

Kitty tries to remember some of the hottest moments from the good old days. Kitty often goes back to her threesome with Esq and Side kick. Sometimes picturing Esq fucking me from behind while I sucked on Sidekick's cock can get me going...and sometimes it just isn't enough.

I try to remember how Surfer Dude's velvet tongue felt on my pussy or the little trick he had where he would put just the very tip of his cock inside of me. He give me just a little more of his cock with each penetration tantalizing me which literally "hurt so good".

And then there was the feeling that Kitty used to get at the prospect of meeting a new playmate. There was a sense of excitement mixed with fear. The way Kitty's pussy got wet the first time she saw the new hard cock along with the fear of meeting a complete stranger in a locked hotel room. Those days are long gone for Kitty and that is okay. There was a time and a place for them. The memories are slowly fading except for a few memorable moments.

What do you all think of when you masturbate?

Thursday, May 13, 2021

When is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Hey there! How are you all? I miss this...blogging, writing, tossing ideas around with you all. I miss it but at the same time I'm into new things. My vanilla life has taken over and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but I like it.

The problem is I'm not always good at letting go. I've made some friends here and I don't want to lose them. I can't say that I have any regrets. I believe everything we do shapes us into who we are today. As I watch my kids grow into adults, I think of myself at their age. I was a "good girl". I led a relatively sheltered life. I got married very young, had a baby, got divorced...RE-married and had more kids. It wasn't until I divorced Angry Guy that I really did the things I should have done in my 20's. I don't regret that.

Interestingly enough my 20 something daughter has become quite active sexually. It's to be expected right? I mean the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Am I right? So the other day Kitty's little kitten started talking about threesomes. All I could think was, "You go, Little Kitten!!!"

I think the thing that has affected me the most is the death of Angry Guy. Since his death I've been helping the kids settle his estate. We've been going through old pictures and old videos. I have to admit that when I watch some of those early videos I fall in love with Angry Guy all over again. Our kids have chosen to believe he was my one true love. I can't say that I disagree.

As a result of all of this self reflection I have lost my lust for...well...lust. I have no interest in any of the men from my past and really no interest in anybody currently. So now what?

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Hey there!! How are ya'll? I hope all is well with each and every one of you. Crazy year right?!?!?!?

So much has been going on in everyone's lives I am sure. Kitty has had one crazy crazy year and not just due to Covid 19.

One interesting thing that's happened to Kitty is that back in May I found out that I have a sister that I never knew about. Interesting to say the least don't you all think? So it turns out prowling runs in my family. Apparently my father was a bit of a prowler...presumably. In the meantime Kitty is absolutely in love with my new baby sister. We are fast friends. Other than not really looking alike, we could be twins. Our personalities are quite similar...except of course she is adamant against prowling.

So Kitty has been occupied with my new sister and not so much with SS. Oh we are still "friends" I guess. That whole thing is also very strange but ended on a good note I suppose. Oh shit! Also Angry Guy died recently! Wow! Now that I write all this, I realize how truly crazy the past few months really HAVE been.

So, Traveling Salesman is trying to work his way into the picture. Here's the thing. Kitty really likes Traveling Salesman however...not sure. Kitty is just not feeling like getting together and I really do not know how to tell him without ending our friendship completely and to be honest, I'm not sure I want to do that. I'm not really sure what I want. I mean, I'm really enjoying being single again and have alot on my plate.

So how does a Kitty tell a Traveling Salesman that it's just not the right time for me?

Asking for a friend