Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Old College Friend

An old college friend of mine came for a short visit this week. The funny thing is that he says he doesn't remember me from that time.

He was fucking one of my girlfriends back then. She supposedly had a serious boyfriend and Old College Friend had a girlfriend who he eventually married.

Ironically OCF's wife had an affair with her boss over the course of 10 years so OCF opted out of the marriage once he found this out. He's finalizing everything shortly but has since become bi-coastal. Both of his locations are long distance from Kitty. 

He had to go back to his marital home to collect the last few things and decided to take a detour to visit moi. In fact I invited him but on a Monday?????

Oh, I should have mentioned that OCF is quite successfully semi-retired. He's now a "consultant" so he is enjoying the good life for sure and Monday's are nothing to him while a Monday to me is the beginning of a long grueling week.

At any rate he arrived 7ish on Monday night, we went for dinner at a local Indian restaurant then chatted for a bit at Kitty's house before Kitty could no longer keep my eyes open.

OCF stayed in Kitty's guest apartment upstairs. Of course as soon as I got in bed that night, I was wide awake so I texted OCF that I was disappointed that we didn't have a longer visit.

Being the man of leisure that he is, he said he could stay another day so he did. I felt a little more prepared. I pulled out some frozen chicken marsala and had planned to saute up some spinach. Not bad for a quick dinner after work, I thought. Even though he's easy going, OCF is diabetic which was a concern to me as far as meal prep is concerned.

At about 2 in the afternoon the next day, I received a text which basically said, "The Palm is having a filet/shrimp special. But if you still want to make dinner that is fine too."

Needless to say Kitty's ass was loading into OCF's little Mercedes sportster by 6:00 for 6:30 reservations at the nearest Palm restaurant and by 8:30 we had consumed what had to be the richest most decadent meal of my life. One of my issues is that on the rare occasion that I find myself at a restaurant like The Palm, I over indulge. Unfortunately this was no different but fortunately OCF and I walked through the casino, OCF played a few rounds of poker and by the time he was done I was feeling much better.

We returned to Kitty's and I made myself comfortable. The funny thing is that I REALLY made myself comfortable. I washed off my make up, put in my invisalign retainers, threw on an old tee shirt and big fluffy robe and plopped on the couch. Within a few minutes, OCF grabbed my hand and began stroking my arm. Our conversation was very vanilla in fact I don't even remember what we were talking about.

I kept thinking, "OMG I'm not prepared for this!!" But then I thought, "hell, I can do this and I WANT to do this!"

The attraction was not immediate and I'm not even sure if he was attracted to me. Maybe he was just bored. I didn't want to reject him. He's been going though a tough divorce and has been telling me stories of all the fuck nuts he's met through online dating. The least Kitty could do is show him a good time.

There was a point where it was getting so late that I thought, "We need to get this ball rolling." but I had to somehow transition. He still had not said anything remotely romantic or sexual. I still had my retainer in and OMG my pussy was not prepared for this!!!

I believe I commented, "Well, I'm going to take out my retainer and go to bed. If you'd like to join me you are welcome." 

We hadn't even kissed yet. Luckily he shut the lights off in my bedroom. We were lit by the warm glow from the living room light. This made it easy for me to take off my clothes without feeling self conscious. We got into bed and began to kiss. His lips were larger than I am used to and he was slightly rough. Soon his kisses became deeper, longer and more intense. Kitty being the good kitty that I am followed along which I believe turned him on. OCF still had his underwear on and I could feel his insulin pump line which made me even more tentative.

He began sucking my nipples with just the right intensity and I became wet and ready. I rubbed the outline of his cock with the same intensity that he used to kiss me. Finally he removed his underwear. Without warning OCF jumped down and put his head between my legs eating my pussy like he was at an Old Country Buffet. Although it felt good and has been so long, I was self conscious since I had not properly prepared that area. DAMN! Why didn't I take the time to prepare?!?!?!?

I pushed him off a bit and asked if I could get on top of him. He said sure but between us we were not quite ready. He's heavy and I am heavy. This is a first for Kitty so we had to jump around a bit to find a position that works. Silently I vowed to lose weight before attempting such a feat again.

He began to lose his hard on so it was my turn to jump down and suck on his cock. Again, I assumed he enjoyed the intensity so I sucked his cock hard and moved my mouth up and down the shaft several times as I felt it grow in my mouth and heard him moan. It tasted a bit like sweat. That was my payback I suppose for my pussy not being pristine.

He recommended laying on our sides. That was the ticket. He moved in and out of me and I moved along with the rhythm he had set and in just a few minutes he moaned and said, "oh my god I'm going to cum!"

I continued to move as did he until the last of his cum was inside of me.

The rest of the night was restless for me. I felt as though I had no room in the bed. He had kicked the covers off and I just felt uneasy.

Early in the morning, I woke up for work and he returned to his guest apartment and has since left.

The next few days should be interesting. They always are after a one night stand such as this one.


Unknown said...

Good read Hunny. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

ChasHunk said...

Well Well You are The Same Kitty I always Knew !! Good Job !

Same sassy girl said...

So fun to see you're having some fun!

ChasHunk said...

I always enjoy reading and seeing things from Your Female POV. At times You are refreshingly blunt and straight to the point, this makes me smile and laugh!

Advizor54 said...