Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reservations for Two

He waited by his car in the parking lot as I approached. We ducked in the back door, through the kitchen like a scene from “Goodfellas” then up a flight of dark stairs leading to his apartment. “The walk of shame”, I used to call it when I had to walk past the hotel lobby hosts. That seemed like an eternity and yet those same feelings stirred inside of me. The irony is that the Spicy Italian and I are both single now and perfectly within our rights to go to his place and fuck.

The doorway led to a quaint and cozy efficiency with a beautiful leather couch, big screen television, kitchenette and neatly made bed in the corner. He invited me to sit on the couch for a few moments. We chatted as I removed my boots. We had no time to spare. We both had to get back to work. Yes, it felt like the old days. He began kissing me as he moved his hands along my body. It was technically the first time we kissed so I wanted to savor it. He felt nice. He smelled nice.

“Let’s go over to the bed,” he said revealing just a hint of a European accent. We began to undress ourselves. I was happy about that. I was not dressed for a play date. This was quite spur of the moment after days of naughty texting and cock photos. I peeled off my tights, dress and mismatched bra and panties. He approached me and again began kissing me passionately while he guided me up on the bed and immediately lay on top of me.

“It’s been a while,” I have been telling him this for weeks. In my mind it has. He moved his fingers inside of me almost commanding me to cum. He put his cock inside of me and immediately threw my legs over his shoulders not even realizing that this is one of my favorite positions. I could feel ever inch of him thrust inside of me pumping slow at first then picking up speed.

“Suck your pussy juice off my cock,” he said as he rolled off of me. I worked his head with my tongue and he guided me showing me exactly what he wanted. As I sucked some more he said “Oh yeah keep going, keep going.” As I sucked I tasted his juices flow and continued sucking in his cum. His voice was hypnotic and before I realized it I drank him all in.

We lay for a while kissing and touching each other. It was warm and comfortable. 

“What time do you have to be back?” he asked.

“As soon as possible.” I said with a smile knowing that my absence would certainly be noticed.

He walked me down the stairs, through the kitchen and out in the parking lot. “Text me when you are done with work,” he said just after giving me a passionate kiss goodbye.

I stumbled up the road to my office still shaking from the orgasms he commanded of me and wondered…had anybody in the office noticed that I’d been gone?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Intro To A New Spicy Lifestyle

A friend of mine contacted me the other day. He was disappointed that I hadn’t posted in a while. I’m working A LOT now and loving my vanilla life. I have met someone. I JUST met him. Actually I’ve known him and his family for years but he is JUST noticing me. So we met for drinks the other night. We had a great time. He is very interesting. He is in the same field as Angry Guy only he owns his own business. OH and the best part…he is a SPICY ITALIAN!

So the day after our drink the Spicy Italian and I begin to text. We are mostly just vanilla texting when somewhere in there he texts “You seem very conservative.” Well Kitty just about fell off my chair. Now a younger less mature Kitty would have directed the Spicy Italian right to my blog but I have to admit I played it just right for a change. I thought it might be nice for the Spicy Italian to get a nice surprise when he realizes all that is bottled up inside this “conservative Kitty”.

To be continued…