Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Love

Tom Hagen and I met at a little strip mall around the corner from his shore place. He told me we were meeting at a tavern so I got the impression that it was a little shore town corner bar. I tend to stress over parking and directions in these situations so I was relieved when I realized it was situated where it was.

I pulled up next to him and he greeted me with a peck on the lips. I held out a box of chocolates from one of our local chocolatiers. I had a vision of us feeding them to one another in bed for some reason.

We ordered drinks and a plate of oysters then we were off to his place for a well thought out fuck fest. Only when we got there it was different. It wasn’t the hard, rough, forceful fucking that I had become accustomed to.

He gave me a quick tour of his little place then we sat on the couch. He leaned over and kissed me gently. It was the first time we had really kissed. This is always a concern. For me, if the kissing is not good the sex usually follows suit.

We kissed for a few minutes and were perfectly in sync. “What are you thinking?” He asked

“Wanna go in the bedroom?” was my response.

He immediately stood up and led me down the short hallway to the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed fumbling with his watch as I slowly removed my blouse and jeans leaving my black lace bra and panties on. He took off all but his boxer briefs and we began to kiss again. He unhooked my bra as he kissed me and I slipped off my lace panties. I rubbed his crotch and could feel that he was beginning to get hard. This was a welcome surprise. I wrapped my hands around his balls and played with them gently before moving my mouth down to his cock. As I began to suck the head of his cock the entire member became rock solid hard. It was a beautiful feeling. His breathing quickened as I moved my head faster and then he said “Climb on top.”

As I rode his cock and he sucked on my nipples I could feel that I was going to cum. There was one last thing “are you going to cum for me baby?” Just the sound of his voice saying these words was enough to release my orgasm.

“Roll over,” he said in his soft sweet voice. He entered me from behind and all I could think about was how perfectly we fit together and how good his hard cock felt inside of me no matter how he turned or twisted. He held my hips and slid in and out of me watching his cock with every penetration until I could hear him groan and felt that last thrust before climbing back on the bed and pulling me into him. We lay there. He was kissing my body and rubbing me ever so gently with his hands. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. I was enjoying this and although I wanted to reciprocate, most of the men I have been with prefer to be left alone once they have cum.

“I enjoy being caressed afterwards by the way,” he finally said as though he was reading my mind. I began to caress him as gently as he caressed me. I told him to roll over and gave him a back rub. He seemed surprised by my attentiveness but appreciative at the same time.

We moved together and lay with him spooning me from behind. I could feel his cock getting hard once again and again he slipped in from behind. “You are so wet,” he said in a complimentary manner.

“Would you like to try a little anal?” I asked him. He seemed particularly impressed with my willingness to have anal sex with him in the midst of our prior texts when the issue came up. I was a little smarter this time and texted to him that I was open to anal sex with 3 “requests”…my requests were 1. Lube, lube, lube 2. He goes slow and gently 3. He washes his cock after having it in my ass and before putting it anyplace else. Generally I am not a “rules” type of girl but after my experience with BD2 I felt more comfortable being forthright with the requests as opposed to spoiling the mood during the act. Fortunately Tom Hagen was on board.

“If you think you are ready,” he answered.

I was definitely ready and definitely wet enough and relaxed enough to handle him. Once again I rolled onto all fours and very gently he put his cock inside my ass. “Are you okay?” he kept asking.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I assured him. “It doesn’t hurt, I’m fine. It feels good.” I wasn’t lying. He continued to move very gently inside of me making sure that he was not hurting me. I assured him several times.

“Let me know when it feels uncomfortable,” he said in a very sincere caring voice.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself “I’m going to fall for this one!”

As we continued this line of love making I let go more and more and thought to myself “Please don’t fall…please don’t fall.”

Tom Hagen and I talked about the walls that we build up over time to protect ourselves from being hurt. He seemed to understand. He made no promises and no commitments. We made no plans to meet again but it was the first time in a LONG time that a man made love to me slowly, gently and thoughtfully. It was a good feeling. God I want that feeling again and I want it with Tom Hagen.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flunking The Test

If fidelity were a test Kitty would flunk with a capital “F”. When BD2 was off at his concert and his car show and having the time of his life with God knows who, Kitty was planning my own fun.

Just before BD2 and I met I had met this guy on POF. He was formerly a Chef but had to close his deli and so I think he is leaning more toward being a handy man/construction guy which is fine by me because as sexy as the idea of a chef is…they work on the weekends and that simply does not work for Kitty.

So this guy who I will refer to as Tom Hagen from this point on and I met for dinner several weeks before I met BD2. Why do I call him Tom Hagen you ask? Well…for one thing he has a very VERY Italian name. Kitty LOVES Italian men although they don’t seem to take too kindly to Kitty for whatever reason.

So Tom Hagen traveled down here to meet Kitty for dinner which was pretty impressive. We hit it off right away. He has a great personality. He makes Kitty laugh and is pretty cute. But wait! He didn’t LOOK Italian AT ALL!!!

Kitty mentioned that at dinner and it turns out that he is actually German/Irish and had been adopted by an Italian couple…the best of both worlds as far as Kitty is concerned.

So even though we seemed to hit it off and Tom Hagen told Kitty he saw “potential”. Kitty believed Tom Hagen and like clockwork as soon as Kitty began to believe, Tom Hagen disappeared. Oh, I still saw him logged onto Plenty of Fish but he made no effort whatsoever to contact me.

Two weeks ago after the ever frustrating “Text and Dash” with BD2, I hopped onto POF just to check my inbox and noticed that Tom Hagen deleted his profile. He didn’t just HIDE it like BD2 and I…he DELETED it! In the POF world that means one of two things…either he got back together with his wife or he met the woman of his dreams on POF and that woman sure as hell was not Kitty.

As we know Kitty can never leave well enough alone so I texted Tom Hagen and asked why he deleted his profile. He said he gave up on POF. This led to a friendly little text chat which amounted to nothing but Kitty proclaiming us friends and a promise to get together real soon.

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard more from Tom Hagen then the guy I’m supposedly in a relationship with. As the weekend grew closer and it became more and more evident that BD2 was not going to make time for Kitty, I reached out to TH. In no time at all we began planning what will most likely be a little fuck session much like my Ashley Madison days with questions like “where do you want me to cum?”

Kitty began to get that feeling again. It was the feeling I used to get just before meeting a new lover at a hotel room. My pussy began to get wet as he texted “Can I lick you?”

“Hmmm I don’t see why not.”

“Then I want you to sit on my hard cock and ride me”.

DAMN! That’s Kitty’s all time favorite position!!!

The more we texted the further from my mind BD2 was. I recently got a fortune in a fortune cookie that said “Behind every able bodied man is another able bodied man.”

So Kitty is taking Bad Boy’s advice. I’m enjoying my freedom. While BD2 is having HIS fun, Kitty may be having some fun of my own.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Text and Dash

BD2 does this thing that drives Kitty absolutely crazy. I call it the “Text and Dash”. I won’t hear from him for days at a time then just when I think it’s over and he has moved on, I’ll get a text. I text back…then…NOTHING!

These are some of the texts I have received over the past week…

BD2: “Thanks for sat nite, had a real good time, hope your having a good day”

Kitty: “How was your Father’s Day?”

Next day…

BD2: “How’s my baby today, just mowed a little now it’s raining.”

Kitty :“I’m good xoxox have you recovered from the weekend?”

TWO days later…

BD2: “good morning [Kitty]”

Kitty: “Good morning baby xoxoxo.” Then Later I texted “How was your day?”

2 hours later he texts “My day was good xoxo”

This morning he texts “How’s my beautiful girl on this beautiful day”.

Notice there is no mention whatsoever about getting together for the weekend. BD2 is going to the Rolling Stones concert Friday and a car show on Sunday. Not sure what his plans are for Saturday but Kitty thinks that since we have agreed to be exclusive and since BD2 is making time and spending money on Mick Jagger that I should at least get a coffee and some kisses on Saturday.

Kitty will be spending this Saturday night RE-EVALUATING. As we all know, Kitty is 1. Not a patient Kitty and 2. Needs ATTENTION otherwise Kitty has a tendency to get into trouble.

The other night Bad Boy pleaded with me not to jump back into a relationship. “Enjoy your freedom,” he said. Now I know what he was talking about. Kitty cannot live by text alone.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Phone Chat

I had an interesting phone conversation with Bad Boy the other night. He’s my “go-to” guy whenever I have questions about boys…men. We ended up talking about all sorts of shit. He’s about the only one I can tell that the sex the other night with BD2 was a little rougher than usual and that even though I enjoy rough sex I like a little cuddle time afterwards and I didn’t get that. I KNOW…RIGHT?!?!?! Kitty is not generally a CUDDLER…but after being treated like a dirty little slut Kitty likes a little tenderness.

Bad Boy and I started talking about “Biters”. I have come across a lot of them lately and it’s very strange. They BITE when they are kissing you. What’s THAT about? Bad Boy said they might be testing the waters for a little pain threshold. He also claims that back in the day I bit him so hard on the shoulder when he was finger fucking me. I don’t remember that and repeated several times that it was some other girl. Bad Boy had A LOT of girls back then and I highly doubt it was me.

We talked a little about BD2 and it made me laugh when Bad Boy called him “BD2” because he is just about the only person in my real life that reads my blog. He suggested that maybe BD2 wants that Dirty Little Slut Kitty 24/7 even though we discussed a “relationship”. Bad Boy is a lot like BD2 so I’m thinking maybe he knows what he’s talking about.

I thought BD2 might get off on the fact that Kitty is super straight by day but dirty slut in the bedroom. I thought he might get off on showing me off to his friends and family as this nerdy financial/mother type and when they said “what the hell do you see in HER?!?!” BD2 might smile to himself and picture my mouth around his cock. Or he can take a look at a picture that he took of me sucking his cock with his phone the first day we fucked in that hotel room.

The more Bad Boy and I talked the more I realized how similar we are to one another. We both play it straight outside the bedroom then enjoy the animalistic side of sex on the other side. Bad Boy can appreciate that my body is free of tattoos and piercings and he can appreciate that I am single handedly supporting and raising a bunch of kids but still enjoy a good fucking. Not many men get that I guess. To me it’s a no brainer. I ALWAYS look at a nerdy guy and look for the freak that lies within.

Bad Boy assures me that WHEN we get together we are going to have a lot of fun. I believe him although there is that part of me that knows IF we finally fuck after all these years that things will change between us and I’m not quite sure I want them to.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Feeling

I don’t know how to describe it.  Maybe I am sensitive from my Ashley Madison days. Maybe Kitty is insecure. Maybe after years and years of insisting that I am not needy…the reality is that I AM NEEDY.

No, that’s not it. It’s attention. Kitty wants some attention. Kitty wants a little male attention. I know all too well that people have lives and people are busy. Kitty is busy. Kitty is VERY busy! And yet on Saturday night…well…I can’t help it. Kitty craves a man. There is something about the weekend…something about a Saturday night that says “Date Night” to Kitty. Kitty went for years and years and YEARS without going out or doing anything on the weekends when I was with Angry Guy. Now I want to have something to show for the weekend…I want something to look forward to. That’s what the Shrink recommended.

So, BD2 is going to the Stone’s concert tonight and he’s going to a car show on Sunday…but no mention of Saturday to Kitty. So…we’ll see. It’s a feeling…like maybe the “Time to move on" feeling.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Once a Cheater...

Funny…Angry Guy and I always used to say “Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater.” I used to believe that. When Angry Guy and I split I thought I could break the cheating habit with the right guy. I have to admit, I don’t know that he’s out there…at least for me…and I’m okay with that I guess.

BD2 and I got together this weekend. It was father’s day weekend. We were both horney. He sprang for dinner and I sprang for a room so that I could give him a proper father’s day gift from Naughty Kitty.

XXX always says that I am “every man’s wet dream” because I confessed one day that the perfect date to me is a nice dinner , drink or evening out then coming home and fucking our brains out. This weekend is as close as I could get in light of the fact that it’s still too soon to bring BD2 home to meet the kids.

I checked into the room. It was effortless and not nearly as nerve wracking as when I was married. I still wanted to paint my fingernails. Just as I was about to start BD2 drove up. I greeted him at the door. His kiss was warm and comfortable and then he gave me a big hug. It felt so warm…so right. I told him I missed him. He said nothing. He had a little bag with him which I figured held some toys. He decided to try this new medication. Ten minutes or so before sex he is supposed to give himself a shot of this stuff. It sounds painful but he assured me it wasn’t.

He told me about it the first time we fucked. I insisted there was no need for him to take anything. He was getting hard so what was the problem? “It’s not like it used to be,” he insisted.

I assured him that I enjoyed him just the way he was but if he wanted to try this, I would be supportive. He put the shots into the mini fridge and lay on the bed fully clothed. I curled up next to him and began to kiss him. He confessed that he missed me then unleashed his cock. He began to demonstrate the procedure of giving himself the shot. He said, “I’m supposed to stroke like this to work the medicine down the shaft but I thought maybe you could suck on it.” He described how he wanted me to put him in my mouth as deep as I could get it then he wanted me to move my mouth up the shaft to the head as I sucked. “pretty simple,” I thought to myself. Then he had me practice a few times. He began to get hard which reaffirmed to me that these meds were not necessary.

“Suck my balls baby so while I’m sitting across from you at dinner I know that’s the last thing you had in your mouth.” Kitty smiled and obliged like a good kitty.

We kept dinner light and two hours slipped by. We took a short cruise around the quaint little town then headed back to the hotel. It was nice to relax and know that we could take our time. We began to kiss then BD2 went into the bathroom to give himself his shot.

Just as we had practiced I took his cock into my mouth and sucked as I pulled my mouth all the way up his shaft rolling my tongue around the head. I slowly repeated even though his cock was as hard as it could be. We played and fucked and sucked and kissed. He thrusted inside of me slowly at first then increasingly faster and faster until I heard him groan and relax. It was the first time he was able to cum while we were fucking. Maybe those new meds DID make a difference.

After he came he was still a little hard. “You’re going to have to ride that baby to help get it down.” I was happy to oblige once again. I climbed on top and moved until he said, “roll over”.

He had been wanting to have anal sex and was becoming increasingly frustrated that he was unable to enter me anally. It was the only time I ever saw him impatient. We changed positions several times. I was on my back again and he was on top of me when all of a sudden he thrusted hard into my ass. I screamed out in pain but he did not retreat and he wasn’t about to. I whimpered with each thrust. What the hell happened to the promise he made that first night to be gentle?

I looked into his eyes and said “does that feel good baby?”

“oh it feels SO good,” he said.

The sound of his voice made me relax and the pain of his cock thrusting hard into me anally subsided somewhat.

As we lay in bed afterward just a little more distant than that first time we fucked I thought to myself how as painful as the experience was physically, this is the type of man I have been writing about for the past several years. The kind of man who is not afraid in bed…not afraid of hurting me. He takes charge and is just about the strongest lover I have ever had.

So what’s the problem, you ask? Well…this strong wonderful older man that makes me wet just by smiling at me has become somewhat distant. Days go by without hearing from him. There is a part of me that enjoys the freedom. There’s another part of me that craves the attention that I have been missing from my own husband all these years. And so in my boredom and in an effort to push BD2 from my mind, I play. I text other men. I pop onto Ashley Madison here and there to check out my favorites list. Who has been on and what’s going on with the others?

Kitty is still just a little sore physically from the other night. I still don’t know where this thing with BD2 is going and I’m not sure where I want it to go. Some days it feels really good…some days it feels like a hot poker was just shoved up my ass. But I have to admit, I sure am enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

City Kitty in the Country

Playing with BDII is a lot like playing with my boys from Ashley Madison only better because neither of us is married so we can play where ever or whenever we can arrange it and don’t have to worry about hiding our cars or being seen together in public. Can I just tell you all that I LOVE that!!

Although to a certain degree we DO have to be discreet because Kitty still has the little ones at home. So since BDII has a car show this weekend and I wanted to give him a proper send off, I offered to make the drive up to his place which is well over an hour away. He seemed thrilled with the idea and invited me to stay the night. Isn’t that sweet??? I can’t imagine any of my other lovers making that offer for obvious reasons. But Kitty had to decline because as I said, I still have the little ones at home and it’s the middle of the week so Kitty plans to play hard with BDII then return to my vanilla life.

I carefully planned my route to BDII’s house since I was leaving from work and the ride was still over an hour. At the last minute I decided to use the GPS on my phone and everything was going perfectly until my GPS said “You’ve arrived at your destination.” I looked around and all I saw were FARMS! I turned around and tried to backtrack then broke down and called BDII. He answered and started to become a little impatient with Kitty. In the end I was not far from his house and he talked me in but then Kitty made the futile mistake of parking in the long gravel driveway. “Park up here on the front lawn! Don’t park in the driveway” BDII shouted. This is when I knew I was in the country. If this guy is a serial killer this is the perfect place to do it. In the meantime I got out of the car and followed BD into the house and into what was clearly a sparsely furnished Manpartment. He began to kiss me right away but I pulled away to take a quick glance at the view. It was beautiful out here in the country. We talked briefly and then I realized that the GPS sucked the battery life out of my phone. “Let me run to my car and get my charger,” I said.

“Kiss me first,” BD said with his pants already pulled down exposing his erect cock.

I kissed him on the lips. “Kiss me where it counts,” motioning to his cock.

I leaned over and gave the head of his cock a quick suck and a lick just to let him know I was focused…as soon as I got my charger. I got up and began walking toward the door. He followed behind me, pulled me around and kissed me again, a long deep kiss this time. I immediately became wet. He wrapped his arms around me then put his hand down my pants still kissing me. His aggression was captivating. All I could focus on at that point was getting my clothes off as well as his. As he kissed me and rubbed my clit, I removed my jacket, shoes and belt.

“Bend over the table,” he commanded

I had been longing for him to fuck me from behind so I slipped off my pants and followed his order noticing that not one window in the entire apartment had any type of covering. He slipped inside of me but I suppose the table was too high. He turned me around and led me to the bedroom. Still half dressed he laid me on my back on the side of the bed and began thrusting inside of me. All I kept thinking was how nice he felt inside of me and how to get the rest of my clothes off.

It wasn’t long before he said, “turn over, and get on all fours.” Being the obedient Kitty that I am, I did exactly what I was told and was greeted with the wonderful sensation of his cock inside my pussy and his fingers in my ass. “You like this don’t you? You dirty little slut.”

All I could do was moan yes. “Make yourself cum for Daddy,” he said as he pulled out not one vibrator but two which he had purchased for me. He chose the larger of the two which was huge and purple. “Let me see you take that whole thing in.”

His eyes widened as the huge vibrator all but disappeared inside of me. I moved it and closed my eyes imagining him behind me. I leaned over and kissed him. He began stroking my entire body as I continued to move the vibrator until I couldn’t take it anymore and I let myself go.

Then it was his turn. Kitty went to work giving BDII one of my special blow jobs as I moved my finger in his ass. BDII began stroking his cock as I kissed his lips, ran my tongue down his chest, and nibbled his nipples. “Put your mouth down there,” he ordered as he continued to stroke.

As instructed Kitty moved down to his cock and began to suck the head. I could hear his breathing quicken and then began to taste the salty taste of his cum in my mouth. I moved up to his face and gave him a kiss letting him taste his juices inside my mouth.

We lay still for a few moments enjoying the tension release both of us just experienced. I am thinking about him right now. I wonder if he is thinking about me on his long trip away for the weekend.