Saturday, August 30, 2014

Surfer Dude

Meeting play mates and fucking them for the first time at a hotel room never gets boring for Kitty. Kitty and the Surfer Dude actually met several years ago. Wait...let me correct myself, we CORRESPONDED two years ago. Apparently I reached out to him on AM. We chatted on the phone. That much I remember. Oh and I told him about the blog. But as we all know life sometimes gets in the way. He got busy with work; Kitty was busy with work and just after our correspondence Kitty got divorced. Without realizing it Surfer Dude had been reading Kitty’s blog. So he knew all about Kitty’s divorce and all the other shenanigans that have been occurring over the past two years. He read recently that Kitty was back on AM and sure enough he found my profile and reached out to Kitty again.


So Kitty and Surfer finally met for coffee finally after 2 years. We were both a little nervous. Kitty was nervous over this extra weight I have been carrying lately. It bothers me and every day I work at eating right and every day I do well until the night time. Enough about that though. That’s Kitty’s personal demon that I have to deal with on my own…and I will.


Surfer was nervous for obvious reasons. We were out in the open not far from his hometown and he was concerned someone would recognize him. His eyes constantly scanned the outside parking lot as we were sitting outside in the courtyard. We spoke very generically not getting too deep into any one subject mostly just recounting the events of the past two years. It was an interview more or less although Surfer knew far more about Kitty from reading my blog than I could ever know about him and as he said, “I know I can trust you. You are about the only single woman I would ever consider seeing.”


Surfer Dude is right. Kitty has no intention of ruining anybody’s life/marriage/family. That’s not what Kitty is about and it never will be. Since Surfer Dude is a reader of Kitty’s blog he pointed out that Kitty not too long ago wrote, “No more married men.” And then Surfer Dude said, “And here we are.” His words along with the way he looked into my eyes made me wet.


Because Surfer was so on edge at our first meeting Kitty was not surprised not to hear from him at all the next day. Kitty had to assume that Surfer Dude had second thoughts and who is Kitty to question that. So Kitty went about my day thinking that things with Surfer Dude would go no further. Kitty had plans for the evening and when those plans were cancelled, without hesitating I texted Surfer, “Hey my plans for tonight changed. Would you want to get together?”


It wasn’t long before he texted back that his truck just got done at the shop and he’d “love to get together.” Kitty is wet.


Within minutes we had hatched a plan and then not too long after that Kitty was on my way to meet Surfer Dude for our first session of fucking.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Uptight Cunts

Okay something has come to Kitty's attention. Something that must be addressed PRONTO!!!

One of Kitty's blogging besties just told me about a situation. It seems that he was interviewing candidates from Ashley Madison for his latest conquest. Suffice it to say that Kitty loves hearing stories about the interview process and of course I have been known to share a few of my own. So my bestie was zeroing in on one particular candidate. He sent me a photo of her. She looked cute...a little trashy but definitely fuckable.

Later last night my bestie began texting me about how high maintenance she is and how she was offended by something he asked her. Turns out she was telling bestie that she was on her way to a spa or something. Somewhere in the conversation bestie asked subtly if she was going to have her kitty waxed. Now Kitty read the text exchange and in my bestie's defense he was asking in a playful manner. To make a long story short the tight ass, high maintenance chick flew off the handle and bitch slapped poor bestie via text.

What Kitty is trying to say here is that those of us on Ashley Madison are there for a reason and none of us are any better than any body else on there. That's actually one of the things I love about the website. So for this chick to think she is too good for someone to ask if her pussy is shaved is completely ridiculous!

The fun of Ashley Madison is getting something you don't get at home. From my experience men want the dirty, nasty animal fucking that their wives won't give them. They want dirty talk. They want us to say, "fuck, cock, pussy and CUNT". That's right! I said it! CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!

Men want to fuck us in the ass and they want us to swallow their cum. They want us to lap it up and they want to see it dripping from our lips as we smile our cheshire cat smiles.

And to be honest Kitty LOVES all that too! Kitty LOVES pleasing her men. You all know that but if the tight ass bitch who gets insulted by bestie's playful banter gets offended because she wants to be "respected"...well all Kitty has to say is, "Yeah, good luck with that you dumb tight ass CUNT!"

Yes, Kitty has had a bit too much caffeine today but I think you get my point ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Call Me Kitty Grey

After the other night when Kitty held Freddie’s hands up over his head, Freddie requested it again last night. We went to dinner in a very vanilla fashion. Freddie is truly the only man I have ever met on any dating website that means what he says when he says he wants a long term relationship, commitment…blah blah. It breaks my heart that I don’t want the same thing…with him anyway. But in the meantime we both agreed to just have fun and we are.

So we went for dinner and then back to his place. Kitty sat in his man cave waiting for him to do whatever…probably smoke (see, that’s one reason we will not end up together. Smoking is a deal breaker for Kitty). We sat and chatted for a bit and Kitty was pretty much resigned to this date ending with nothing more than a kiss when Freddie caught site of Kitty’s new leopard print bra. Kitty then took the opportunity to take off my blouse to show Freddie the jewels on the front of the bra. Freddie admired the bra then continued his chatter. It was getting late and Kitty promised my kids I’d be home around midnight. I began to put my blouse back on.

“Hey, what are you doing that for?” Freddie asked “Come over here. I want a closer look.” He motioned toward his lap. Kitty got on his lap and began kissing Freddie as he massaged my breasts then slowly reached around and unhooked my bra. He began sucking my nipples then I said, “Wanna go into your bedroom?”

He got up and led me into his room. I removed the rest of my clothes leaving only my black lace panties then slipped under the covers. Now you all know by now the routine. Kitty and Freddie fooled around and Freddie absolutely loves loves LOVES Kitty’s mouth on his cock. This time though Kitty got a nice little surprise. Freddie got so hard so fast that he told Kitty to climb on that hard cock and Kitty being the obedient kitty that I am obliged. Sadly Kitty had a bit of stage fright. I began moving about but feared the inevitable. Either Freddie would cum too fast or Freddie would lose his erection. After a few gyrations from Kitty poor Freddie began to shrink. Kitty immediately hopped off and grabbed my trusty bullet.

Once again Freddie kneeled in front of Kitty. I sucked his cock as he moved the bullet along with his fingers inside of Kitty. He then moved down just a little more and began sucking Kitty’s clit. Kitty lost complete control. I heard my own moans. I had no control and as hard as I tried to fight losing control Freddie made Kitty cum so hard that I thought for sure I was going to squirt. Once again Kitty asked for a moment to compose myself. We lay side by side when Freddie confessed that he was totally turned on when I held his hands down. Even though Kitty prefers not to dominate in bed, Freddie did such a great job of making me cum that I had no choice but to fulfill his wish. When I agreed he immediately got up and brought 4 straps and 2 poles. Freddie had made a contraption to tie or be tied to the bed. It was quite clever really and Kitty was impressed. In addition, he asked to be blindfolded. Kitty thought this would be fun!

When Freddie’s arms and legs were secured to his handmade contraption and his blindfold was on, Kitty began to gently kiss Freddie’s lips. Again, I grazed his nipples with my tongue giving each a little nibble just as I had done several nights before. I moved down and ran my tongue along the insides of his thighs. He moaned letting me know that he was obviously enjoying things so far. I sucked gently on his balls, ran my tongue up his shaft, around his head and down the other side of his cock. “Naughty Kitty,” he repeated over and over.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked

“I want you to put the whole thing in your mouth,” he requested.

I put his entire cock into my mouth making sure he could feel the back of my throat then pulled him out.

I repeated the sequence several times. Each time he became more and more excited and more and more agitated when I stopped. He begged Kitty to let him cum but Finally Kitty moved Freddie’s cock in and out of my mouth for a longer period. He was pulsating and as hard as I have ever seen him. Kitty so wanted to ride that cock but I opted to give Freddie what I knew he really wanted.

I move my mouth faster and faster in the sequence I had been following, licking his balls then his shaft, his head down the other side of the shaft then plunging the entire cock into my mouth.

“Please can I cum?” He pleaded

“Yes, you may cum,” Kitty answered briefly before returning his cock into my mouth. Again, I heard him cry out and then felt the warm cum hit the back of my throat. He lay motionless on the bed still bound and blindfolded. Kitty ran into the bathroom quickly then untied Freddie when I returned and he had a moment to gain his composure.

We texted briefly once Kitty got home and I mentioned that I had brought my fuck me heels.

“We didn’t need them. It was enough just to have a normal date.”

Kitty laughed and answered, “Which part of being tied up and blindfolded was normal?”

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sexier Than Ever

I’m not sure exactly what came over me yesterday. Kitty was definitely looking forward to a play date with Freddie and everything was definitely going along as planned. I’ll admit that even though Kitty and Freddie are quite familiar by now, that initial greeting is still a little awkward for Kitty. Luckily Freddie was right at the door when Kitty walk up to the house. Luckily Freddie ushered me right past the living room, bathroom and into his bedroom as his son stayed in his own bedroom. Kitty kept quiet. Freddie locked the bedroom door and lay on his bed. Kitty without thinking began to undress. I had brought along a red silky g-string and some fuck-me pumps that I promised I’d wear for Freddie some day. I also brought my bullet. There was no way Kitty was walking away tonight without a decent orgasm even if I had to do it myself. Freddie lay watching Kitty as I smoothed lotion onto each of my legs. He made a comment about stress then lay on his stomach waiting for Kitty to massage his back. Kitty began very slowly to rub Freddie’s shoulders. It felt nice not to rush although the anticipation of potentially feeling Freddie’s cock inside me seemed unbearable but Kitty remained in charge.

I took my time and pretended as though I knew what I was doing. I rubbed Freddie’s back, then his legs. He removed his pants and Kitty rubbed his buttocks. Then Kitty leaned over and began to kiss the back of Freddie’s neck. I nibbled his ear just a bit and could hear his breath quicken. He turned over, not quite erect yet.

I’m not quite sure what came over me but Kitty began to take the dominating role. Kitty pinned Freddie’s hands up over his head and held them there as I kissed him gently on his lips. Kitty let my tongue graze just outside of Freddie’s mouth then moved down to his nipples and gave them each a little nibble. Kitty continued to hold Freddie’s hands with one of my own and with the other began to gently brush my fingers up and down his inner thighs. He definitely seemed to enjoy this as I saw a smile on his face although his eyes were closed. Very gently Kitty ran my tongue over his balls, up the underside of his shaft, then the other side, then ever so slightly around the head of his cock. He moaned and Kitty knew I was doing well. His cock became hard and although Kitty’s first instinct is to hop on for a ride, I’d been down this road and knew it was too much for Freddie.

Along with my fuck me pumps, red g-string Kitty brought along my bullet. I released Freddie’s hands and told him to get on his knees. Kitty lay on the bed sucking Freddie’s cock as he used his fingers and my bullet on me. The combination of sucking Freddie’s cock along with his masterful manipulation of my pussy brought Kitty to cum within minutes. Since Kitty is not a squirter, I need to tell my lovers when enough is enough as once Kitty cums the feel of anything on my pussy is bothersome for several minutes.

“Give me a minute,” I said as I nudged his hand away from me. Freddie continued to kiss Kitty’s mouth then prepared to put his hard cock inside of me. He teased Kitty with the head of his cock until Kitty was ready for that first and most delicious penetration…and then…as Freddie looked Kitty in the eyes he got that pained expression on his face.

“It’s okay. Just relax,” I whispered

“I came already,” he said

Kitty explained to Freddie that I had no expectations for that night. Kitty was not disappointed. I had prepared and let’s face it. Kitty had her orgasm; Freddie had his orgasm so all was right with the world.

Kitty and Freddie lay in bed chatting for a bit until Kitty had to leave for my meeting. Overall, I think it went well. Freddie has a lot of potential and as Kitty told him, as long as we are having fun, let’s see where this leads us and Kitty assures you, I AM having fun.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kitty's Dinnertime Play Date

Kitty is super excited today! Wanna know why? Kitty has a play date scheduled with Freddie tonight after work. One of the things I love about Freddie is that his house is less than a mile from my office. It's funny though, you would think that play dates would be easier since we are both single but alas Kitty and Freddie still sneak around to avoid issues with our kids. Kitty never ever brings strange men for sleep overs and Freddie...well he has an adult son that works at night so his sleep schedule is not exactly convenient for early play dates. Tonight should be interesting as far as that goes.

Yesterday was a little rocky for Freddie and Kitty. Kitty was in one of those naughty moods but not just horny naughty...more like bratty, "I want my way and I want it NOW" naughty.

Freddie and Kitty were texting about getting together. Freddie asked when Kitty was next available. Kitty said "Saturday". Freddie asked if he could "get back" to Kitty. Kitty did not like that answer. Kitty does not mean to be a bitch. Believe me I don't but as Kitty and Bill agree, Kitty needs COCK and Kitty needs COCK NOW!!!

So Kitty sent Freddie a text basically saying that he can "let me know" but if something comes up in the meantime Kitty is going to do it. Freddie said something like "No problem. I don't want you to miss something fun. I can work with you on that."

Okay...WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!? Kitty was so annoyed by that response I was beside myself and at the same time realized how completely immature I was being.

Later in the evening Freddie started texting Kitty. Kitty was short with Freddie initially but once we got into our conversation Kitty realized that Freddie didn't intend to blow Kitty off for Saturday. Freddie just doesn't move that fast. In Freddie's defense, he warned me about this the first time we met. Freddie said he didn't want to interfere with Kitty's everyday life. Kitty told Freddie he NEEDS to be stronger...more authoritative at which point Freddie told Kitty to "get your ass over here! I am hard for you NOW!" And just like that, Kitty was wet.

Okay so maybe there is a happy medium for where Freddie needs to be when it comes to authority. Yes, being ordered to service him at 11:00 p.m. on a week night may make Kitty wet. It may be super sexy and Kitty may be tempted but let's not forget, Kitty has young impressionable children who would wonder what the hell is going on if Kitty suddenly ran out of the house that time of night to meet Freddie.

In the midst of our texting Kitty made the mistake of admitting to Freddie that his voice makes me wet. Damn if my phone didn't ring in seconds and damn if it wasn't Freddie trying to get Kitty to touch myself while he talked to me. Now Kitty for whatever reason is just not into the phone sex. Don't ask me why but Kitty did assure Freddie that I would be using my bullet and picturing him fucking me while I did. Kitty made another attempt at watching some porn with a little more success. Kitty found some kind of secret spa series when the masseuse starts by massaging the woman and within seconds she is sucking his cock. Not bad...not bad at all.

This morning Kitty Texted Freddie: Good morning! Are you ready for Kitty?

Freddie: Yes, I can hardly wait!

Kitty: I have alot of stress that needs to be relieved. I assume you do too.

Freddie: I sure do. And I'll be glad to help you with yours.

Kitty: My lips are ready baby

Freddie: Mmmmm...wrap them around my shaft

Kitty: 5 more hours and you won't be able to pry them off

And so now we are down to 3 hours and 45 minutes. Kitty is thirsty. Enjoy your dinners everybody and think of Kitty when you are drinking that big glass of creamy white milk.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bad Porn

Kitty has a bone to pick. Kitty can't find any decent porn lately. What the fuck is THAT about? You all know Kitty needs her porn especially when play dates are so few and far between. Freddie...well...dear sweet Freddie is super at getting Kitty all worked up. He sends all sorts of sexy texts. We have nice phone conversations but let's face it...Kitty needs cock! Oh Kitty has all sorts of cyber buddies who pretty much do the same thing as Freddie. Kitty gets at least a dozen daily emails/texts from potential playmates but in the end they are all either too far away or too busy to meet Kitty in person.

The other night after the young Brits were on their way, Kitty was woken in the middle of the night by a neighbor's dog barking. Ugh! Don't get Kitty started about that whole thing. But once Kitty was awake and my mind was spinning, I needed to relax. I tried to remember Freddie's touch. Kitty has to admit that Freddie's kisses are some of the best I've ever had. His oral skills as promised are second to none but it's the thrusting of Freddie's rock hard cock that Kitty is craving. It's the feel of Freddie behind me, holding my hips as he moves his cock in and out. It's the sound of his voice grunting, groaning, moaning. It's the feel of Freddie's lips on my nipples as I ride his cock cowgirl style that Kitty craves now. And so since we have not quite progressed to that point yet, Kitty looks to porn for some inspiration.

So I hop onto one of the free sites that's up until recently Kitty has had good luck with. Kitty browses and sees very thin feminine type men which are a total turn off. Kitty looks at the "old/young" category which features older men who are not "OLD" per-se but the idea of a man Kitty's age or older that can still get a nice hard erection is definitely a turn-on for Kitty. Kitty views one, two, three unsatisfactory clips of men who seem just not right to Kitty. Something is off. They seem just a tad off...a tad fem...not to Kitty's liking. These men are apparently foreign. Kitty doesn't mind that but there is just something so mechanical about them and the girls they are with...way way WAY too young...child porn young! UGH!

Is it too much to ask for a nice porn showing a decent looking guy and a decent looking chick fucking the way Kitty likes to watch?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shoulda, Woulda, COULDA

This past week has been hectic to say the least. As you know Kitty is hosting three young British lads. They are as sweet as can be and somewhat intimidated by Kitty I think even though as I mentioned to my daughter, they really have nothing to fear. Is Kitty tempted to curl up in bed with any of them in the middle of the night? Well as much as Kitty knows you want the answer to be "yes", Kitty can't help but think of them as my children and that's just WRONG!

Kitty has been trying to work with my little Fast Freddie though. Poor Freddie. He has no idea how to handle Kitty. He is so sweet and seems so innocent. Freddie wants to satisfy Kitty's appetite in the worst way and the harder he tries the softer his cock becomes. Well, that's not entirely true.

Since the Brits are in town, Kitty and Freddie have had no alternative but to email and naughty text for most of the week. Freddie wants to shop for lingerie with Kitty as well as naughty toys. If this nonsence with Freddie keeps up Kitty is going to NEED those toys!! Meanwhile, if Freddie were smart he would have taken the initiative and ordered that shit by now. I have to give Biker Dude 2 credit. He brought a bag of tricks with him to our first hotel date. Kitty is finding out that Freddie is far from "Fast".

The other day Freddie began texting me that he has been having these solid erections in the shower as he thinks about Kitty sucking his cock. Kitty gets wet thinking about that. For two days straight Freddie was having these erections and although Kitty did not want to pressure Freddie, I just wanted to feel that cock inside of me. Freddie has so much potential as a lover. Kitty is just not ready to throw in the towel.

So since it is our slow season at work all Kitty's bosses are off on vacation and what not. Kitty and one other are left in the office for the last two days. Yesterday at 4:30 Kitty was left in the office alone. Since Kitty was concerned that the boss men might check on me to make sure I didn't skip out early, I opted to stay and gave Freddie the heads up to come on over and visit Kitty. We joked a little about office sex but agreed that it was a little too risky and there is no fucking way Kitty is going to jeapordize my career for Freddie. His cock is beautiful but it's not doing Kitty a bit of good when the mortgage comes due.

So Kitty gave Freddie a quick tour of the office. Freddie came into Kitty's office and commented on how impressive it is. Yes, those who know me in person are generally impressed by my office when they see it. I think Kitty's care free way is not typical of others in my profession so I am not sure what people expect when they come to my office but it is in fact legit.

Kitty and Freddie chatted vanilla style. Chatting with Freddie bores Kitty unfortunately. Freddie is a nice guy but not nearly as fun to talk to as he is to suck on. Finally it was time for Kitty to leave so I shut the lights, radio and drew the blinds. Freddie stayed at a safe distance.

The rest of the office was dark and as we headed out of Kitty's office Freddie grabbed me and said, "Hey, you talk too much." Then he pulled me toward him and began kissing me. I immediately fell into him and could finally feel a rock hard erection through his pants. Freddie slipped his hands down in Kitty's slacks and began rubbing my clit. Kitty tried to get my hand into Freddie's pants but DAMN! There was some sort of belt there. I rubbed my hand against his cock...yes...definitely hard and ready for Kitty but really the threat of Freddie forcing himself on me was not a concern. Chances are we would not get caught but then there was the chance we would.

"I can sneak away tonight," Kitty said as I continued to feverishly kiss Freddie wanting that cock which was resting up against my thigh now. "Is there someplace we can go?"

"My office," Freddie answered. "My son will be in the family room. He won't bother us."

So we agreed that Kitty would go home, feed the kids while the Brits were off having their fun then head over to Fast Freddie's home office for a little Naughty Kitty fun. As I drove out of my parking lot I thought, "We could have gotten away with fucking in my office. DAMMIT!"

Kitty texted Freddie as I was running a little late, "Running late but on my way."

Freddie texted back: "It's too late. My son is here now."

Kitty: "Crap! Should I turn around???" Now, Kitty knew the answer to this. There was no fucking way I was going to turn around after getting a taste of that hard cock!

Freddie: "I'm kidding. Get your ASS over here! I NEED you!!!"

To say that Kitty nearly crashed the car while reading that last text is an understatement. My pussy immediately became wet just from the authoritative cap lock demand from Freddie. Damn! So much potential there...

As instructed, Kitty parked and walked up to the side entrance of Freddie's house. Freddie greeted me right away and immediately shuffled me into his office/studio/garage. There was a Macaw in a cage and a computer in the corner. The computer was opened to the links that Kitty had emailed Freddie earlier for various lingerie and toys. Freddie was blabbering on about something when Kitty interrupted him and said, "You talk too much."

I began to kiss him hoping to pick up where we left off at my office. Yes, Kitty felt the erection and there was certainly no problem getting Kitty wet. We undressed eachother while continuing to kiss and although I knew it was risky I had to kneel down and just enjoy sucking Freddie's beautiful cock if only for a moment. His breathing began to quicken and as much as Kitty wanted to feel his cum hit the back of my throat, I got up and began kissing his mouth. Freddie was ready for action.

"How do you want me?" Kitty asked.

"I want to bend you over," Freddie answered.

Now while that is certainly one of Kitty's favorite positions, I was hesitant only because I was concerned that Freddie would not have the constitution to stay hard to fuck me doggie then change positions. Kitty was really looking forward to riding Freddie's cock. Kitty really wanted to have an orgasm with Freddie's cock inside of me but in an effort to be supportive Kitty agreed and bent forward over a stool that Freddie gestured to.

Freddie stood behind me for a moment. He inserted his fingers just as he had done during our Shades of Grey evening. Kitty moaned and told Freddie how good it felt. I could feel him move closer with his cock in front of him. He tried to put it in. He tried again...and again. I heard him say, "You are too tight! You need to loosen up."

Okay...WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? I mentioned to him later that the fact that a woman my age who has birthed 4 children is "tight" in her pussy area is a GOOD is a GREAT thing!!!

Kitty could tell Freddie was getting impatient and frustrated and of course when I turned around his erection was slowly deteriorating. I kissed him again on the mouth then moved down to his cock.

"Can you touch the back of your throat?" he asked

I moved his cock deeper into my throat. At the same time, I heard a groan and felt his cock grow in size within my lips. I moved up just long enough to pull him down to the ground with me. Yes, Kitty was getting fucked on the floor of the garage! "Okay, I thought to myself. The important thing is that I am getting fucked and somehow I can write this in my blog and make it hot or comical."

As I rationalized with myself about getting fucked on the floor of the garage, Freddie struggled to get his cock inside of me. "Okay, what the fuck is the problem here?!?!?" I was thinking to myself.

As though he was reading my mind he said again, "You are too tight! You need to loosen up."

Finally I thought I felt him inside of me...for a moment. He thrusted once...maybe twice then I heard him say, "Shit!" He pulled away from me quickly and again said, "I'm sorry".

Kitty thought, "What the fuck?!?!?" then I said out loud,"What happend?"

"I came already". Then Freddie hung his head and feigned crying. Now between you and me Kitty has very little patience for this sort of thing. I don't mean to be heartless but come on! By the time a man gets to be our age, he should be able to control his junk! But being the kind, compassionate kitty that I am and also realizing that I had a few potential playmates in the wings kitty said, "It's okay. It's okay." I continued to kiss him hoping maybe there would be a chance of a quick recovery time or at least some finger fucking for Kitty. I ran out of the house without my bullet this time so needed to rely on his natural resources to get me off.

Interestingly enough he was not exactly eager about giving Kitty a little pleasure. Well too fucking bad! Kitty wants to cum too!!! And quite frankly this was getting ridiculous.

Kitty began rubbing myself partly to try to cum and partly to get Freddie excited. He watched but had no reaction. I began kissing him and said, "use your hands". He began finger fucking Kitty. Yes, it felt good and I told him that.

"Can I have a little tongue?" I asked him as sweetly as I could muster.

I pulled him back down on the floor and within a few minutes Freddie's tongue along with his fingers brought Kitty to a quick, dirty albeit unsatisfying orgasm.

I thanked Freddie several times for trying to fuck me on his garage floor each time being corrected by him "office," he would say. That was Kitty's way of trying to add humor to an ever increasing frustrating situation.

Freddie and Kitty are due to go out on his boat this weekend. Freddie jokes that he wants "boat-head". Up until now Kitty has never heard of such a thing.

This morning when Kitty woke up I read a text from Freddie. It said, "I just took a shower and had a rock solid hard on when I got out."

Coulda, shoulda fucked Freddie in my office when we had the chance and when he had the hard on.



Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Funday

Kitty is coming off of a great weekend. A SUPER great weekend. Not only does Kitty have 3 hot British Soccer coaches staying at my house but Kitty had a date with someone other than Fast Freddie. See, Freddie is a fisherman. When you fuck a fisherman you fuck around the tides. So Freddie went fishing and instead of pouting...instead of throwing a tantrum...instead of crying...Kitty made another date. Freddie cannot believe his luck with Kitty. Freddie thinks Kitty is too good to be true. Maybe I am but we all have our flaws and the way Kitty looks at it, if Freddie wants to go fishing then Kitty can go and do my own fishing.

Now Kitty was sincere when she told Freddie to have fun on his fishing trip but I guess he suspects I am too good to be true because he has certainly picked up the ball when it comes to texting. In light of Freddie's inability to rise to the occasion and in an effort to sooth his nerves, Kitty and Freddie agreed to do some vanilla dating and "see where things go". This is all pretty ironic because Freddie enjoys Kitty's naughty texts in such a way that when I backed off, he requested more.

Last night he wanted to chat online so that we could pick out toys together. Kitty picked out the Lelo Gigi 2 which comes in at a hefty $120. Kitty suspects that Freddie bought it as a gift but time will tell. He picked out a pair of fuck me heels and when I told him I already had them and would wear them for him, he nearly jumped through the cable internet.

This morning he texted:

FF: Good morning Sweetie! Hope you're having a good day.

Kitty: I am...TIRED though. Can't wait until you and I can play in person again. You got me all worked up last night.

FF: Nice! Me too. Did you get your bullet out last night?

Kitty: I did but baby, it's just not cutting it for me these days. The other night you seemed to really lose yourself. You let out quite a scream. That's what I want.

I'm picturing your hard cock right now.

FF: Climb on and go for a ride!

Kitty: Last night i was remembering how it felt when you blindfolded me and I was on my knees trying to catch your cock with my tongue.

FF: I enjoyed that! We need to do that again sometime.

Kitty: Yes, sometime soon and yes I will handcuff and blindfold you sometime.

FF: You will huh?

Kitty: Absolutely baby! Whatever you want.

FF: I'd like that. Do you have some naughty ideas of what you'd do to me? I have my cock in my hand thinking about it.

Now even though FF refused to give me a hint about what he was going to do to me in advance, all I needed to hear that FF had his cock in his hand and I couldn't help myself.

Kitty: I would blindfold you and handcuff you and play with all my favorite parts. I'd lick your cock while you are standing then gently suck your balls. I'd lick the inside of your thighs. I'd rub your cock with some lube.

Do you think that would make you hard?

FF: OMG...I already am! It already has...

Can you see Kitty smile my fiendish smile?

Kitty: Suck the head of it. That's my favorite part. And you seem to like when I run my tongue up the shaft. Then maybe I'll stand in front of you and just barely kiss your lips.


Kitty: What would make Freddie beg Kitty to let his hands free?

FF: Feeling my cock hitting the back of your throat. I'd want so badly to grab your head...or sliding deep inside you as you bend over in front of me. I'd want to grab your hips and drive in deeper.

Kitty began asking Freddie about his Ex. Did she enjoy the way he used his fingers the way Kitty does. Did she enjoy giving him oral? Did she enjoy doggie style? Is it wrong that Kitty gets a little turned on by the fact that I am fucking someone else's cast off and I am fucking him better than she ever could?

FF: I've always been partial to when a woman takes the time to put on a sexy nighty too. I never got that very often. It was "too much work". And honestly I think that's why men cheat on their wives. We work hard to provide for the wife and for the house, and then at home we are told that "putting on a sexy night gown is too much work".

Kitty: Baby, there is absolutely no reason to cheat on me. My job is to server your every whim in the bedroom. If you want something all you need to do is ask and if it's still not enough than I'd rather you just let me know and part ways.

FF: No No No. I wasn't referring to you. I meant men in general. I'm perfectly satisfied with your bedroom talent and behavior! More than satisfied.

Then my funny funny Fast Freddie asked if Kitty was visually stimulated. After a little coaxing he sent me quite a nice picture of himself blindfolded naked. He asked for pictures of Kitty. Since FF is also a semi-professional photographer Kitty said she'd let him take some pictures and if he wanted the picture of Kitty sucking his cock, Kitty would sign the photo release (just kidding).

Then Kitty turned the conversation.

Kitty: Do you ever think about me and touch yourself?

FF: Yes, quite often.

Kitty: Do you cum?

FF: No. I'm sort of saving that for you in person. Would you like me to think about you, touch myself and cum?

Kitty: I want you to do what feels good for you.

FF: Would you like it? Would YOU like me to? I will do it right now if that pleases you. I'm hard for you right now as we speak. I will wait if you prefer.

This is when Kitty got just a little naughty...

Kitty: Then wait. I want you to crave me the way I crave you.

FF: Damn gonna make me wait? Aww Fuck! And I'm so close...Damn!

Can you see Kitty smile again?

Kitty: I want you to be so consumed with fucking me that you can't think straight.

FF: I already am. Dammit!!

Kitty: too...

Well at least you got to go fishing twice this weekend. lol

FF: You're such a tease! I need you here. Yes, but I prefer your pink snapper over flounder.

Kitty: I'd feel guilty but next time we are together I am going to make you very very happy after our romantic date. Lady in the restaurant. Whore in the bedroom.

FF: Perfect! That's what I crave.

Kitty: You got it Baby!

FF: XOXO Gotta run and go to work. Talk soon.

Teasing Freddie really makes Kitty smile but don't you all worry. Next time Kitty and Freddie meet. Freddie will be smiling too!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Calling Mr. Grey

The sign on the front door read:


Come inside. Go into the bathroom on the right and look for further instructions.

He had warned me via text that he had a surprise for me. Somehow I knew it may be something like this. He warned me that if I didn't follow his instructions to the letter that Kitty would be punished severely. I couldn't imagine what that meant. I wanted his rock hard throbbing cock inside of me and so I was determined to follow his instructions to the letter.

The front door was ajar. Kitty walked inside finding the bathroom. Sure enough there was another note to Kitty. A candle burned in the corner and Kitty could hear music in the other room. The second note instructed Kitty to remove all of her clothes. I was to wear a white robe that was hanging on the door and I was to tie the belt. Then Kitty was to walk into the family room where he would be waiting.

Since this was only the second time I had been to the house, I felt a little uncomfortable walking around alone especially knowing that he was waiting for me. Kitty followed the instructions to the letter. He was in fact sitting on the couch waiting for me to arrive. He was also wearing a robe as well as silky pajama bottoms that exposed his already erect cock. I wanted to walk toward him but he looked stern. He looked menacing. He told me to stand in front of him at a distance. Kitty longed to kiss him. Kitty longed to touch his put it in my mouth.

"Did you follow the instructions?" He asked in his authoritative voice.

"Yes" I said. I felt somewhat frightened and yet I could feel my pussy get wet.

"Let me see," he said.

I wasn't sure what he meant and was so nervous I stood paralyzed before him when finally I realized that he wanted me to open the robe to show that Kitty was completely naked underneath.

"Get on your knees," he said then, "Sit on your heels".

He approached me with a dark scarf in his hands. He tied the scarf around Kitty's head and confirmed that I could not see. Then he attached handcuffs to Kitty's wrists and bound my hands behind me. He reminded me that I told him that Kitty could write filthy things. He reminded me that I told him that Kitty could text and DO filthy things but that Kitty could not SAY filthy things.

"You are going to get over that right now," he said. "You can't see me right now. If you were texting me what would you say?"

Kitty sat stunned at his command. I stammered on my words then recalled one of my texts from just before I arrived at his house. "I want to feel your cock inside of me. I want to suck on your cock."

I waited. He got up from his place on the couch and stood in front of me. I felt his erection near my face. I felt it through the silky pajama bottoms. Kitty stuck my tongue out hoping I could catch is as he moved in front of me.

"There is some pre-cum there. You need to take care of that."

He moved his cock closer to Kitty and again I stuck my tongue out taking in the sweetness of his pre-cum. He bent down and kissed me gently on the lips. Once again I became wet from his gentle lips. He lifted Kitty up off the ground by my arm and held a glass of wine up to my lips. Again he kissed me. He reached down between Kitty's legs and could feel my obvious wetness then he led me to another room still handcuffed and blindfolded.

"Do you trust me?"

Kitty nodded somewhat concerned what his next move would be as his voice became more and more stern.

He led Kitty to what I now believe was the bedroom and added a restraint to my ankles which spread Kitty's legs wide apart. He had positioned me against a soft bench and told me to bend over. As Kitty bent forward he put his fingers inside of me from behind rubbing in such a way that made me weak in my knees. "God, please put your cock inside of me," I thought to myself.

"Get on the bed," he said as he helped me onto the high bed. He guided me onto my back as my legs were still being spread apart by the contraption he put on my ankles. He changed the handcuffs to hold my hands in front of me now and tightened the blindfold.

I could hear him grab the lube then he rubbed it onto my freshly shaven pussy then began finger fucking Kitty to orgasm while he licked and sucked my clit. I realized at one point that he was kneeling with his cock near my face so I worked my way closer and began to suck the head of his cock.

One by one he began to remove the restraints then once again gently began kissing Kitty on the lips. I reached out for him and put his cock in my mouth this time admiring it's beauty.

"God that feels good. I have never had anybody suck my cock like that. You are truly gifted Kitty," he said.

I smiled more to myself then took one of his large testicles into my mouth and began to move it around as he began to moan. "How deep can you get my cock in your mouth?"

I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock then slowly moved it deeper into my mouth. He moaned louder, "Oh my GOD! I want to cum in your mouth. Can I cum in your mouth, Kitty?"

I looked at him with his cock still in my mouth and he said in a stern voice, "Say, 'cum in my mouth'."

Kitty took his cock out of my mouth, looked him in the eye and said, "Yes, cum in my mouth" Then returned his cock into my warm, wet mouth.

In just a few moments his breath quickened and he began to howl. Kitty moved quicker until I could feel his warm cum hitting the back of my throat. I took it all in as his howls first became louder then lessened into small wimpers. Kitty moved up to his face and began kissing him with just a little bit of his cum still in my mouth. He lay still looking absolutely spent.

Kitty may never know if this was all his idea or if he read some of it from, "Shades of Grey"either way Kitty is happy that I was the lucky recipient of his fantasy realized.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Naughty Nighttime Texts

MMMmmmm...Kitty is super wet today. Do you want to know WHY Kitty is super wet? Well Kitty has a late night play date with Fast Freddie. Just thinking about him makes Kitty wet and makes Kitty's nipples tingle. Now Kitty knows all too well that Freddie and I aren't a perfect match and I doubt we have a "happily ever after" in our future together but Kitty...well lets just say I have a soft spot or rather a WET spot for Freddie.

First of all did I ever mention that he's a retired service man? Oh yeah! And last night he texted me his photo in uniform. He looks menacing and all I can think about was the authoritative tone he used when he refused me his cock the other night. Damn did that turn Kitty on and Freddie knows it!

Yesterday Kitty was a little bored at work and we all know nothing but a good blog can come out of that. So Kitty's naughty friend Bill was texting and Kitty asked what he thought Kitty should do to grab Freddie's attention. I told Bill that I wanted Freddie to be completely consumed with thinking about Kitty and I wanted Freddie to get hard when he read the texts and not be able to think about anything else. Naughty...yes I know!

So Bill shot off some quick text ideas and they were GOOD! So at about 4:00 p.m. Kitty sent Freddie the following text:

Hi! How's your day going? I've been thinking about how wonderful your tongue felt the other night. That tongue in my pussy. Mmmm it makes me wet just thinking about that along with your fingers inside of me. I've also been thinking about that gorgeous cock of yours ard how good it felt inside my mouth. I love running my tongue along it's head tasting your precum. Delicious. I hope someday I'll be able to feel your warm creamy cum hit the back of my throat. That makes kitty wet.

There is generally a delay between our texts as Freddie is not an iphone user and Kitty is. Time went by. Kitty was sad that Freddie did not feel the need to answer immediately. Kitty was hoping Freddie ran his truck into a tree after reading that text. Soon it was time for Kitty leave work. We had plans to meet friends who were visiting from out of town so I stopped looking for Freddie's reposnse until I saw the name flash at about 6:30. Freddie wrote:

Wow! That was a GREAT text message! I was tied up at work and read it but couldn't respond right away. Very sexy! Love it!

Okay so that made Kitty happy. We began texting and trying to make a plan to meet again. The problem is that damned son of his doesn't leave for work until after 10 at night. Kitty's fast asleep by then!

Since Kitty had to meet earlier than that I half heartedly recommended a "G" rated date. Freddie was agreeable which Kitty took as a sign that he's interested in Kitty as more than just a fuck toy. This was all well and good but FUCK! So Kitty texted:

You were teasing me with your beautiful cock. I want to feel that cock inside of me. I NEED to feel that beautiful cock inside of me.

And that's when he said/texted:

Are you kidding me??? All I can think about is seeing you again.

And as Kitty texted to Bill, "Mission Accomplished".

Freddie and Kitty texted naughty things back and forth for a few minutes. Kitty told Freddie that I want to ride his cock while he sucks on my nipples to which his response was:

You are a naughty kitty. You know that?

Cute right???

We continued texting. Kitty asked Freddie what his requests are, what he craves, what his ex did not give him that Kitty can provide. Basically Freddie likes the Lady in the parlor slut in the bedroom. Damn did Freddie hit the lottery with Kitty and thankfully he is wise enough to realize that.

One interesting request was that he wants to take me out on his boat. When we get out to a private area, he wants Kitty to wear my sheer beach cover-up without anything underneath. Then he wants Kitty to give him a blow job on his boat. He calls it "Boat-head". Kitty is smiling.

We texted about picking out toys together online. I told him that I would be using my bullet because I was still all worked up from the other night. I asked him how long he was going to make me wait. He said, "We'll see."

That makes Kitty wet. It also makes Kitty want to cry.

At the end of our texting he asked Kitty to think of him while I use my bullet to rub along my clit. He said he'd be dreaming about Kitty.

Kitty texted "Good night! XOXO". which was sort of a little joke between Bill and I. All Bill's women text him the old "xoxo" hoping he will text it back. This was not Kitty's intention but low and behold Freddie texted:

OK Good night Sweetie XO.

And just like that Kitty's little grinch heart is beginning to melt.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Fast Freddie

So I’ll bet you all are back to read about Kitty’s pregame play date with Hammer. Well, Kitty’s got some bad news but I also have some good news. Kitty’s play date with Hammer was cancelled but Kitty made a new play date with a NEW play mate. His name is Fast Freddie.

At the encouragement of Kitty’s naughty friend Bill I unhid my Ashley Madison profile. Within a few minutes Kitty had a plethora of new playmates available. And while I am still communicating with several of them, one caught my attention. His name is Fast Freddie and he is in fact single. I’m sure you are thinking, “Kitty, he’s not REALLY single. He just said that to get you to let him in.” Well Kitty has done the background work not to mention found my way into Fast Freddie’s bed and Kitty believes beyond the shadow of a doubt that Freddie is in fact single.

Originally Freddie told Kitty that he stumbled onto AM quite by accident but after meeting him in person Kitty is again sure he was telling the truth. Bill and Kitty both agree that Freddie got lucky when he stumbled upon Kitty on AM.

Freddie is fresh out of a long term relationship so it seems he hasn’t been with another woman in upward of 15 years. Can you imagine?!?!?! Can you imagine fucking Kitty right out of the gate of a 15 year relationship?!?!?!

Well, Freddie (who Bill and I agreed should not be notified of Kitty’s blog) was quite nervous about the whole meeting thing. We sort of set up a date to meet for drinks and kill some time before his son left for work so we could play at his house. We chatted and Freddie threw some compliments Kitty’s way. Freddie told Kitty that I am much prettier in person and look younger than in my pictures. Flattery will get Freddie everywhere.

Freddie invited Kitty back to his house and Kitty was ready willing and able. When we arrived at Freddie’s house he was noticeably nervous. He gave Kitty a tour of the house and messed with the stereo to get music playing. It took Freddie a good 20 minutes to sit on the couch with Kitty and to make his move. Finally we began to kiss. Freddie was so very gentle at kissing and yes, although Kitty was expecting it to be rougher, Freddie’s kisses made Kitty wet. He unhooked Kitty’s bra and began fondling my breasts. Finally Kitty asked it Freddie wanted to go to the bedroom. I have to give him props. He was really trying to set the mood to a romantic mood but this really wasn’t necessary.

Freddie led Kitty by the hand to his tidy bedroom and freshly made bed. We began to kiss again and he excused himself to go to the bathroom I think and he told Kitty to get comfortable. I began to undress when he walked in the room I stopped thinking he may want to undress me. He told me to continue then began fucking around with the lights and the ceiling fan. Kitty began to kiss him as we stood then slowly undressed him. His cock was already hard. I continued to kiss him then very slowly knelt in front of him and very gently put his cock in my mouth. He sighed letting out the very slightest whimper letting me know I was going in the right direction. I felt that he might be getting a little over excited so Kitty stood up and he moved me to the bed. I rubbed his cock to a nice hard state and began to climb on top. He stopped me and said, “Get on your back first”. He reached for some lube and rubbed it on my pussy then began licking and sucking kitty while moving his fingers in kitty’s well lubed cunt and ass. It felt amazing and although kitty came so close to cumming I craved his hard cock inside of me. I reached for him. He brushed the head of his cock against my pussy and whispered in my ear, “Do you want this?”

Kitty breathlessly moaned, “Yes”.

Freddie authoritatively answered, “Not yet” then pulled his cock away. He licked kitty more then finally brought his cock up close to kitty’s pussy. Kitty welcomed it. Kitty waited for that moment where his thick hard cock would plunge inside of her.

I gazed at Freddie’s face. He looked confused for a moment. He looked lost. Then he looked sad. He said, “I’m sorry,” then nodded in the direction of his cock. Kitty reached down to feel that his cock was no longer hard. I moved my hand slightly and felt a warm puddle of cum just outside of my cunt. Kitty tried to hide my disappointment. I did not want to make Freddie feel worse than he already felt.

We lay side by side kissing gently. Freddie rubbed Kitty’s back. Freddie rubbed Kitty’s clit but Freddie could not provide the one thing Kitty craved.

And so after maybe 15 or 20 minutes of cuddle time Kitty slinked out of Freddie’s bed and returned home. There is a part of Kitty that enjoys the fact that I got Freddie so worked up that he couldn’t hold it in. There is another part of Kitty…mostly the southern parts that still needs that rock hard cock inside of me and Kitty won’t rest until I get it.