Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Call Me Kitty Grey

After the other night when Kitty held Freddie’s hands up over his head, Freddie requested it again last night. We went to dinner in a very vanilla fashion. Freddie is truly the only man I have ever met on any dating website that means what he says when he says he wants a long term relationship, commitment…blah blah. It breaks my heart that I don’t want the same thing…with him anyway. But in the meantime we both agreed to just have fun and we are.

So we went for dinner and then back to his place. Kitty sat in his man cave waiting for him to do whatever…probably smoke (see, that’s one reason we will not end up together. Smoking is a deal breaker for Kitty). We sat and chatted for a bit and Kitty was pretty much resigned to this date ending with nothing more than a kiss when Freddie caught site of Kitty’s new leopard print bra. Kitty then took the opportunity to take off my blouse to show Freddie the jewels on the front of the bra. Freddie admired the bra then continued his chatter. It was getting late and Kitty promised my kids I’d be home around midnight. I began to put my blouse back on.

“Hey, what are you doing that for?” Freddie asked “Come over here. I want a closer look.” He motioned toward his lap. Kitty got on his lap and began kissing Freddie as he massaged my breasts then slowly reached around and unhooked my bra. He began sucking my nipples then I said, “Wanna go into your bedroom?”

He got up and led me into his room. I removed the rest of my clothes leaving only my black lace panties then slipped under the covers. Now you all know by now the routine. Kitty and Freddie fooled around and Freddie absolutely loves loves LOVES Kitty’s mouth on his cock. This time though Kitty got a nice little surprise. Freddie got so hard so fast that he told Kitty to climb on that hard cock and Kitty being the obedient kitty that I am obliged. Sadly Kitty had a bit of stage fright. I began moving about but feared the inevitable. Either Freddie would cum too fast or Freddie would lose his erection. After a few gyrations from Kitty poor Freddie began to shrink. Kitty immediately hopped off and grabbed my trusty bullet.

Once again Freddie kneeled in front of Kitty. I sucked his cock as he moved the bullet along with his fingers inside of Kitty. He then moved down just a little more and began sucking Kitty’s clit. Kitty lost complete control. I heard my own moans. I had no control and as hard as I tried to fight losing control Freddie made Kitty cum so hard that I thought for sure I was going to squirt. Once again Kitty asked for a moment to compose myself. We lay side by side when Freddie confessed that he was totally turned on when I held his hands down. Even though Kitty prefers not to dominate in bed, Freddie did such a great job of making me cum that I had no choice but to fulfill his wish. When I agreed he immediately got up and brought 4 straps and 2 poles. Freddie had made a contraption to tie or be tied to the bed. It was quite clever really and Kitty was impressed. In addition, he asked to be blindfolded. Kitty thought this would be fun!

When Freddie’s arms and legs were secured to his handmade contraption and his blindfold was on, Kitty began to gently kiss Freddie’s lips. Again, I grazed his nipples with my tongue giving each a little nibble just as I had done several nights before. I moved down and ran my tongue along the insides of his thighs. He moaned letting me know that he was obviously enjoying things so far. I sucked gently on his balls, ran my tongue up his shaft, around his head and down the other side of his cock. “Naughty Kitty,” he repeated over and over.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked

“I want you to put the whole thing in your mouth,” he requested.

I put his entire cock into my mouth making sure he could feel the back of my throat then pulled him out.

I repeated the sequence several times. Each time he became more and more excited and more and more agitated when I stopped. He begged Kitty to let him cum but Finally Kitty moved Freddie’s cock in and out of my mouth for a longer period. He was pulsating and as hard as I have ever seen him. Kitty so wanted to ride that cock but I opted to give Freddie what I knew he really wanted.

I move my mouth faster and faster in the sequence I had been following, licking his balls then his shaft, his head down the other side of the shaft then plunging the entire cock into my mouth.

“Please can I cum?” He pleaded

“Yes, you may cum,” Kitty answered briefly before returning his cock into my mouth. Again, I heard him cry out and then felt the warm cum hit the back of my throat. He lay motionless on the bed still bound and blindfolded. Kitty ran into the bathroom quickly then untied Freddie when I returned and he had a moment to gain his composure.

We texted briefly once Kitty got home and I mentioned that I had brought my fuck me heels.

“We didn’t need them. It was enough just to have a normal date.”

Kitty laughed and answered, “Which part of being tied up and blindfolded was normal?”

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