Thursday, August 28, 2014

Uptight Cunts

Okay something has come to Kitty's attention. Something that must be addressed PRONTO!!!

One of Kitty's blogging besties just told me about a situation. It seems that he was interviewing candidates from Ashley Madison for his latest conquest. Suffice it to say that Kitty loves hearing stories about the interview process and of course I have been known to share a few of my own. So my bestie was zeroing in on one particular candidate. He sent me a photo of her. She looked cute...a little trashy but definitely fuckable.

Later last night my bestie began texting me about how high maintenance she is and how she was offended by something he asked her. Turns out she was telling bestie that she was on her way to a spa or something. Somewhere in the conversation bestie asked subtly if she was going to have her kitty waxed. Now Kitty read the text exchange and in my bestie's defense he was asking in a playful manner. To make a long story short the tight ass, high maintenance chick flew off the handle and bitch slapped poor bestie via text.

What Kitty is trying to say here is that those of us on Ashley Madison are there for a reason and none of us are any better than any body else on there. That's actually one of the things I love about the website. So for this chick to think she is too good for someone to ask if her pussy is shaved is completely ridiculous!

The fun of Ashley Madison is getting something you don't get at home. From my experience men want the dirty, nasty animal fucking that their wives won't give them. They want dirty talk. They want us to say, "fuck, cock, pussy and CUNT". That's right! I said it! CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!

Men want to fuck us in the ass and they want us to swallow their cum. They want us to lap it up and they want to see it dripping from our lips as we smile our cheshire cat smiles.

And to be honest Kitty LOVES all that too! Kitty LOVES pleasing her men. You all know that but if the tight ass bitch who gets insulted by bestie's playful banter gets offended because she wants to be "respected"...well all Kitty has to say is, "Yeah, good luck with that you dumb tight ass CUNT!"

Yes, Kitty has had a bit too much caffeine today but I think you get my point ;)


Jack Bader said...

Hahaha... I love it.

And unless she is single, what did she really expect, a nice monogamous relationship, with dinner, dancing and a nice kiss on the cheek at the end of the date?

Hah that is great.

Naughty Kitty said...

LOL last night I was out with friends and one of the women says she makes men wait 90 days before she will sleep with them. Kitty thinks this is RIDICULOUS!!! Especially at our age!!! WTF?!?! These women all have kids. We are obviously not virgins so the idea of protecting your "reputation" or your "virtue" is absurd to Kitty.