Thursday, October 31, 2013


I know you are all excited to hear about my new adventure with Bi-Guy. Well, I found him quite by accident on POF. He is very attractive and right away you can tell from his user name that he is bisexual. Sure enough his profile spells out exactly that. Feeling particularly open minded and quite horny I decided to initiate contact. Bi-Guy answered and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Hi [Kitty]
How was your weekend? Mine was quiet. Just did stuff around the house and relaxed. What did you do this weekend?

Hi [Bi-Guy]! I actually had a busy weekend. I have kids...still at home. They keep me moving. I try to spend the day Sunday cooking a nice dinner. I am a [Kitty’s chosen career] so come winter time I don't cook at all. How about you? What do you do for a living? I liked your profile. Very honest. Have you gotten a lot of positive feedback?

Hi [Kitty]
How is your Monday going? I'm glad to hear that you like my profile. It seems not many women want to have a bisexual boyfriend/best friend. Have you ever dated a bisexual man before? I work for the state. I'm an environmental Compliance Inspector in the haz waste field. I've been there for 33 years now. I'm completely single, never married and have no kids...well...except my 4 yr old black lab and 3 What do you enjoy doing for fun? Do you get to the shore much? I'm a big beach I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. please feel free to ask me any questions that you have. 
I hope to hear from you soon :)

Hi [Bi-Guy] and thanks for the email. Today is going pretty well so far. I don't know how to respond to the statement about women not being into a bisexual boyfriend. I have to admit that I have not been in a relationship with anybody bisexual. I have quite a few gay friends both men and women. I am a very open minded person at least when it comes to sex. I would like to hear more about how it works. Is it safe to assume that we would establish a relationship and once we are grounded and comfortable we would introduce a third specifically a man? I am afraid that we are quite a distance away from one another and I have kids so I am not sure what kind of time restraints I might have but I do believe in taking things slow and building a strong foundation. 

I actually live at the beach. I don't get there as much as I'd like but yes, I do enjoy it thoroughly. Which beach do you go to? Do you ever get to [Kitty’s area]?

Hi [Kitty]
I'm glad to hear that your day is going well. To answer your question, yes, we would establish our relationship first (there's a lot you can do with before we bring in another man. At the point we both play with him together. Then when he leaves we go back to our everyday life together. I'm glad to hear you’re a beach person. I usually go to [Bi-Guy’s beach]. Sometimes I'll go to [Another] Beach which is just north of Seaside. I agree about going slow and building the foundation. I was just down [Kitty’s Area] last week for work. I stopped at [Famous Sub Shop] for their famous hoagies..:)

Good morning [Bi-Guy], nice to hear from you. I grew up in [Area near Bi-Guy] (well...spent the first 10 years of my life there anyway) so I do know [Bi-Guy’s Beach]. And of course I know [Famous Subs Shop] although I haven't had one in years. Funny, you say "hoagies"...have you spent time in PA? 

I understand what you are saying about the substance of the relationship. My question is more about the mechanics. Do you mind me asking what is it that you enjoy doing with a woman that you don't get from a man? And do you generally consider yourself dominant when you are with a woman? Please don't take these questions as ignorant or judgmental. I am just curious what I can offer you that a same sex partner cannot. As a heterosexual woman there are very specific things about a man that I enjoy that another woman would never be able to fulfill. I hope you are having a nice day. Mine is starting out pretty good so far :)

Hi [Kitty]
With men I love sucking C*** and swallowing. I enjoy receiving anal from both man and woman (strap-on). With men I'm the submissive slave. With women I can switch depending on our mood that day but I prefer being the submissive slave. Please feel free to ask me any type of question that you want !! Do you enjoy kinky play? If so what do you like?

Kitty: well as I said I am quite open minded when it comes to sex. Having said that I can't say that I have a whole lot of experience when it comes to kink but I am interested in trying just about everything except I would say whipping and hard core S&M. I don't mind a little hair pulling or slapping but burning and torture does not appeal to me. I am also a very strong woman outside of the bedroom so inside the bedroom I like to be dominated. I like to be told what to do...ordered around you might say. I am a people pleaser at heart so I like to please my partner in bed in any way I can. I suppose that's why the bi-sexual thing does not daunt me. If that is something my partner feels he needs than I am open to that. 

Have you had many long term relationships with women like this or is this something relatively new for you? So give me a scenario if possible. Say we are in a three some and you are sucking our other partner's cock. What do you see me doing? Am I wearing a strap on at that point?

Hi [Kitty]
I hope your day is going well. We can both be sucking him or you and I can be doing 69 with me on the bottom as he does you from behind. That way I can lick both of you. Then lick up his come as it drips from you. there are many different scenarios we can do. Him doing my ass while I’m doing you. Me sucking him while you use a strap-on on me.The key is both you and I enjoy the situation together :)

Kitty: Ahh...see...glad I asked. I hadn't thought of all those ideas. So what was your longest relationship with a woman? Is there a reason you never got married or had kids? Just curious and trying to make conversation.

How is your day going? Do you have any questions for me? Do you have someone specific (a man) that you currently play with?

Hi [Kitty]
I hope the scenarios I described didn't turn you off? The longest relationship was with a lady for 5 years when I was in my 20's then with a lady for 3 years. After that I met a couple who wanted me to see them exclusively and not date or see anyone but them. Since I was single I had no problem with that. Basically he was Dom, his wife was sub to him and I was sub to both of them. She loved watching me service him and see me take him in my butt. they were into some kinky stuff too. That lasted about 5 years. They moved to Florida (work related). Right now I'm not seeing anyone male or female. Have you ever done a 3some before? When you play what do you enjoy doing and being done to you?

Oh no [Bi-Guy], I am hardly turned off. Turned on more and more I think about it actually. No I have never been in a threesome but it has always been a fantasy. I have a friend who is a cop in Florida who offered to arrange one for me but chances of me going down there are minimal. I would obviously need to have a trust with the people involved but I think I could trust you. It is something I would definitely like to explore with you. What do I like to do? I suppose I have been pretty vanilla in my life but I enjoy everything I have tried so far. I enjoy just about every position. I enjoy giving and receiving oral. I have had good and bad anal sex but that all depends on my partner. I am open to it over time. I enjoy being tied up and blind folded. Toys are always an option as well. How does that sound to you? Do you think this is something you might want to explore further?

Bi-Guy: Yes, I'm very interested. I'm also glad to hear that you’re turned on by it. Also, I love fulfilling fantasies. So if you have any don't hesitate to tell me :)

Kitty: I like the idea of building a relationship and introducing another man to add variety. My only concern is distance and time. As the tax season progresses I become completely consumed with work. I suppose we will have to cross that bridge if and when we come to it. I am looking forward to learning more about you and looking forward to meeting you.

The more Kitty turns this around in my head the more I think this may just be what I’ve been looking for…at least for the time being.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Up to No Good

Kitty has been up to no good today. Don’t ask me why. I have plenty of work to keep me busy but I managed to find myself on POF with some new interesting prospects. 

Something is stirring inside of Kitty. It’s that feeling that I used to get when I met a new playmate on Ashley Madison.

I reactivated my account after seeing Biker Dude II back on. I doubt I’ll ever get the story as to why he lost interest in me or why he dropped out of site. I imagine he met someone but now he is back. I was feeling both frisky and naughty so Kitty decided to get BD2 all wound up.

I started by saying that I was thinking about the time we met in the hotel room and how hot it was. He of course responded:

BD2: it’s funny you should say that , I can't get that picture out of my mind you on your knees your ass up in the air fucken the shit out of you (He's a charmer, isn't he?)

Kitty:  LOL I keep sending you a message but I guess you are not getting it because it is deemed as inappropriate but it said that was Father's Day you were thinking about. It also said something about me dropping to my knees for you ;)
p.s. thanks for getting me all wet at work ;)

BD2: reach down there and take care of it, you like that sweet talk?

Kitty: I'm in my office and you KNOW I prefer you to put YOUR hands down there...lick them then put them in my mouth. A little dirty talk never hurt anybody xo
Thinking about you in my mouth right now

BD2: you should have it in your mouth, would you like that?

Kitty: You know I love it in my mouth baby. Do YOU love it in my mouth?

BD2: and your ass and your cunt

Kitty: You do feel good inside of me ;)
MMMmmmmm miss that tongue of yours

Overall, it’s been a pretty good afternoon. Next up my bi-sexual venture.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coming to a Theatre Near YOU!

Kitty is so excited today that she is about to wet herself. Kitty is working on a new story for everybody. I can't give it away but suffice it to say that the topic is bi-sexuality. VERY VERY exciting!. Stay tuned!!