Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Want Him

I’m getting that itch again…no…not a rash…more like a craving. I’m thinking about him. When I close my eyes and picture his face…his beautiful smile…I get wet. His kisses run right through me. His touch is always just right.

I want to text him and sometimes I do. Sometimes he texts back within the day and sometimes he doesn’t. I want him to want me. I want him to want to see me. Why doesn’t he want to see me? My friends say he is married. He’s not married. I’ve been to his place. I close my eyes and I remember kneeling in front of him in his kitchen. My cell battery had run down and I wanted to run to the car for my charger before we started fucking.

He didn’t want me to go. I started walking toward the door. He said “Kiss me”. I stopped and kissed him. He pulled me closer and I melted into his kiss…what charger? What cell phone?

He said, “Kiss me where it counts.” Then motioned down. That’s when I got on my knees. He was hard. I sucked on his cock for a few moments. He pulled me up and began kissing me again. He slipped his hands inside my pants and eased them down. I was still in my business office work attire. I kicked off my shoes and he bent me over the kitchen table. I felt him enter behind me. He began to thrust then stopped. He led me through the kitchen then through the TV room into his bedroom. I walked through his apartment which had no curtains. I had nothing on from the waist down.

He had me lay on the edge of his bed still wearing my blouse and bra and began fucking me again. He always felt good inside of me.

I wonder if he ever thinks about that night. I wonder if he ever thinks about me anymore. I wonder if he ever wants me. I want him.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Updates and Random Thoughts From the Desk of Naughty Kitty

Work is super slow these days. It’s normal for this time of year. Unfortunately “idle minds are the devil’s workshop”. Kitty chats with Bader but since there is a good 3 hour time difference there are 3 hours or so when Kitty is left to my own devices. Oh, side note. Bader sent Kitty the most beautiful cock picture. Damn! It made Kitty’s mouth and pussy water…sigh…

Chatting with Bader made Kitty horny and my go to guy had up to this point been Hammer. He and I were texting all sorts of filthy texts getting each other wet and hard and then Kitty made the futile mistake. Kitty asked Hammer when the last time he had sex was. Kitty assumed when he said six weeks it was with his wife which I sort of knew about. It turned out it was with his girlfriend.

In light of my recent health issues namely the HPV, I became irritated with the fact that not only am I in a fucking line behind Hammer’s wife and kids but now I am standing behind how many fucking girlfriends?

I went for my biopsy yesterday. It went extremely well and Kitty got the green light to go ahead and live my life. The test results will be in next week but the doctor seemed confident that Kitty had nothing to worry about. She even assured me that HPV is extremely common and pretty much anybody who is sexually active will test positive for it and not to be embarrassed. I asked her what to do about sex and she said to go ahead as I have been doing. She even said a condom wouldn’t necessarily help prevent passing HPV on.

Last week Kitty was busy with concerts and recitals. I was fortunate enough to sit next to my friend’s husband while she sat in front of us. Can I just say that I so want to fuck this guy! He is just my type. He is big and burley and seems like he has a lot of pent up frustration and we all know what that means in bed. I have even asked my friend if I could borrow him for a few hours assuring her I will return him. She just laughed it off. But Kitty wasn’t kidding. So he and I sat next to each other exchanging snide remarks about the recital and occasionally his wife who is a super bitch to him whenever I see them together. In the meantime Bad Boy texted me. I told him what was going on and he said “NO MORE MARRIED MEN!”

Bad Boy is right. I’m not sure what attracts me to married men but Kitty really has to stop. The single guys around here have no interest in Kitty. Hammer says it is because they don’t take the time to get to know me. I agree with that. Unfortunately though Kitty really DOES have to lay off the married men.

Oh lastly, if there are any psychics or witches out there reading my blog can you please send some good ju ju my way. Kitty is super horny and really all I want is to meet a fun long term playmate. Oh and please make him single…with a big hard cock. Thank you in advance.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

The other night Hammer called me. Hammer NEVER calls me. I happened to be on the phone with the Ex at the time so couldn’t answer right away. Hammer kept texting me “How is your head?”

I know what he meant. He was asking if I am nervous about my biopsy which I wasn’t until I spoke with him! No actually Kitty is quite calm. I just keep telling myself “make good choices. This is all a test.”

When Hammer and I finally did talk on the phone he seemed really REALLY concerned. He said he read my blog. I knew that but he had read it days before and I texted him what was going on although I have to admit, I conveniently left out the HPV part. I mean after all, how do you tell a lover that you have an STD? And an STD that can’t be detected or treated in men. Hammer said he had started to do some research on HPV and it was scary. I couldn’t tell if he was concerned about Kitty or concerned that Kitty passed this on to him. I tried to delicately let him know that he could have passed it on to me just as easily as I passed it onto him. We will never really know.

All in all I think Hammer was concerned for Kitty’s well being. Hammer is a very compassionate man. He is very sensitive as well. Damn! Just thinking about Hammer makes Kitty wet!

He texted me the next day. It seemed awkward at first and then he texted, “I still want to have sex with you.”

To which my response was “how is that going to work?” Wondering if we would use condoms, forego oral sex?

Hammer being the sweet, loveable, silly guy that he is answered, “My cock inside your pussy.” Damn! Kitty is wet again!!

This morning I wanted to text Hammer and ask him to meet me Saturday for a play date. Kitty is just not ready yet. When we spoke on the phone we discussed karma and how I feel as though fucking married men at this point is not good for me. But Hammer…well…Hammer is different.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Grown Up Kitty

The past few weeks have been interesting. First of all, I have been communicating and dare I say have become friends with Blue Bader. Let me just say two things about Bader. He is one of the nicest men I have ever come across and damn he is FINE!! Bader, if you are reading this, your emails brighten my day!

Another little side story, my mammogram came back irregular. At first I didn’t panic. That’s happened to me before where the tech girl in an effort to be nice didn’t squeeze the machine hard enough and didn’t get a good picture. I even commented to my kids when I had this last one done that I had a feeling I’d get a call back.

It wasn’t until they showed me a spot near my nipple that I became concerned. They took a higher def version then called for an ultrasound. That’s when Kitty started to freak out. The waiting was the hardest part. There was a woman there with her kid that was chattering nervously and Kitty wanted to slap her. Another woman sat quietly next to me with her eyes closed. She may have been sleeping or she may have been praying. I’m not sure which. The techs kept popping their heads back where we were waiting but kept mixing up who was who. That in itself was nerve racking.

In the end the ultrasound looked good. Kitty however was a basket case. Kitty is lucky because I was texting a few friends for moral support and surprisingly got an email from Bader which made me smile.

The third and last interesting development is a man Kitty met through Tinder. I know…I know…ANOTHER married man!!! WTF?!

Actually my bestie at work pointed out that he had a ring on his finger in one of his pictures. She’s got a good eye. Kitty was focused on the fact that he was a strikingly handsome older, Jewish version of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Anyway, JFK reached out to Kitty first through Tinder which in my experience means they are married or trying to sell something. Can I just make a side note that it is so sad that these websites have all turned into breeding grounds for those with an agenda other than the intent of the website.

Okay so JFK and I begin chatting through Tinder and of course Kitty didn’t take long to get to the dirty chatting. It was actually quite fun. Kitty really seems to have a gift for the sex chat. JFK’s story was typical. His wife had no time for him. Poor baby. He told me he had other women he spent time with throughout the country but obviously they were not on a regular basis He seemed somewhat successful and was in town for the month of June. This will be a short term fling for sure.

At some point during the night he texted me something that gave me the impression that he was not alone. It turned out he was in bed with his wife. This is an incredible turn off for Kitty as you can imagine. What is it with these guys? They all want to be treated like they are #1 and yet aren’t willing to do the same for Kitty. Been there done that!!

In the midst of the naughty texting with JFK, Kitty emailed Bader to get his take on the situation. Bader as always asked some thought provoking questions. Bader asked Kitty,” why are you drawn to [married men]? And why do you want to steer clear if you are not looking for a relationship?”

Great questions Bader!!! Well, as I told Bader, there seems to be a certain vulnerability about these men that is a turn on to Kitty. Unfortunately more and more Kitty is realizing that these men are also lying about their vulnerability. They have often done the cheating thing over and over and in JFK’s situation have other women on the side. So, as Kitty was emailing my answer to Bader, I was being a grown up kitty and making the conscious decision NOT to follow through with JFK.

Shortly after Kitty made the ground breaking, grown up decision not to meet JFK, he texted me “good morning.”

Kitty: “Good morning”

JFK: “Still like me?”

Kitty: “If you are asking if I’ve changed my mind I am going to have to say yes.”

JFK: “After all that sex talk, wow”

Kitty:” Yeah, sucks. But all in all we will never work out the timing. And to be quite honest, I’m not good at taking a back seat to anybody especially wives and other girlfriends.”

JFK: “I will rock your world. But I should probably defer as well. Unless you are all in, it won’t work.”

Kitty:”True. I’m a ‘give what you get’ kind of girl. If you put me first, I will put you first. That’s not going to happen here. I thought it might be fun to play for a few weeks but like you said, why waste the time. And I have other playmates that can ‘rock my world’.” The vision of my last orgasm with Hammer came to mind and a smile came upon my face.

JFK:”we should at least have coffee this weekend.”

After a few other texts Kitty agreed to meet JFK for a drink tonight. Oh, you needn’t worry. JFK reminds kitty of someone that I used to know. I’ve fallen into that trap before. What harm can just one drink do?