Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Much More

It is a beautiful sunny day and you and I sneak away for an hour rendezvous. Of course we want it to be longer but we steal what we can. You are dressed casually in jeans and barefoot as you greet me. It is so sweet that you walk out to greet me every time we meet. We enter the room and talk briefly. Once again you have gotten me a gift. God you are thoughtful.

I whisper “thank you,” and begin kissing you. You are so gentle as you kiss me. I begin to melt into you as we stand just kissing. It’s comfortable and familiar. The urgency to tear our clothes off and fuck is not there today. Oh, we will get there but first let’s enjoy this moment. I can feel that you are beginning to get hard. God your cock is beautiful when it’s hard. I try to take my time although the need to have you inside of me is urgent.

We slowly undress and as we briefly discussed I kneel down in front of you and take your beautiful hard cock in my mouth. I begin to lick the head then take the entire thing into my mouth until you touch the back of my throat. I move you in and out of my mouth. I feel your hands on my head and in my hair and take your lead. You set the rhythm baby. You lead the way.

We climb up on the bed and I cannot resist the urge any longer. I have to have you inside of me. You don’t fight me this time. You let me climb on top of you. We move together and you feel so good inside of me. You know I will cum and insist we don’t stop until I do.

I watch your face as I ride your cock. I try to concentrate on all of the sensations that I feel from the waist down but I take a moment to look at you. Your eyes are closed. You are smiling. “What are you thinking about?” I ask.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet and you feel so good,” you reply. Good answer.

How on earth did we manage to find each other? We are two people looking for great sex but I have somehow managed to find so much more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where it All Began

For those of you who are relatively new to my blog I am reposting certain posts. This post is from when XXX and I began our affair...

I still smell him on me, his scent a combination of cologne and sweat from an afternoon rendezvous. It was as big a surprise for me as anybody. Well, only me because I am the only one who knows our little secret.

It started out with meeting in the hall before work. I was overly apologetic for missing so much work over the past few weeks for this thing or that.

Somehow we began talking about AM and I confessed that after only a few weeks I removed my profile.

He walked me to my office which was somewhat out of the norm but we are friends as well as work associates so I was not uncomfortable with it.

Later in the morning I received an email from him saying

After talking to you this morning, it occurs to me that there might be good solution that might help us both in our particular situations.

I'm not sure, but I think it's better than what it appears you are considering and it would help me too.

When you have some time, let’s meet to discuss a plan.”

Me being me, I just assumed it was work related so I agreed to meet after I was done with my shift.

When I went to his office he was alone. He said “let’s take a walk”. As we walked he pled his case. He didn’t need to but he began talking about our friendship and being mature adults which again I found comical because I do not consider myself a mature adult and I told him that.

We stood alone outside for a few moments as he explained a plan for us…for US.

Oh obviously I had given it some thought. I wrote a god damned blog about fucking this guy. Well, I wrote a blog about fantasizing about fucking him. So here it was in my lap literally. What was I to do?

Even though I tried to remain calm I became rather uncomfortable. We were discussing this like mature adults out in the open. That is not me!

We agreed to go back to his place. Again, me being the idiot that I am I believed him when he said “just to make out a little”.

I followed him back to his place while desperately texting my old reliable friend Kittycat. What the fuck was she going to do to help me? I have no idea!

Once at his place we talked frankly once again about the situation and how he had been thinking about this for a while and while I admitted to him that I was too I never thought it would actually happen. We were are friends. We were are work associates. Basically he is one of my bosses!

We made ourselves comfortable on his couch and began kissing. Gently at first then his kisses became very intense. He began playing with my breasts and unhooked my bra at which point I realized that this was not going to be just making out. This was going to be full on FUCKING.

He led me upstairs where we undressed. He immediately began rubbing my clit again in an intense manner. I was not at all surprised that this is how he is in bed and was certainly not disappointed yet was still trying to cope with the idea that every time I opened my eyes he was who I saw.

He lifted my legs all the way up, both of them. Nobody had ever done this to me before and I liked it. He was able to reach everything down there which is good, right? Oh YES it’s GOOD!

He was hard as a rock which again is always good and moving so quickly and intensely that it felt like he was trying to get everything in at once. Later I told him “it felt like you were trying to get everything in at once.”

Admittedly I felt a little awkward. I was not emotionally prepared for this and certainly not physically prepared. If I know that I am going to have an encounter I make sure that I am clean and fresh. I did not have that opportunity so I was quite concerned that this was a turn off. He didn’t seem to mind and in fact told me not to shave. He likes some bush which is fine because that is exactly what I have.

He kept telling me that I am hot and beautiful and although I wanted to believe him I have never been able to take a compliment and kept telling him to stop.

He told me that he jerked off in the morning while thinking about me. Is it wrong that this is a bigger turn on to me than him telling me that I am pretty?

I asked him what I was doing in his imagination. He said he bent me over his desk at work and fucked me that way. I found that pretty interesting considering that was almost exactly the fantasy that I wrote about in my blog about him.

We lay in bed finally and he continued to rub me while we talked. This was a huge distraction and I can’t help but wonder how things will be on Monday and how we will be discussing some client’s financial plan with him rubbing my clit.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hammer's Inspiration

Ahhhh…so now the holiday weekend is finally winding down my very special friend Hammer has been in touch. He read my blog about writer’s block and without even trying has managed to give me some inspiration.

Can I just mention that while all of you slept in and were off to your BBQ’s Kitty was at work with Big Cheese? Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and work a few hours so that the rest of my week wasn’t thrown off. Kitty has play dates ya know!

So I was feeling a little lonely and a little frisky last night so I decided to shoot a naughty email out to Hammer.

Hi Baby,

I've been thinking about you all day. I can't wait to see you this week. I can't wait to feel your rock hard cock inside of me again. Do you think we can get you rock hard again like the other day?

What would you like me to do to get you there baby? Did you like the way I sucked your cock? If there is something I can improve on let me know. I want to make you happy baby.

Have a great night


This morning I woke up to this…

Hey Honey,

Ditto, lol.... Yeah I was thinking that when we got to the room we'd kiss first as we were stripping down and then you'd get on your knees and suck my cock as I run my hands through your hair and grab the back of your head and thrust my cock in and out of your mouth until I can't take it any more. Pull out, take you to the bed and go down on you until I get you all wet and horny, Then put on the rubber and fuck each other for awhile, having you on top riding me. then venture off to doggie style, lube up your ass and fuck your ass and blow my load into you. For starters......

At work today? Gotta call [hotel] today and make arrangements.

I'll be in touch, Have a good day Baby, xoxoxoxo

Now first let me apologize to Hammer for cutting and pasting his exact words but can you see why I get so turned on?!!?! Okay, maybe some of you find this kind of brash but this type of filthy email is exactly what get’s Kitty’s motor running, especially when I have already been with Hammer and know exactly what his touch feels like. I love the way he calls me “Honey” then talks like I am his dirty little slut. Hammer knows this too so maybe he wrote the email that way on purpose.

 Hammer and I sent a few more emails until I finally had to get some work done. Kitty was red in the cheeks and Big Cheese wanted to know “WTF?!”

I know, it takes very little to turn Kitty on but at the end of my work day today there will be a “Happy Ending” Hammer has all but guaranteed it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Writer's Block

Wow! Kitty is totally bumming out! I have had writer’s block lately and it makes me sad and a little anxious. When Kitty gets anxious I EAT. That’s not good. Kitty needs to lose weight not gain it. I have a crazy week ahead. The holiday really fucks things up. Big Cheese is supposed to go out of town. I was looking forward to that but if I don’t have any writing to do then what’s the point? Although I would like to touch base with the therapist down the hall who was flirting with me not too long ago. She likes to talk to me about “Shades of Grey”. I’d love to have lunch with her and just pick her brain about a few things. Isn’t it funny how you can go from avoiding someone to being completely enamored by them?

Tonight I made dinner to surprise Angry Guy. He was happy. I like when he is relaxed about us. It makes getting away so much easier. I am meeting Hammer this week…again. I haven’t been with anybody since our last fuck session.

G is trying to get me to meet him but Hammer is making it happen. To me that’s the difference between a guy who MAY get to fuck me and one who definitely WILL.

Hammer knows just how to touch me. He is gentle and kind and feels oh so good inside of me. I can’t wait to see him again. I can’t wait to FEEL him. I considered bringing a sexy nighty to change into. I wonder if Hammer would like that.

I can’t wait to see what Hammer has up his sleeve for our visit. Has he been thinking about me? I received one or two emails this weekend. I don’t mind that. Too much texting and too many emails can be dangerous and Hammer is always busy on the weekends.

T-Bone is traveling this weekend and he has really been keeping a low profile. In fact I hadn’t heard from him at all since our last visit. I emailed him and asked if he was okay and if he was angry with me. I couldn’t imagine why he would be but things after that thing with his wife were so strange. We really only discussed it briefly. Anyway after I emailed him and asked if he was angry at me he emailed back “GOD NO!” I love emails like that. I tried to describe it to Tori but it is difficult to describe how just one short email can make me happy.

Did I mention I am seeing Hammer this week? I am sure a good fucking will make me happy as well.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Looking for Something Better

It’s been crazy lately and I haven’t been as attentive to my blog as I should be. I apologize for that. I am not sure what to write about first so I think I will start with a quick conversation that XXX and I had the other day.

I was telling him about my friend whose husband is a doctor and who was complaining about having to go to an exclusive party. I told XXX if that were me I would pull myself together, go to the party then fuck my husband hard when we got home or better yet get a room at the hotel and fuck him hard there. XXX’s looked at me and smiled. He had sort of a sad look on his face then said “You are the perfect woman.”

Now, I know that isn’t true. Kitty knows I am difficult. Kitty knows I am demanding. Kitty knows I am not enough. One reason I know is because last night just because I was a little bored I hopped on AM just to check out my “Favorites List”. Every now and then I like to take a peek. Several of them hadn’t been on for weeks. T-Bone was logged on at the same time as me for example. What was he looking for? Does he think he will find someone better than Kitty? Does he think he will find someone younger? More beautiful? Does he think he will find someone thinner? Better in bed?

It’s interesting actually. I have been emailing back and forth with a relatively new friend Tori. She is a breath of fresh air let me tell you. I am not just saying that because she liked my book either. I look forward to her emails as much if not more than any of the men I hear from at this point. Yesterday Tori pointed out a few things to me that are really sinking in:

I know the pickings are slim, but if it talks like a pig and walks like a pig, it's gonna turn out to be a pig. I just think by and large that's the kind of guy on AM.

I just feel for you because of what you're going through, and I'm trying to understand why you put yourself through this AM stuff. It is set up for what men need, not what women need.

You are a very talented writer and you have a charming and endearing voice in the blog.

Tori is right. I know that. I do have a lot to offer but I am never going to be enough for any of these men. AM is not the right place for me to find a lover. I say it over and over. I need ONE SPECIAL FRIEND. I still want that and yet, as Tori has also pointed out; I seem to hop from man to man.

Often I think maybe I am pumping myself up to these men too much. Maybe they expect me to be better in bed than I actually am. That’s a possibility. I am not denying it although other than lack of interest after one or two fuck sessions I have never actually had any complaints. So all of these men who I see on my AM “Favorites List” looking and looking after they have already been with Kitty, maybe they WILL find someone younger. Maybe they WILL find someone more beautiful, thinner, better in bed. But then again, maybe Kitty will too.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kitty Wrote a Book!

Yep! You got it! I finally did it! Now listen, Kitty is not a professional writer. I wrote this book for the love of writing. If you are looking for an “appropriate”, well written, grammatically correct piece of literature you can FORGET it.

This book is a story about well…a former lover…don’t worry. No names were mentioned...well…sort of.

So if you like my blog and are interested in the story of Cruel Guy then go for it! And please be kind if you review it.

As always, thanks for your support.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


So, I guess like most of you I have a handful of cyber friends that I have email conversations with throughout the day. I can pretty much guarantee an email from Hammer, Parker, Ben and Tori at least once a day. I love it and have grown quite fond of all of them.

Then of course there are “Floaters”. These are my cyber friends, sometimes former lovers who contact me on and off. I enjoy hearing from them as well. The thing that gets me is when they want to hook up. Now being a floater in my life is all well and good in the cyber world but if Kitty is going to take a risk and meet you in person I need some sort of assurance that the floaters are not going to flake out…and they usually do which is why they are floaters in the first place.

Let’s take G for instance. We had an amazing encounter. We both agreed that it would be once and only once. Afterwards we did try to meet again but the distance and his hectic travel schedule got in the way. No problem. So eight months later G wants to meet again only he requests we meet in the middle. This is a HUGE hassle for me. In order to do it I would have to take time off from work etc. But Kitty is accommodating if nothing else so I tentatively agree. The tentative day comes and goes and I hear nothing from G. No problem since I didn’t take off from work and I didn’t drive half way through the state to meet him.

Three weeks later I hear from him again. He wants to know why I didn’t follow up. What the FUCK G?!?!?! Kitty doesn’t have time for that shit! Doesn’t he KNOW that I am a published AUTHOR now?!?!?!

So to make a long story short G unfortunately has earned a place among the floaters which mean his promises and his requests are taken with a grain of salt. After all why would I do back flips for a floater friend when I have so many awesome friends especially Hammer for God’s SAKE?!?!

Now don’t get me wrong. Floater friends are not BAD but they do have a disadvantage to daily friends. Don’t you agree?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Voice

This is a re-post. Yes, I know you are saying "Kitty you SUCK!" Maybe not...

This morning I woke up when I heard your voice. You were whispering in my ear. I immediately became wet. Your voice does that to me. It is gentle yet firm. I succumb to it. I do whatever you tell me to do.
When I open my eyes I realize it was just a dream so I close my eyes again. I slowly run my hands around my breasts. I imagine you touching them, licking them, sucking on my nipples ever so gently. Then I hear your voice again. You say “I am going to make love to you” as you draw your tongue down my stomach and toward my clit. My body begins to quiver and I am unable to stand.

You gently guide me toward the bed and place a pillow under my ass. Once again you begin to run your tongue along the folds of my cunt. I can barely breathe. I have received oral before but never from a stranger so perfectly.

I look at you and see that your cock is long and hard in your pants. I reach for it. I crave it. I want it deep inside me. You pull yourself away for a moment and in that voice you say, “Not yet…hiding just a little while longer.”

I want to cry I want it so badly but your teasing only makes me more wet. You begin to pull my legs up over your shoulders. I want your dick. This is it right? No, not yet. Your tongue and your fingers are working me. I have no idea what you are doing but it feels so good I won’t question.

Finally I reach for you again. You let me take off your underwear only to unwrap the beast that lies beneath. It is truly beautiful. The sight of your rock hard cock brings me to the verge of tears. Tears of joy. As much as I want it inside of me I want to taste it first. I take you in my mouth. Oh you taste good. I run my tongue along the head of your dick slowly. You feel so good in my mouth. I plunge deeper. I feel you at the back of my throat. I don’t care if I choke to death. I want to take you all in. I run my tongue up the edge of your shaft. I feel your fingers inside of me moving slowly yet rhythmically. I am deaf to your voice right now if you are speaking. I am in ecstasy.
You stick your fingers in my mouth and say “here, taste.” I want to suck your fingers. I want to suck your dick. I want to suck anything you put in front of me.

Finally I hear your voice. You say “climb on top”. I am overjoyed. I climb on top of you first rubbing the head of your cock on my clit. Now I am the tease. You tell me “put it in.” I draw you inside of me and it feels better than I imagined. I move slowly on top of you as I lean in to kiss you. You play with my breasts. You know exactly how I want to be touched without me saying a word. Are you reading my mind?

I look into your eyes. Are you feeling the same way I do? You say “I can fuck your tight little pussy all night.” I think “I want you to fuck me all night” but I can’t speak. That voice again leaves me paralyzed to speak.

You say “smile” and I try but all I can think about is how wonderful your cock feels moving in and out of me. I don’t want it to end.

At last you turn me over onto my back. I love having you on top of me as much as I love being on top of you. You feel nice in this position too. Your thrusting becomes stronger, harder, faster. Your kisses become stronger, harder, faster and then the final push. You push your lips hard into mine almost biting me a little bit but you don’t make a sound.

I want to hear you moan with pleasure. I want to hear your voice.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Freaked Out Kitty

Kitty is a little freaked out today. A local radio personality was brutally murdered in her own home the other day. She lived in a rather exclusive neighborhood so it is pretty obvious that it wasn’t random and now of course all fingers point at the husband. Nothing to be freaked out about…right?

So yesterday my son came home from work and was telling me that her funeral was yesterday. He said some of the people he works with went to the funeral and the husband was saying some crazy things in the Eulogy. Then my son made a comment about the murder victim being “promiscuous or a swinger or something.”

That’s when Kitty asked him to stop talking about it. Keep in mind that I was just returning from a two hour fuckfest with Hammer so I was a little paranoid to begin with.  A few minutes later T-Bone texted me and asked if I could talk. So Kitty got the dog all saddled up and went for a walk/talk with T-Bone.

During our chat T-Bone was making fun of me for my reaction to his loaded gun the other day…and by loaded gun I am NOT talking about his COCK…although that was loaded as well ;)

The subject of the radio chick came up and of course T-Bone had the inside scoop. He didn’t get specific which is fine by me but he agreed with me that her husband did it and said that he would most likely be arrested shortly after the funeral.

T-Bone was mildly impressed that I put together the fact that she was shot twice in the heart and 4 times in the head with the fact that whoever killed her did it as an “act of anger”. I told T-Bone that I am a “Detective by injection,” which went WAY over his head.

Then he said it. T-Bone made a simple comment and THAT is what freaked me out once and for all. T-Bone said “she shares the same hobby as you” meaning meeting men in hotel rooms and sleeping with them I am guessing. So now this murder victim and I have a “hobby” in common. Add that to the whole gun thing and you have one freaked out Naughty Kitty.

Oh, I will calm down. I already have. But for the time being Kitty is going to be very VERY careful.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angry Guy's Day Off

Today is Angry Guy’s day off. On his days off I like to have a bit of a leisurely morning. I go to the gym, walk the dog then shower and get ready for work. He generally will make me breakfast and help deal with the kids. It’s the moral support I enjoy. I CAN do it all myself but SHIT! He IS their father…RIGHT?!?!?!

So on Angry Guy’s days off he has his OWN agenda which I assure you has nothing to do with helping me out. When he informed me that he “had a lot to do” and I would be on my own with the kids I wasn’t surprised but yes, I was annoyed. We go through this every week and it generally starts a “fight”. Not a knock down drag out fight but a “You are not getting sex now” fight. I can set a clock by it and by the way Kitty is NOT the one denying the sex.

The last time I fucked Angry Guy was my birthday. He acted like he was doing me a favor and in all honesty I don’t remember cumming. That is RARE for Kitty. Ask Hammer. I lost count the other day when I was with him. See, that’s the trouble with prowling. There always is someone out there that is bigger and better in bed. Once you know that, it is hard to go back to plain old mediocre married sex.

I am going to let you all in on a little secret. Since fucking T-Bone and now Hammer, I don’t even WANT to fuck Angry Guy Should I tell him that? Then maybe we can all just relax and there is no need for the weekly bickering on his day off.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I’m getting that feeling again. You know…that feeling like I want you inside of me. I close my eyes and think of you. My nipples begin to harden and my pussy becomes wet. You like that don’t you? I think about you kissing me and how our lips immediately found each other effortlessly.

We undress and slip into bed. I can see right away that your cock is completely hard. I try not to stare but want so badly to put it inside of me or at least in my mouth. I don’t want to seem too eager so I kneel next to you and begin to kiss you. Long, slow, deep kisses. You are so gentle and warm I can hardly believe it. Your hands are stroking me. I reach down to touch your cock. It is as hard as a rock. I stroke you momentarily but must have you in my mouth. I move down and begin to suck on the head of your cock. I move the entire cock in my mouth. I think I may choke because you are so large but I want to please you. I want the entire thing in my mouth. You touch the back of my throat. I can hear your breathing change and you moan just a little bit. Does that feel good, Baby?

Your hands seem to motion me and I return to kiss your lips. The urge to climb on top or your rock hard cock is overwhelming so I do. I tease you just a little bit and begin by gently riding the head alone. Each time you push inside me just a little deeper. When you are completely inside of me I moan in ecstasy. You feel so good inside of me Baby.

You roll me over and fuck me with my legs wrapped around your waist. Your cock finds its way in and out with each thrust. The sensation that I get each time you enter is indescribable. We continue this way for what seems like a long time. I say “I want to ride you.” You say “not yet”. Being denied makes me want it even more. The idea of you telling me "no" is exciting. Kitty wants what she can’t have. I lay back and enjoy your slow thrusting, letting each stroke of your cock shower me with pleasure. And then finally you tell me it is time.

Riding your cock is overwhelming. I cum and cum again. The orgasms sneak up on me one by one and then you gently tell me to turn over. This feels natural to me too Baby. I get on all fours and prepare for you cock to enter me from behind. The feeling is again amazing. You tell me my pussy feels different in this position. I enjoy it too Baby.

I want you to cum. I want you to fuck me hard and cum. You tell me “Maybe…maybe not.” God, I want you to cum. Finally, I hear it in your voice. Your moaning becomes stronger. You pull your cock out and rest it up against me cumming on my back as I have requested. Your orgasm seems to last and that pleases me.

You gently rub the warm creamy cum into my skin. I collapse onto my stomach as you go into the bathroom. I begin to rest and wait for you to return when you do with a warm damp towel. You gently clean off my back. This is heartwarming to me. You curl up next to me and we talk very gently then stroke one another to prepare for round two.

Whoever said it takes time to develop chemistry has never met you Baby. I feel the chemistry between us. Do you?

Friday, May 18, 2012

What About Their Wives?

The other day was a gorgeous day here. I met a few friends at the beach to let the dogs romp in the water. One of my friends is the wife of a prominent doctor. She was talking about a black tie event that she and her husband were attending. I couldn’t help but wonder. Is her husband a cheater? He’d be a great catch. I have thought about this before but today I was really watching her and listening to the way she talked about him. Did she take him for granted? Does she fuck him the way he really wants to be fucked?
And if he is having an affair is he good to his mistress or does he treat her badly? What is she going to be doing while he is at this black tie event with his wife? I am not sure why I am thinking about these women today. Maybe I feel guilty for all the women who I may have hurt by fucking their husbands. Maybe I feel bad for the mistresses because I am among them. Maybe, like Bad Boy always reminds me, I am not a wolf. I am not cut out to be a mistress…or maybe I am.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sh*tting Where I Eat...NOT

The Client called me a few times last week. I am not sure exactly why. He called once while I was at lunch with my son and his friend which raised some eyebrows. Oh yeah, my son is home from school and right on top of my shit. It is for that reason that Kitty is going to be super careful about meeting my play dates and probably will not be meeting anybody new for the time being.

So, back to the client…he called the other day when I was supposed to meet T-Bone. We didn’t really discuss anything in particular but then he made a comment about having his wife’s “legs up in the air this morning.” Now Kitty doesn’t want to hear that shit. Okay so you fuck your wife! Good for you! Which is basically what I said to him. I did manage to add that I was meeting T-Bone and told The Client not to call me in the afternoon because I would not be answering.

Sure enough when T-Bone was inside of me and the moment was critical my freakin’ phone began to ring. T-Bone was so close to cumming that we both just ignored it. I thought for sure it was The Client calling to bust my chops but it turned out it was my son. See what I am saying about him?

So sure enough The Client called the next day. I told him about the phone call incident and he said “I would never do that.” Please, I beg to differ. At any rate we had a little chat…The Client and I. I think he may have been having some regrets about starting in with me and just couldn’t get to the point.

At one point in the conversation I said to him “Listen, don’t stress over us. I am fine if we don’t hook-up.” I had already seen the signs months ago so his calls were merely flirtations to me. The Client seems relieved but continued to say he wants to get together when things with his wife stabilize. Between you and me The Client’s situation is NEVER going to stabilize. So we agreed to be friends. And I did manage to add “Listen, no offense but if we ever do get together, I don’t want to fuck you and then have you go on and on about how much you love your wife.” The Client assured me that “when” we get together, his head will be in the game and it will just be the two of us.

The next day of course The Client called AGAIN. We chatted. He said “its fun talking to you.” I have heard that before and I am a pretty good friend. I fall in love with my friends, not necessarily in a romantic way but in a way where I would do just about anything to make them happy especially if they are having a bad day.

The Client asked me what happened to The Bully. Do you remember him? Well he is still around but I try to ignore his biting emails. When I told The Client that The Bully said I was “gamey”, The Client let out such a laugh it almost burst my eardrum. For whatever reason The Client said “that just made my day”. I would have taken it as an insult but The Client went on to TRASH The Bully from the little bit that I had told him.

And so The Client and I will remain friends…just friends…for now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meeting Hammer

The other day when T-Bone and I were in bed, just after we both had cum, we began chatting. We talked about the misunderstanding with Mrs. Mean as a Snake T-Bone. We talked about how to prevent that from happening again and we also talked about seeing other people. T-Bone is insistent that I see other men.

So I after months of correspondence and comments on my blog, texts and a very nice lunch date Kitty is meeting Hammer. Now Hammer didn’t officially give me the okay to write about our playtime this afternoon but I think as long as I am complimentary he will be okay with it.

Can I just start by saying that Hammer is EXACTLY what Kitty loves about older men. Dude knows his way around a woman’s body and Dude has some major stamina. I am literally too exhausted to write this. But I owe it to Hammer. Oh and yes, he is now man #3 who can give oral like nobody’s business. Damn! Hammer!

Although we had texted back and forth about tying me up and calling me filthy names Hammer was very gentle and giving in bed. He most definitely brought his “A” game today. He was kind enough to secure the room ahead of time and then met me for my ever favorite walk of shame. Hammer was smart though. He got a 1st floor room so we didn’t have to walk past the desk to the elevators.

We got into the room and immediately kissed then undressed. I have to say that I am loving just going for it. Hammer had a nice big hard on just waiting for me and I just couldn’t wait to enjoy it. As much as I wanted to ride it right away I held off. Hammer moved nice and slow and had me begging him by the time he finally pulled me on top of him. Kitty had several orgasms in that position, a few of which snuck up on me out of nowhere.

Hammer told me to turn over I just knew that would feel nice too and it SO did.. Hammer probably could have kept going and going. I have to say that I had a tough time keeping up and really need to get in better shape if we are going to meet again. We lay together for a few minutes. Hammer was stroking me and talking about our families and the past weekend.

Before we knew it was time to go. True to his sweet self Hammer walked me to my car and texted me as I got home. Hammer, you are a sweetheart just as I knew you would be. Thank you again for such a fun and completely satisfying playdate.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big Guns

One thing that does not turn Kitty on which you would think WOULD turn me on is GUNS. They scare the SHIT out of me. So when T-Bone was getting dressed the other day and showed me his gun and that it was loaded all I could think of was “What the fuck happens if that gun goes off in your pants and shoots your DICK off?!?!?!”

Oh, I know, I know there are safety latches and whatever on those guns. I don’t know and I don’t WANT to know. All I know is that they scare me whether they are loaded or not.

The turn on to me is that T-Bone handles the guns with the same hands that he handles me. Those fingers that are inside of my pussy were wrapped around a gun just hours before. The pictures I have seen of him with guns don’t turn me on. The sight of him holding the gun doesn’t turn me on but the thought of his hands all over me after touching one of those guns, yes…THAT is the turn on for Kitty.

Kitty is a complicated woman.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother’s Day at Naughty Kitty’s House

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with XXX lately about gift giving. In the midst of his separation he has bought his wife several pairs of Ugg boots, a family trip to Florida which he was supposed to go to and she asked him not to at the last minute, as well as an Ipad for Valentine’s Day. Can I tell you how aggravating it is for me to watch her shit all over him when he keeps GIVING and GIVING to her?

So he and I talk about the gift thing a lot especially in light of Mother’s Day. The other day he texted me and asked what the EX does for me for Mother’s Day. I told him that the Ex didn’t want to give me gifts when we were married so he sure as hell doesn’t give them to me now! I recommended that XXX have his son make his cunt wife a card and call it a day. He said that’s what he was going to do but who wants to bet he ran out last minute and bought her something extravagant?

The other day he asked if Angry Guy or the Ex bought me flowers when my kids were born. I knew for sure that the Ex had because there was a whole drama surrounding the flowers and his mother ended up killing them. I think but can’t remember if Angry Guy did or not for our first son but I am sure he didn’t when our last was born. Okay, get to the point KITTY! My point is that I am not one for extravagant gifts. Don’t get me wrong, if I receive them and the sentiment is there then I certainly appreciate them but for Kitty it’s all about the thought.

Of course I love flowers but I often tell Angry Guy not to buy them because the thought of him spending $100 or more on something that is going to die in a few days drives me crazy. Let’s not forget this is OUR money he is using. This Mother’s Day all I wanted was a kindle gift card. I just needed a $10 or $20 card. Angry Guy splurged and bought a bigger one. He also bought me some of my favorite candies and a really really sweet card. Those are the things that make Kitty happy. Kitty didn’t expect expensive jewelry or anything like that. If I want something, I ask for it. If I say I don’t want anything I mean it.

Men are not mind readers. I learned that from a therapist long ago. I do have to mention that Hammer brought me chocolates when we met for lunch. The thought melted Kitty’s heart. So to all of you out there who think expensive gifts are the way to a woman’s heart, you may be wrong at least not where Kitty is concerned. And if there are any women out there who disagree with me out there, well…

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sex High

Kitty is still riding my sex high from the other day with T-Bone. I have to say that after that sweet release my entire being changes. As a result those around me seem to change as well.

After my afternoon tucked away with T-Bone I returned to my real life with kids, diets, exercise, dogs, friends with problems, laundry and of course Angry Guy.

He came home from work and was in an extremely good mood. He was looking at his two days off so he was happy about that which was good. He was smiling at me and giving me pecks on the lips all night. No, before you even think it, DON’T. That doesn’t mean he wants sex.

The important thing is that we were both happy and had a nice evening. This morning I woke up motivated…somewhat. I went to spin, ate a healthy breakfast and am now in my office alone, writing but completely relaxed and content…just as it should be.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Talk the Talk

Kitty has a little problem. I can’t seem to get past it and I really really want to. Kitty has tried and tried but whenever I try, it just doesn’t come out right. I am talking about dirty talking in bed. I know. You are saying “Kitty, what the fuck? You write such filthy things. It’s just a matter of saying them out loud.”

I seriously don’t know what the problem is. I know dirty talk is a turn on to the men I am with especially T-Bone. I can literally feel his dick grow when I manage to muster up a few filthy words but alas, I am completely unable to keep it up or think of original phrases to say.

I mean I’ll start to say “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” but then he does and I lose my concentration. I begin to feel his cock inside of me and think of how good it feels. I hear his heavy breathing and his balls slapping up against my ass and I can’t even think clearly.

So, what’s a Kitty to do? I mean this IS an integral part of the fucking process isn’t it?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Morning Alone

Kitty is alone in the office today. Big Cheese was called out of town for a family emergency. Poor Big Cheese. He’s had a rough winter as far as personal problems go. So Kitty is holding down the fort and trying to catch up on some writing.

I was going to write about XXX. He was driving me CRAZY yesterday. I am beginning to think maybe he has lost his mind. I had a rough enough morning with Big Cheese and his distractions then XXX went off on some tirade about Building 7 in the whole “9/11” situation. He made me listen to all sorts of broadcasts and interviews with people who were trying to say that Building 7 collapsed as a result of some sort of conspiracy.

After a few hours I finally told XXX I was leaving and would be back another day. There are some great perks that come along with working with the guy you used to fuck and are now friends with. I definitely embraced one of those perks yesterday.

So here I sit trying to catch up on all the writing and emails that I have been negligent in dealing with.

Oh! And yes…I am anticipating my meeting with Hammer. Yes Hammer, I am thinking about you. I am thinking about us. That first encounter can be so wonderful. I am hoping that it will be wonderful with Hammer. He is very sweet and we all know that Kitty feels the need to reward those who are sweet to me. So here’s to Hammer and Kitty having a fun filled afternoon together.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitty's Rainy Day

It's rainy here where I am. Nothing makes Kitty friskier than an afternoon tucked away in a hotel room with a hot guy. So, yes...that's what I did today. Who's the hot guy you want to know? Okay, well if I tell you do you promise not to yell at Kitty? Keep in mind that Kitty has been having a bit of a rough time lately. The way things ended with T-Bone did not sit well with me. I am not an ugly, hateful person and for all of his faults T-Bone was very sweet to me most of the time.

So the other day when I was driving to work like I have done hundreds of times before, I texted T-Bone. "Do you ever think about me?" I just had to know. I had a pretty good idea of what happened that night with Mrs. Mean as a Snake T-Bone but a part of me needed to know for sure. I hadn't heard back from T-Bone right away which as I told Tori could mean one of two things. Either 1. he really DIDN'T think about me anymore or 2. He was on a trip and wasn't getting texts. After about an hour I just assumed I wouldn't hear from him. I went about my day and somewhere in the later afternoon I got a text back "All the time". See, now that's the T-Bone that melts my heart. He was just returning from Europe. After a few texts back and forth and a quick phone call we decided to try to meet this afternoon. I really didn't expect him to make it and I refused to get my hopes up until around 11:30 when he texted me and said things looked good.

Now when Kitty is expecting to meet someone, I totally get my head in the game so when that play date gets cancelled Kitty is very disappointed and "backed up" for lack of a better expression.

There were some tense moments like when T-Bone said he was driving 95 miles an hour to get here. Sure enough he got pulled over. Later he told me he told the cop he was on his way to meet Naughty Kitty for a playdate and the cop let him go. Can you imagine? Is it wrong that that is a turn on to Kitty?

So as our plan came together Kitty was more and more excited. There is something nice about meeting someone you have already been with for a second time. We did not talk about what had happened over the past few weeks until later. T-Bone did tell me that he read that blog that I wrote about him. I had no idea that he reads my blog. When I read that post over I felt that it was harsher about Mrs. Mean as a Snake T-Bone but T-Bone took it to heart.

T-Bone immediately got undressed as did Kitty and damn if T-Bone didn't show me what I was missing.

In the midst of pounding me from behind T-Bone said "Are you going to write about this tonight?" I told him I would. I owe it to him. He read my other posts. The posts that I had written in anger and hurt and although I meant every word at the time I am greatful that T-Bone put his feelings aside for a few hours of playtime with Kitty. And so, on this rainy afternoon Kitty is content and relaxed and happy after  an afternoon playdate with T-Bone once again.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ashley Madison Feedback

A few weeks someone either mentioned or I read somewhere that the feedback on an Ashley Madison profile can be either a good indication or a bad indication. Whatever I heard or read basically said that if a woman has positive feedback on her profile the guys dig that but if a guy has a lot of positive feedback on their profile women tend to shy away. I agree with that to a certain degree.

For those of you that don’t know what I am referring to, it is the feedback at the bottom of a profile indicated by smiley faces which are labeled:

1.     Gives good chat

2.     Pursues fantasies

3.     Worth the time

4.     Better in person

5.     Hot to Trot

6.     Salacious

7.     Better over time

8.     Keeps promises

9.     Popular

Personally I don’t care for these particular ratings. One or two of my encounters have given me positive feedback but I have to be honest and tell you that one of them went a little crazy after receiving one of my renowned blow jobs. Since things have fallen apart between us I am sure he would “unlike” each and every one of those labels if he could.

So, it’s interesting isn’t it? I mean it’s interesting how men and women view that feedback so differently.

I just started looking at the bottom of a man’s profile when they contact me and sure enough if they have too much positive feedback that is an indication that they have a lot of lovers which of course at this stage of the game Kitty is trying to avoid. The good news is, their lovers lived to give the feedback. I say this only because Construction Guy’s daughter the other day was gently lecturing me about the dangers of meeting strange men in hotel rooms which of course is already something Kitty thinks about on a regular basis.

So, what do you all think about that feedback feature?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitty's Specialty

This morning I woke up thinking about The Client. We never ended up getting together. He is in the midst of his busy season, some project that could make him millions of dollars and of course his wife’s illness. In light of all that Kitty has moved away from the light so to speak. The Client and I have very little reason to talk on the phone now. He mostly needs to talk to Big Cheese.

I mentioned to The Client during one of our naughty chats that his voice drives me wild. It does and it always has. I can’t describe it. It’s raspy and there is just something about him that makes me think of Bruce Springsteen…only he’s not as handsome as Bruce and doesn’t have a body like Bruce…or Bruce’s talent…or money. But he DOES wear jeans! So the voice and the jeans are what are doing it for Kitty with The Client.

The Client is a naughty naughty boy. He’s a rule breaker. Other than the boundaries of my marriage Kitty is not a rule breaker by nature. So The Client gets himself into all sorts of trouble which of course is why he is one of Big Cheese’s clients in the first place.

When we began naughty chatting The Client began calling me on my personal cell phone. I knew when the phone rang and I saw his name that he wanted some TLC from Kitty. Then he began calling my cell for work purposes. I don’t really have a problem with that except 1. Most of the times I didn’t have his records in front of me and could not help him.2. The reception on my cell sucks, especially in my office. 3. Big Cheese wanted to know why the hell he was calling my personal cell!

So I mentioned to The Client that it would be a good idea to call my office land line for work purposes and keep my personal cell for naughty purposes. The Client of course translated this into a rule which of course he vowed to break so we went through a little period of time where he seemed to be calling my cell for the sole purpose of torturing me knowing that Big Cheese did not like it. Oh, and maybe because he knows damn well that the sound of his voice makes my panties moist and he figures if he is all worked up and horny I should be too.

The other day Big Cheese and I were working in our respective offices. Big Cheese had a dirt bag client in his and the door was shut. The client in Big Cheese’s office happens to be a direct competitor with The Client. Sure enough The Client called me on my cell. I had given up trying to tell him not to call my cell for work purposes. We were discussing his work and the update on his new potentially multi-million dollar deal. Another thing I love about him is that he always promises to take me with him. Now Kitty knows this is never going to happen but The Client always charms me by saying “Kitty, when this deal breaks you and I are going to [some tropical island]. I’ll surf all day and you can hang at the beach then we can fuck all night.” Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

So The Client was telling me about this big deal and he was getting all worked up. Then he said “I need to relax! Any ideas how I can do that?” Well you just know what a statement like that does to Kitty!

I had to compose myself because let’s not forget I WAS at work! I wanted so badly to go naughty with this chat but knew I couldn’t so I mustered the strength to restrain my sexy voice and said “Well…that happens to be my specialty.” The Client chuckled and of course said “I have to make the time Kitty.” And of course Kitty agreed but deep down knows it’s not going to happen. That’s okay. I have come to terms with it and I know that The Client would break my heart along with breaking all the rules.

The Client and I had to end our conversation sadly. I could listen to his raspy voice all day. A few minutes later Big Cheese’s dirt bag client emerged from Big Cheese’s office. On his way out he walked past me, turned back, took a few steps toward me and said “I just GOTTA know. WHAT’s your ‘specialty’?” Kitty just smiled my naughty smile and the dirt bag client smiled back then went on his way.

Monday, May 7, 2012


It's interesting to go back and read these posts from not quite a year ago. This is a re-post about XXX from before we started our affair. It's interesting...

I have been thinking about fucking my boss lately. Am I the only one who does this? Fantasize, I mean, not fucking my boss. It is purely fantasy not an actual possibility.
He has his own charm that not all women find attractive. He is somewhat pompous and I can see where he would be arrogant but with me he is pretty cool.

The funny thing is that he is not particularly hot or in great shape. He just does it for me I guess. I just have a tendency to look at him and think “I wonder how he would be in bed”.

I wonder if he would be aggressive and forceful like he is at work or would he be a big pussy? I am thinking forceful. I like that.

I wonder if he is wild and likes to try new things or if he is strictly “missionary”. I am thinking based on stories he tells me about his wife pushing him away and denying him sex that a woman like me would kill him.

I wonder if he is kind and romantic after sex or if he is the kick you out of bed type of guy. I am thinking romantic but I can’t get a read.

I wonder what else comes along with it like is he a gift giver or does he like to go to the beach. Not that I would fuck him for money but he’s got a lot and what the fuck?! It wouldn’t kill him to share a little with me!

Occasionally we discuss sex and lack thereof but since he is the boss he is painfully aware of his position and would never jeopardize our professional relationship.

So for now I go into work a few days a week and wait for him to close the door to his office. I wait for him to grab me and force himself on me for the sake of it.

I wait for him to tell me that he has found the love of his life or that he has gotten back together with his wife who he so lovingly refers to as “Cunt” so that my fantasy remains just that…a fantasy.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Kitty had lunch with Construction Guy’s daughter today. She happens to know all about Kitty’s Ashley Madison activities not to mention the special project that I have been working on. Even though she says she is not judgmental I can see judgment in her eyes. It’s okay. I know she is right.  She as much as said “Kitty, you are better than that. Don’t sell yourself short.”

It’s difficult to explain to people who know me in my real life how I feel and why I like to meet men on Ashley Madison. At one point Construction Guy’s daughter said she cheated on her first husband because she wanted to feel desired. She wanted a man to tell her she was sexy and beautiful. That’s exactly how Kitty feels. The difference is that Construction Guy’s daughter had affairs with men she knew. Kitty does it with strangers.

I tried to explain that I am not proud of this. She asked me how many men I have been with.  She asked me if I was being safe. She asked a lot of good questions. Now Kitty has to find alot of good answers.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Playing for the Other Team

 Kitty has never dipped my toe into the old lesbian pool. Oh there have been times when I have offered it up to Angry Guy. He refused….I know…I know.

It has never been something that I have had a strong desire to try but lately Ben has been talking about it and I have been thinking about it and writing about it in our new project.

So this morning one of the therapists down the hall pulled me to the side to tell me something. She and I have a bit of a history. Initially she didn’t give me the time of day. I would say “hello” to her in the halls and she would glare at me. She scared me.

Don’t ask me why but one day I had to bring my kids into the office. She ran into my daughter in the kitchen and from that point on she has been very friendly to me. It turns out she is pretty cool for a therapist. She also happens to be very attractive.

Yesterday something was going on in the building and I made a derogatory comment to the therapist about the building manager in the ladies room. This morning I ran into her and she pulled me off to the side to reiterate how useless the building manager is. She was looking at me running her eyes up and down my body. I realized that I had taken my jacket off and was wearing a black bra and camisole. I explained that I took my jacket off because I was hot. She agreed and showed me that she was wearing a black camisole as well but wanted to remove it. Kitty of course made a joke about making more money if she DID remove that cami. We laughed and joked a little about making more money. I threw in a comment about our Little Latino Helper and how I offered him a job as my “house boy”. She laughed and made an inappropriate remark about him and about how well built and handsome he is.

The thought occurred to me that she was flirting with me. Maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t. We joked inappropriately as women friends do for a few seconds more and then she said “I don’t know what has gotten into me. I started reading this book called ’50 Shades of Grey.’” I smiled and told her that I loved the book. She said “Are you going to read the next two?” I said “yes” enthusiastically. She gave me a long stare and a knowing smile.

Her patient walked in and I turned to go back to my office thinking, “Hmmmm maybe…”

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sex Candy Tester

Kitty is in the heat of this new project so now is when I need my buddies the most. By "buddies" I mean all of you. I am re-posting this. It's one of my first blogs and was written well before I met Ashley Madison. I hope you enjoy it.

A few weeks ago one of my friends made a comment on facebook about Altoids. After a few back and forth remarks and a little online research I found out that apparently if one sucks on an Altoid prior to giving one’s partner oral gratification the peppermint supposedly adds to the pleasure of the person receiving the gratification.
Wow, that was tough to write. I am trying to keep this at an “R” rating but I suppose writing about being a sex candy tester in the first place brings everything up to an “X” to “XXX” rating from the get go.

Okay, out of respect to my beloved partner I will not go into graphic detail. Suffice it to say that he did not seem to notice a difference and in fact the damn Altoid flew out of my mouth into the bed and made a huge mess for me to deal with in the morning. We are getting up there in years so the time to do this crap has apparently passed me by because I no longer have patience for additional laundry specifically sheets.
So I made a remark on facebook about the experiment going a rye and a friend of mine sent me a website where you can purchase all sorts of sex toys and more specifically sex CANDY.

I had no idea there was SUCH a variety out there. Where the hell have I been? Okay, well now that I have discovered it I have lots of questions that the website does not address.

I am wondering if I could perhaps be a Sex Candy tester. That is a job title, right? I mean somebody has to test these things. They can’t just put them out on the market can they? Are they FDA approved?

Now my financial background definitely comes in handy in other aspects of my life. Is it my financial background or my obsessive compulsive tendencies but at any rate I have considered this testing job and planned out my strategy given the opportunity.

First of all I would make up a spreadsheet. I gotta say I LOVE a good spreadsheet. That is obviously where my financial background comes in handy. The spreadsheet would help me by listing the type and/or name of the candy. I would document the intended outcome for instance is the candy supposed to be sweet, sour. Is the candy supposed to enhance arousal etc?

I would then document what people REALLY need to know. Does the candy make a mess? Does the candy actually taste good, does the candy produce the advertised satisfaction? Most importantly as I have come to appreciate through my newfound love of diet and fitness…is the candy low calorie or sugar free?

Really these things are the important things that need to be addressed when producing sex candy, at least in my opinion. So if there are any sex candy manufacturers out there who need responsible testers please feel free to contact me. Oh, and as always if there are any sex candy manufacturers that would like to sponsor my blog I will be happy to test and endorse your products IF of course they live up to “industry standards.”

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Young Ones

I forget if I mentioned it or not but XXX has been freaking out because the auditors were coming. Not CUMMING…coming. So XXX has been a wreck and has been making me a wreck for absolutely no reason at all. I am a financial type and as many times as I explained to XXX that there is nothing to fear he still was freaking out. So today was the first day they were here. XXX made me promise that I would be in to hold his hand through the whole thing. Obviously I had to work with Big Cheese in the morning so at my regular designated time I walked across the hall to XXX’s office.

Oh WAIT!!! Stop right there! I forgot to mention that this morning as I was getting my coffee I ran into the auditors. They were all dressed alike. They were all wearing blue striped shirts and tan pants. You just KNOW Kitty had to make a comment. XXX was not amused but the auditors were. It turned out that the head auditor and I have common acquaintances so we were chit chatting and they were telling me what a wonderful job I have been doing. Man they have NO idea!! XXX was freaking out and I followed him into his office to help him gather files for the auditors who looked like they were right out of school. The two younger assistants had rosy red cheeks. They looked like they just came out of church. They were so damned cute. I just wanted to bite them.

When I was in XXX’s office he said “You look REALLY good by the way.” Okay, I’ll admit that I wore a tight sweater just in case I needed to distract these guys a little. But I am glad that XXX appreciated it too. He was so nervous that he handed me three cold water bottles to bring in to the auditors. I was juggling them and XXX made a comment like “That should cool off your breasts”. His legal assistant looked at me with her mouth wide open. I knew what she was thinking and I just said “no problem. He’s nervous. I’m not offended at all.” Which of course I wasn’t. This guy’s seen me naked…A LOT so if that’s the worst thing he says to me things aren’t so bad.

At the end of the day one of the young ones gave me his business card and asked me to email him some information. He was in the next office but that’s how we do things now. We email them. I offered to put them on a stick but XXX advised me against it since he knew the stick I use has my entire blog and my new project on it not to mention assorted naked pictures. So I did email the file.

When I was ready to leave for the day I went in to ask if the young ones needed anything further. The young one who gave me his card had a big huge grin on his face. I thought for about 10 seconds that he might want to play with Naughty Kitty. I mentioned it to XXX. He smiled when I said “maybe I can get him to knock down the bill for you”.

I can’t help but sit and wonder what that young one was thinking when he grinned at me and what he might taste like.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Kitty has a new cyber friend Parker. Parker is a young buck and although he assures me he is not a Jack-hammer fucker I still think he is too young for this old tired kitty…just kidding but yes, he is younger than the men I like to have sex with.

Parker is loads of fun to play with online though. We chat about all sorts of things. He is always asking Kitty probing questions. At one point in our conversation yesterday I made a comment about having different standards for lovers than I do for husbands.

Parker’s response was “so tell me, what are you standards for a lover and what are they for a husband”. And a blog post was born.

My answer:

For a husband: educated, professional, must be able to make me laugh (that is my biggest turn on), loyal, faithful (get the irony), must have good teeth and nice eyes, and for husband #3 MUST BE EXCELLENT IN BED.

For a lover: Clean, Considerate, interested and somewhat skilled in bed.

Parker got a kick out of my list but it’s not too far off. What do your lists look like?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sad Birthday

Today is Angry Guy’s birthday. Now let me just start by saying that Angry Guy and I aren’t into big expensive over done celebrations or gifts for that matter. Angry Guy always seems to make any occasion centered around me very special even without all the pomp and circumstance. He does silly things like buys me my favorite candy from when I was a kid and then adds a nice gift card. If there is something specific that he know I want he always makes sure to buy it. But Kitty for the most part is not too materialistic. Oh I enjoy my techy toys but I am just as happy with a library book.
When it comes to reciprocating Kitty is not nearly as creative. Keep in mind that a blow job to Angry Guy is not a welcome gift. Don’t get me started. Anyway, I asked Angry Guy a few weeks ago what he wanted for his birthday and he said “I want to go out to a nice dinner with you…just you.” The kids naturally were insulted at first but I have to say that I was touched.

So Angry Guy and I are in fact going out on a date tonight which is great. I also picked up a gift card and a sappy birthday card which Angry Guy loved.

The thing that made Angry Guy’s birthday so sad is that just before leaving for work today I made a comment about his birthday and Angry Guy said “I’ve already outlived my father and my grandfather.”

Remembering that they both died very young I looked at Angry Guy and thought to myself how much I would miss him if I lost him now…now that I have finally found him again.