Thursday, September 10, 2015

Taking the Edge Off

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since we’ve been together but after we both came, we did the math and that’s what we figured out. Okay…I lied…HE came we did the math then he pulled me to the side of the bed and licked my clit until I came. It was a nice way to take the edge off after the disappointing episode with the Traveling Salesman.

To be honest I forget if he texted me first or I texted him but as he said later that night, “The planets aligned” and our schedules worked out and we met at the very cheapest hotel we could find and we fucked…just like we used to and it was pretty damn nice.
He always had a nice cock even though his evil wife always puts it down. I make an effort to pump him up 1. Because he really does have a great cock and 2. Because I hate women who attack a man’s cock.

I have to say that we have chemistry. It all starts with the kissing and we can talk honestly with one another. Kitty appreciates that. It also helps that he’s doing the open marriage thing with his wife so there’s not as much hiding which is really nice. In fact he took a picture of Kitty sucking his cock and was going to text it to her.

Kitty missed how deep he can get inside of me. It’s really an indescribable feeling. He came before Kitty was able to and I usually cum while I’m riding his cock but we had a few minor technical difficulties. The great part is that while he was trying to get hard again after cumming he asked Kitty to talk dirty to him. I asked him if he likes to eat pussy. Much to Kitty’s delight he showed me exactly how much and damn did that feel good!!

As we were getting dressed he asked what my plans were for dinner. None of Kitty’s lovers ever asked that before or ever took me out after fucking. It was kind of nice. We went out for dinner together to a nice restaurant completely out in the open and completely at ease with one another. Kitty liked that.

We texted a bit today. He had a flight tonight so I know he’ll be out of the country through the weekend. We promised not to wait another three years to get together. Kitty thinks I’m going to try my best to keep that promise.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Setting the Mood

I hadn’t seen him since May…since I gave him that blow job in the back of my new car. Since I had to cancel a few times after that I made a special effort to set the mood for last night. He got his little suite just outside of town. I love that little suite. It’s got a little kitchen that he and I talk about cooking together in although in the back of my mind I can’t imagine when we would ever have the time.
I did plan however a mini chocolate fondue. Kitty brought all the dippin’s, the chocolate and a mini fondue set for two that I had gotten as a Valentine’s Day gift for Angry Guy when we were married.

He seemed genuinely happy to see me when he opened the door. His hair had grown long which did not necessarily appeal to Kitty but he was handsome never the less. He poured us some wine and had spread out a few snacks of his own. Kitty got the fondue set up and quickly realized that something was not quite right with the chocolate and that it just wasn’t going to work.

We talked for quite a while as we sat side by side on the couch in the little living room. We caught up on the past few months…our work, our families…our lives…and then we kissed.

We kissed for what seemed like a long time and at one point I asked him if he wanted to move to the bedroom or stay in the living room. Kitty is never quite sure about him. I feel like he WANTS to ask for something and of course Kitty has made it quite clear that his request is my command but in the end we are really quite vanilla.

He did finally recommend moving to the bedroom and I could feel with my hand stroking his jeans that his cock was hard. He had the jazz station playing on the radio in the bedroom. We stood kissing for a moment and began to undress one another. 

Kitty carefully exposed his erection then once again slowly sank to my knees in front of him and began to suck the head of his cock. I could hear his breathing quicken and continued very slowly so as not to get him too excited. We moved to the bed and began to kiss again. He moved his face down between Kitty’s legs and began to lick and as much as I tried, Kitty just could not relax enough to cum.

“Kiss me” I said in an effort to get him to stop. He moved his face up to mine and we kissed. Kitty reached down for his hard cock hoping that putting it inside of me would help me cum…but there was nothing there.

“Um…well…see…I had a little accident,” he said.
Kitty thought, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!” But what came out of my mouth was more of a sympathetic, “Aw what happened? Are you okay?”

So, I pose this question to you out there…specifically my male audience...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED???

And what can Kitty do to prevent it from happening again?