Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kitty's Special Birthday Gift

A GIFT! A GIFT! Kitty got a GIFT for her birthday!! Kitty was dreading her birthday this year. I’m not even sure why actually. I mean Kitty does not get caught up on age and typically don’t make a big deal out of my birthday. But lately I haven’t been getting along with some major people in my family and someone at work was acting like a real piece of shit.

It turned out not to be so bad after all though. The piece of shit left our company thank god…ON Kitty’s birthday and well…Kitty is coming to realize that just because you share blood with people doesn’t mean they will love and support you.

So anyway Kitty has been working upward of 70 hours a week for the past few weeks. The end is near but we still have a few weeks to go. I did get a lovely invitation from Hammer to meet for a play date and believe me KITTY would have LOVED to meet Hammer for some stress relief but sadly I had to decline.

And so after yet another 12 hour day not to mention a treacherous drive in a snow storm just to get to work, I arrived home and began opening the mail. There was a curious card that was addressed to “Katz” which could only mean one thing. My kids of course were hovered around breathing down my neck to see what was in the envelope. When I opened it and saw his first name I knew exactly who it was from. I am not sure what touched me more, the gift card, the lottery ticket with all the hearts all over it or the sentimental birthday card addressed to me and signed by “him” including “xoxoxo”. Can I just tell you that “xoxoxo” from a man melts my heart EVERY time?

My first reaction of course was to text him to thank him but let’s face it…that would not have been wise. And so, I am writing this blog to thank my dear, sweet wonderful Hammer for thinking of me on my birthday. I will have to think of a way to somehow SHOW my appreciation. Hammer, you melt my little Grinch like heart xoxoxo.