Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I've Missed You Man

Kitty has been quite a busy Kitty lately…and quite naughty thereby living up to my name. Among other things Kitty has met a vanilla boyfriend. I call him “I’ve missed you man”. You see Kitty has known IMYM for years. We pray together but IMYM is painfully shy. The others at our place of worship would tease Kitty because I would say hello to IMYM and he would disappear for months. One day this past fall IMYM decided to approach Kitty at the social hour after services. Not to sound conceited or anything but Kitty is quite popular among our group as I am one of the few single women under the age of 85 so when IMYM came up to me it seemed like everything else stopped. And that night after IMYM left all the 80 and over women gathered in the kitchen for a little hen chat.

I’d see IMYM at services every so often and we would chat just a little. He would blush the entire time and then disappear for weeks. Over the winter there was a break since the weather can get harsh here and we are dealing with quite a few senior citizens. OH!! Did I mention that IMYM is 64?!?!?! No worries though. The other women assured me that men that age can still “get it up”. WHEW!!

So a few weeks into the spring we are all back to praying in our regular sanctuary still getting over the loss of a few of our beloved congregants. After a few weeks IMYM comes up to Kitty and tells Kitty to wait because he has something for me. OH SHOOT!!! I forgot to mention that IMYM’s birthday was in December and Kitty gave him a card and a little bag of candy as a token. Kitty’s birthday is in March so I suspected that he was going to repay the favor although I had no idea how he would know when my birthday was.

So IMYM left the sanctuary and returned with the most beautiful purple envelope covered with pictures of butterflies. He went into an entire explanation about giving me the card and having it but not seeing me yadda yadda. Then Kitty’s teenage daughter came out into the hall where IMYM asked me to meet him and IMYM completely lost his somewhat shaky composure.
In the car Kitty read the card and it said, “I’ve missed you and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day”. Now isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?!?!?!?!

Unfortunately IMYM did not leave any contact information. Kitty used her connections to get his email address and a beautiful somewhat fucked up vanilla relationship has formed.
You see IMYM is kind of a down on your luck kind of guy. He is semi retired but never put any money away for retirement so it seems like he lives on social security or disability and a little part time job he has. Not that Kitty is a snob or anything but I am quite motivated professionally so while 

I adore IMYM, I know right away that I will never be monogamous with him.
So Kitty and IMYM went out on a traditional dinner date last week. It was nice. IMYM has made great strides in coming out of his shell over the past few days. We had a nice conversation at dinner then walked to the beach and talked there. Then Kitty drove IMYM home because he doesn’t have a car…I know…I know!!!

The thing about IMYM is that even though there is an age difference between us it is very subtle and does not hinder our conversation. For example on the way back to his place he said, “Do you like Woody Allen?” and Kitty said, “of course!” then IMYM went into how in “Annie Hall” they get the kiss over with at the beginning of the date to get past the awkwardness. This surprised Kitty somewhat since I was kind of thought maybe he was gay and/or just wanted to be friends. But Kitty being Kitty went with the flow and kissed IMYM. I have to say the kiss itself was just okay. IMYM’s moustache seemed to get in the way but I could see there was potential so Kitty went with it.

A few days later IMYM and Kitty met up at our sanctuary at the social hour. IMYM blushed the entire time of course but we kept things pretty vanilla in front of the other congregants. I did take him home that night. We were chatting and he mentioned that he left his cell phone at work. Kitty made a joke about hoping no one sees his sexting and he said, “Something like that”. This intrigued Kitty.
Kitty texted IMYM later that night and asked if he’d like to meet me Wednesday for dinner. He agreed and texted, “I hope Wednesday comes quickly.” See…those little things warm Kitty’s little Grinch heart.

I couldn’t stop thinking about IMYM’s comment about the sexting. There is obviously more to him and Kitty wants to get to the bottom of it. The next night Kitty decided to blow off chores and asked IMYM what he was up to. We decided to park and just chat for a while. We began kissing and talking about sex. It turns out IMYM is into porn. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get it out of him. That’s what the sexting comment was about. He was afraid someone at work would see his history on his phone. He likes lesbian porn. When he was telling Kitty this Kitty was grinning from ear to ear. He was confessing like I was a priest and I think he was pretty surprised by my reaction which was,”yeah you and every other man in the world like to watch women have sex with one another. Don’t sweat it!”

IMYM admitted to Kitty that he doesn’t much enjoy sex. He says he feels “inadequate” whatever that means. Then talk about mixed messages…he invites Kitty in after some pretty intense kissing. IMYM fortunately trimmed his moustache so the kissing was much better and made Kitty quite wet so yes of course I went inside with him!!!

We lay on his bed in the tiny apartment that he shares with 2 other men. Quite a sketchy bunch but let’s face it, Kitty is not one to judge. It did not take long before IMYM began to undress Kitty. So much for not enjoying sex!! When Kitty undressed IMYM I exposed a nice sized hard as a rock cock. VERY NICE. Kitty rubbed it just a little and IMYM pulled Kitty on top of him. Just the way Kitty likes it. Kitty rode IMYM’s nice cock until he came which did not take long but Kitty thought it was a nice start.

A few days later…a little more of the same…so you see IMYM is becoming a nice little vanilla fuck buddy for Kitty. Surprisingly enough though IMYM has another woman that he sees. Apparently she is more down on her luck as well. She is Vietnamese, jobless with a gambling problem and oh yeah! She’s possessive of IMYM not to mention the fact that she has other boyfriends. What a fucking mess!!!

When IMYM told me about her again I think he was surprised by my reaction or “non” reaction. Sure, why shouldn’t IMYM continue to see his Asian girlfriend? Kitty is not threatened and of course Kitty has her own bag of tricks.

So last night when Esq. texted and asked if I’d be around just one night after fucking IMYM for the second time Kitty jumped right on it. Esq. has a Kitty’s blogging bestie points out has turned into quite the diamond in the rough. He is not the best at oral and he is kind of a pain in the ass with his last minute invitations but in the end Esq. has the greatest hardest cock and when he fucks Kitty from behind it is pure bliss.

So last night while Esq. was fucking me hard from behind while reaching around and rubbing my clit as I cried out in ecstasy all I could think was “oh what a lucky little kitty I am”.