Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Special Requests

It’s funny. I’ve been wanting to write something lately but haven’t had the time or the desire. Oh, I’ve had some playful texts with both Hammer and T-Bone lately. Hammer even came to my house to check on my refrigerator and we talked about getting together but nothing materialized. It’s really for the best. Even though I am not in a position to make judgments about infidelity, now that I am single, I prefer to fuck men who are also single…or at least who I think are single. It’s my own personal hang up which I cannot explain.

So this morning (New Year’s Eve), I was just leaving Starbucks and on my way to work. It’s chilly here on the East Coast and particularly quiet in the small shore town that I live in. It’s peaceful and I am at peace. So I treated myself to a Grande Salted Caramel Mocha and a blueberry scone. What the hell? I mean if Kitty doesn’t treat herself right, who else will?

Sure enough as I was getting into my car I see two texts. One was from BD2 with a nice shot of his rugged yet sexy face. I melt when he sends me pictures of himself. And my pussy immediately becomes wet. My attraction to him is uncanny.

The second text was from none other than my old lover T-Bone. Sure, we keep in touch and although I have told him that I want my own playmate that I don’t have to share, T-Bone keeps on keeping on as they say.

I can’t explain why but I do have a soft spot in my heart for some of my old lovers including T-Bone. Lately he has been trying to get me over to the dominatrix side. I tell him over and over that Kitty prefers to be dominated in bed, not the reverse. So this morning T-Bone texted me in his East Coast bossy sort of way “Write about me wanting to be a cuckold”.  He even gave me license to trash the Mrs. T-Bone which Kitty would not do of course. T-Bone’s other request was that I make sure to write about how BIG he is.

Okay, Kitty has a big smile on my face as I type this. Yes, my dear sweet T-Bone is in fact well endowed and yes, he has a BIG COCK which gets nice and hard for Kitty…at least that’s how I remember it. It’s sad that Mrs. T-Bone won’t play his cuckold game because it seems like the perfect remedy for what ails them.

Kitty did in fact offer to let T-Bone watch BD2 and I next time we are together. I haven’t ever run this idea past BD2 and I am pretty sure he would not go for it but it seems like a harmless request in the scheme of things and boy does Kitty love fucking BD2.

I can picture T-Bone sitting quietly in a chair off to the side of the hotel room that BD2 and I play in. T-Bone is naked and holding his cock. Kitty has helped him undress and has given his cock a little sucking as BD2 looks over my shoulder. BD2 seems a little possessive in bed which is one of the things I love about him so I can’t imagine he would let me suck on T-Bone too long before he pulls me up saying something rough and sexy like “Come on now. Share some with Daddy.”

Every now and then BD2 likes me to call him “Daddy”. Kitty turns to BD2 who already has his cock exposed outside of his Levis and Kitty begins to lick BD2 just the way he likes to be licked. Then Kitty sucks the head of his cock going into that place in Kitty’s head where all I am thinking about is the deliciousness of BD’s cock in my mouth.

Kitty stands slowly and begins to unbutton BD’s denim shirt exposing his hairy taught upper body. Kitty sucks his nipples as BD lets out a slight groan. T-Bone watches from his chair with his own cock in his hands rubbing and stroking himself.

Kitty pushes BD’s Levi’s to the ground. He begins to undress Kitty leaving my red lace bra and thong intact. BD leads Kitty to the bed. I can see T-Bone out of the corner of my eye but am still completely focused on BD as he slides his finger into my wet pussy. His thumb grazes my g-spot leaving me breathless then he plunges his cock inside of me pushing the lacy thong off to the side.

“God, you feel good,” I tell him.

He thrusts several times before commanding me to get on my knees. Kitty follows BD’s directions. BD pulls off Kitty’s thong then begins to thrust his cock inside of Kitty from behind as he watches himself in the hotel mirror.

Surprisingly he says, “Do you like what you see?” Directing his voice to T-Bone.

T-Bone seems breathless as his stroking becomes more intense. Kitty’s senses are overloaded as I focus on how good BD’s cock feels inside of me along with the sound of his sexy and commanding voice speaking to T-Bone who is clearly enjoying the view.

BD’s speed increases and his thrusting intensifies as T-Bone begins to groan. Kitty reaches through and begins rubbing my clit as BD and I both cum together then falling into one another on the bed.

Things go quiet.

I wonder what BD would think if he ever read this.

Happy and healthy new year to all of Kitty’s cyber friends. My your New Year be filled with much pleasure!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

You Can't Blame a Kitty...

It’s been a while since Kitty has gotten laid. Nearly six months. At first it was okay because I still had some hope that things might work out with Tom Hagen. When I realized they wouldn’t I became a little sad then met potential companions here and there and really thought I could pull the platonic companion thing off…until I saw that BDII was back on Plenty of Fish.

I must have been weak that day. I don’t even remember. I just remember that I was so so bored at work and getting into all sorts of online mischief. So I threw a quick profile up without a photo and emailed BDII. He responded within minutes.

We managed to make a play date just after Thanksgiving. He opted to get us a room which is my all time favorite place to fuck anymore. Each morning he’s been texting me pictures of his cock which I have to admit makes my mouth water. This is attentive for BDII. Before we split, we would go days without texting or talking on the phone. Now Kitty is realistic. I know this is not love. I know that BDII and I have no future but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get laid.

Don’t ask me why but somewhere during the week I began to get a little nervous. I began to wonder if BDII was in fact a serial killer. Maybe he just wanted to meet to do away with me once and for all. Another thought that crossed my mind was maybe he would drug me and take my vital organs. Every horror story that I ever heard or saw came to mind.

As Sunday morning approached Kitty was nervous, excited and horny as hell. BD’s texts were simple yet sexy. I drove to meet him just as I had before. I pulled into the hotel parking lot and spotted his car next to the room number he had texted me earlier. I parked next to BDII and knocked on the door. He opened the door immediately and greeted me with his stunning smile. I immediately gave him a kiss and he gave me a hug as we quickly exchanged compliments. Within seconds I began unbuttoning his shirt and he unbuttoned mine. We removed our pants and he exposed his already hard cock which seemed to be motioning for me to kneel down to greet it. I kneeled and slowly sucked on the head of BDII’s cock. He moaned. I sucked a little longer than rose up on my feet as he pulled me toward the bed.

We began kissing. I loved that we could take our time. BDII was kind this time. He was moved from hard fucking to soft gentle kissing adding just the right amount of dirty talk.

When he mentioned anal sex I took a deep breath. The last time we were together BDII was so rough when he entered me anally. He switched back and forth between fucking me in the ass and then my pussy and as a result I feared an infection.
Today he was much different. As he entered me I whispered “be gentle”. He said “I thought you like it rough.”

“I do but anal is different. You have to be gentle.” That was all it took. BDII was as gentle as could be adding additional lubrication. Once he had had enough, BDII went to the bathroom and washed his cock commenting that he was sanitizing his cock so that Kitty could suck on it some more…and so I did.

Kitty enjoys fucking BDII for many reasons. We are constantly on the same wavelength in bed. We rest at the same time then fuck then rest then fuck. At one point I told BDII that he is the sexiest 57 year old man I have ever met. He really is something. I had forgotten how handsome he is and how charming he can be. He gave me a holiday card and inside wrote “I never stop thinking about you” Love [BDII].

Kitty has to keep reminding myself that BDII is just a playmate. Kitty cannot fall for BDII again but a play date here and there…THAT’s something Kitty can manage.