Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AM Encounter with G

It was time to pull the trigger on this AM thing. “AM” by the way is lingo for “Ashley Madison”. I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the quantity (notice I did not say “quality”) of male suitors that have tried to contact me. I am not sure how G and I found each other but we began to chat in a matter of fact way on yahoo. Oh, here is another little AM insider secret, apparently AM charges to chat on their site among other things. I just realized this last night. I was wondering why all these men directed me to yahoo to chat. One of them made a comment about the paying thing.

Now aside from being horny I am also extremely frugal when it comes to paying for shit that I know is available for free.

So back to G. We actually began chatting as I was trying to collect information for the blog. Poor, sweet G hasn’t learned yet that just about every interesting thing I learn or do finds its way into one of my blogs eventually.

Don’t worry G. If you are reading this I will be kind.

So G like the rest of us is horny and not gettin’ any from his wife. What fascinated me about G was that he has been on AM for two months I think he said and already met 8 different women. Impressive right?

Am I missing something or at one point in a young woman’s life is that a turn off? Oh well, like I said in the interest of the blog lets press forward.

So G was telling me about the women he came across. Quite frankly I find it hard to believe that none of them appealed to him but he said they didn’t and based on some of the crazy men I have come across, I trust him.

At one point in our chat he said something about me being the only normal woman he’s chatted with. Now THAT’s saying something!

Then he asked me to lunch. Lunch is innocent…right?!?!?! So I agreed.

Okay so here is my issue and will probably always be my issue. My issue is TIME. How in the world do women get away for hours at a time for these encounters?

At one point G mentioned that if we hit it off we will have a “long lunch”. While that was an incredible turn on to me, the stress from trying to account for hours of my time nearly drove me to cancel but I pressed through.

As sleazy as it sounds I opted for skipping lunch and heading straight for “dessert”. That was G’s joke. I want to give him credit for it.

So our arrangement was to meet at a hotel and this is what happened:

We met, we fucked…end of story. No Sorry, just kidding. That was cruel wasn’t it?

Actually G established the room and texted me the number. I headed directly up once I got to the hotel. I made excellent time by the way and now feel incredibly guilty because G said it took him about an hour and 20 minutes to get there and well…it took me 20 minutes. Sorry again, G.

So G greeted me and introduced himself. Awkward for both of us. Then he started kissing me. Now I asked him if anybody told him he was a good kisser. He said he didn’t know. I am saying “YES” and I told him that. Good kissers are generally good in bed from my experience. Really I was taking a chance but I was glad when he started kissing me and I immediately started to get wet.

We started to undress each other and I could feel that he had an erection pretty much right away. Another turn on and G I forgot to mention that you have a BEAUTIFUL dick!

Once we got our clothes off he immediately went down on me. Can I tell you that this guy had talent? Hey, isn’t that the name of a television show? He knew just where to run his tongue and it felt amazing. All I could think was “Dude, what the fuck is wrong with your wife?!”

OH MY GOD! I totally forgot to mention that G had an accent! I LOVE accents!!! At first I couldn’t place it. Was it Russian? German? Turns out it was Greek/Lebanese. His voice ran right through me as well as his eyes. He had beautiful blue eyes and I looked directly into them whenever I could. He kept telling me to smile and all I kept thinking about was how good he felt and “What the fuck is wrong with your wife?!”

He kept asking me what I was thinking and I kept telling him that I wanted his dick inside of me in the worst way but he held off. It was a tease and a turn on but I wanted it. When he finally agreed it did in fact feel amazing. He made a comment about me being wet. Well DUH! Dude, you were doing all the right things to me!

Dude just kept flipping me from side to side. I got on top of him which by the end was determined to be our favorite position for the day.

I think the condom sort of spoiled it for him and I am regretting now not picking them up myself although I would have probably gotten the same kind.

We lay in bed after we both came…him once and me several times. I think he was questioning whether I came or not. G I CAME okay?!?! You were amazing what can I say!

It was surprisingly nice, lying in bed and chatting. He told me about his family and about his job. I told him about mine. I lay there thinking that I was comfortable, I liked this guy and was completely turned on by him.

At one point he said to me “So what are you going to write about this in your blog?” and I thought that was funny because that is pretty much what I was wondering myself.

I promised to be “kind” mainly because it was a wonderful experience for me and even though I told him I had fun I am not sure that he believed me so G if you are reading this I hope you believe me now.

Sadly the encounter had to end. It was several hours that I had stolen for myself and I enjoyed them entirely.

I asked G if he would be online tonight. He said probably not and started talking about sports only to come to the realization that he is a Yankees fan and I of course am a Phillies fan.

Oh, G and I was beginning to think the day was nearly perfect.

I wonder what G is thinking now.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Story From a Discreet Lawyer

Leave it to me to make a “friend” out of a guy on the Ashley Madison website. Well it turns out he likes this blog and since we all know I am a whore for anybody who likes my blog, I agreed to post a guest blog that he has written. I think it is pretty good. What do you all think?

In college, my best friend was a red headed girl from Arkansas. We used to talk about whom we fucked and who we would want to fuck. I've always thought she was hot, but nothing ever happen until we got blasted at a 70s party. I drove her to her apartment, which was in the same building as my apartment. We both went our separate ways. She called me and blatantly stated she wanted me. She came over and told me she has always wanted to make me cum. She was wasted, I was wasted, I was all for it. She got me hard. She took off all her clothes. I loved seeing her red landing strip. It was kind of strange because I wanted to fuck, but she only wanted me to cum. She got lotion out of my roommate's bathroom (he was sleeping). She jerked me off for hours, taking pictures of my cock with lotion on it. When I was about to cum, she stopped jerking me off and started to describe it. She was saying things like,” the veins are so hot” and how much she “loved the curve of my cock”. I mean the things she was saying was hotter than her hand job. She adored my cock's veins. She kept telling me how my cock's curve would make her feel great. I wanted to fuck so hard, but she wouldn't let me. After what seemed like hours, I thought it was over. It wasn't close. She made me a cock ring out of a rubber band! When the sun came up, she started to feel tired and I was starting to feel pain. She took the cock ring off, I thought I would come, but I really wasn't close. As she slowly jerked me off she kept saying things like, “I am going to slowly milk the cum out of you... I love the vein on the side of your cock.” Even though I was nowhere near to cumming, she kept putting her thumb over my penis to block whatever was going to cum out. She slowly milked me until cum finally came out. It dripped and she took pictures of the cum on my cock. She kept talking about my cum covered, veiny, curved cock. I kept cumming. It was incredible. I have never realized how much I could cum. She left and my dick hurt for weeks. A few months later she brought up my cum covered cock and how she got the pictures back. We looked at them and laughed at ourselves. We hooked up one more time. I ate her out and she made me cum a lot faster. We never fucked. Man, I would love to run into her!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My New Friend Ashley Madison

Just when you thought I was going soft, Kitty Kat managed to pull me back in. Into the “Naughty Life” that is. She turned me onto this website called Ashley Madison. It’s basically a free website to hook up with people.

So now let me warn you about a few things. I am not always the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree so I went right ahead and signed up for this free fuck finding site as though I was signing up for a freakin’ credit card. I used my usual sign on name which isn’t too smart considering it includes my name.

Then when I realized that I couldn’t change this info I had to start all over and guess what? You have to PAY to delete your account!

So it took a little while to get going but before I knew it I had men viewing my profile and chatting with me. I could do a commercial!

What can I say, I am a social person! I LOVE people.

Overall I have to say that I am enjoying the site. I never heard of it before and when I mentioned it today to my single guy boss he not only had heard about it but he had an account! How awesome would that have been if we met up through the website?

So do me a favor and sign up using my link and maybe we can all have a little naughty fun.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paybacks for Pussy

So I got an email from my buddy Kitty Kat. I call her “Pussy” for short. Anyway she and I…well…sometimes I think that we were twins who were separated at birth except that she is tall, blonde, thin, beautiful and sexy and well…I am not.

Anyway Pussy pimped my blog the other day. That is really awesome for me because she and I have so much in common, other than our physical appearance, that her blogging buddies by all the laws of nature should be MY blogging buddies.

So for those of you who are my friends and have not heard of Kitty Kat i.e. Pussy, check out her blog. She is funny and sexy and quite honestly is the only other woman that I know that enjoys cock as much as I do.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fuck Me Baby!

Back when I was a girl, I wanted a boy to “make love to me”. Now, 20 and 30 years later I just want to FUCK. The nastier the better in my opinion.

You say,” I need to be used....I've been craving being used as a fuck toy honestly”

And I say,”DAMN! Wish I could help you out with that”

You say,”I'd KILL to cum in you”

And I respond,”Oh that would be fun”

You say, “But you need to do one thing

Talk dirty....I mean like...OMG dirty hot”

So I say, “Like tell you that I want you to fuck me hard?

Like, fuck me hard baby!"

 You add, “Yes...and like "fuck FUCK yes...put that hot cum in my pussy it"

Stuff like that. I want you to lose yourself in sexual greed ok?”

I admit, “I am a total whore in the bedroom.”

You seem to like that. when eating you ok...I will not stop till you cum in my mouth...and you say ‘don’t fucking that cum FUUUCCCCK YES!!!’ ok?”

Bottom line is this turns me on now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Blow Job

The day started out like any other work day. I woke up, went to the gym, came home, showered and went to work. The minute I checked my day timer I realized “Shit! It’s my boss’s birthday”. Damn!

It was too late to run out and grab muffin or coffee for him much less get a nice card. No sooner did I come to the realization about the day, who walks in but the man himself. He had a big grin on his face like he was a ten year old boy on his birthday.

Luckily I had the presence of mind to exclaim “Happy birthday Boss!”

“Thank you,” he said “Let me grab a cup of coffee then we can have a meeting.” He looked at me with that devilish smile again and headed out of the office.

Once we got settled in his office I felt uncomfortable and HAD to confess, “I forgot it was your birthday. I wanted to get you something but didn’t get a chance. How about if I take you out to lunch?”

He immediately understood. He flashed me that smile again! What the hell was going on?

“Well, seeing as it IS my birthday…and you DID forget it, I have a request,” he finally said.

“Sure, what is it? Anything. It’s your BIRTHDAY!”

“Well…I actually need to try something,” he begins. “I have always heard that girls with big lips…well…” He hesitated. Then he gave me that smile AGAIN!

“Boss, what has gotten INTO you?” I asked

“Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but your lips…They are so…’pleasing’. And I have been wondering lately…how they would feel…”

Now I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed so it took me a while before I realized what he was getting at. Luckily I had heard the rumor about the lips before. My lips have always been “plump”, sort of ethnic so on occasion a friend or two would crack a joke about how I must be good at giving blow jobs.

My boss flashed me that smile one last time. I stood up and walked around to his side of the desk. I leaned in closer to him and kissed him on the lips. He immediately responded. I could feel his lips grip mine. I was headed in the right direction. I slipped my tongue into his mouth then he slipped his into mine. I immediately felt wetness between my legs but I needed to focus. This was HIS day. This was HIS gift.

“We should close the door,” he said breathlessly.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re fine,” I assured him.

I kissed him one last time then before I lost my focus I moved down on my knees. Anybody walking in  probably would not notice me. He sat back in his chair.

“Just relax birthday boy,” I said.

I began to unzip his pants. He was just beginning to get hard. I ran my hands around his balls and stroked his cock gently at first then just a little harder. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. I ran my tongue just on the inside of his thigh and up under his balls. He began breathing deeper and he closed his eyes for a moment. I did not take my gaze off of him. I put his cock inside of my mouth and began to suck moving it in and out of my mouth, still keeping my eyes on his.

He was hard as a rock now. I ran my tongue around the head of his penis then moved him in and out of my mouth by bobbing my head. His breathing became more and more intense. I wanted so bad to put him inside of me. I knew he would feel good.

“I am going to cum,” he warned.

“Go for it baby. I am ready.”

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft like he was my own personal ice cream cone then put him inside my mouth again. I felt his pre-cum begin to trickle. I sucked it in and groaned still trying to make eye contact and focus. I took every bit of restraint I had not to jump on top of him but I wanted to do this much for him.

Finally, he erupted. I swallowed as quickly as he came. He groaned louder than any man I had ever been with. “Oh, my GOD!” he yelled as he finished.

He sunk back in his chair as though he had no energy to move. I pulled away, grabbed a tissue from his desk and wiped my mouth.

“So?” I asked “Is it true what they say about girls with big lips?”

He managed to muster up the energy to smile and say, “Happy birthday to ME!”

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dick Pictures for Pussy (a.k.a Kitty Kat)

I am totally pissed off and let me tell you why. I have a friend. Yes, the guy who sent me his beautiful dick pictures. Well my friend asked me to post this picture on “The Other HNT” Website for him. My friend is cute but not exactly blog savvy. No problem because 1.His body is so fine that I am happy to share. 2. I am always happy to help a friend in need. 3. His body is so fine that I am happy to share.

So I go ahead and submit my buddy’s dick picture to the website and wait…and wait…and wait.Finally Thursday comes which is when the new pictures are posted. And WTF?! My friend’s picture isn’t there!!! So I figure it was a little suspicious looking. I mean I could be some pissed off ex-girlfriend or something trying to get him into trouble…but I am not.

Then this morning I wake up to some jackass email from the guy/gal who has the website and basically it says that they didn’t recognize my email and only post pictures of “regulars” whatever the fuck that means. And so, not only am I unlinking that blog but I am taking this opportunity to post my friend’s dick picture on my own website.

Now, here’s the thing. My friend wanted me to post the picture but he wants lots and lots of input so please comment so he can read all the comments.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love Languages

One of my bosses the other day…you know the one who I fantasize about fucking? Well he is going through therapy with his wife. They are separated. The whole thing is really quite sad because in my opinion she is stringing him along and I don’t know why. He is an amazing catch. Fine, BITCH, you don’t want him? Then set him free!

Of course by the time she sets him free he will be so fucked up in the head that no other woman will be able to gain his trust. So I want to thank that bitch for fucking up a perfectly good man for the rest of single woman society. I was being facetious by the way.

So yesterday at work my boss gave me this book that he uses as his “Bible”. Actually he has been gushing over it for some time but I was looking for something to read while I ate my lunch so I asked him if I could read it. This made him happy because he is one of those people that like to recommend a book that he loves and you have to LOVE it too.

So I glanced through the book. It’s called “5 Love Languages”. I forget all of the languages but basically they are “touch”, “random acts of kindness”, “gifts”, “words of encouragement” and I forget the fifth because it obviously doesn’t apply.

Right off the bat I told my boss that my “language” is “touch”…mainly because I like sex A LOT. He agreed that his language was sex also but his wife’s was “random acts”.

Then he wanted me to take the quiz at the end of the book. I answered 30 questions which were really the same 5 questions worded 6 different ways. Let me tell you that can really fuck with a girl’s head at the end of a long work day.

The result is that my language is “Words of encouragement” which is total bullshit in my opinion. I mean I like words of encouragement but if I am not getting laid who the fuck cares?

I am sorry but I really don’t buy that bullshit that sex is not a big part of a relationship. For me it is a HUGE portion otherwise what the hell do I need another controlling man around here for? Sorry guys, it is all about the dick at this point in my life. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love a great companion for dinner and a movie but if you are not going to provide me with an orgasm at the end of the evening then I see no reason for us to sleep in the same bed.

Who’s with me?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cum and Get It

I think about him more and more. The fact that he sends me pictures of his rock hard dick only make my mind wander more. I think about where and how we would meet. He would come to me, down where I live. I don’t need romance but today I think we should meet and talk first. Maybe we can sit on the beach…in our clothes at first. I already know from his pictures that his body is downright beautiful. There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of fat. Not that it matters but just the idea of being able to run my hands over every inch of his body makes me wet.

I can picture us lying on a blanket on the beach clothed and talking. After so many online chats we are finally talking in person. It is late afternoon so we decide to go for a bite to eat. I take him to my favorite restaurant in town. I eat lightly and refrain from drinking. I want to keep my wits about me. We talk some more over dinner but never delve into any deep subjects.

At one point he grabs my hand at the dinner table. He rubs his thumb on the inside of my palm which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and my nipples get hard. He smiles at me with his very warm smile and his eyes have a certain twinkle that let me know that tonight we will be together.

After dinner we walk slowly on the beach holding hands. He stops for a moment and pulls me toward him. He leans down to kiss me gently at first then more intense running his tongue in my mouth. My knees begin to buckle.

He pulls me even closer and says “Let’s go back to my room”. When he decided to come to town I gave him the option of staying with me or getting a room. He opted for the hotel and I agreed thinking it would be a good out just in case things didn’t work out with us. Things were heating up and the room would serve a different purpose, a better purpose.

When we got to the room he immediately began undressing me without kissing me at first. He unbuttoned my blouse and I let it fall to the floor. He tugged firmly at my short skirt which I immediately slid out of also leaving on the floor. This left me in panties and a bra with a set of platform pumps. He took a short step back and looked at my body which made me extremely self conscious.

I looked him in the eyes and kissed him then slid down on my knees to undo his jeans. I pulled them down just enough to release the monster that was growing inside of them. His cock was enormous. It was the biggest that I had ever seen and even more beautiful in person than the pictures he sent me over the internet.

 I couldn’t help myself. I immediately rapped my lips around him and took his entire cock slowly into my mouth. I heard him sigh slightly as I ran my tongue around the head of his dick and then up and down the shaft. He began to pulse in and out ever so slightly keeping the rhythm very slow and steady.

He pulled me up off of my knees and led me to the bed. We lay facing each other kissing while he ran his hands up and down my sides and around my back unfastening my bra with extreme dexterity.

He rolled over on top of me as I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him exposing his beautiful, flawless upper body. I ran my hands over his chest and around his nipples. His hands were between my legs peeling my black silk panties off once again without effort.

He kicked his jeans off and we were finally touching flesh to flesh. I was warm and wet and wanted him inside of me. He was teasing me kissing my lips then running his tongue around my nipples and sucking my breasts.

I couldn’t help myself. I pushed him onto his back and rolled on top of him. He was plenty hard so I held onto his dick firmly. I began to put him inside of me just up to the edge of his head then stopped. I pulled him out and did it again. The third time he forced himself inside of me. I groaned with pleasure. We were finally here after months and months of imagining it…chatting about it and wondering how it would be.

I was moving with him inside of me. I was kissing him as he grabbed my ass trying to get even deeper. I felt like I was going to explode. He sat up slightly and grabbed my breasts one by one sucking each one ever so gently as I continued to move to our rhythm.

Before I knew it he grabbed my hips and started rocking me harder and faster. I bent over one last time to kiss him and we both groaned in ecstasy.

I couldn’t move at first. I was paralyzed my legs still shaking with pleasure. I lay on top of him for a few moments with my head on his chest. I could hear his heart pumping and gradually slowing down.

I rolled off of him and lay beside him then he pulled me closer, buried his head in my hair breathing in my scent. “You smell good”, he said. “You FEEL even better than I imagined,” he added.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms just long enough to regain our strength for the next round.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Another Day in the Office

The guy who works down the hall is looking REALLY cute today. I don’t know how to describe him except that he is VERY nerdy. He’s not very tall but that’s okay. He’s got a great personality and is just SO SO nice to talk to.

His sad past gives him a sex appeal that most women probably don’t see.

I asked him to help me out with something personal today. He is in the legal profession and I had some legal questions. He took me into his small office which has no windows. He talked to me in a very professional manner and I just got more and more turned on.

Sometimes I wonder if he can read my mind. Yeah, I mean if I fucked him in that small office with no windows it would have been totally sleazy. Especially with my NOSEY co-worker listening at the door and I KNOW she was.

One of these days I would love to get a text or an email from one of these guys saying “Hey, meet me at the ‘No-tell Motel’”.

I would totally love that. I’d love to just show up and have the room all ready to go and just spend a carefree day in bed with the nerdy legal guy or one of several of our hot clients.

Ah…if only it were that simple.