Thursday, July 16, 2015

In Case You Were Wondering

The Cowboy had to have root canal yesterday. Even though I wasn’t “worried about him, I was THINKING about him. Oh who is kidding whom here? Kitty thinks about The Cowboy all day and most of the night too. His name comes across my desk a dozen times a day. He’s all over my computer. Sometimes a check that he has signed will come to me and the site of his signature makes Kitty’s heart melt.

Oh I know you are all sick of reading about The Cowboy but believe me Kitty is working hard on this one. Kitty’s tight ass friend is trying to help motivate me to stick to that diet once and for all. I’m sure you are saying, “Kitty, if he doesn’t love you the way you look now than he’s not the Cowboy for you.” In a sense that’s right but let’s face it. This guy may not be drop dead gorgeous to some women but he is definitely buff and he may be physically driven and turned off by Kitty’s excess weight but probably if he were 50 lbs heavier, Kitty wouldn’t be so turned on by him.

So last night while Kitty was shopping at my favorite wholesale warehouse, I received a text.

“I went out with ‘Sidekick’ the other night. He wants to know when we are getting back together ;)”

Aaaahhhhh…a text from Esq.…another threesome with Sidekick. This is just the distraction Kitty needs from The Cowboy. Kitty stood still in shock for a moment then flashed back quickly to our evening together…the three of us…Esq. kissing Kitty’s neck from behind, running his hands around Kitty’s breasts, pressing his rock hard cock up against Kitty while Sidekick kneeled and licked Kitty’s pussy from the front. 

Kitty immediately became wet right smack in the middle of the salsa isle of the warehouse.

Kitty: “That’s up to you guys ;) When can you get down here?”

Esq.: “Hopefully soon. I will get working on that :)

Kitty: “Okay, let me know when you have an idea and I’ll try to work my schedule around.”

Esq.: “Will do Sweetie.”

First of all, I have no idea why Esq. was trying to gauge Kitty’s reaction to another threesome with Sidekick. The only hesitant party was Sidekick himself. Kitty tried not to seem too anxious by asking for another play date out of fear Esq. would be insulted and think Kitty isn’t satisfied with his big beautiful cock and only his big beautiful cock. Esq. is all about strategy all of the time so Kitty always needs to be on my toes.

The funniest part to me is when he calls Kitty “Sweetie”. It makes Kitty smile each and every time.