Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sins of the Father

I’ve been thinking a lot about sinning lately. It’s that time of the year where in my faith we do that. Also, a few different blogging buddies made comments that made me think about it.

Now that Kitty is single, I really don’t consider what I do as “sinning”. I’m going to try to explain my thought process but this may or may not sound logical so bear with me.

The way I look at it is that the men I have been with are pretty decent guys. They don’t lie about being married in fact as far as I know; they don’t lie to me at all. In reality they have no reason to lie to me. I’m not their wife and I’m not their mother. Most of the guys I see that are married are a hell of a lot nicer than some of the single guys I have seen.

As far as the married guys…well the way I see it is that they are doing what they need to do to keep their families intact and keep their sanity at the same time. I’ve been where they are. I couldn’t keep up the charade but I do give them credit for continuing to do what is best for their families and of course Kitty would never interfere with that.

So maybe Kitty’s logic is warped but in today’s world we have to do whatever it takes to get through and if it means sneaking away for a few hours of bliss with Kitty well…who am I to judge ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Naughty Kitty Private Investigator

A few weeks ago Kitty started corresponding with a new potential playmate. He's an attorney so let's call him Esq (esquire). Esq is extremely protective of his identity. Kitty is used to dealing with that and while in the past Kitty will admit that I have on occasion met men and fucked them in spite of the fact that I did not know their full names...well...those days are gone. I mean JEEZ-US make up a fake name if you want to but don't be evasive. Kitty HATES evasive.

Now Kitty is at a point where I have little or no patience for nonsense and since I have a small pool of potential playmates to play with I really don't need to waste any time on Esq. so you are asking, "Kitty why ARE you wasting your valuable time?"

Well, I will tell you. See, Kitty needs a certain type of playmate these days. Among other things Kitty needs someone strong willed. Kitty needs someone who is going to take charge in the bedroom. Now Kitty has met several wonderful men who do this but another new twist is that Kitty needs someone who I will not become attached to. Kitty is a bit vulnerable right now so I am looking for just the right match. Now you see this back and forth between Esq. and Kitty has got Kitty so totally frustrated and Esq. is being such an asshole about it by signing texts "Love Thomas Jefferson" and shit like that. Annoying right??? Well, it turns out this arrogance on Esq.'s part makes him a perfect play mate candidate right now for Kitty. Kitty hates an arrogant man and yet I get the sense that this guy is bossy in bed which is a complete turn on for Kitty.

So Esq. is going to be in town this weekend and has been taunting me over this name thing. I just can't let him get away with that. I tell most of my lovers that in the bedroom they can boss me around all they want to. They can say whatever they want to but outside of the bedroom if they say half the things they want to I'd rip them a new asshole. Since we are outside of the bedroom for the time being Kitty cannot let Esq. win this game.

So this morning at work Kitty did a little google research. Now this is exactly why Esq. did not want to give me his real name. He didn't want me to google him. Kitty had a sense that he was more important in his own mind. I didn't recognize his photos so I knew he wasn't a celebrity attorney or higher up politician. Kitty did my google search and within 5 minutes of searching his first name and where he said his office was located I found a picture of him on his firm's website. BINGO!!!!!

Kitty did just a little more research to make absolutely sure it was him. While the thought of the look on his face when he realizes I found out his real name makes Kitty wet, the thought of the huge ego boost he would get if Kitty guessed the wrong name makes Kitty desert dry.

So now that the Kitty is out of the bag so to speak Kitty needs to think of a clever way to let Esq. know that I know his real identity and that I WON...and then Kitty and Esq. can play ;)

Technology Can be a Dangerous Thing

So something kind of funny happened in our office the other day. I thought I'd share it here since nobody else would probably appreciate it. We all know that Kitty receives dozens and dozens of cock shots from all over the WORLD! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but I am fortunate enough to run with a select crowd of men that enjoy sending photos to Kitty. In fact I think word may have gotten around the office because the other day my boss sat at my computer to update something. My phone which was sitting to the right of him “pinged”. He said, “Here you may want to take this in case it’s a picture,” then he handed me the phone, barely touching it as though it was a dirty diaper.

Now what kind of friend would I be if I didn't accept these photos and in some cases share them with a friend?

Well...I actually did that not too long ago. A fellow blogger sent me a picture of his very erect cock. I have to say and cannot fully describe how absolutely beautiful this cock is. Kitty just had to share this picture with a friend so I shared it with a friend at work. And she agreed that this particular cock was something to be adorned. She felt so strongly about the picture that she decided to save it onto her phone.

Now we all happen to have iPhones where I work. I'm not sure how other phones work but with iPhone there is a little icon at the bottom of the picture that allows you to either save the photo to your phone, send in a text, email or post to Facebook.

Well, my girl...not sure what she did exactly but she clicked to save she apparently sent the picture somewhere other than her phone. When she tried to find it on her phone she couldn't. She looked in her family photos. She looked in her texts. The more she looked the more and more frantic she became. The more frantic she became the harder we laughed. We laughed so hard Kitty almost wet my pants and not in a good way.

In the end we never found the picture on her phone. All we were able to do was confirm that she did not post it on Facebook but every time the topic of pictures of any kind comes up we both break out into hysterical laughter.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Thanks for Sharing"

The other night I started watching a movie. It was called “Thanks for Sharing”. The movie was about sex addiction. As I watched the movie and these people fighting an addiction along the same lines as alcoholism, I reflected on my own situation.

There was a time when Kitty acted out. There was a time when Kitty met strange men in hotel rooms, fucked them and then left. Interestingly enough, once Kitty was single, that drive to do dangerous sexual things subsided. Does Kitty still meet men in hotel rooms? Sure but not necessarily the first meeting. Kitty rarely gets so worked up that we skip the initial coffee meeting.

As the movie progressed and one of the characters began to backslide, Kitty watched him scramble to find a prostitute. The female character played by Pink was who Kitty most identified with in a way. She lost her best friend because Pink fucked her “old man”. Kitty has thought about it. Have I fucked any of my girlfriend’s “old men”? No but on occasion I have looked for them on Ashley Madison.

Even though sex was a major contributing factor to the demise of my second marriage, Kitty put my safety at risk on several levels but I have yet to hire a prostitute or let sex get in the way of my work. Notice Kitty didn’t say that I have yet to fuck one of my bosses because let’s face it, for all intents and purposes XXX was and still sort of is one of Kitty’s boss.

So the question remains, are we sex addicts?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kitty Distracted

I’m not sure what’s going on with me. Is it age? Hormones? I dunno but the other night when Freddie and Kitty hit the sheets Kitty was just not into it. I mean I looked across the table at him at dinner and got wet. No doubt. We were talking and dining. He was as nice as could be. Kitty had on my sexy black bra and red silky g-string even though I had a heck of a calorie busting dinner the night before with friends and wasn’t feeling sexy. But I still was up for that cock of Freddie’s. Was it the fact that he was smoking every chance he got whenever we were outside back and forth from the car? This was definitely reminiscent of Angry Guy and yes a turn off for Kitty but I keep telling myself this is just about sex. I don’t need to change Freddie and he sure as hell isn’t going to change me.

Was it the fact that I was still recuperating from my Surfer Dude fucking although that was so soft, sweet and relaxing it wasn’t as though I was sore or raw from it.

I’ll admit that when Freddie’s tongue touched my cunt I immediately thought of the velvet touch of Surfer Dude’s tongue and how I responded immediately. For whatever reason Freddie’s tongue felt too rough. His hands too rough. His fingers crammed into my ass way too hard.

I will say that his cock got nice and hard and Freddie does have a nice big hard cock. Kitty does like that. Kitty even managed to ride Freddie’s cock for a little bit. Freddie said, “Your pussy is so tight.” Even though I don’t think it was meant to be a compliment, I had to think, “how fucking loose was your ex?”

Freddie should be pleased that Kitty is so tight although I think it has more to do with the fact that he has quite a big cock…quite possibly the biggest Kitty has ever had the pleasure of sucking on.

In the end Kitty got herself off with my own bullet while Freddie fumbled between trying to lick my clit and play with his fingers. Kitty has spoiled Freddie to the point where all he wants is one of Kitty’s signature blow jobs and to cum in Kitty’s mouth. Freddie, I think needs to earn that. He is taking it for granted and Kitty can’t allow that. So, Kitty told Freddie to come on my tits. I think he enjoyed it. In the end he came. He wanted to lay and spoon all night but Kitty was anxious to get home.

“Someday, I’d like to wake up next to you like this,” he said from behind.

Kitty thought. “Yeah, NOT going to happen!” In reality Kitty smiled at Freddie and said, “Well, you never know.”

Is Kitty getting too full of myself? I think maybe this extra weight has me distracted. I no longer feel sexy. Kitty has to pull myself together and Kitty has got to do that NOW.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Surfer Dude Part II

He texted me the room number and the door was cracked open when I arrived at the hotel. He sat in a chair watching television. He stood up and we commented very briefly about how uncomfortable he was the day before out of fear of running into someone he knew. “But here we are and the door is closed,” he reminded me.


We began to kiss. Nice kiss. That is always a good sign. We moved very slowly, methodically almost like a dance. In fact, I think he pointed that out later. We slowly undressed each other as we continued kissing very gently. He was hard as I slipped his boxers down. This made Kitty so so happy. As an offering of appreciation Kitty knelt down and began to suck gently on the head of Sufer Dude’s cock. He sighed just a little bit.


“You are salty,” Kitty said with a smile on my face.


“I just got done surfing,” Surfer Dude answered.


Kitty had to smile. He was in fact the first Surfer I had ever been with and this was a sign he was hard core. He literally tasted like the ocean. Kitty being a Pisces has no problem with sucking ocean cock. We lay on the bed playing, licking, kissing, sucking when Surfer Dude moved his face up to my face and said, “I know you want this.”


His hard cock rubbed up against my leg and I smiled knowing that he was referring to Freddie and how this is the one thing that Freddie is still working on and even though he is 13 years older than Freddie, Surfer Dude was able to put his long hard cock inside of Kitty’s pussy and thrust into me without losing his erection or without cumming too fast. Surfer makes the best moaning noises while he fucks Kitty. It is like music to Kitty’s ears. Again we dance together joined together. Kitty rolls on top of Surfer Dude and begins to ride his cock. I think I may be able to cum in this position. It’s been so long…too long. Kitty wants to cum while riding Surfer Dude’s cock. We move, Kitty grinds and just as Kitty feels the orgasm I hear Surfer Dude say, “I’m cumming.”


So many thoughts are going through Kitty’s head at this point, “Damn that feels good! Fuck, I have a headache (because at some point I think I stopped breathing); I should have told him not to cum inside of me. Damn that feels good!”


Yes, it was not wise of Kitty and yes, Surfer did ask once the act was complete if it was okay to cum inside of me. Yes, Kitty asked that he not do it again and yes, Kitty told him I thought it would be okay as I slipped into the bathroom.”


Now is probably not a good time for Kitty to do a public service announcement on safe sex but as I explained to Surfer Dude, Kitty is in a weird place physically. Kitty is caught on the cusp of menopause so even though Kitty still gets my period I don’t really think I can get pregnant. Am I kidding myself? Yes. Am I going to freak out about this? No, there is no point and Kitty will deal with whatever I need to deal with and there will be no drama. Kitty is an adult and Kitty should have been upfront with Surfer Dude before we got into our games. This is Kitty’s responsibility and Kitty will deal with the repercussions and in the future Surfer Dude will not cum inside of Kitty.


Kitty and Surfer dude lay in bed and talked. We talked about Surfer Dude’s family. It sounds lovely and Kitty assured him that I would never want to hurt any of them. He told me about his latest lover before Kitty and her sad story. These stories…they make Kitty so grateful for my life and my blessings. Kitty is a financially independent woman, single mother and free. All Kitty wants at this point is a few stolen hours with the salty Surfer Dude whenever our schedule allows. We spoke briefly about the blog and my latest "Uptight Cunts" post.


As we chatted Surfer Dude touched Kitty. He rubbed me and gently kissed me. Much to Kitty’s surprise Surfer Dude began to get hard again. DAMN is Kitty a lucky Kitty. Sadly throughout our playtime Surfer Dude was getting texts from friends and family members wanting to catch the next swell. We became distracted although Surfer Dude managed to work his way down between Kitty’s legs. His tongue felt like silk on Kitty’s clit. Kitty jokingly told Surfer Dude he was offending me again referring to my latest blog post and Surfer Dude continued his offensive behavior which felt so good. Kitty can’t remember a man performing oral on me so perfectly the first time. His touch was not too soft and not too hard. It was absolutely perfect and Kitty’s lower body immediately relaxed and came one more time.


Sadly, time did not allow Kitty to do the same for Surfer Dude. He admitted to being somewhat distracted and a text from his wife concerned us both. Quickly we dressed and left the room.


Kitty was left with a terrible headache, the taste of the ocean in my mouth and a completely relaxed body after dancing with Surfer Dude.


Since I promised Surfer Dude I would never text him, Kitty had to put him out of my mind the next day. Later in the afternoon I received a text from Bill my blogging bestie asking if I had heard from Surfer Dude and if it bothered me. I told him that I did not expect to hear from Surfer and that I promised not to text him and that this arrangement did not bother me.


Later in the day, just before he left work I believe, I received a lovely text from Surfer Dude. It said, “Hey…Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to next time. I’m thinking we have a lot of fun ahead of us.”


Surfer Dude, if you are reading this I want to say that I am looking forward to a lot of fun and dancing in the sheets with you too. You are a wonderful lover and Kitty had a wonderful time.