Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sins of the Father

I’ve been thinking a lot about sinning lately. It’s that time of the year where in my faith we do that. Also, a few different blogging buddies made comments that made me think about it.

Now that Kitty is single, I really don’t consider what I do as “sinning”. I’m going to try to explain my thought process but this may or may not sound logical so bear with me.

The way I look at it is that the men I have been with are pretty decent guys. They don’t lie about being married in fact as far as I know; they don’t lie to me at all. In reality they have no reason to lie to me. I’m not their wife and I’m not their mother. Most of the guys I see that are married are a hell of a lot nicer than some of the single guys I have seen.

As far as the married guys…well the way I see it is that they are doing what they need to do to keep their families intact and keep their sanity at the same time. I’ve been where they are. I couldn’t keep up the charade but I do give them credit for continuing to do what is best for their families and of course Kitty would never interfere with that.

So maybe Kitty’s logic is warped but in today’s world we have to do whatever it takes to get through and if it means sneaking away for a few hours of bliss with Kitty well…who am I to judge ;)


~McKPR said...

I'm of a similar mind set. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's great to be confirmed as a "normal" person! You know how our conservative American Culture has warmed up to and actually supports the gay community, Well I wonder if that will ever happen in the Married and dating world!!! #dreaming

EDAS said...

I have a question, a silly question, but I must ask it nonetheless. I have just discovered your blog and love it. Now here is the question: who is writing the blog? The blog URL seems to speak of a "naugthykitty". Yet the blog seems to be written by "Jerzey Girl". Also, there is a person called "KittyCat" sometimes who sometimes replies to the blog entries.

What I have found is that the writer of the blog is a woman and mother and is married to a man. But who is "Jerzey Girl"? And who is "Kitty Cat"?

Will the real "naughtykitty" please stand up?

Thanks for your reply.

Naughty Kitty said...

Oh YAY! A new reader!!! Welcome and feel free to email me anytime. To answer your question and for anybody else wondering the same thing. Jerzey Girl is my vanilla blog name. When I first got into blogging and my vanilla blog became a little too racey a friend of mine recommended dedicating a separate blog just for the topic of sex. That blog had been named "Underground". Unfortunately Kitty ran into some issue with that blog and decided to make a completely new blog that is as anonymous as I can be and that would be The Secret Life of Naughty Kitty. I am Naughty Kitty!!! Kitty Cat is a blogging friend of Kitty's from back when we were all blogging. I don't believe she blogs anymore but we are still in touch and I credit her for introducing me to Ashley Madison which lead to all of the adventures you can read about right here. I hope you enjoy!! Have a great weekend.

EDAS said...

So... you are both Jerzey Girl and Naughty Kitty. The former has or had a vanilla blog; the latter has this new "secretlifeof naughtykitty" blog.

As for Kitty Cat, she is a friend of yours (and thus of you as both Gerzey Girl and Naughty Kitty).

Did I get this right?

I will now continue to read your wonderful blog. Did I say, by the way, that I am a man (something that is not obvious from my pen name: EDAS)?

Naughty Kitty said...

Yes to all of the above. I believe you are caught up. ENJOY!

EDAS said...

I will (enjoy). Again: beautiful blog. Thanks.