Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Cowboy

It’s a chilly fall morning here in Kitty’s part of town. Kitty has been wanting to write but life keeps getting in the way. Kitty is a little melancholy today but no worries. It will pass. It never fails. Just when things seem hopeless Kitty gets an email or a text or I run into a friend at the market. Kitty doesn’t let life get me down.

Kitty’s Ashley Madison life always seems so much simpler than my vanilla life. My Ashley Madison friends accept me for who I am. My blogging friends accept me for who I am. Who am I?

Well…Kitty is just about the same person in my vanilla life that I am in my Ashley Madison life only with clothes on. Kitty is bright, funny, loving and yes…somewhat over the amount that I would like to weigh. In my Ashley Madison life this plays little or no part but in Kitty’s vanilla life, it apparently means everything.

Kitty has been working with a client lately. He is a cowboy. Typically if Kitty is working with you, things are not too good in your life. But Kitty is also very compassionate and likes to see the good in people. The Cowboy is single and he is a man of simple means and for whatever reason Kitty is attracted to him. I’m attracted to his vulnerability I suppose. I’m attracted to the simplicity of his life…with the exception of the fact that the mother of his child is in and out of his house. Kitty can picture a vanilla life with the Cowboy while still enjoying my independence and perhaps a little Ashley Madison fun as well.

Nevertheless when Kitty wants something or someone, I go for it. So the Cowboy very casually invited Kitty and the kids to his farm for a visit. Kitty jumped right on it but I suppose his invitation was more out of politeness for Kitty’s overzealous interest in his business and his life in general.

We had planned for this past Sunday and although Kitty was dressed more for a date than a farm visit I mentally prepared to make the trek to the farm in good faith. A few hours before we were supposed to head over the Cowboy called and had to cancel. His reason was more than legitimate and although Kitty tried to convince myself that things on a farm happen and we can’t be touring in the midst of this business, the bottom line is the Cowboy just isn’t interested in Kitty.

When he called to explain why he had to cancel Kitty said, “It’s really no problem. Maybe sometime we can get a drink or something.”

The Cowboy answered, “well here’s the thing…I don’t drink.” Kitty wasn’t put off so much by the fact that the Cowboy doesn’t drink as much as the fact that he didn’t say, “But we can grab lunch or something if you want”.

Since I was in a public place when he called I texted the Cowboy later and said, “Sorry, couldn’t talk when you called. I meant to say if you want to get together another time to let me know. It doesn’t have to be for an alcoholic drink and it doesn’t have to be for a date. Just thought you might want to talk/vent…”

The Cowboy replied, “Sounds good. Thanks”.

While trying to over analyze the Cowboy’s short but clear message that he was just not interested Kitty was texting a blogging friend who said, “He could have had the blowjob of his life at a minimum.”

Kitty, “Looks are deceiving. Most single guys can’t see past my dowdy, somewhat overweight exterior and my soccer mom minivan. More often they will go for the hot chick who is using them for their money.”

Blog friend, “Well, I look at it differently. I guess because I am married the discreet soccer mom milf who knows how to shut her mouth is a huge turn on. By the time we are 50 we are all imperfect as far as our bodies but the flip side is we know how to be erotic. That is why I avoid younger and visibly hot women…I see drama…I see home wrecker…I see danger.”

And so…we will see. Kitty doesn’t hold much hope for the Cowboy but you just never know. Keep good thoughts for Kitty this week a playmate in my vanilla life is just what the doctor ordered and let’s face it…who DOESN’T want to fuck a Cowboy at least once in their life.


Anonymous said...

Good read Kitty, but I still enjoy YOU...


Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks Hammer :)

Red Shoes said...

Climb back on that horse and ride...