Friday, September 30, 2011

The Punishment of Naughty Kitty

When I think about you and me together, I immediately get wet. I think about you sitting in that chair. You know the one in the picture. Only you are not at a party. You are alone with me.

I remove your glasses first. To the rest of the world they make you look intellectual, mature. But I know the truth. I know that behind those conservative glasses and behind those beautiful blue eyes lurks a man who is aching to be touched. You are aching for this naughty kitty.

As I picture this I begin to touch myself. I run my fingers along the moist creases of my pussy. I close my eyes and picture myself undressing you as you sit in that chair only moving to enable me to pull off your shirt. I unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants. I can feel that you are already hard and so I continue. I remove the rest of your clothing and now you sit naked in the chair. I kneel down at your feet as I am naked as well. I look up at you only long enough to smile. Then I run my hands on either side of your thighs. They are toned and athletic. I lean in closer and blow gently on your cock. You whimper slightly as I run my tongue along your head then plunge your cock entirely into my mouth. You begin to cum just a little but hold off. You tell me you want more. You are my master and so you shall get what you want.

I move you in and out of my mouth and fondle your balls even before you ask me too. I am not sure if you are enjoying this but your breathing is becoming more and more intense. I want so badly to jump on top of your erection but you tell me not to. I have been a naughty kitty and need to be punished.

As I visualize this I am touching myself more and more. I am running my own hands over my breasts wishing that your mouth was sucking my nipples. Longing for your rock hard dick to be inside me. As I feel myself climax I reach inside my own cunt then run my fingers along my mouth. Something tells me that if you were here with me you would put your fingers inside my mouth. I taste like mango. I taste organic and somewhat exotic. I catch myself from moaning because I am in a somewhat public place and don’t want the others to know my secret, OUR secret. The secret of the punishment of Naughty Kitty.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Satisfied by Unsatisfied

How was YOUR day today? I hope it was good because after reading this you may be jealous when you hear about mine. Can I tell you that I had an AWESOME afternoon? Do you know WHYYYYY I had an awesome afternoon? Well there is only one thing it could be.

You guessed it! Naughty kitty got laid today!!! I know you are saying “Naughty kitty, you get laid all the time.” Well today I had an unexpected encounter and they are extra special.

So, I was feeling pretty good this morning. I am playing with Surf and playing with C and Unsatisfied is in and out of there. Well for whatever reason Unsatisfied was extra frisky today and to make a long story short he did exactly what I love which is said “When are you going to email me that it is our turn to fuck”. Okay, he didn’t use those exact words but I am trying to get the meat of the story.

Unsatisfied and I chatted for most of the morning about when, where and how to meet. In the end as with most of my AM experiences these encounters cannot be planned. Luckily Unsatisfied knew of a hotel that was half way between the two of us so we agreed to meet there.

I have to say that the most wonderful thing about Unsatisfied was the first thing he said to me when I walked into the hotel room was “How can I make you more comfortable?” That alone made me more comfortable.

After a few moments of chatting about how and what to do we agreed to start by taking off our clothes. Unsatisfied is a service guy so he was dressed in uniform which was super sexy and super cute. He is also really tall which I love.

As with other encounters I have had we tried a variety of positions. Unsatisfied got to try reverse cowgirl for the first time. I love that I got to try a new position with him because although Unsatisfied is a good deal younger than me, he is more worldly when it comes to sex for some reason.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about the younger guy thing and sorry, Unsatisfied but we are talking double digits. You are DEFINITELY young compared to me. Don’t get me wrong, YOUNG IS GOOD.

Unsatisfied had a very short recovery period between orgasms so we were able to go two rounds. That in itself was WONDERFUL. I have not been with a man who has been able to cum twice in the same WEEK much less the same hour in …ummmmmm…..JEEZ-US! I don’t remember EVER being with a guy that quick.

Oh and listen, I was able to cum during the act of fucking. I haven’t done THAT in a while. Generally I require a tongue, finger or toy or something but Unsatisfied, DUDE, you are AWESOME.

The funny part of the day was that between our “sessions” Unsatisfied and I chatted. He reminded me that during one of our online chats we agreed that if we ever met we would meet, fuck and leave without any conversation. Unsatisfied admitted that he couldn’t resist having a chat in bed with me. So what does THAT tell ya about the Naughty Kitty?

I am not sure if he would agree but I think Unsatisfied and I are….wait for it….FRIENDS!!!! Unsatisfied, if you are reading this, I want to thank you again for a lovely afternoon in bed and I promise from this point forward I will follow all of our rules.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“What Are You Looking For?”

Men on AM are always asking me what I am looking for. I know they are referring to whether I am looking for a long-term affair or a one and done type of deal. I never know exactly how to answer that because in all honesty I have NO IDEA what I am looking for.

I think there are benefits to both. I love the thrill of a one and done. If I am prepared for it then sure. I was fully prepared for a one and done with G. Sure, I’d love to see him again but if I don’t at least we had that one amazing afternoon in bed.

Long term affairs are tricky for me. I can appreciate how wonderful they can be but I am the type of person who falls in love. We all know that.

So really the question men should ask me is “What makes you wet?” That’s a MUCH easier question for me to answer especially now after the AM experience.

It’s no secret that I have a little “daddy complex” so I like older men or at least men who act older. I like authoritative men. Now this is what is difficult to get across to men until they have fucked me. I like to be “directed” in bed. I like to be told what to do. I like to be somewhat submissive.

Now having said that, I am far from shy. I will tell a man what I want IF there is something specific I want. I am not a lie down and take it kind of gal either. I am an ACTIVE participant. I move and enjoy doing it. I like being on top and I also like being on the bottom. Oh, HELL, I LOVE it all!

Basically what I am trying to say is that I enjoy each man for himself. I love to observe and surrender myself to each different style of fucking.

I like intense sex like with XXX and I like gentle sex like with G.The thrill for me at this juncture is the unexpected.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye to XXX

Today was my scheduled day with XXX. He texted me last night that there was a death in his family. I can’t help but go into “Concerned Friend” mode when I hear shit like that. I lost my father several years ago and I was an absolute mess. I think it’s even harder for men and in XXX’s case his family is cross country.

So XXX is leaving town and nobody knows for how long, including him. We texted a little and I called him on my way into work just to let him know that I am here for him. The weird thing is that a few weeks ago he was telling me that when there is a death in the family men get the urge to fuck. He said something about having the urge to continue the race. I guess I should have paid more attention at the time. I think I was trying to get my bra off or something. Anyway, I spoke to XXX briefly and his side of the conversation sounded like he was saying “goodbye” and it sounded a little like he was saying goodbye for good.

I could be just reading into his grief and having gone through what he is going through I understand if he is not feeling particularly lovey dovey so I am going to continue to be the dutiful friend workmate fuck buddy and wait patiently while XXX is out of town.

And if this is goodbye for good then I can’t think of a kinder way of ending our brief but wonderful love affair.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Well Soon

I am missing G today. We haven’t chatted in a while. Oh, we email here and there but we just can’t seem to get together. I know the commute is too much for him and I know he is insanely busy at work but still, I miss him.

Our emails are not dirty, they are lovely, gentle and it’s odd because G is so against falling in love with each other and yet his words are so kind and romantic which is how I remember him in bed.

Tonight I got an email from him. He has the flu. His last email was sad although lovely just the same. Who knows if we will ever meet again. See, this is what “Unsatisfied” means when he says that I am not cut out for this life. I become attached too easily. All it takes are a few kind words and I am hooked.

I know G is not reading this but I hope he is feeling better soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It Has to Start Somewhere

Oh COME ON! You all know you have had at least one in your lifetime. I have had 3 I believe. That is a respectable number in my opinion. I have had the adventure but am not on the slut level compared to most “ladies”. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

One of my one night stands was what I refer to as “Life Changing”. This night of passion changed my entire outlook on sex from that point on and although some may consider it as sleazy as sleazy can be I am so glad it happened.

This happened a long time ago. I was separated from my Ex, and had gone back to school. I was 29 years old and although I had sexual experiences that were pleasant, I had never had mind blowing sex.

I was one of the oldest students in my class. I was dealing with mostly horney 18 year old boys. They were too cute. They used to try out their lines and their moves on me. Some of them were quite good at it. One of the standard lines was that I looked like I was 18. I was tempted on occasion to fuck one or two of them but was particularly fragile at that point in my life. I was younger and thinner back then. Although I was going through a terrible divorce and custody battle, I was strong and self confident about my appearance. You can see it in my eyes if you ever see pictures of me from back then. It was a bitter sweet time for me. I was going through a terrible time at home but never felt so good about myself physically.

So I won a scholarship for my last year of school. I was told that it was the biggest they had ever given and I was expected to attend an awards dinner. At the time I didn’t know who to ask to go with me so I asked a guy from school who was a little older. He was 25. Even though he was still younger than me I liked him. He was terribly funny. You all know that I am a whore for a guy who makes me laugh.

At one point when he and I were hanging out in the cafeteria at school I mentioned that all I wanted for Mother’s day was a “good orgasm”. Now I say that all the time but to a young guy I guess that is a stunning remark. So “Young Guy” and I got to joking around. He of course told me that if I ever wanted to hook up he could take care of my Mother’s Day wish.

I remember feeling pretty lonely back then. Flirting with the young boys at school was fun but not sexually satisfying so when Mother’s Day rolled around I did my shift at work and agreed to meet “Young Guy” at a local motel. I know SLEAZY RIGHT?

I had never done anything like that in my life. It was stupid and dangerous but I did it and it is done and it was life changing for me.

I was so nervous driving up to that motel. Part of me expected “Young Guy” not to show but when I got out of my car I saw him waiting for me in the parking lot. He had already secured a room. NICE!

I remember at the time he greeted me with a kiss as though we had been together forever. It was very natural and not at all awkward. As we rode up to the elevator he told me about his new job. He was going to be working at one of the casinos. I also asked him if he was onboard with taking me to the scholarship dinner and he confirmed.

My memory of when we first got into the room is a little fuzzy. I think we started kissing standing up and I think I said something like “I have never done anything like this before in my life.” I think he agreed that he didn’t either.

I do remember that he suggested massages. I started massaging his back as he lay on the bed. I doubt I was very good at it and I was nervous at this point so I suggested switching. He started rubbing my back and then at some point moved his hands between my legs. At this point I started to take off my clothes. I remember thinking he was pretty smooth for such a young guy. He wasn’t particularly charming. He was cute and a little overweight but he had a funny personality. That was what turned me on initially about him. I knew from the beginning that this wasn’t going to be “LOVE” and I was okay with that. I just wanted to enjoy the physical part of the evening. I wanted to have an orgasm. Up until that point I don’t believe I ever did have a proper orgasm other then masturbating. He made all sorts of wise cracks and had all sorts of expressions that were somewhat trashy but they added to the excitement of the evening.

So “Young Guy” immediately went “south”. That for me was taboo. As far as I can remember I had never received oral up to that point. I remember thinking to myself “This is so strange but it feels good.” I remember telling myself to relax and go with it because I will most likely never see this guy again after the scholarship dinner. His tongue was moving in all the right places. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than how good his tongue felt moving in the grooves of my pussy.

At any rate this guy was keeping his word and giving me my mother’s day wish. That was when it hit me that I could get to a place in my head where I am so totally relaxed and removed that my body is accepting of these feelings. I can completely surrender to the feelings and they felt GOOD!

That first orgasm was absolutely mind blowing. I remember I needed a rest. “Young Guy” made a comment like “I am not done yet”. Poor thing thought I would leave him high and dry. I think he had some clothes of his own to take off at this point then we started kissing and when he felt hard and like he was ready I asked him if he had a condom. That was the responsible question, right? Luckily he did. I don’t remember ever putting one on for a guy before but I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me. I wanted to be sexy so I put it on in as seductive a manner as I could. “Young guy” had a big dick. I liked that. The first time we had sex was fine. It was typical. It was strictly missionary and reminded me a little of the Ex but as I was moving to his rhythm I was getting aroused again.

Young guy finished, whipped the condom off and jumped into the shower. I was hoping that we weren’t done.

When he got out of the shower he did get back into bed. We talked for a little bit but not about anything deep. He made the comment here and there “Next time I will bring ‘the toys’”. At the time I didn’t exactly know what he was talking about. I mean think about it…would you SHARE?? Um…GROSS!!

At the time I didn’t care so much what he was saying. I just wanted more. We were lying in bed. I had my back to him not because I was turned off but because I wanted him to rub my shoulders. That is another big turn on to me even to this day. “Young Guy” took the bait and we started round 2. He gave me a nudge to signify that he wanted me to give him a blow job. I was onboard but at the time I hadn’t perfected the skill. He was directing me to flip over which put us in a “69” position but I was too dense at the time to know what he was trying to accomplish. Then I realized but the problem was that what he was doing to me felt so good that I lost concentration to what I was supposed to be doing to him. Fuck it! This was my night so when he told me to “sit on my face”, I went for it. Again, a little awkward because I had no idea what I was doing. I just did what he told me to do. It was unbelievable.

It was at this point that he had turned me over into a doggie style position. I had never done this before ether. This was all very new to me but also very exciting. I remember how good he felt holding my hips and thrusting inside of me but wanting him to somehow reach around to touch my clit. I thought of touching myself but was still intimidated at this point. It was hard to believe that this guy was younger than me but had so much more experience knowledge instinct as to what to do and when.

By this time he had run out of condoms and was just pulling out. This was completely irresponsible on my part and I was conscious of it but I didn’t care. I was being completely reckless for the first time in my life and it felt good.

The doggy style thing made me crazier than ever. He pulled out and came on my back. This was so naughty that it was good to me and I needed some relief so I let “Young Guy” rest up a little then went for it again. It was awesome because all I had to do was to start kissing him and after a few seconds start rubbing his cock. This time I threw my legs over his shoulders. This was a completely different feeling. He was thrusting so deep that it “hurt so good”. I can’t describe it another way. I was in tears but in ecstasy at the same time. There was something about this guy and I just couldn’t stop. Every time he touched me I needed more. By the last time I had lost count as to how many times we had done it and how many orgasms each of us had. We were in that position with my legs up and I was feeling that painful pleasure. My legs were literally shaking.  I had to bring my legs down. At that point “Young guy” said in a very strong almost angry voice “Get them back up there!” And out of sheer exhaustion or fear or excitement I did.

I finally had to say “Uncle” and call it a night. By this time it was 4 in the morning and I had to get home. I was tired and quite frankly I was raw. I could not walk right for days afterwards. The fact that I did not get so much as a yeast infection or urinary tract infection was a miracle.

“Young guy” called me a day or two later. We were talking about getting a room after the scholarship dinner but at one point in our telephone conversation I was so tired that I literally fell asleep in the middle of the conversation.

Needless-to say “Young Guy” stood me up for the scholarship dinner. I was a little hurt at first but since I had fallen asleep on him the last time we spoke I chalked it up to him telling me he had to work and me missing that part. I survived the dinner and hold no hard feelings toward “Young Guy”. As I said before, I wasn’t looking for love. I was just looking for a Mother’s Day orgasm and that promise “Young Guy” certainly kept.

I will forever be grateful to “Young Guy” for opening my eyes to how mysterious and wonderful sex can be.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Profanity in Bed

It may surprise some of you but I am not one to be insulted or taken a-back by profanity in bed. I am learning more and more that every man and woman has their own style in bed. Some men are gentle while others are more intense.

I also notice that a new lover is more apt to be free with the profanities than say one’s husband or a long time lover. I wonder if we build inhibitions over time with our lovers. Shouldn’t it be just the opposite?

My boss “Big Cheese” always tells me about how his girlfriend doesn’t like when he curses on a daily basis and no offense but something tells me she is a wet noodle in the bedroom.

The act of sex to me is animal like and instinctual and varies from person to person. If you are the type of woman who likes to “make love” than good for you. I for one can appreciate a gentle lover but there is something to be said about a man who wants to “fuck”. There is intensity a sense of urgency that excites me.

I enjoy receiving filthy emails in fact that is what drew me and continues to draw me to Top Gun. To see him in person you would never think that those filthy words would come out of his mouth. I am not a bit surprised by XXX because he does in fact use profanity on a daily basis outside of the bedroom. I sense that he is trying to curb that and I told him not to. I know for a fact that sex for him is a stress reliever and XXX is under a huge amount of stress at work and in his personal life so I say if it makes you feel good to call me a “cunt”, “whore” or “fucking bitch” go for it. Chances are someone early in the day already thought it but just didn’t have the nerve to say it to my face.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Project

It’s going to be a good day today. Do you know HOW I know? Because I just woke up to a text from XXX which said “Alternative” which is code for “Alternative Project” which is code for “Meet me at my place at our time”.

WHEW! When did love affairs become so damn complicated? Now most of you are thinking “Who the fuck cares, Kitty?” But as my boss “Big Cheese” likes to say, “It’s like a puzzle”.

So now I have something to think about all morning which is great because Friday at the office with “Big Cheese” can be brutal especially when I have no sex to look forward to over the weekend.

There is a lot more to that text than meets the eye. First of all XXX is adamant against texting me. In fact I texted him early in the evening and assumed that since I hadn’t heard back he was on a date or he was teaching me a lesson because he is always reprimanding me about the dangers of texting. Doesn’t he know that a good spanking is what I need?

Okay so the text can mean one of several things: 1. XXX was drinking last night which is not good for me in the bedroom this afternoon so I must be prepared for that. 2. He was out on a date last night and it didn’t go well. That can be good OR bad for me in the bedroom 3. He was out on a date last night and it DID go well. Again this can work for or against me in the bedroom. He can be so worked up over this date that he needs a release which would be me OR he can be giving me the old heave hoe as it were. 4. The last and more likely reason for the text is that XXX is calling me over for a “pity bootie call”. Is it still a bootie call if he pities ME?

Yesterday was an “off” day. Actually it was a normal work day but an off day for XXX and me. I went into his office and he was knee deep in work so I basically let him be and did my own work. That was all fine and I think he had more of a problem with it than I did. I was trying to act professional in front of the others. Okay, I was trying to act as professional as I can act which on a good day isn’t all that great.

XXX made a point of patting my arm and trying to make eye contact, again just to let me know that we were great. I like when he does that but it isn’t necessary really. I really have no problem with working and in fact it felt really good to get back to normal in the office after a few weeks of weirdness. I was thinking the whole time “When XXX and I split I will be able to handle this” and I will until he starts talking about his dates.

The pity came into play after I left work. XXX was in the midst of a conference call which I was not involved in. One of his assistants “shushed” me while he was trying to pull the call together in his office and then XXX asked me to close the door. I had no problem with any of that but it was time for me to go so I left and didn’t say goodbye which is what I would have done normally.

An hour later I got a text from XXX saying “U okay?” See, XXX has some sort of a guilt complex and I am not sure if it is his general personality or if it is this thing between us but he needn’t feel guilty. I am FINE! So that is where the pity bootie call option comes in. I am thinking XXX senses that I need sex before the weekend and in an effort to save me from the evils of Ashley Madison he has chosen to take on the chore himself.

Now, “Unsatisfied”, I know you are reading this and I KNOW you are rolling your eyes. What can I say? As you have told me a million times, I am not cut out for this life. I am “riding it out” as you said to do but I am getting a few orgasms in there while I ride. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pepe’ Le Pew

I have no idea what the hell is going on around here! Work that is. I have worked at the same place with the same people for several years. All of a sudden the men are “coming out” of the woodwork that is. Is it all of a sudden or am I giving off some sort of scent that they are picking up.

I have noticed it over the past few days weeks. Actually my boss noticed it, not XXX, my actual DIRECT boss. He noticed that one of the little “helpers” has been hanging around in the morning. He waits for me to arrive then we chit chat a little and he leaves. Technically he should be talking to my boss about his issues but I think my boss sort of likes that he talks to me because when he leaves my boss can tease me.

When I mentioned this to XXX his eyes lit up to. This young “helper” is just the cutest thing you ever want to meet. He is Latino and so so sexy however he is young enough to be my kid! I have already expressed to XXX that I have “Daddy issues” which I think may have put his mind at ease a bit. He realizes now that I prefer an older, more experienced man to a young Latino stud.

Then of course there is the cute attorney two doors down who I am tying to find a girlfriend for. He is always very friendly but lately well…he’s just friendly.

Today my direct boss “Big Cheese” started telling me a story about his girlfriend refusing to have sex with him until he makes a commitment to her. Um…HELLO! I am the WRONG person to ask about this don’t you think? I mean I have little or no tolerance for those who hold sex over other people’s heads so as expected I suggested giving her the old heave hoe right away.

Like I said, I don’t know if there is a full moon or what but the men at work are just as FRISKY as can be. I have to say that I don’t hate it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Things About Fucking the Guy Who Makes Your Schedule and has the Power to Fire You

Believe me when I say that I am not going to gloat over this XXX affair. I know damn well that it is going to blow up in my face and let’s face it; you have all warned me so when it happens I will go down hard (no pun intended).

But I have to say that there are benefits to fucking the guy who makes your schedule and has the power to fire you (XXX doesn’t like for me to refer to him as my boss so this is the alternative).

Now some of these things won’t pertain to ALL bosses because you see XXX is a unique individual. He is a very sensitive man who has no problem expressing his feelings which I LOVE. He is also very sensitive about my needs and checks in constantly about how I am feeling both physically and emotionally. See, that’s why I have fallen for XXX.

Oh and WAIT! There’s MORE! XXX told me yesterday that I am very “skilled” and he wasn’t talking about my chosen profession. Today he told me that I give great blow jobs and you KNOW that I love hearing that. It has become my favorite thing to do lately and I have to say that I am good at the things I love to do.

So there are some good things about fucking the guy who makes your schedule and has the power to fire you:

1.       If you are having a bad day you can always email him and tell him you are having a bad day. Chances are he will recommend going home to bed. Today at work XXX told me that I look tired and low and behold I FELT tired. Until we got to his place then suddenly I was rejuvenated.

2.       When you are talking about work or someone at work he knows exactly who you are talking about. Today I was telling him about the attorney down the hall. I told him how adorable I think this guy is and how I want to find a girlfriend for him. XXX knowing who I was talking about asked who I thought was “more fuckable” the attorney or XXX.

So the clock is ticking and the jeopardy music was playing in my head when I finally answered “YOU” at which point XXX showed his big beautiful smile and his gorgeous blue eyes twinkled which made my day.

3.       I had a great time working with XXX today. I managed to play it completely cool although he stumbled about a little which made me smile inside. He called me into his office a few times and when nobody was looking he rubbed my arm or grabbed my hand just to let me know that things between us are great. Even though I didn’t need it, it made me happy.

4.       I came across an employee manual on his desk today. He told me he read it before approaching me. I flipped through to the harassment section which said if there is any harassment to report it to the CEO. Um…that’s XXX!!! I had to laugh about that one but he didn’t seem to think it was funny.

The last thing I can think of is that at the end of the day when I had given up all hope of grabbing a quickie with XXX. I was sitting by his side as he was working because he asked me to just sit with him. This isn’t anything new. We always sit next to each other and he tries to teach me what he does which I cannot follow for the life of me. Anyway, he turned to me and said “You look tired. Let’s take a nap” which for those of you who haven’t fucked the guy who makes your schedule and has the power to fire you means “Let’s grab a quickie”.

And so we did. Overall, not a bad day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mixed Messages

I have been giving off a lot of mixed messages lately. That goes against everything I believe typically. In my work life and my family life I am professional, “smart” and decisive. In my “secret life” as XXX calls it, I am just winging it which apparently is not my forte’.

So, I am sure Top Gun is reading this morning and waiting for me to write this so here it goes. He and I well, I am not sure why but we just cannot get in sync. While I think in the long run this could make for some amazing sex I just do not have the patience to deal with the back and forth banter right now.

I surely have my hands full with XXX. He and I are friends as well as lovers and so after we make love fuck we talk. He opens up to me just like he always has. It hurts now because I am deep into him but we press on because let’s face it XXX and I will never fall in love and have the fairy tale ending so I am steadfast that I want to be his friend. I comfort him with my pussy when he needs it and I listen to him mourn the loss of his marriage and the woman that he is still in love with. I listen and encourage him to date even though every date he tells me about is like a dagger to my heart.

So when Top Gun emailed me something about one of his women and being out to dinner which I picture as a romantic dinner I thought to myself “enough is enough”. I will be a sounding board for XXX but I will not take on another man who is in love with another woman that he cannot be with. For the record this is a total party killer.

And so, I am sorry Top Gun. I know I send out mixed messages but I am sure you will find another pussy to stick your dick into and I will be a distant memory.

If “Unsatisfied” is reading this, do I make you proud? Rule number 4, I believe.

Monday, September 19, 2011

35 Sex Positions

I am going to commend myself on behaving over the weekend. I didn’t text, call or email XXX once and believe me I wanted to. Okay, that’s a lie. I didn’t call or text him until Sunday afternoon.  I can’t help myself. I am naughty and I love to tease a man. To me it’s part of foreplay.

So I decided to be a little naughty at work. I mean what fun is it to fuck the guy who dictates your schedule and can ultimately fire you if you can’t tease them a little in the work place? I printed out an article from “Women’s Health” it is a list of 35 sex positions. Actually the link is an interactive link where you enter your partner’s penis size, agility and whose pleasure you want to optimize.

So I opted to print out all 35 positions. I stapled the article together like a report and bound it in a file. I walked down the hall to XXX’s office. The girls were all in the office so I walked in and greeted them then went back to XXX’s office. I handed him the file and said “I finished the report over the weekend. Let me know what you think when you get a chance”

He looked at me quizzically with those steel blue eyes and smiled just a little. I could see that he was just a little confused since he had no clue what report I was talking about. On Friday when he decided he wanted to fuck instead of work he sent me a cryptic email talking about an “alternative project” so I was trying to follow through with that theme.

A little later in the morning I emailed him that I knew he didn’t have time to review the report but I am hoping it contains some information he can use.

A few minutes later he emailed “Let’s review it this afternoon”. Very hot. Sorry, it doesn’t take much for me.

At any rate I would like to share the link with all of you. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Rules:

As expected I have been catching a bunch of shit over the blog I wrote over the weekend about falling for XXX. What can I say? I fucked up and I know it.

Can I tell you though that odd as it may sound I have a little network of AM consultants that are guiding me through in my time of need.  This has been a curse and a blessing my entire life. I have always managed to make friends with men more easily that with women and so while several men have contacted me about hooking up I am still in contact with several men on a platonic basis.

So tonight when I got online I immediately caught shit from my buddy who we will call “Unsatisfied”. He is an army guy. Oh yeah I have this new thing for military/ex military guys. I’ll write about it in another blog but for now “Unsatisfied” was bustin’ on me about falling for XXX after he has been coaching me against such things.

So after a bit of a chat lashing, “Unsatisfied” gave me a new set of rules to go by from now on so LISTEN-UP!

1.      No hook-ups with anyone in any of your circles, work or personal.  This needs to be researched a little.  Same area you live or work. Be careful.  Same business as you, also be careful. This is where “Unsatisfied “and I agree that I fucked up with XXX. Even though XXX has mentioned several times that he is “shitting where he eats”, I have more to lose by far than he does and we both know it.

2.      Types of communication allowed.  With more communication comes more opportunity to know someone outside of the bedroom.  Keep it to emails or chats and avoid stuff not related to what the ultimate goal is, unless that info is being shared to avoid getting caught or avoid playing too close to one of your circles. Number 1. No one in any of your circles, work or personal. This needs to be researched a little. Same area you live or work, be careful. Same business as you, also be careful

Again, I trust “Unsatisfied” with this one. I fucked up with XXX on this one too. Our general rule is no texts, calls etc. I ALWAYS break it. The temptation is too great and I have to stop.

 G and I do not have a problem at all. We exchanged cell numbers for our meeting but deleted them once we parted. I couldn’t contact him if I tried. For whatever reason the temptation is not there for me when it comes to trying to contact G.

3.      Always have a dedicated email account to use for this game. This much I have done.

4.      If you feel yourself getting too close, walk away. Don't hang around to see if you can reverse the feelings, just walk away.  And tell them up front if things end abruptly that is why.

This is a hard one for me. “Unsatisfied” suggested a string of one night stands to get this nonsense out of my system but we both agree that I may not be cut out for this “world”. I can’t walk away from G or from XXX at this point.

5.      Condoms are NOT an option. They MUST be used. I asked “Unsatisfied”, “So I am with a guy who can't cum because he is wearing a condom and I walk away?”  That’s right, I’m a hard ass now!

So with my new set of rules I am going out into the harsh world and try to apply them. My buddy Top Gun has generously offered up his services to be my “tester” model.

Top Gun and I have been emailing back and forth. He is a planner just like me. Right now we are in heavy negotiations over the condom issue. In reality Top Gun is being a real sport about this whole thing and as much as I’d love to throw him a bone “Unsatisfied” has talked me up so now I am feeling like a real hard ass.

As we ended our chat, “Unsatisfied” added, “If we hadn't chatted so much to where I feel like we are trying to accomplish something (fixing you) I would have disappeared a long time ago.”

I am thinking more and more that there is NO fixing me.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

“It’s Not Time Yet”

I have to be honest when I tell you that I was more than excited when I received the text this morning from XXX. We have a strict “No texting, no calling, no emailing” policy which I break on a daily basis and he does not.

I was in a meeting and I just happened to check my texts on my way out to the ladies room. I was thrilled that the text basically recommended ditching work for the afternoon and meeting for sex instead. I’m all over that!

It’s times like this when fucking your boss sure comes in handy. Oh wait, I really need to re-phrase that. He doesn’t want me to think of him as my boss so let’s say that it’s times like this when fucking a guy that can dictate your schedule and has the power to fire you really comes in handy.

XXX’s texts seemed a little urgent. I loved it. I was hoping that something I had done in the morning had brought this on but sadly it was more of a tension reliever. No problem. I am always happy to help out a friend.

Now this next part is going to shock you I know but I am falling for XXX in a bad, bad way. I KNOW! I KNOW!!! You all warned me and I hate myself right now for breaking ALL the rules. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

Kat, if you are reading this, you don’t need to say “I told you so” because I knew from my first fantasy blog about XXX that this was going to mean heartbreak.

It has become our ritual to fuck now talk later. Basically I enter XXX’s place. He smiles at me and his gorgeous blue eyes sparkle and make my knees buckle. Then he kisses me which always makes me wet and makes my nipples tingle. Then he says something sweet and we go upstairs to his bedroom at which time we get undressed and begin our sexytime. The past few times we have fucked but for personal reasons today I wanted to make love to XXX. See, that’s when I knew I was in trouble. We chatted just a little bit about something in his personal life that was hurting him and even though he didn’t come right out and say it I knew that I was there more as a surrogate than as myself.

XXX and I discussed it and he thanked me for coming. I told him that I was happy to do it. “We’re friends, right?” I asked him. He looked me in the eyes and nodded.

“Well, I am here to comfort you as your friend. And happy to do it.” Boy was that an understatement. In all honesty I was dreading not having any contact at all until Monday which is just another indication that I have fallen way too deep for this guy.

I vowed to myself and to him that I would stop texting, calling etc and I promised myself in particular that I would play it cool from this point forward.

So after we made love fucked we lay in bed talking like we usually do. We agreed that our previous friendship added a strange dynamic to this affair and I stressed again that I want him to be completely honest with me. I told him that when it is over I want him to tell me that it is over and not to prolong it in order to spare my feelings. I know he would do that and he admits that he would.

 He talks about hurting my feelings a lot and I put on a brave face. He began to apologize and each time I told him to stop. I told him I know what I am involved in and I know the risks. I know that I can get hurt and I told him that I am prepared. He talked about “when it is time to end this”. We were spooning at that point and I was behind him. When he said those words I began to tear up. I said to him “Is it time?” I held my breath and waited for his answer. He said “No, not at all” in a completely sincere tone of voice. I shed a tear, and sighed a breath of relief.

“It’s not time yet” I told myself. It’s not time yet.

Friday, September 16, 2011


One of my Facebook friends just commented that I am “obsessed” with sex. He says he was kidding but I know there is some truth in his mind to the comment.

Perhaps the word “obsessed” is a little excessive. I prefer to think of myself as “fascinated” or “honest”. Let me explain. First of all, yes I will admit that my attitude toward the topic of sex has changed toward the more liberal side from when I was in my 20’s. I am not sure whether it is age, experience or the men I have been with then compared to now.

I happen NOT to be one of the many women that you read about that does not enjoy sex. I never use the old “I have a headache” excuse and am NEVER “too tired”. If anything sex is a stress reliever for me. It takes my mind off of the woman I am outside of the bedroom along with her worries and ailments.

Supposedly women reach their sexual peak in their 40’s. Well I am there baby! Hey, I am enjoying this time in my life. My kids are finally old enough where I can move about. I can go to the office for work a few times a week and I can be among adults. As a woman who was tied down with two kids a year apart from each other not to mention their older brother this newfound freedom is enlightening to say the least.

The main thing about my honesty about sex I think is that by this point in my life it is clear to anybody that I am no longer a virgin. EXACTLY! I have been married twice and have children not to mention the fact that I am from New Jersey. I am not going to waste anybody’s time trying to pretend. Oh, by the way, the New Jersey reference has to do with my honesty…I am not saying that ladies from New Jersey are promiscuous.

I am also somewhat old fashioned in that I WANT to please my partner. I am not just looking to get laid or just to have an orgasm. It is about the whole connection with me. The intimacy between my partner and me and in the case of my husband this is “OUR time” just the two of us and I relish that. I enjoy trying new things and keeping things fresh. The men I have slept with can say a lot about me but I doubt any of them would say that I am “boring”.

So, what the hell is the big secret about sex among adults? As Miranda Hobbs from “Sex and the City” said… [Shopping for a wedding dress] I said, "No white, no ivory, no nothing that says 'virgin.'" I have a child. The jig is up. ...”
So what is wrong with a gal like me being honest  1. That I am no longer a virgin, 2. That I happen to enjoy the act of sex, 3. That I enjoy reading/researching the topics surrounding sex?

Please tell me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ladies Days

Yeah, yeah I know you guys don’t want to talk about it and you sure as hell don’t want to hear about it but guess what? If you are having sex especially if you are having sex with me then you should be damn interested in your partner’s cycle.

I can be particularly fertile so I for one look forward to the day that my body says “not this month”. I am not the type of person to whine about my period and it doesn’t really affect my activities for more than a day and the only activities it really affects are a heavy workout and sex.

So the other day “XXX” and I were in bed and he said “so when are we getting together again?” and I said, “well I am expecting my ‘friend’ at the end of the week so maybe next week?”

At which point “XXX” immediately assumed that “My friend” was G which is exactly what I didn’t want him to think. Anyway like I said I am not one to make a big stink about getting my period but if you are going to fuck me then don’t you want to make sure that things are “cool”?

Well, I SURE DO!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's In A Name?

Okay it started out as sort of a joke and now it is well...a JOKE! Generally on AM, at least in my experience, a man would start a conversation either by chat or by email. Somewhere in there they would ask my name. That whole thing with AM was such a whirlwind to me that I figured it would be safer just to use part of my sign on name so I told them my name was “Kitty”. Oh, they knew that wasn’t my REAL name but in the interest of a little sexy fun they all went along with it but gave up their names pretty freely.

G asked my name at the very beginning of our chatting but has never asked since. Funny, right?

 Or is it? Don’t get me wrong. I still think it is kind of sexy that he doesn’t know my name, where I live, work etc. It’s sort of sexy that he doesn’t care. Well, it’s sexy AND sleazy.

"XXX" on the other hand knows just about EVERYTHING there is to know about me. He may even know my freakin’ social security number. Oh wait! I don’t think he knows my middle name OR my maiden name so I stand corrected.  Anyway there is something to be said for both situations.

"XXX" knows me well. I feel safe with him. I trust him. He is kind and when he says my name in bed it sends chills up my spine. When I see him at work we both blush because we know that once it’s lunch-time it is playtime for us.

G knows little or nothing about me. I can be anybody I want to be in bed. I am completely uninhibited. I am a Naughty Kitty.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Janice the Hunter

The following is an actual experience with a co-worker during the later twenties of my life. It was during the first few months of a new business start-up that a friend and I decided to venture shortly after graduate school. I was a typical over educated engineering and science student that just completed three degrees in about seven years from an Ivy League university. Needless to say, I was that geeky analytic and although I hate to admit it, a little naive and inexperienced. My world was focused on technology and the next great product. I was driven and was looking to make my mark on the world.

My business partner was my alter ego. He was extremely out-going and always had that great story to tell about his personal experience or about someone or some woman. Mostly about some woman and they were more then stories. Since he was my roommate through our college careers, I was an eye witness to his experiences. Sometimes he even included me, but those stories are for another day.

Well, in this case it was my time to get me some. It was in the later part of the 80’s and we just started an engineering business. It was just the two of us with a good idea, self funded and no idea how to turn a good idea into a successful business. We started the business in April of 1987 and by late June we need to staff a few positions, one of which was an administrative assistance and receptionist. We simply needed someone to do some paper work, letters and answer the phone. We interviewed a lot of people and finally an industry friend recommended his sister-in-law. She was 23 years of age, blonde, looking for a new job and looking to make her mark. She was all business and always looking for her next opportunity or career stepping stone. She was the complete package with looks, brains and a drive to accomplish whatever was thrown her way.

It wasn’t long before Janice received the nick-name “Janice the Hunter”. During those years, my business partner spent most of the time selling and on the road while I spent most of my time in the office working on our software product. As a result, our admin and I got to know each other pretty well. We discussed everything from work to weekend plans to our personal lives. It turns out Janice was in a relationship with an older man. Janice the Hunters significant other was twelve years older and it seemed distracted by many things. Certainly it didn’t seem that he was distracted by Janice the Hunter since one of her major complaints was how little sex she was getting.

I know I know… You still don’t understand why we named her Janice the Hunter. Don’t worry grasshopper. It will come.

During one of our many lunch outings, Janice the Hunter was specially pre-occupied and in a bit of a foul mood. After a good amount of coaxing, she finally opened up. Janice the Hunter was having doubt about her relationship. Her significant other just wasn’t doing for her or getting it done. Is was a complete turn-on to hear this beautiful woman talk like one of my buddies about how horny she was, how she just needs to get F..ked and feel a man's hot body next to her.

She went into great detail about what her moves would be. The first thing Janice the Hunter wanted was to feel a nice strong cock in her mouth. She went on to describe how she wanted to feel the veins of a man's erect cock in her mouth and on her tongue. Hey, these were her words not mine. Next and naturally, she wanted to feel a man go down on her. She gave me the position details, how she would lock the door for 24 hours and simply F..k away. When she described what she would do with a load of cum, I could feel some drops coming out of my cock. I was loosing my mind. I had a boner that was obvious. I needed some ice to calm this one down. I was hoping that Janice the Hunter would reach under the table and simply jerk me off. Something had to be done. NASA, we have a problem.

It was like Janice the Hunter was giving me a roadmap as to how to do her even though I didn’t think there a shot of me getting close.

Well, that night all I could do is think about Janice the Hunter and take matters into my own hands. Heck, it was my obligation. She gave me the script. It would be rude and impolite to not honor her plans and rehearse the script. One thing I am, is very obedient. If someone maps out how to do them, who am I not to follow their directions.

The next day was Friday which was our happy hour day/night. This week is was just the two of us since my business partner was stuck in New York. We decided to drive together since the local watering hole was down the road a bit and I would pass the office on the way home. During our ride I asked Janice if she got F..ked since our lunch. Her response, regrettable no but she did tell me she broke out her favorite vibrator and gave it a drive trough. Again, her words…

The best part was when she told me how she thought about me while getting off. This was my chance to make my move. It was a simpler time back in the 80’s. We didn’t worry about things like “inappropriate behavior” law suits. So I want for the deep long kiss which was well received. Even I could tell since Janice the Hunter immediately grabbed my crotch and took a good strong hold of my cock. Wait, there is more good news. This week we were going to a local sports bar that was in the lobby area of a hotel.

Clearly it was time to screw the drinks and screw Janice the Hunter. We got a room as quickly as possible. It seemed like we were undressed before we even got into the room. Over the next year, Janice the Hunter and I would F..k in any and every location. The office, our favorite hotel, my home, her home, outside, in the car, the office bathroom, the adjacent office coffee room. I am sure there were other places, but the places are not as important as what we did.

I had a few firsts with Janice beside F..king in every location know to man and having regular sex with the same person for over a year. My first first was her completely shaved kitty. Remember, this was the 80’s folks so cut me a little break. I could not keep my mouth off that kitty, the lips, her clit and sticking my tongue deep inside of her pussy. Ah, she taster so good. This of course led to another first… A woman that was able to experience multiple orgasms. Wow, how wet could a woman get.

Janice the Hunter was into cum. She loved to suck cock and take the full load. She liked to take it in and swallow in rhythm as I shot it in her mouth. She loved to allow it to collect in her mouth, show it to me, and then swallow it in its entirety. She loved to let me cum in her and then feed her my cum from her pussy with my fingers. But my favorite, she loved to have me shoot my cum while she kept her mouth wide open and try to catch it all. What ever missed and hit her face she would wipe with her finger and eat it right up. This girl could give head like no other woman I had met up to that time and still puts a few to shame.

Janice the Hunter also loved to have her ass licked. There wasn’t an orifice that Janice didn’t like to have licked or penetrated. When going down on Janice the Hunter, her favorite experience was to have her clit licked while having two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. This would make her come and seep her pussy juice almost instantly. It was a seen man, a real seen and a total experience.

Now let’s get to the real act. Janice the Hunter had a magic pussy. That pussy was so tight I had to focus on not blowing my load in the first minute of being in her. Janice the Hunter and I hit every possible position that was physically possible for the both of us. She also wanted every hole hit. She loved to have her ass F..ked as much as her pussy. She would love to lick my cock once I was in her. It was like she needed a taste test. Once again, who am I to deny any request of hers.

Writing this story has made me hard like she used to make me. I think its time to re-connect with Janice the Hunter and see what she it up to. Thank goodness for the world of the internet and Facebook.

Over the next 14 months, Janice the Hunter and I had a great time exploring each other’s bodies, desires, needs and wants. It was almost cathartic for both of us. Our experience helped Janice the Hunter get out of her dead-end and under-appreciated relationship and it helped me to see what was possible, what I had missed up until this relationship and it helped me start my library of stories.

Hopefully you will get to read a few more of them. Oh yeah, the Janice the Hunter reference. Do I really need to spell this one out? I will let you know that my business partner gave her the nick-name based on telling him of what we experienced together. Janice certainly was a Hunter. A hunter of men and what she wanted from them.

This post has been contributed by The V-Man, yet another Ashley Madison friend of mine.

Monday, September 12, 2011

And So a Love Affair Begins

The other day after "XXX" ( he asked me to refer to him as "XXX" in my blog and me being the people pleaser that I am will oblige) and I fucked for the first time as we were getting dressed he said “It’s going to be hard not to fall in love with you, J”.

To which my reply was “Oh, I’m SURE you’ll manage. Most men do.”

"XXX" and I have been friends for nearly a year now and although we have spoken frankly about most things including sex, love, marriage I held certain information back from him because, well I didn’t want him to think badly of me and because he is one of my bosses.

Oh yeah I never mentioned that I would email him at work and try to be somewhat flirty. I would write “Do you want me today?” Meaning of course, do you have work for me to do?

It was my little way of having fun with him although his responses were always appropriate so I figured he was not picking up on the flirtation. Several months later he mentioned that our emails back and forth are being monitored by one of my co-workers whose job is explicitly to monitor for all sorts of inappropriate behaviors, emails, telephone conversations, even personal conversations. Need-less-to-say once "XXX" told me this, my flirtatious emails stopped.

So, our legal monitor would have a freakin’ field day with what is going on between "XXX" and me at this point.

Anyway, somehow I got off point. This all happened so fast with "XXX" that I did not have time to fully disclose my Ashley Madison activity and once the “love” comment flew out of his mouth I began to have regrets. I didn’t regret sleeping with him. I regretted the tangled web that I was now involved in with other potential lovers on AM and of course G.

I had just confirmed a lunch date this week with someone who I was really looking forward to meeting. I asked several online friends what they thought I should do. Should I cancel my lunch date or wait until Monday to see if "XXX" had regrets and wanted to back out of the whole deal.

Initially that is exactly what I thought would happen. Because if "XXX"’s personal history I did not want to sneak around. I felt that he was vulnerable and I did not want to be yet another cunt to cheat on him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about "XXX" all weekend. I finally broke down and texted him Saturday just telling him that I was thinking about him even though we agreed that we would not text, email or call each other. He texted back not right away saying that he was thinking about me all weekend.

Oh boy, he wasn’t having regrets. That was good but it was bad. I began to think of our relationship. I began to understand what he meant by love. My feelings for him are strong. We are friends and even before we slept together I had feelings for him. I wanted want the best for him. I want him to find true love. Isn’t that what real friends feel for one another? We simply took it to the next level.

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I kept thinking that I needed to come clean with "XXX" about what really happened on AM. He stopped me short when we were discussing it in bed the other day and I got the impression after re-reading his email that he had no idea that I actually acted on some encounters. I imagined how I would tell him. I imagined the words I would use and his reaction. Would he be less hurt if I told him before we fuck or should I tell him when we are done and still lying in bed. He could rub my clit again and I could tell him the whole story while kissing him. That would work, right? Either way, I was going to confess on Monday.

This morning I texted him again and said “good morning”. He responded and we went back and forth a little then at one point he texted “Can you call me?”

I happened to be walking alone so I went ahead and called him. He could tell that something was up. He could tell from my voice so I said “I need to be upfront with you about a few things because I don’t believe in lying by omission.”

I know people like that by the way. People who intentionally withhold information then when the other person says “why didn’t you tell me?” they say “you never asked.” Okay, that’s bullshit!

I cancelled my Tuesday lunch. I felt bad about cancelling but as I explained, I didn’t want to lead THAT guy on. He thanked me for emailing and not standing him up.

As difficult as it was I got everything that I needed to confess out. I told "XXX" about the Tuesday lunch that I cancelled and I also told him about G. I even told him that I am not ready to call it quits with G.

I expected this to be it but "XXX" took it well. He admitted that it would bother him but that he did not want to control me and so our time together will be our time. I agreed entirely with him and stressed that I wanted him to continue to date and be honest about it. I do want him to find true love. I really do.

"XXX" ended our conversation with a comment like “This is going to be a wonderful love affair.” And for the first time all weekend I agreed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Right Under My Nose

I still smell him on me, his scent a combination of cologne and sweat from an afternoon rendezvous. It was as big a surprise for me as anybody. Well, only me because I am the only one who knows our little secret.

It started out with meeting in the hall before work. I was overly apologetic for missing so much work over the past few weeks for this thing or that.

Somehow we began talking about AM and I confessed that after only a few weeks I removed my profile.

He walked me to my office which was somewhat out of the norm but we are friends as well as work associates so I was not uncomfortable with it.

Later in the morning I received an email from him saying

After talking to you this morning, it occurs to me that there might be good solution that might help us both in our particular situations.

I'm not sure, but I think it's better than what it appears you are considering and it would help me too.

When you have some time, let’s meet to discuss a plan.”

Me being me, I just assumed it was work related so I agreed to meet after I was done with my shift.

When I went to his office he was alone. He said “let’s take a walk”. As we walked he pled his case. He didn’t need to but he began talking about our friendship and being mature adults which again I found comical because I do not consider myself a mature adult and I told him that.

We stood alone outside for a few moments as he explained a plan for us…for US.

Oh obviously I had given it some thought. I wrote a god damned blog about fucking this guy. Well, I wrote a blog about fantasizing about fucking him. So here it was in my lap literally. What was I to do?

Even though I tried to remain calm I became rather uncomfortable. We were discussing this like mature adults out in the open. That is not me!

We agreed to go back to his place. Again, me being the idiot that I am I believed him when he said “just to make out a little”.

I followed him back to his place while desperately texting my old reliable friend Kittycat. What the fuck was she going to do to help me? I have no idea!

Once at his place we talked frankly once again about the situation and how he had been thinking about this for a while and while I admitted to him that I was too I never thought it would actually happen. We were are friends. We were are work associates. Basically he is one of my bosses!

We made ourselves comfortable on his couch and began kissing. Gently at first then his kisses became very intense. He began playing with my breasts and unhooked my bra at which point I realized that this was not going to be just making out. This was going to be full on FUCKING.

He led me upstairs where we undressed. He immediately began rubbing my clit again in an intense manner. I was not at all surprised that this is how he is in bed and was certainly not disappointed yet was still trying to cope with the idea that every time I opened my eyes he was who I saw.

He lifted my legs all the way up, both of them. Nobody had ever done this to me before and I liked it. He was able to reach everything down there which is good, right? Oh YES it’s GOOD!

He was hard as a rock which again is always good and moving so quickly and intensely that it felt like he was trying to get everything in at once. Later I told him “it felt like you were trying to get everything in at once.”

Admittedly I felt a little awkward. I was not emotionally prepared for this and certainly not physically prepared. If I know that I am going to have an encounter I make sure that I am clean and fresh. I did not have that opportunity so I was quite concerned that this was a turn off. He didn’t seem to mind and in fact told me not to shave. He likes some bush which is fine because that is exactly what I have.

He kept telling me that I am hot and beautiful and although I wanted to believe him I have never been able to take a compliment and kept telling him to stop.

He told me  that he jerked off in the morning while thinking about me. Is it wrong that this is a bigger turn on to me than him telling me that I am pretty?

I asked him what I was doing in his imagination. He said he bent me over his desk at work and fucked me that way. I found that pretty interesting considering that was almost exactly the fantasy that I wrote about in my blog about him.

We lay in bed finally and he continued to rub me while we talked. This was a huge distraction and I can’t help but wonder how things will be on Monday and how we will be discussing some client’s financial plan with him rubbing my clit.