Thursday, September 29, 2011

Satisfied by Unsatisfied

How was YOUR day today? I hope it was good because after reading this you may be jealous when you hear about mine. Can I tell you that I had an AWESOME afternoon? Do you know WHYYYYY I had an awesome afternoon? Well there is only one thing it could be.

You guessed it! Naughty kitty got laid today!!! I know you are saying “Naughty kitty, you get laid all the time.” Well today I had an unexpected encounter and they are extra special.

So, I was feeling pretty good this morning. I am playing with Surf and playing with C and Unsatisfied is in and out of there. Well for whatever reason Unsatisfied was extra frisky today and to make a long story short he did exactly what I love which is said “When are you going to email me that it is our turn to fuck”. Okay, he didn’t use those exact words but I am trying to get the meat of the story.

Unsatisfied and I chatted for most of the morning about when, where and how to meet. In the end as with most of my AM experiences these encounters cannot be planned. Luckily Unsatisfied knew of a hotel that was half way between the two of us so we agreed to meet there.

I have to say that the most wonderful thing about Unsatisfied was the first thing he said to me when I walked into the hotel room was “How can I make you more comfortable?” That alone made me more comfortable.

After a few moments of chatting about how and what to do we agreed to start by taking off our clothes. Unsatisfied is a service guy so he was dressed in uniform which was super sexy and super cute. He is also really tall which I love.

As with other encounters I have had we tried a variety of positions. Unsatisfied got to try reverse cowgirl for the first time. I love that I got to try a new position with him because although Unsatisfied is a good deal younger than me, he is more worldly when it comes to sex for some reason.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about the younger guy thing and sorry, Unsatisfied but we are talking double digits. You are DEFINITELY young compared to me. Don’t get me wrong, YOUNG IS GOOD.

Unsatisfied had a very short recovery period between orgasms so we were able to go two rounds. That in itself was WONDERFUL. I have not been with a man who has been able to cum twice in the same WEEK much less the same hour in …ummmmmm…..JEEZ-US! I don’t remember EVER being with a guy that quick.

Oh and listen, I was able to cum during the act of fucking. I haven’t done THAT in a while. Generally I require a tongue, finger or toy or something but Unsatisfied, DUDE, you are AWESOME.

The funny part of the day was that between our “sessions” Unsatisfied and I chatted. He reminded me that during one of our online chats we agreed that if we ever met we would meet, fuck and leave without any conversation. Unsatisfied admitted that he couldn’t resist having a chat in bed with me. So what does THAT tell ya about the Naughty Kitty?

I am not sure if he would agree but I think Unsatisfied and I are….wait for it….FRIENDS!!!! Unsatisfied, if you are reading this, I want to thank you again for a lovely afternoon in bed and I promise from this point forward I will follow all of our rules.

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