Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Voice

This morning I woke up when I heard your voice. You were whispering in my ear. I immediately became wet. Your voice does that to me. It is gentle yet firm. I succumb to it. I do whatever you tell me to do.

When I open my eyes I realize it was just a dream so I close my eyes again. I slowly run my hands around my breasts. I imagine you touching them, licking them, sucking on my nipples ever so gently. Then I hear your voice again. You say “I am going to make love to you” as you draw your tongue down my stomach and toward my clit. My body begins to quiver and I am unable to stand.

You gently guide me toward the bed and place a pillow under my ass. Once again you begin to run your tongue along the folds of my cunt. I can barely breathe. I have received oral before but never from a stranger so perfectly.

I look at you and see that your cock is long and hard in your pants. I reach for it. I crave it. I want it deep inside me. You pull yourself away for a moment and in that voice you say, “Not yet…hiding just a little while longer.”

I want to cry I want it so badly but your teasing only makes me more wet. You begin to pull my legs up over your shoulders. I want your dick. This is it right? No, not yet. Your tongue and your fingers are working me. I have no idea what you are doing but it feels so good I won’t question.

Finally I reach for you again. You let me take off your underwear only to unwrap the beast that lies beneath. It is truly beautiful. The sight of your rock hard cock brings me to the verge of tears. Tears of joy. As much as I want it inside of me I want to taste it first. I take you in my mouth. Oh you taste good. I run my tongue along the head of your dick slowly. You feel so good in my mouth. I plunge deeper. I feel you at the back of my throat. I don’t care if I choke to death. I want to take you all in. I run my tongue up the edge of your shaft. I feel your fingers inside of me moving slowly yet rhythmically. I am deaf to your voice right now if you are speaking. I am in ecstasy.

You stick your fingers in my mouth and say “here, taste.” I want to suck your fingers. I want to suck your dick. I want to suck anything you put in front of me.

Finally I hear your voice. You say “climb on top”. I am overjoyed. I climb on top of you first rubbing the head of your cock on my clit. Now I am the tease. You tell me “put it in.” I draw you inside of me and it feels better than I imagined. I move slowly on top of you as I lean in to kiss you. You play with my breasts. You know exactly how I want to be touched without me saying a word. Are you reading my mind?

I look into your eyes. Are you feeling the same way I do? You say “I can fuck your tight little pussy all night.” I think “I want you to fuck me all night” but I can’t speak. That voice again leaves me paralyzed to speak.

You say “smile” and I try but all I can think about is how wonderful your cock feels moving in and out of me. I don’t want it to end.

At last you turn me over onto my back. I love having you on top of me as much as I love being on top of you. You feel nice in this position too. Your thrusting becomes stronger, harder, faster. Your kisses become stronger, harder, faster and then the final push. You push your lips hard into mine almost biting me a little bit but you don’t make a sound.

I want to hear you moan with pleasure. I want to hear your voice.


DauntlessD said...

Quite nice!

JerZey Girl said...

Thank you DauntlessD! I am noticing that more and more people are commenting to me privately via email rather than through the blog like you.

I enjoy the comments in public. Why do you think people are so afraid?