Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's In A Name?

Okay it started out as sort of a joke and now it is well...a JOKE! Generally on AM, at least in my experience, a man would start a conversation either by chat or by email. Somewhere in there they would ask my name. That whole thing with AM was such a whirlwind to me that I figured it would be safer just to use part of my sign on name so I told them my name was “Kitty”. Oh, they knew that wasn’t my REAL name but in the interest of a little sexy fun they all went along with it but gave up their names pretty freely.

G asked my name at the very beginning of our chatting but has never asked since. Funny, right?

 Or is it? Don’t get me wrong. I still think it is kind of sexy that he doesn’t know my name, where I live, work etc. It’s sort of sexy that he doesn’t care. Well, it’s sexy AND sleazy.

"XXX" on the other hand knows just about EVERYTHING there is to know about me. He may even know my freakin’ social security number. Oh wait! I don’t think he knows my middle name OR my maiden name so I stand corrected.  Anyway there is something to be said for both situations.

"XXX" knows me well. I feel safe with him. I trust him. He is kind and when he says my name in bed it sends chills up my spine. When I see him at work we both blush because we know that once it’s lunch-time it is playtime for us.

G knows little or nothing about me. I can be anybody I want to be in bed. I am completely uninhibited. I am a Naughty Kitty.


Riff Dog said...

There are definitely advantages to both, either knowing everything or nothing about you.

JerZey Girl said...

I am thoroughly enjoying both situations ;)