Friday, September 30, 2011

The Punishment of Naughty Kitty

When I think about you and me together, I immediately get wet. I think about you sitting in that chair. You know the one in the picture. Only you are not at a party. You are alone with me.

I remove your glasses first. To the rest of the world they make you look intellectual, mature. But I know the truth. I know that behind those conservative glasses and behind those beautiful blue eyes lurks a man who is aching to be touched. You are aching for this naughty kitty.

As I picture this I begin to touch myself. I run my fingers along the moist creases of my pussy. I close my eyes and picture myself undressing you as you sit in that chair only moving to enable me to pull off your shirt. I unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants. I can feel that you are already hard and so I continue. I remove the rest of your clothing and now you sit naked in the chair. I kneel down at your feet as I am naked as well. I look up at you only long enough to smile. Then I run my hands on either side of your thighs. They are toned and athletic. I lean in closer and blow gently on your cock. You whimper slightly as I run my tongue along your head then plunge your cock entirely into my mouth. You begin to cum just a little but hold off. You tell me you want more. You are my master and so you shall get what you want.

I move you in and out of my mouth and fondle your balls even before you ask me too. I am not sure if you are enjoying this but your breathing is becoming more and more intense. I want so badly to jump on top of your erection but you tell me not to. I have been a naughty kitty and need to be punished.

As I visualize this I am touching myself more and more. I am running my own hands over my breasts wishing that your mouth was sucking my nipples. Longing for your rock hard dick to be inside me. As I feel myself climax I reach inside my own cunt then run my fingers along my mouth. Something tells me that if you were here with me you would put your fingers inside my mouth. I taste like mango. I taste organic and somewhat exotic. I catch myself from moaning because I am in a somewhat public place and don’t want the others to know my secret, OUR secret. The secret of the punishment of Naughty Kitty.

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