Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wake Up Call

This is a much different post than I had planned originally. I just came back from a “meet and greet” which I guess is AM language for meeting someone before fucking them. Now you know that I have not been smart about these things but today I got a wakeup call.

Now I am not going to name anybody and I make it a point to try not to trash anybody on this blog but I have to stress the importance of meeting a person specifically if you are a woman meeting a man BEFORE you hook up in a hotel.

Naughty Kitty up to this point has been EXTREMELY lucky. I have had some wonderful experiences but today I think was a turning point for me. I got a terrible terrible vibe from the other person and I have to say it was like a warning and a blessing in some weird way.

Now I am not going to get all preachy on you all. And like I said I have met some awesome men and will in fact continue to see them if they so choose. But for this Naughty Kitty, I am taking a little breather from meeting new men and if I decide to go back to the Ashley Madison scene I will try to remember the feeling that I have right now so I don’t do anything stupid.

Be safe ladies. There are a lot of strange and lonely people out there who may just want to wear your skin.

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