Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome Home Sex

This morning as I drove into the parking lot at work I nearly crashed head on into XXX. That almost never happens. I struggled with the decision of whether to greet him like I ordinarily would or to go with my original plan of avoiding him for the morning in order to build up the anticipation for our afternoon tryst.

My normal reaction to seeing a friend after the death of a relative would be to wrap my arms around them and hug them. I wanted that first moment to be special. I didn’t want to blow this off because I know XXX is sensitive and I know he is sad. Since XXX and I have a fairly strict no touching policy at work, I decided to go with my original plan so I jumped out of my car and walked into the office well ahead of him. We never made eye contact so I have no idea if he saw me and he may very well have had the same idea about avoiding each other this morning.

And then of course the idea that he came back last night and got sympathy AND Welcome home sex from his wife is always a possibility so I always have to be prepared for that right?

XXX and I have discussed the concept of welcome home sex, vacation sex as well as holiday sex. We agree that it is mandatory. Our respective spouses do not. And so we vowed that if we ever got to take our fantasy vacation together, we would make a point of having sex as much as possible.

So the morning dragged on and it was pretty fucking difficult not to run into XXX. I literally have to stay chained to my desk to avoid him. “Big Cheese” was late so I had to get the mail and I had to go to the bathroom in the worst way. So both times I had to walk past XXX’s office. Luckily the door was closed so I began to think maybe he took the day off. I checked my email constantly fully expecting him to cancel but luckily that email never came.

When the time finally arrived for me to head over to his place “Big Cheese” finally walks in and was of course in the mood to chit chat about his weekend and whatnot. JEEZ-US! Big Cheese, don’t you know I have a “comfort session” to attend?!?!?!

As predicted I knocked on XXX’s door and he answered shirtless but in his jeans looking as handsome as I remember him. We shared a long silent hug. I fought the urge to tell him that I missed him but I lost that battle. He said he missed me too then invited me to his room for a nap. He DID look tired, still handsome but he definitely looked as though he hadn’t slept.

He lay in his bed with his jeans on and I didn’t want to push my luck so I asked if he minded if I took off my shoes. He said “get naked” which was a welcome order and being the subservient lover that I tend to be I followed his orders. Luckily we slipped under the covers of his bed. Generally the bed is made and we fuck on top but the weather is getting cold now so we snuggled under the covers and were kissing as though no time had passed. He was hard before we even started kissing which always makes me smile.

I had predicted in yesterday’s blog that the sex today would be as intense if not more than ever and I was correct. Today XXX really let the curses fly which was good. I wanted him to be happy and if cursing during sex makes him happy then it is a small price to pay.
I started out by sucking his cock which he liked but I think it may have been a little too much for him because he pulled me on top of him almost immediately. I thought he was about to cum then he flipped me over and threw my legs over his shoulders. The feeling that I get from this position with XXX is so intense. He gets in so deep and it feels so good that I tear up. At first he mistook my tears for tears of pain. Now he either understands or doesn’t care because he continued on which is fine by me.

I was almost afraid that he was going to cum inside of me but then he flipped me on top of him again. He seemed frustrated at this point so I moved my way down and sucked on the head of his dick again at which point he asked for “a little reverse cow girl”. It is funny to me how some men like that position and some do not. Whatever the reason this was the ticket XXX needed to climax.

When he came back to bed after cleaning himself off we laid together me behind XXX. I take this postion as a sign that he needs comfort and so I don’t mind spooning him from behind. He reached back and rested his hand on my hip. We lay quiet for a while. He was tired and I told him to sleep and I would leave. We began talking about the usual and he began telling me about his wife’s attempt to try to work things out. In my infinite attempt to lighten the mood I said “Well, if you work things out please promise we can keep this place and still meet on Mondays”. Maybe that wasn’t the right thing to say but it did help change the subject.

Since sex today was quicker than usual XXX started a movie for us to watch on his I Pad. He has been wanting me to see the movie “Last Tango in Paris” in the worst way so we began to watch it. He was pointing out the symbolism at the opening credits and I couldn’t help thinking that the movie was already too deep for me.

Within the first 3 minutes XXX’s phone rang then rang again. It was work. He took the call and I began to get dressed. Getting dressed and undressed before and after sex is always awkward for me so I was happy that XXX was distracted. When he got off the phone he laid back in bed still naked and I lay next to him completely dressed as he told me about his wife coming over tonight to discuss the possibility of reconciling.

Once again he began to apologize to me. He kept saying “I don’t want to hurt you. I just don’t want to hurt you.”

I told him I wrote him a letter. I told him to read it when I am gone. He kept saying “uh oh, uh oh.” So I handed him the letter. I hate when people read something that I have written while I am there with them. As I expected he commented “No letters, no trinkets”. I purposely did not address it to him or sign my name. He smiled when I pointed this out to him then proceeded to read the letter out loud breaking only to comment and on occasion tease me for putting it down on paper. At the very end of the letter of course I made the mistake of telling him that I love him and will always be here for him. I made a point of using the word “love” but not emphasizing it. Damn if he didn’t pick right up on it. He smiled and in a teasing tone of voice said “You used the ‘L’ WORD!” I told him I didn’t want to trying to act tough, knowing that he can see right through me. He said it meant a lot to him that I wrote the letter and he slipped in there that he loved me too. I know he meant as a close friend and that is fine. Love can mean different things. I don’t need him to say it or feel it. I just need him to know I do.

He stayed in bed as I got up to leave. I bent down to give him one last kiss. He held on to me for a moment and looked into my eyes and said “you are beautiful”. I wasn’t feeling beautiful but the way XXX said it made me believe it if only for one moment. And so I wonder tonight while his wife is pleading her case as to why she wants to reconcile without agreeing to have sex with XXX will he be thinking about how my actions speak louder than her words.

Will he be thinking of all those vacations and all of the times she didn’t provide welcome home sex when I just DID?

I am sure I will hear all about it at work tomorrow.

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