Monday, October 10, 2011


Naughty Kitty met a new friend…well actually "Ravenous" and I have been communicating for a while now but our timing was never quite right. Let me tell you a little something about “Ravenous”. He is PERSISTANT. He admittedly does not take “no” for an answer and lucky for me because I am crazy about him.

Ugh! Tell me about it. MORE heartbreak. Well in the midst of "Ravenous" trying to convince me to meet him for a coffee and me trying to resist, this whole XXX thing happened. I have to say "Ravenous" stood by me and gave me lots of advice and support along the way. One of the things "Ravenous" suggested was a “distraction” specifically…HIM. Now I will admit that Rav’s emails came off initially as pushy, arrogant aggressive and after the creepy meeting with C I was definitely tentative but something made me take Rav up on his Starbucks offer.

So we met today and I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, Rav is very energetic, and enthusiastic but certainly not obnoxious. He referred to himself as charming which I found a little pompous in his emails but damned if Rav did not charm the pants off of me and let me tell you not in a phony way. After dealing with Mr. Insincerity a.k.a XXX I am particularly sensitive to this but Rav was great. We had a really nice visit and a great cup of coffee. When we parted ways I was not sure if he was disappointed with meeting me but I was definitely attracted to him. He is in fact intellegent, funny, charming, very at ease, handsome, tall and athletic .But sure enough I received an email from Rav a few hours later.

I do love that about Rav. He is not afraid to email text or chat on the phone. He already told me this. Up until now he has been emailing me several times a day.

Tonight after our meeting the emails began to get more specific. First Rav started out with a lengthy email about the “rules”. Once that was all agreed upon he began asking for specifics of what I like. So I shot Rav a quick and dirty email about how I picture our first encounter. Okay when I say “quick and dirty” I mean just that. I shot off a quick email. Then I asked Rav if he had anything to add. Well JEEZ-US! Rav wrote a description of what he would like to do to me that make my hair stand on end and THAT is saying something for me.

So now the anticipation is building and I can’t even THINK about anything else.

So I ask you…XXX WHO?????

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