Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Shit! That’s My ****!!!

Have you ever looked at your girlfriend’s spouse and wonder…wonder if he cheats? I have.

Have you ever looked at your children’s teachers, the mailman, the attorney down the hall…and wondered the same thing? I have.

Have you ever gone on Ashley Madison just for fun to look and see…see what’s new only to find that you have been “winked” at by one of your family healthcare providers? Well…I HAVE!!!

So the other night I was playing around. I was bored to tears and couldn’t think of anything good to write. I figured I’d log on just for a sec. I SWEAR! I had no intention of even answering any emails or sending any keys…and I didn’t. But then I started checking out my “Winks”. Personally I am not into the whole “winking” thing but I am an open minded kitty so I figured “these guys pay for this so I should pay them the respect of at least checking out their pictures”.

So I open this one wink from a guy in my town. I am always curious about the men who live super close to me. I wouldn’t necessarily hook up with them but I am curious if they are my friend’s husbands or the mailman so I look.

When I open this one set of pictures, I nearly fell off my desk chair! Holy Shit! I can’t believe my eyes! It’s one of the local “doctors” in the area. Now this is a REALLY small town and this guy is REALLY, REALLY high profile so in my opinion he is CRAZY to be so quick to offer up those pictures on AM without even a request.

Now I have this great gossip and absolutely nobody to share it with. I can’t tell my girlfriends. I can’t tell Angry Guy! I can’t even tell my mother!

Oh, no I have absolutely no intention of hooking up with this guy. In fact he makes my skin crawl. Not to mention the fact that I swore off Ashley Madison…well for hook-up purposes anyway.

No, now I am on Ashley Madison for the sole purpose of seeing who else in my neighborhood is on. What a crazy day.


Ryan Beaumont said...

I know what you mean. I have to be careful. I work in a town of less than 1,000 and while not a doctor I am in a somewhat known position.

I have my profile zip code set for about 20 miles away and don't send notes to local women (although they are few and far between).

Riff Dog said...

You're the neighbor I worry about! ;-)

I hate that AM no longer searches where closest zip codes come first. Back then it was easy to just not send messages to the first few profiles because they were too close. Now we have no idea.

Naughty Kitty said...

I always ask for a picture before I send mine. This guy sent his pictures without me even asking. He's an idiot! There are only like 2 people that I can tell who he is because obviously then people will know that I am on AM so his secret is pretty safe. But next time I see him in person I WILL mention it ;)