Monday, October 17, 2011


So, this is it…”Christmas morning” the day Rav and I meet for our encounter. FINALLY! It’s been 11 long hard days for Kitty. Some days were easier than others. Kitty resisted temptation. I basically just refrained from “prowling”. I can handle that for 11 days (now that it is over) but I have to wonder after having a sweet taste of this lifestyle if I could go much longer than that.

But a promise is a promise and I did promise myself that I would wait and follow through with this encounter with Rav with a clear head. Okay, by “clear head” I mean as clear as a horney kitty like me can be which on a good day is pretty foggy.

Rav and I have been in constant touch over these 11 days. He has been in my head which as we all know is not good for me. For one thing I am over thinking this preparation. I have to say that my best encounters have been on the fly. I am always clean but my kitty for the most part is au natural’. I have never had any complaints but Rav has made it clear that he wants Kitty to be shaved down.

This will raise some eyebrows in this house so Rav will have to compromise. See Kitty sleeps naked and even though my kitty is very rarely approached for petting it would be noticeable if my black pussy hair suddenly disappeared especially after being instructed by the man I am contractually and legally obligated to NEVER completely shave down.

So Kitty is doing my best to please Rav without alerting anybody else that SOMEONE besides me is paying attention to that area of my body.

I am a music lover and wanted to get into the mood by listening to certain music for this purpose. I had asked Rav to suggest something but he just said “Use your judgment”. Okay, that is NOT helpful so I picked Carly Simon for some reason. Her music calms me and reminds me of a time in my life when I was young and innocent. A time that I wouldn’t necessarily go back to but a happy time never-the-less.

I spend time reflecting before and after these encounters. I ask myself why I am doing this. Will it make me a better person? I ask myself what I am looking to gain. What am I hoping to find?
I may never find the answer. In this case I want to enjoy a man who I have grown to admire. I want to please him. Rav teases me about having “Daddy issues” although he is not that much older than me. He is correct. I DO in fact crave a man who makes me feel safe. I crave a man who makes me feel wanted and yes, I crave a man who makes me feel loved even if only for a few hours.
I also made a point of doing my Pilates which has a tendency to make me feel relaxed and in tune with my body.
Showering and salt scrubbing my skin with coconut milk salt is a little extra something that I am doing today just for Rav.

I also painted my toes and fingers a bright shade of red. I am not sure if Rav goes for any of that but it makes me feel sexy so he will benefit regardless.

Lastly the outfit has been determined and is ready to go. Again this is something that Kitty needs to be careful of. I dress casually for work and Rav has requested business attire of sorts. Whenever I wear the outfit I have planned I generally receive a few comments not to mention a few “once over” looks from co-workers. This can be good or bad for Kitty’s ego but I am realizing that I really need to go shopping and pick up some professional outfits if for no other reason to attend these encounters.

So from a planning perspective Kitty is READY for Rav. The question, “Is RAV ready for KITTY”????

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