Sunday, October 23, 2011


I may have mentioned that I am surrounded by some amazing people. My friends are comprised of men and women wealthy and not so wealthy. My male friends at this point in my life know the “real” me. They know I prowl.

My girlfriends know a lot about me but surely not everything. I haven’t seen much of them lately. We are a collective group of women that have become friends through the gym. They are mostly housewives and trophy wives. Before I started working for Big Cheese, we used to see each other daily at the gym and even shared a hot young trainer.

This trainer was one of the most beautiful men physically that I have ever seen. While we all drool over him I am probably the only one of us that would not actually sleep with him given the opportunity. Ironic don’t you think?

What I WOULD like is to have some sort of sugar daddy situation where my sugar daddy talks to the trainer directly and tells him how he wants me to look. Don’t ask me why but that is a huge turn on for me. So in other words my lover would pay the trainer and say “I want you to work on trimming down her legs.” Then my hot trainer would be under orders and would train my body according to the specifications of the man who will ultimately be fucking me.

See, this is something I can say to my male friends but when I discuss it with my female friends it sounds more like this…”I need a boyfriend.” Or sometimes if they are REALLY getting “racy” I will go so far as to say “I need a sugar daddy.” Then they giggle and we move on. It has never occurred to them that I might be serious.

Yesterday I met my girlfriend for lunch after the XXX fiasco in my office. She is a trophy wife and not happy at all. I don’t blame her. She literally has to step and fetch it for her husband. I couldn’t do that, not long term anyway. So we met for lunch and talked about our situations. All of my friends and I have come to the conclusion after all these years that divorce is not the answer for us. As my friend says, “We put on our blinders and move forward.” My friends burn their frustrations off at the gym. They have beautiful figures although on occasion one becomes too thin which generally means things at home are tougher than usual.

I have chosen the prowling route. While my girlfriends are at the gym I am locked away in hotel rooms with random men. My body is not as great as it should be clearly and today I am considering spending all that time that I would ordinarily spend in hotel rooms and hit the gym instead.

Yesterday as we were saying goodbye after discussing my never ending battle to lose weight, I made the comment once again to my friend. I said “I need a sugar daddy.” She smiled and said “Yeah SURE you do.” Then I said “I’m serious.” She looked at me for some sign that I was joking. When she realized that I was more serious than not she smiled a knowing smile and said “Okay, let’s work on that.”

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