Sunday, October 16, 2011


The pressure has been building over my encounter with Rav. It’s a little like Christmas. I just know the present is going to be nice. 11 days is too long for Kitty to wait though. I am all wound up and quite honestly a little crazed.

I know Rav is trying to teach me about patience. That’s just one of the things that attract me to Rav. He seems pretty patient and as a result is a successful business man. That is one of my lifetime goals. I enjoy learning from successful men and women, but for whatever reason I just can’t get the patience part down.

So two things that Rav and I have discussed are anal sex and swallowing. Can I also note at this point that if I have learned anything it’s that I am far from “experienced”?

Don’t ask me why I haven’t done much swallowing but it is not so much because of me. I HAVE done it. It’s just been about 30 years! Oh dear God I am OLD! I did assure Rav that I am up for the task I am just a little nervous about it. Rav assured me that he will be patient but Kitty wants to please Rav so Kitty needs to pull it together and either swallow or lap up that cum like it’s a freakin’bowl of milk. NO PRESSURE!

Don’t ask me why but the anal sex was less of a concern for me. I just get scared when I read about it. I was reading the “Supersex” book and it talked a lot about infections and tearing rectums. That would not be good for Naughty Kitty.

I know you are thinking “Naughty, you dumb ass, why are you reading about anal sex?”

Well, I am a “book” and a “research” person not to mention a PLANNER. After G having his hands all into my “business” during our encounter I wasn’t so much worried about anal but then someone mentioned somewhere about douching and shit like that.

DUDE! What the fuck?!?! All that prep takes the spontaneity out of it doesn’t it?

So, on the eve before my big encounter, I ask you “What do I have to do to prepare my body for this so I don’t make a complete fool out of myself?”

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-McK said...

don't sell yourself short..i am a book and research gal too and in prep for anal with T which hasn't happened yet (a by product of living 3000 miles apart and only having an hour or so when we are together which is about every 8 weeks) i too read books, practiced being clean etc.