Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scary Things Just in Time For Halloween

Naughty Kitty is becoming quite the cliché lately. First I fuck my boss and get dumped now…well…there was the pregnancy scare. Oh that’s just GREAT! How the fuck am I going to explain that in a house where the bed is used strictly for sleeping?

So, I waited and I counted, and I prayed harder than I ever prayed before in my life. I also quickly went through in my head what I would say to XXX if we had to have that talk. The other day I passed his office on my way out. I had just had that terrible text argument with Rav and I considered telling XXX then. I was hoping just talking to XXX about the possibility that I was pregnant with his demon child may relax me. But then I realized that would be a bad idea. I knew we were careful and I knew that I just needed to relax and let my body do its thing. I didn’t see the point in getting XXX all worked up and then the two of us would be waiting, and counting and praying.

I also wanted to minimize contact with XXX and I knew if I told him that I would have to also tell him when I DID get my period and honestly I am not one to shout that off the roof tops.

At one point in the week I realized that I wasn’t pregnant but started to worry that my period would come when Rav and I are supposed to meet. So that made things even worse.

Finally, yesterday my prayers were answered. I have been spared.

Naughty Kitty is not always a “wise” kitty and I am quite often a stupid and too trusting kitty. But I am also a kitty that learns relatively quickly. Thank God kitties have 9 lives.

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