Tuesday, October 6, 2015

AM Update

It made Kitty a little sad to delete my profile from Ashley Madison once and for all. Don’t get me wrong, Kitty has been hidden for quite some time but on occasion I would check out my “Favorites” list to see who was still playing. It was a security blanket in a way. One by one my lovers and former lovers began to delete their profiles after the bit Ashley Madison hacking drama. It wasn’t so much that they were concerned for their security as the site lacked luster.

Admittedly Kitty noticed the quality of men wasn’t all that great either. I have to chuckle when I think about my boss running into my office asking if I had heard the news about “That Ashley Website”. Kitty smiled at the idea that even though I never actually admitted to being on the site he assumed at least that I knew what it was….not that he or any of my bosses were on it but Kitty always thought it might be funny if they were. Kitty received several texts and emails from all sorts of people asking what I thought about the drama. Kitty’s standard response is, “I’m single. I answer to no one and have nothing to hide.”

So when I looked at my “Favorites” list gradually diminish I realized that most of the men on it I have known for years now. They float in and out of Kitty’s life. They have my cell phone number and can reach me at their will so they are not really GONE.
I have made quite a few friends met a few lovers on Ashley Madison. I think it’s a shame what happened. As a woman who was formerly in a bad marriage Ashley Madison provided a sexual outlet for me and in the end Kitty learned a lot about myself and grew emotionally in a sense.

This isn’t the end for Kitty. It’s coming up on Kitty’s busy season so meeting lovers will slow to a snail’s pace for a bit but in the end it’s not all about sex for Kitty anymore. Kitty’s got a busy wonderful life filled with wonderful friends and lovers.

Stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Taking the Edge Off

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since we’ve been together but after we both came, we did the math and that’s what we figured out. Okay…I lied…HE came we did the math then he pulled me to the side of the bed and licked my clit until I came. It was a nice way to take the edge off after the disappointing episode with the Traveling Salesman.

To be honest I forget if he texted me first or I texted him but as he said later that night, “The planets aligned” and our schedules worked out and we met at the very cheapest hotel we could find and we fucked…just like we used to and it was pretty damn nice.
He always had a nice cock even though his evil wife always puts it down. I make an effort to pump him up 1. Because he really does have a great cock and 2. Because I hate women who attack a man’s cock.

I have to say that we have chemistry. It all starts with the kissing and we can talk honestly with one another. Kitty appreciates that. It also helps that he’s doing the open marriage thing with his wife so there’s not as much hiding which is really nice. In fact he took a picture of Kitty sucking his cock and was going to text it to her.

Kitty missed how deep he can get inside of me. It’s really an indescribable feeling. He came before Kitty was able to and I usually cum while I’m riding his cock but we had a few minor technical difficulties. The great part is that while he was trying to get hard again after cumming he asked Kitty to talk dirty to him. I asked him if he likes to eat pussy. Much to Kitty’s delight he showed me exactly how much and damn did that feel good!!

As we were getting dressed he asked what my plans were for dinner. None of Kitty’s lovers ever asked that before or ever took me out after fucking. It was kind of nice. We went out for dinner together to a nice restaurant completely out in the open and completely at ease with one another. Kitty liked that.

We texted a bit today. He had a flight tonight so I know he’ll be out of the country through the weekend. We promised not to wait another three years to get together. Kitty thinks I’m going to try my best to keep that promise.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Setting the Mood

I hadn’t seen him since May…since I gave him that blow job in the back of my new car. Since I had to cancel a few times after that I made a special effort to set the mood for last night. He got his little suite just outside of town. I love that little suite. It’s got a little kitchen that he and I talk about cooking together in although in the back of my mind I can’t imagine when we would ever have the time.
I did plan however a mini chocolate fondue. Kitty brought all the dippin’s, the chocolate and a mini fondue set for two that I had gotten as a Valentine’s Day gift for Angry Guy when we were married.

He seemed genuinely happy to see me when he opened the door. His hair had grown long which did not necessarily appeal to Kitty but he was handsome never the less. He poured us some wine and had spread out a few snacks of his own. Kitty got the fondue set up and quickly realized that something was not quite right with the chocolate and that it just wasn’t going to work.

We talked for quite a while as we sat side by side on the couch in the little living room. We caught up on the past few months…our work, our families…our lives…and then we kissed.

We kissed for what seemed like a long time and at one point I asked him if he wanted to move to the bedroom or stay in the living room. Kitty is never quite sure about him. I feel like he WANTS to ask for something and of course Kitty has made it quite clear that his request is my command but in the end we are really quite vanilla.

He did finally recommend moving to the bedroom and I could feel with my hand stroking his jeans that his cock was hard. He had the jazz station playing on the radio in the bedroom. We stood kissing for a moment and began to undress one another. 

Kitty carefully exposed his erection then once again slowly sank to my knees in front of him and began to suck the head of his cock. I could hear his breathing quicken and continued very slowly so as not to get him too excited. We moved to the bed and began to kiss again. He moved his face down between Kitty’s legs and began to lick and as much as I tried, Kitty just could not relax enough to cum.

“Kiss me” I said in an effort to get him to stop. He moved his face up to mine and we kissed. Kitty reached down for his hard cock hoping that putting it inside of me would help me cum…but there was nothing there.

“Um…well…see…I had a little accident,” he said.
Kitty thought, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!” But what came out of my mouth was more of a sympathetic, “Aw what happened? Are you okay?”

So, I pose this question to you out there…specifically my male audience...WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED???

And what can Kitty do to prevent it from happening again?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Interesting Day in the Office

Things are moving painfully slow in Kitty’s world these days. I’m sure you are all aware based on lack of posting on my part. That’s not to say that there haven’t been playdates…

So over the weekend Kitty was playing on Plenty of Fish out of pure boredom. While Kitty was flipping through the “Meet Me” options who should pop up but good old E2.

Oh yeah well E2 and Kitty had a falling out of sorts after our night at his place. He claims Kitty lost my cool. Kitty disagrees. We did agree however to move on and I suppose be platonic friends for now.

So when Kitty saw E2 on POF of all places I just could not just let it go. When we were at his place I had asked if he did the online dating thing and in his arrogant tone he said, “Ha! I don’t have a problem meeting women!”

So what’s up with that?!?! His pictures sucked and there was nothing to his profile but “I have a pulse”. After thinking about it I realized that this really was an excellent depiction of E2’s personality “Arrogant Attorney”.

While Kitty did email him on POF, he never responded…until today…

Kitty was just working away as I tend to do on a Monday when I receive his text:

“Don’t like that site. Didn’t put much thought into it.”

Kitty thought, “Ya THINK?!?!?”

Then that funny E2 started a conversation with Kitty…vanilla at first then Kitty made a threesome joke about one of my besties who told me that the thought of a man putting his hands on her made her skin crawl. Can you IMAGINE?!?!?!

Anyway that led to E2 asking about Esq. and correct me if I am wrong but Kitty detected the slightest hint of jealousy in E2’s texts. Did this amuse Kitty? Well…Kitty cannot tell a lie. E2 is so damned arrogant that it does not make Kitty sad. He needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

In addition Esq. scored some major points with Kitty yesterday. Kitty was at the beach and a little bored. I began dreaming about our next threesome and texted Esq, “miss me?”

Kitty’s gotta give that Esq credit. In just a few minutes he responded, “As a matter of fact I do. How’s your weekend going?”

Now how many high profile attorneys do you know that text like that to their wives much less their mistress? Listen, it doesn’t take much to score points with Kitty but this sure helped brighten my day so score one for Esq.

Okay back to E2. He must have been super frisky today because he asked me to describe in detail via text about my threesome. Kitty was tempted at this point to give E2 my blog link but I thought better of it. As Kitty described it I couldn’t help but wonder if E2 was getting hard in his office. Kitty sure was getting worked up remembering.

Then that silly E2 asked Kitty, “ever done 3?”

“Lol no. I’m not a circus act. It was something we wanted to try. It was a very controlled environment. As vanilla as you can get in a threesome situation lol.”

Then Kitty texted, “You and I kind of had a nice time…”

E2: “We did…”

Kitty: “Nice kissing”

E2: “and”

Kitty: “I was about to tell you that I couldn’t cum when I was riding your cock. Then you started sucking my nipples and brought it home.”

E2: “Perfect”

Kitty: “Perfect??”

E2: “U came…”

Kitty: “and did you like it?”

E2: “yes”

Kitty: “Specifically??”

E2: “When you were on your knees”

Can you tell that it’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of E2 in the way of a compliment?

So here I sit, reading and re-reading my texts with nothing better to do for now. Wondering what the next move is and when it will be.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

In Case You Were Wondering

The Cowboy had to have root canal yesterday. Even though I wasn’t “worried about him, I was THINKING about him. Oh who is kidding whom here? Kitty thinks about The Cowboy all day and most of the night too. His name comes across my desk a dozen times a day. He’s all over my computer. Sometimes a check that he has signed will come to me and the site of his signature makes Kitty’s heart melt.

Oh I know you are all sick of reading about The Cowboy but believe me Kitty is working hard on this one. Kitty’s tight ass friend is trying to help motivate me to stick to that diet once and for all. I’m sure you are saying, “Kitty, if he doesn’t love you the way you look now than he’s not the Cowboy for you.” In a sense that’s right but let’s face it. This guy may not be drop dead gorgeous to some women but he is definitely buff and he may be physically driven and turned off by Kitty’s excess weight but probably if he were 50 lbs heavier, Kitty wouldn’t be so turned on by him.

So last night while Kitty was shopping at my favorite wholesale warehouse, I received a text.

“I went out with ‘Sidekick’ the other night. He wants to know when we are getting back together ;)”

Aaaahhhhh…a text from Esq.…another threesome with Sidekick. This is just the distraction Kitty needs from The Cowboy. Kitty stood still in shock for a moment then flashed back quickly to our evening together…the three of us…Esq. kissing Kitty’s neck from behind, running his hands around Kitty’s breasts, pressing his rock hard cock up against Kitty while Sidekick kneeled and licked Kitty’s pussy from the front. 

Kitty immediately became wet right smack in the middle of the salsa isle of the warehouse.

Kitty: “That’s up to you guys ;) When can you get down here?”

Esq.: “Hopefully soon. I will get working on that :)

Kitty: “Okay, let me know when you have an idea and I’ll try to work my schedule around.”

Esq.: “Will do Sweetie.”

First of all, I have no idea why Esq. was trying to gauge Kitty’s reaction to another threesome with Sidekick. The only hesitant party was Sidekick himself. Kitty tried not to seem too anxious by asking for another play date out of fear Esq. would be insulted and think Kitty isn’t satisfied with his big beautiful cock and only his big beautiful cock. Esq. is all about strategy all of the time so Kitty always needs to be on my toes.

The funniest part to me is when he calls Kitty “Sweetie”. It makes Kitty smile each and every time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Special Visitor

He was late to arrive at my office…about 6 months late but he had texted me that he was on his way so when I heard the bell chime and heard him say my name my heart leapt. I took a deep breath and waited for the receptionist to half heartedly announce him. I acted somewhat surprised then walked to the front office to greet him. He looked up at me as though his dog had just died. I smiled trying to make my smile especially warm as I looked into his dark brown eyes. I hadn’t seen him in person since we were at his farm in the fall and although I gaze at pictures of him on facebook seeing him in person was like meeting a rock star. I glanced over at a neatly stacked bunch of papers that he had brought and tried to ease his mind by saying, “Oh look! 
That doesn’t look so bad!!” He followed me back to my office as I mentally tortured myself for not losing that 50 pounds that I had set out to do since I saw him last.

My boss stopped into my office as we went over The Cowboy’s paperwork and carried the conversation as I checked The Cowboy out from head to toe. Underneath his baseball cap I could see that his hair was beginning to turn a salt and pepper color. His skin was flawless and his facial features nearly perfect taken individually. He is not what people might think of as “classically handsome” but imagining his strong hands touching my body made Kitty wet. Hearing the sound of his voice…watching his mouth move and the sight of his biceps pulsating rendered me speechless. I feel the attraction to him completely. I am drawn to him undoubtedly and he is all that I can think of now.

My friends tease me, “You wouldn’t last 2 HOURS on a farm,” they say. But I think I could. I think I might be able to be a wife again…maybe. I’m sure I could be at the very least a dedicated girlfriend to the Cowboy. I’m sure I could have a beautiful meal ready for him after a hard day’s work. I am sure I could make love to him as he slips into bed after checking on the animals for the night.

And then I think about my own life. Could I make that crazy commute every morning to work? Could I give up my house at the beach? Could I spend lonely night after lonely night if he is in fact as tired as he describes and does not WANT Kitty to make love to him?

I suppose time will tell…

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Principal Skinner

The other day Bad Boy and Kitty were talking on the phone. I was telling him the story about E2 as well as my threesome experience since we haven’t had a chance to chat since that. Bad Boy was telling Kitty that his group at work was talking about online dating and safety compared to meeting someone in a bar and going home with them. Bad Boy has voiced his concern for Kitty’s safety on many many occasions and although I assured Bad Boy that my days of meeting strange men in hotel rooms for the first time was over, he made me promise to text him the name and phone number for anybody new that I did decide to meet.

No sooner did I make the promise, Kitty came across a new potential playmate on Ashley Madison. He claimed to be a principal of a local high school. This intrigued Kitty. How many of us fantasized about fucking our high school principals??? Well Kitty sure as hell did!! So Principal Skinner (Thanks Blogging Bestie for helping to give him a blog name) caught Kitty’s attention right off the bat and it took him no time at all to send Kitty the most beautiful picture of his huge rock hard cock. The sight of it made Kitty’s mouth water not to mention my pussy.

He wanted to meet desperately for a drink and Kitty knew that meant a blow job in his car. Fool Kitty once… So…yes…it was Kitty’s recommendation to meet at a hotel. E2 left Kitty wanting more. He left me empty. Principal Skinner assured Kitty he could not meet me over the long weekend as he had a house full of company for the holiday. 
Kitty, preparing for my own company and festivities let the subject lie.
Saturday morning I got a text from him asking where I would be in the afternoon. He was out of the house for a meeting and could get a room for us. Kitty faced with the decision to blow off housework for the sexual satisfaction I had been craving since the week before accepted Principal Skinner’s invitation and met him at the hotel not before texting Bad Boy as promised his first name and phone number. “Tags too”, Bad Boy texted back but before I was able to text them Principal Skinner was standing at my car door ready to escort me to the room.

He stood at least 6 foot 4 inches and a good 225 pounds. He towered over Kitty and although his face bared a striking resemblance to XXX he frightened me just a little bit. It was at that moment that I swore to myself I wouldn’t be doing this again.
He led me to the room by my hand, closed the door and immediately began kissing Kitty. I began to remove my clothes and he watched me as I pulled my blouse over my head and pants down to my feet revealing my supple breasts and already moist pussy. Kitty reached down and could feel already that his cock was hard and it was huge. Kitty unbuttoned his shorts to expose his cock. “Well…get down on your knees and suck it,” He commanded.

Kitty followed Principal Skinner’s orders looking up at him as I sucked on whatever I could fit in my mouth. He was extremely patient with this as Kitty moved slowly preventing myself from choking. He grabbed my hair but did not force me which gave me the impression many women had been unable to fit his entire cock into their mouths.

“Get up on the bed and lay face down.”

 Kitty followed orders although I was turned on; I was also quite frightened at the same time. He began kissing the tops of my shoulders, licking then biting…biting HARD. All I could think of was that he was going to leave marks and maybe just maybe it wouldn’t matter once my body decomposed in the shallow grave that Bad Boy and I joked about on several occasions.

Kitty leaned into the pain at first but then quickly turned over when the pain turned to tickling. Principal Skinner threw my body around like a rag doll, fucking me in every position until he finally let me ride that huge cock of his. He sunk in deep and Kitty felt like cumming almost immediately as he said, “You like that big cock don’t you?”

“I like that big cock,” was all I could say as he moved his hips to the rhythm that I started. Kitty touched my nipples as I rode him then he cupped his hands over mine. Once again he said, “you like that big cock, don’t you?” And before I could agree, I let out a moan and scream, “I’m cumming!”

We continued to move together after Kitty’s first orgasm and I was sure I could and WOULD cum again. The beauty of Principal Skinner being so much taller than Kitty is that he was able to fuck Kitty is just about every position where as shorter men are sometimes unable to fuck Kitty doggie style for whatever reason. Considering this 

Kitty requested, “Fuck me doggie style.”

Principal Skinner picked his head up from between Kitty’s legs as he was giving Kitty some pretty decent oral at that point. He flipped me over again and easily slid his cock in from behind fucking Kitty harder and faster than I can ever remember. He paused for a moment, laid Kitty on my side then lay on his side with our legs intertwined then slowly fucked kitty until his face became flush and Kitty could tell he was cumming.

He immediately moved down once more between Kitty’s legs licking, and sucking Kitty’s clit for orgasm number 2. Kitty was pleased. “So are you going to tell me your REAL name now?” He asked as we lay drained. 

In an effort to be playful Kitty said, “No” at first then got up out of bed and handed him my business card. He didn’t look at it. He just slipped it into his wallet.

We chatted for a few more moments. He was spooning Kitty from behind which is Kitty’s all time post orgasm position. We both said we needed to go and then he rubbed up against Kitty, instantaneously got hard as Kitty got wet, climbed on top of Kitty. He threw my legs over his broad shoulders and fucked me missionary style until I screamed with pleasure and he came for his second time.

There was no time to recover after that. Kitty and Principal Skinner both had to get going. He jumped in the shower quickly to wash off the afternoon’s sex as Kitty slipped back into my clothes.

As we left Kitty texted Bad Boy that I was safe and swore to myself that I would never do that again.