Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kitty's First Threesome

I know…RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! Kitty was SO excited yesterday!! And Kitty’s blogging bestie Bill texted that he fell off his chair he was so excited for Kitty!!

Kitty has so much to catch you all up on but let’s start with the threesome which is tentatively scheduled for this Thursday.

Kitty hasn’t heard from Esq. in several weeks since our play date. In light of the fact that Kitty found Esq. personality annoying I just let it go. In addition Esq. is totally paranoid about texting and emailing anything naughty and that is pretty much the opposite of Kitty. I mean JEEZ-US! The guy is not running for office anytime soon so WTF?! And Kitty sure as hell isn’t going to get him into trouble.

So on our last play date after we both came Kitty and Esq. lay in bed chit chatting for a bit. Kitty asked Esq. how he got involved with Ashley Madison. Like Kitty, one of Esq.’s besties recommended he get on. Esq.’s bestie “Sidekick” is also super DUPER paranoid. He’s basically living vicariously through Esq. and in his case I can sort of understand. He works for a high security agency and can’t take any chances with any of the fucknut women on AM.

So Esq. and I lay talking a little about Sidekick and as off color as my vanilla friends may take this, Kitty suggested giving Kitty’s info to Sidekick. Esq. agreed that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. His logic was that we would most likely be sleeping with other people and that at least he trusts his bestie. Umm….OKAY!!!

So weeks have gone by and Kitty has gotten the occasional cryptic text from Esq. about the weather and coming down to his vacation home etc. Kitty replied with snarky texts but really Kitty enjoys the occasional, “I can’t stop thinking about fucking you again,” text.

Well yesterday of all days Esq. began texting Kitty at work. He seemed a little more responsive. He asked what my week looked like and we settled on a tentative night for a play date. During our back and forth Kitty boldly asked, “What’s up with Sidekick?”

Esq., replied, “I was going to ask if he’s available and invite him along for a drink if that’s okay.”

Ummm WWWHHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!?!?! Kitty knew there would be no drinking so was this Esq.’s way of introducing the threesome???

It took several texts from Kitty, “Is this a threesome you are talking about?” because Kitty wanted to be absolutely clear…I mean ABSOLUTELY!!

Kitty requested some pictures and forwarded them to my blogging bestie for confirmation that Sidekick is absolutely a cutie and when Esq. confirmed that yes in fact he and Sidekick had tossed the idea of a threesome around and would I be game Kitty said, “YES!”

Thankfully Esq.’s texting loosened up a little after that. He had to go into a meeting and once again dodged the naughty texting that Kitty so craved so Kitty texted a few scenarios for Esq. about how the threesome might work.

First, Kitty suggested playing with Sidekick one on one since Sidekick is a virgin as far as straying from his wife. Kitty thought that might put Sidekick at ease and then maybe Esq. could join in. Chances are there will be someone fucking Kitty from behind while Kitty sucks the other’s cock and then maybe they might switch. Kitty’s bestie Bill recommended the “Double Penetration” which Kitty is not opposed to but not sure if I can make that happen our first time. It seems a little ambitious but none the less if these guys can pull it off, Kitty is game. Bestie Bill also recommended Kitty get on my knees sucking Sidekick’s cock while holding Esq.’s in my hand and going back and forth. That is completely doable to Kitty.

Kitty asked Esq. what made him think Kitty would be up for that. Kitty must have an air about me or something but Esq. said we discussed it briefly in bed and although Kitty doesn’t remember, I was at one point hoping that Esq. would bring Sidekick along one day for a threesome play date.

Now keep in mind friends, this is still tentative. Last text from Esq. he couldn’t get a hold of Sidekick since he was traveling but the prospect of this threesome in the near future is as Bill says, “nothing cures a broken heart like a good old fashioned threesome.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kitty’s Melancholy Week Continues

Each passing day that I don’t hear from the Cowboy proves his rejection of Kitty eminent. It’s rainy and gross here today.

Kitty has been getting texts from Freddie…remember “Fast Freddie”? Well he disappeared for about six weeks. Nothing happened that Kitty could remember to prompt Freddie being angry with Kitty but never the less he disappeared. Since Kitty didn’t much care for Freddie’s ways I simply let him go…until he started texting Kitty.

Kitty has not encouraged Freddie at all nor WILL I but I did want to investigate a little theory that I had about WHY Freddie suddenly disappeared. Kitty had a hunch that Freddie went looking for something better…younger…thinner…prettier.

So last night while Kitty lay in bed feeling sorry for myself over Cowboy’s rejection I texted Freddie.

Kitty: “Have you been on any good dates lately?”

Freddie: “No. I haven’t been intimate with anyone since you. And that’s the truth. And that was July? August?”

Now how stupid is he to make a remark like that…so in other words he doesn’t REMEMBER?!?!?! WTF?!?!

Kitty: “lol August. Last text you sent me was Labor Day. I texted you a few weeks later and never heard back until the other day. By the way being intimate is not the same as a date.”

Freddie: “yes. POF They were just not for me. Two lied and one cheated on me after I expressed my feelings for her. They were all nuts.”

Now between you and me how can he possibly have feelings for this woman after a few weeks and then be stupid enough to admit it to Kitty after texting how much he misses me. WTF?!

Freddie: “One that I took out just didn’t click. I guess she forgot what she had already told me then on the date told me something different. Second one said she wanted a relationship then after 3 dates said she needed ‘me time’ and time with her son. Third one went on a few dates with me, said she’d be happy to be my girlfriend, then I caught her at the bar with another guy after she told me she was sick and going to bed that night.”

Sounds like Freddie got what he deserved if you ask Kitty.

Kitty: “Sounds like you’ve been getting out and about the past few weeks.”

Freddie: “Yes, but it’s a waste of time honestly. And a waste of emotion.”

Kitty: “Well I’m sorry but I waited and waited. I thought you were busy with work. You were dating other women.”

Freddie: “I’m sorry too. But I thought you weren’t really happy with me. Honest.”

Kitty: “You had someone kind, and funny and patient right in front of you and you thought you could do better. If you thought that you should have said something. I don’t play those games. I told you that and I meant it. Everything would have been fine.”

Freddie: “My mistake”

YA THINK?!?!?!?!?

Kitty: “Apology accepted. I hope you learn for next time. Although the chances of finding another woman like me around here are slim to none. LOL”

Freddie: “I understand. I realize that now. But keep me in mind if you find yourself single again. Best wishes to you. Goodnight Kitty.”

Kitty: “I’m not sure I could trust you Fred. I’d always wonder when you’d disappear again.”

Freddie: “I understand.”

The sad thing is I really don’t think he DOES understand.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Cowboy

It’s a chilly fall morning here in Kitty’s part of town. Kitty has been wanting to write but life keeps getting in the way. Kitty is a little melancholy today but no worries. It will pass. It never fails. Just when things seem hopeless Kitty gets an email or a text or I run into a friend at the market. Kitty doesn’t let life get me down.

Kitty’s Ashley Madison life always seems so much simpler than my vanilla life. My Ashley Madison friends accept me for who I am. My blogging friends accept me for who I am. Who am I?

Well…Kitty is just about the same person in my vanilla life that I am in my Ashley Madison life only with clothes on. Kitty is bright, funny, loving and yes…somewhat over the amount that I would like to weigh. In my Ashley Madison life this plays little or no part but in Kitty’s vanilla life, it apparently means everything.

Kitty has been working with a client lately. He is a cowboy. Typically if Kitty is working with you, things are not too good in your life. But Kitty is also very compassionate and likes to see the good in people. The Cowboy is single and he is a man of simple means and for whatever reason Kitty is attracted to him. I’m attracted to his vulnerability I suppose. I’m attracted to the simplicity of his life…with the exception of the fact that the mother of his child is in and out of his house. Kitty can picture a vanilla life with the Cowboy while still enjoying my independence and perhaps a little Ashley Madison fun as well.

Nevertheless when Kitty wants something or someone, I go for it. So the Cowboy very casually invited Kitty and the kids to his farm for a visit. Kitty jumped right on it but I suppose his invitation was more out of politeness for Kitty’s overzealous interest in his business and his life in general.

We had planned for this past Sunday and although Kitty was dressed more for a date than a farm visit I mentally prepared to make the trek to the farm in good faith. A few hours before we were supposed to head over the Cowboy called and had to cancel. His reason was more than legitimate and although Kitty tried to convince myself that things on a farm happen and we can’t be touring in the midst of this business, the bottom line is the Cowboy just isn’t interested in Kitty.

When he called to explain why he had to cancel Kitty said, “It’s really no problem. Maybe sometime we can get a drink or something.”

The Cowboy answered, “well here’s the thing…I don’t drink.” Kitty wasn’t put off so much by the fact that the Cowboy doesn’t drink as much as the fact that he didn’t say, “But we can grab lunch or something if you want”.

Since I was in a public place when he called I texted the Cowboy later and said, “Sorry, couldn’t talk when you called. I meant to say if you want to get together another time to let me know. It doesn’t have to be for an alcoholic drink and it doesn’t have to be for a date. Just thought you might want to talk/vent…”

The Cowboy replied, “Sounds good. Thanks”.

While trying to over analyze the Cowboy’s short but clear message that he was just not interested Kitty was texting a blogging friend who said, “He could have had the blowjob of his life at a minimum.”

Kitty, “Looks are deceiving. Most single guys can’t see past my dowdy, somewhat overweight exterior and my soccer mom minivan. More often they will go for the hot chick who is using them for their money.”

Blog friend, “Well, I look at it differently. I guess because I am married the discreet soccer mom milf who knows how to shut her mouth is a huge turn on. By the time we are 50 we are all imperfect as far as our bodies but the flip side is we know how to be erotic. That is why I avoid younger and visibly hot women…I see drama…I see home wrecker…I see danger.”

And so…we will see. Kitty doesn’t hold much hope for the Cowboy but you just never know. Keep good thoughts for Kitty this week a playmate in my vanilla life is just what the doctor ordered and let’s face it…who DOESN’T want to fuck a Cowboy at least once in their life.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sins of the Father

I’ve been thinking a lot about sinning lately. It’s that time of the year where in my faith we do that. Also, a few different blogging buddies made comments that made me think about it.

Now that Kitty is single, I really don’t consider what I do as “sinning”. I’m going to try to explain my thought process but this may or may not sound logical so bear with me.

The way I look at it is that the men I have been with are pretty decent guys. They don’t lie about being married in fact as far as I know; they don’t lie to me at all. In reality they have no reason to lie to me. I’m not their wife and I’m not their mother. Most of the guys I see that are married are a hell of a lot nicer than some of the single guys I have seen.

As far as the married guys…well the way I see it is that they are doing what they need to do to keep their families intact and keep their sanity at the same time. I’ve been where they are. I couldn’t keep up the charade but I do give them credit for continuing to do what is best for their families and of course Kitty would never interfere with that.

So maybe Kitty’s logic is warped but in today’s world we have to do whatever it takes to get through and if it means sneaking away for a few hours of bliss with Kitty well…who am I to judge ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Naughty Kitty Private Investigator

A few weeks ago Kitty started corresponding with a new potential playmate. He's an attorney so let's call him Esq (esquire). Esq is extremely protective of his identity. Kitty is used to dealing with that and while in the past Kitty will admit that I have on occasion met men and fucked them in spite of the fact that I did not know their full names...well...those days are gone. I mean JEEZ-US make up a fake name if you want to but don't be evasive. Kitty HATES evasive.

Now Kitty is at a point where I have little or no patience for nonsense and since I have a small pool of potential playmates to play with I really don't need to waste any time on Esq. so you are asking, "Kitty why ARE you wasting your valuable time?"

Well, I will tell you. See, Kitty needs a certain type of playmate these days. Among other things Kitty needs someone strong willed. Kitty needs someone who is going to take charge in the bedroom. Now Kitty has met several wonderful men who do this but another new twist is that Kitty needs someone who I will not become attached to. Kitty is a bit vulnerable right now so I am looking for just the right match. Now you see this back and forth between Esq. and Kitty has got Kitty so totally frustrated and Esq. is being such an asshole about it by signing texts "Love Thomas Jefferson" and shit like that. Annoying right??? Well, it turns out this arrogance on Esq.'s part makes him a perfect play mate candidate right now for Kitty. Kitty hates an arrogant man and yet I get the sense that this guy is bossy in bed which is a complete turn on for Kitty.

So Esq. is going to be in town this weekend and has been taunting me over this name thing. I just can't let him get away with that. I tell most of my lovers that in the bedroom they can boss me around all they want to. They can say whatever they want to but outside of the bedroom if they say half the things they want to I'd rip them a new asshole. Since we are outside of the bedroom for the time being Kitty cannot let Esq. win this game.

So this morning at work Kitty did a little google research. Now this is exactly why Esq. did not want to give me his real name. He didn't want me to google him. Kitty had a sense that he was more important in his own mind. I didn't recognize his photos so I knew he wasn't a celebrity attorney or higher up politician. Kitty did my google search and within 5 minutes of searching his first name and where he said his office was located I found a picture of him on his firm's website. BINGO!!!!!

Kitty did just a little more research to make absolutely sure it was him. While the thought of the look on his face when he realizes I found out his real name makes Kitty wet, the thought of the huge ego boost he would get if Kitty guessed the wrong name makes Kitty desert dry.

So now that the Kitty is out of the bag so to speak Kitty needs to think of a clever way to let Esq. know that I know his real identity and that I WON...and then Kitty and Esq. can play ;)

Technology Can be a Dangerous Thing

So something kind of funny happened in our office the other day. I thought I'd share it here since nobody else would probably appreciate it. We all know that Kitty receives dozens and dozens of cock shots from all over the WORLD! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but I am fortunate enough to run with a select crowd of men that enjoy sending photos to Kitty. In fact I think word may have gotten around the office because the other day my boss sat at my computer to update something. My phone which was sitting to the right of him “pinged”. He said, “Here you may want to take this in case it’s a picture,” then he handed me the phone, barely touching it as though it was a dirty diaper.

Now what kind of friend would I be if I didn't accept these photos and in some cases share them with a friend?

Well...I actually did that not too long ago. A fellow blogger sent me a picture of his very erect cock. I have to say and cannot fully describe how absolutely beautiful this cock is. Kitty just had to share this picture with a friend so I shared it with a friend at work. And she agreed that this particular cock was something to be adorned. She felt so strongly about the picture that she decided to save it onto her phone.

Now we all happen to have iPhones where I work. I'm not sure how other phones work but with iPhone there is a little icon at the bottom of the picture that allows you to either save the photo to your phone, send in a text, email or post to Facebook.

Well, my girl...not sure what she did exactly but she clicked to save she apparently sent the picture somewhere other than her phone. When she tried to find it on her phone she couldn't. She looked in her family photos. She looked in her texts. The more she looked the more and more frantic she became. The more frantic she became the harder we laughed. We laughed so hard Kitty almost wet my pants and not in a good way.

In the end we never found the picture on her phone. All we were able to do was confirm that she did not post it on Facebook but every time the topic of pictures of any kind comes up we both break out into hysterical laughter.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Thanks for Sharing"

The other night I started watching a movie. It was called “Thanks for Sharing”. The movie was about sex addiction. As I watched the movie and these people fighting an addiction along the same lines as alcoholism, I reflected on my own situation.

There was a time when Kitty acted out. There was a time when Kitty met strange men in hotel rooms, fucked them and then left. Interestingly enough, once Kitty was single, that drive to do dangerous sexual things subsided. Does Kitty still meet men in hotel rooms? Sure but not necessarily the first meeting. Kitty rarely gets so worked up that we skip the initial coffee meeting.

As the movie progressed and one of the characters began to backslide, Kitty watched him scramble to find a prostitute. The female character played by Pink was who Kitty most identified with in a way. She lost her best friend because Pink fucked her “old man”. Kitty has thought about it. Have I fucked any of my girlfriend’s “old men”? No but on occasion I have looked for them on Ashley Madison.

Even though sex was a major contributing factor to the demise of my second marriage, Kitty put my safety at risk on several levels but I have yet to hire a prostitute or let sex get in the way of my work. Notice Kitty didn’t say that I have yet to fuck one of my bosses because let’s face it, for all intents and purposes XXX was and still sort of is one of Kitty’s boss.

So the question remains, are we sex addicts?