Monday, January 5, 2015

Travelling Salesman

“Happy New Year!” He said as he opened the door to greet Kitty. Kitty walked in, kissed him on the lips then put the rather large cheese tray down on the table. I had to chuckle on my way up to the suite. I thought to myself that it very may well be the same suite I had fucked Top Gun in several months ago. It turned out it was the suite next door but the Travelling Salesman had done well.

He poured me a glass of wine as I unwrapped the cheese tray, lit candles and we chatted for quite a while sitting on the couch in the sitting room. Kitty had begun to think this was never going to happen when he excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he came out he sat a bit closer to Kitty on the couch and we began to kiss. I had remembered from the last time that we were not quite in sync but Kitty continued working with his tongue trying to change the rhythm. He ran his tongue down my neck and gently across my shoulder when Kitty finally said, “Do you want to go into the bedroom?”

We walked into the bedroom each holding a candle and began once again to kiss. Kitty took off the Travelling Salesman’s shirt and he removed mine. I quickly removed his jeans and then my own. Kitty was please to see his erection through his boxer briefs and kissed him a few seconds more before gently exposing it. I wasn’t sure if I should sink to my knees and suck on his cock. He had been so conservative up to this point. Kitty did not want to overstep my bounds.

“Let’s lay down,” he said

We moved to the bed and once again began kissing. Our rhythm was more in sync by now and Kitty was ever so wet. Kitty gently moved my tongue down his chest and toward his nipples. I nibbled each gently then moved my tongue down his stomach, his inner thigh just grazing his balls. I put his cock into my mouth and began to suck gently as I heard his breath quicken and felt his hand on my head. Kitty moved back up to his mouth then he climbed on top of Kitty He reciprocated by running his tongue around Kitty’s nipples, down my stomach then over my clit and although Kitty craved more he got up on his knees and said, “I’ve got a condom”. Kitty watched as he put the condom on his cock then pushed between Kitty’s legs. Just as his cock entered into Kitty he said, “You ARE a beautiful woman.” To which Kitty’s answer was, “Thank you that feels good.”

He moved slowly and methodically as Kitty expected and now has begun to enjoy. As he thrusted Kitty caught his nipple in my mouth. I began sucking and heard him say, “Oh yes…oh yes” so Kitty nibbled and before I realized I was full on biting when he groaned and I could tell he had cum.

We lay talking for a bit. He was not quick to give any information as to his desires, wants, and needs answering with a simple, “I am easy to please.”
Kitty is used to men asking me to do things their wives will not do but rather than belabor the point Kitty decided to go with the flow and run through a list of things that the Travelling Salesman might like but be too shy to ask for.

What do you all think?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bringing the New Year in With a Bang!

It's New Year's Eve...the calm before the storm in my line of work so on the one hand Kitty is on edge and on the other completely enjoying the quiet in my office this morning. Aside from Kitty's frustration over health issues I am well. Oh don't you worry about Kitty. There is nothing serious going on although my boss took the pleasure of calling me "old" the other day and told me my body is starting to “break down”.

Don't ask me why but I had some days to use up in December. I had stashed them aside for potential playdates but things just never worked out so I decided to catch up on some doctor's appointments instead. That was a bad BAD choice. For future reference if you have a choice between taking time off from work for a play date or a doctor’s appointment CHOOSE THE PLAY DATE!!!

Needless to say Kitty is in the midst of trying to straighten out some sort of problem with my eyes which I use ALL THE TIME for work and have zero time and zero patience for fuck ups and I suspect the doctor fucked up so now I am pissed and seriously those of you who know me in the real world, know that you don’t want to piss off Kitty.

Whew…today apparently is the day of venting for Kitty so I apologize…rant over.

Kitty is looking forward to a playdate with Traveling Salesman tomorrow. He seems extremely conservative. Kitty always likes guys like that and always wants to tap into that naughty side of them . So the funny thing about the Traveling Salesman is that through all of our emails…all of our vanilla dinner dates Travelling Salesman has neglected to ask Kitty’s real name…even just my first name. At this point it would be a little uncomfortable for him don’t you think?

So in light of what is going on Kitty is looking forward to starting the New Year off with a “bang”.

You never know what the day will hold so take advantage of everything life has to offer while you can. That’s the mantra Kitty tries to live by.

Happy 2015 everybody. Kitty wishes each of you a happy and healthy New Year filled with orgasms and great sex.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Wife

Last night I had a dream that she and I were sitting down at a table…his wife and I. He was in the other room. She began talking about their relationship. I was thinking, “I just fucked him Monday.” I was waiting for her to confront me and then…I woke up.

In reality I did see her the other day. I wasn’t caught completely off guard. I was on her turf…shopping and visiting a friend. I didn’t see her at first and went about my business of shopping. My friend checked in with me here and there and we walked around together admiring the work of other artists. My friend left me so she could tend to her booth and then I saw her…the wife.  At first I wasn’t sure it was her but she mentioned her dogs. She had bags in each of her hands and she was having a conversation with a friend of hers. I wanted to hit her friend. The friend was talking about what a wonderful room mother she used to be when her kids were young and how everyone wanted her to be their room mother. It took every ounce of restraint I had not to add my two cents…but I didn’t. I stole glances of his wife as I thought to myself, “I just fucked your husband two days ago.” His wife looked over at me. She did not smile. I may have smiled a bit. She was not as pretty as her pictures. She was dowdy and somewhat boring. I went about my business and she left.

All I could think was how very natural it was to run into her and how ironic it was that after all these years this was the first time this had ever happened. I wondered for a moment how other mistresses would react and then I thought I acted exactly as I should have. I have neither right nor any desire to interfere in their life together. It was interesting to see her in person but nothing more.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Color Wars

He was running late so Kitty checked us into the hotel. It was a dark and rainy night and a little frightening walking up the stairwell alone especially when I saw a door ajar in the dark corner and the lights in the room did not go on when I turned on the switch. I managed to find one working lamp in the room. If I had known he was going to be so late I would have brought some sexy lingerie and taking a shower. Instead I lay on the bed watching television and texted him as he was on his way. After about an hour there was a startling knock at the door. I cautiously opened the door as he pushed it open forcefully. He had just come from coaching basketball wearing sweats and looking like the jock he was in high school. He was carrying his overnight bag and stopped on his way into the room to give Kitty a kiss…and then a more passionate kiss which made Kitty weak at the knees.

He put his things down on the bed and began to unpack. He had stopped at Target on the way and picked up a portable speaker, disinfectant, baby oil, honey and candles. He tossed the candles in my direction and I began to set them up. He set up Pandora to a smooth jazz playlist which was incredibly sexy. Then he sprayed the entire room with disinfectant which made Kitty smile and laugh. He sat on the edge of the bed and immediately grabbed my feet. He admired the fact that they were so small and I was happy that I had taken the time to paint my toenails and moisturize.
We kissed slowly and in perfect sync. His tongue hit my mouth in just the right places. I nibbled on his top lip and he jumped up and said, “Let me just take a quick shower. Five minutes.”

Kitty undressed down to my panties and bra and slipped into bed as he did after his shower. Again we began to kiss ever so slowly. He moved so slowly it was absolutely refreshing waiting to unhook my bra and slip off my panties. Kitty rubbed his bulge and could tell that he was hard already but before I could reach for his cock, he moved down to kitty’s pussy and began ever so gently to lick me and it was unbelievable and Kitty began to moan.

He moved up and rubbed his cock against Kitty’s clit. “Open your eyes,” he said “I want to see your face”.

I opened my eyes and smiled as I saw his face looking down at me, “That smile,” he said. “You are dangerous.”

Kitty thought about my secret life and silently agreed. We moved together slowly, our bodies responding in kind to each other’s touch. His voice alone was enough to make me cum but his gently touch; the dimly lit room and the smooth jazz playing in the background put me over the edge. Shortly thereafter he pulled out and came on kitty’s stomach.

We lay together talking, joking and laughing about our home town, our former classmates, our secret affair, our kids, our exes all the while kissing and touching. This was something Kitty doesn’t ever remember experiencing before.

After a short rest, Kitty began to kiss him. I nibbled gently on his lip then his nipples as he moaned with pleasure. Kitty ran my tongue down his stomach until I finally reached his cock. I gently ran my tongue around the head as he gasped, “Oh my God that feels good, Baby.” Kitty sucked the head just a little bit, ran my tongue up and down one side of the shaft then the other. Kitty continued as his breath began to quicken. “Ride my cock,” he commanded. Kitty climbed aboard with glee and began to gyrate as he called my name and said things like, “You like that big, black, hard cock inside of you don’t you?” He was right of course although just after that first kiss at the hotel room door Kitty had completely forgotten the race difference between us. All I could focus on was the way his lips felt on my mouth, the way his tongue felt on my pussy, the way his cock felt inside of me and the sound of his voice as he called out my name.

It’s been a long time since Kitty has wanted to curl up in a man’s arms and fall asleep much less spend the night together. This was one of those times. Unfortunately the reality of life waited at home for Kitty and I had to leave him. I hope to see him again although it is not likely. Kitty had a wonderful time.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Race To The Finish

So what’s new with Kitty? Well…all SORTS of things!! Things are moving along. Thanksgiving was fun and really put Kitty in the mood to celebrate the rest of the holiday season.

So what’s new in Kitty’s “LIFE” you ask…well…Kitty has met two “new” men. The first is a Traveling Man. He is a salesman and even though he says he travels 70% of the time it sounds more like 95%. We met for drinks not too long ago. He was surprisingly handsome. So much so that Kitty agreed to meet him again. The Traveling Man is a slow mover. Kitty doesn’t know what to make of that but I sure am having fun learning. The second time we met he actually gave Kitty a proper kiss with tongue and everything!! Who knows what a third date will bring but I sure can’t wait to find out. Kitty’s attitude lately is basically if nothing else comes of it, I am meeting new and interesting people. The Traveling Man is interesting as well as handsome so our next meeting should be interesting to say the least.

Something interesting about Kitty that you may or may not know depending on if you know me in person…Kitty’s real self always seems to shine through even in my vanilla life. Last week a friend that I went to high school with was in town. We agreed to meet for drinks after work. Now this old high school buddy happens to be from a different race. Surprisingly Kitty has never fucked outside my race. The opportunity has never presented itself but it may very soon.

It turns out my old high school friend is recently separated. We had a very nice dinner together and chatted non-stop. You just know the entire time Kitty was looking at him wondering what it would be like to fuck him. Wondering what his lips would feel like on mine. Wondering if he would run his tongue along my pussy just the way I like it. Wondering if he would fuck me doggie style. But alas he walked me to my car after dinner, I gave him a respectful peck on the cheek and we went our separate ways.

I’m not sure which of his texts lead me to believe he may be interested in more than just a friendship but I definitely read things right because later in the morning before Thanksgiving he made a remark about our “date”

Kitty: “Oh so are we DATING now?”

High School Buddy: “Well, that depends on you…”

Bottom line…we have been texting, chatting and have a mini weekend getaway planned this weekend.

It’s going to be a great holiday season!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Gaining Perspective

This weekend was a weekend of enlightenment for Kitty. In fact, the past few weeks have opened my eyes to a lot of things. Kitty has been doing a lot of research on Feng Shui and have started to make changes to my home specifically my bedroom in order to invite fortune as well as LOVE. Yes, I know…horrifying isn’t it? Kitty is ready to find love…well…just about ready.

Another thing I did was go to see a “Medium” and as I explained to one of my blogging buddies…yes…I am one of THOSE. Kitty is constantly searching for that connection to the other side. I’m not sure how legitimate the medium was but we had a very nice conversation and she really touched on some sensitivities that Kitty has…or HAD.

So while Kitty is working on enlightenment I met a man. He’s a nice guy. Very well spoken, highly educated and he absolutely adores Kitty…kind of like the way Kitty felt about The Cowboy.

So, what’s the problem? You are probably asking. Well…as much as Kitty likes “Mr. Down and Out”, Kitty is simply not attracted to him. We have spoken on the phone every night since we met online and as I mention over and over Kitty HATES talking on the phone. During our conversations Kitty has learned that Mr. Down and Out has no family. He was laid off from his high paying job and is doing temp work. He is divorced, had a falling out with his kids and is being medicated for bi-polar disorder. See what Kitty is saying?

So what would the obvious thing be to do in a situation where you meet a Mr. Down and Out? You got it! Kitty invited him for Thanksgiving!!! Now, Kitty is not having regrets about that…not at all. In fact as I tell my kids, it’s the whole premise of the season the way I see it. So Mr. Down and Out will be joining Kitty’s family this holiday season.

Sadly, Kitty had to explain to him that we are never going to be a couple. Kitty tried to explain to Mr. Down and Out that this winter will be a particularly difficult time for me at work and so the idea of starting a relationship at this time would be foolish.

The interesting thing about all of this is that I had a revelation. The way I feel about Mr. Down and Out is the way The Cowboy (and probably many other men) feel about Kitty. They “like” Kitty. They just aren’t ATTRACTED to Kitty. There is simply nothing Kitty can do about either situation. You are turned on by who you are turned on by and there is no rhyme or reason. It just is.

Kitty wishes you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Kitty will keep plugging away according to the “Medium”, 2015 is Kitty’s year to find love and good fortune. I sure hope so. Kitty could use a little love and good fortune.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Kitty had every intention of baking cranberry bread last night. The kids were going to dinner with Angry Guy. Kitty has been doing well on my “diet” and even planned a healthy dinner for myself before the baking was to commence.

I received an email from him on AM. Just a “how ya doin’ ?” type of email which I thought was kind of funny in light of the fact that he can and sometimes does text me directly at no charge.

I texted him back and asked if he was working or if he had his kids. He said “neither” so I invited him for a drink. We’ve met before…just once for dinner over the summer. We’ve kept in touch. We’ve become friends.

We texted for a bit…playful texts. He said something about lifting my skirt and taking a picture for him so I texted him a nipple shot quickly. He was driving and I will admit there is a naughty side of me that enjoys distracting men while they are driving. He’s calmer though, not easily distracted. He said the picture made him hard.

He was right. By 6:00 that evening Kitty had her hands all over his rock hard cock and it felt nice. Initially he planned to tease me with his cock. Yes, he occasionally reads this blog and knows that’s kitty’s kryptonite. It didn’t take much coaxing before his rock hard cock was thrusting into Kitty’s warm, wet pussy first in missionary then he felt oh so nice fucking Kitty from behind as he stood at the edge of the bed. As he fucked me he said things like, “I love this ass” as he gave it a smack. Knowing how much Kitty enjoys riding a hard cock he gave me the opportunity to do that. At one point he looked into Kitty’s eyes and said, “You are a good looking woman.”

After we were both satisfied we lay in bed chatting. He reminded Kitty that the last time we texted I had fallen for someone. I let my guard down and got cut off at the knees. I liked that he cared enough to ask and was happy to report that particular person was out of my life but the sting of the Cowboy’s disinterest still cut like a knife.

I asked him what he thought about the situation but as we fucked and as he complimented my body, my looks, how much he enjoyed my mouth and my pussy I couldn’t help but feel as though things were going to work out for the best. Everything happens for a reason. I tell my kids that all the time and yes, I believe it.

Someday there may be a man that will appreciate Kitty in my vanilla life. The possibility does exist.

In the end Kitty had to leave. One of the last things he said to me was, “with all the exercise we just got and missing dinner tonight Kitty will be at fighting weight in no time.”

Funny…Kitty was thinking the same thing.