Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Giddy Up!

Hey there! How are ya'll doing? You may be asking yourself "Why is Kitty talking like a cowgirl?"
Well I'ma gonna tell ya!

Kitty is wet. Kitty is horny and Kitty is ready to get back in the saddle! Can I get a "Hell YEAH!"?

Kitty is also re-establishing her "stable" as her work bestie likes to call it. Kitty's "stable" as she lovingly refers to it was the group of men that Kitty used to fuck. Let me just say there was some quality cock in there so it is going to take some time to build that back up.

So quick update for those of you wondering. Yes, Kitty's monogamous relationship is on hold for at least until this Covid 19 scare is dealt with. To be honest I am not quite sure that SS is completely out of the picture yet but things are definitely going to change going forward and Kitty is once again free.

Unfortunately, Kitty has also put on more weight which as you all know was a constant struggle for me to begin with. Kitty is going to work on that because Kitty has been in touch with one of my former fun playmates Esq and after this quarantine is done he wants to get together with or without Sidekick.

For those of you who are not up to speed, Sidekick was our third in threesome when we had it and damn was that fun!

So I just wanted to give you all a heads up because I am so wet and horny right now thinking about Esq's rock hard cock and riding it that I wanted to share the love.

Stay tuned. I'll be sure to report back.

And in the meantime ya'll stay safe and stay happy.


Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Blast From the Past

Wow! It's been so long since Kitty has written that I couldn't even log on!! I did it though. I can't tell you all how much I miss everybody. The one thing I really miss about blogging is the community of people that we've created. I do like to stay in touch off line so please do not hesitate to email me just to catch up.

As far as Kitty's vanilla life goes, all is well! Kitty is full blown monogamous and not hating it! BF is not a bowl of cherries everyday but then again neither is Kitty. The important thing is that the sex continues to be fun and exciting as well as consistent.

One crazy thing is that Kitty has had several disturbing brushes with the past. This past summer Kitty and daughter were walking to the swim club. We passed a car with a young woman and a man that looked like Surfer Dude. He and Kitty looked at one another but said nothing. We both had sunglasses on so it was difficult to know for sure if it was him.  For whatever reason Kitty was taken aback and somewhat unnerved. Over time the feeling passed. Several weeks ago Surfer Dude contacted Kitty regarding a professional matter. Okay, no problem...Kitty can deal with that. Kitty and Surfer ended up talking on the phone and sure enough the man in the car WAS him!!!

Okay so then BF and Kitty bought a house and have been renovating the house. As a result we have been spending alot of time and money at the local Home Depot. Who do you think Kitty sees working right there in the door department but good old RAV! Does anybody even remember him? Well he's the jerk Kitty wrote the book about. He looked so familiar and at first again Kitty was taken aback. The other night he was there and on his way out. I ask his associate his last name and sure enough it is him. Interestingly enough RAV was some big executive type who traveled worldwide. According to the real estate ads he's selling his million dollar pad and now works at Home Depot. Kitty wants to know what that's about.

Initially Kitty was so disturbed by the latest sighting of RAV and confirming that it was in fact him that I texted my Blogging Bestie. Anyway, he encouraged me to post again.

I warned him that it would not be a sexy post. I apologize for that. I think once things calm down at home and Kitty gets a computer set up in the new place maybe I will try to get back to writing again.

In the meantime I am blessed and truly living my best life. I have no regrets for my past but is the past and I prefer to leave it there.

Happy holidays everybody!!

Love from Kitty

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Peace, Love and All That Crap

Yesterday was a weird day for Kitty. My life has taken such a different turn. I mean that in a good way, it's just that I'm so surprised to find myself in a committed, monogamous relationship and actually for the most part content in my vanilla life. Of course as you know from my last post, SS and Kitty have our ups and downs like all monogamous couples but in the end we have a connection that I don't remember ever having with any other man.

For some strange reason I take comfort in the fact that we are not married...well...legally anyway. We are completely committed to one another and Kitty would not cheat but the idea of signing the papers to legalize our relationship makes Kitty's chest tighten and not in a good way.

SS, the kids and Kitty have a little joke among us. Back when Kitty and SS started dating, Kitty made a scrumptious pie for one of the summer holidays. One of Kitty's strengths is that Kitty is a good cook and good baker. So Kitty made a pie and made the mistake of saying,"you know men have asked me to marry them over this pie." Now Kitty simply was trying to get across the fact that the pie was exceptionally delicious. Kitty is NOT looking for a marriage proposal from SS or any other man! Well SS being the teaser that he is continues to torture me over that statement and so with each pie Kitty makes, SS feigns fighting back a marriage proposal after each and every bite. Kitty and the kids have learned to brace ourselves knowing the torture is coming. Between you and me, there are times when SS seems like he really does want to get married but Kitty shuts it down because as much as Kitty loves SS, the thought of being thrown back into the marriage trap scares Kitty and I'm pretty sure you should not feel scared when you think of marrying the one you love so Kitty is taking that as a strong sign to just enjoy what we have which is a marriage without papers.

So in the midst of baking this amazing pie yesterday in the beautiful house that SS has been renovating, Kitty received a text from T-Bone. Yes, you all remember T-Bone don't you? Well, T-Bone over the past few years got divorced then found a girlfriend and now apparently broke up with said girlfriend. So T-Bone and Kitty texted back and forth a bit. T-Bone first said he had so many girlfriends that he can't keep track then asked Kitty if I have any bored friends that might want to fuck him. Okay...Let me just say that Kitty's friends are not nearly as fun or open minded sexually  as Kitty so the answer to that question will always be "NO". Keep in mind, this is my secret life for a reason. Kitty's vanilla friends have no idea what Kitty is capable of in the bedroom. Oh they know Kitty is sassy but they have no idea about my blog or about my secret life...then it wouldn't be secret...DUH!

So if any of my online friends is looking for some action, let me know and I will put you in touch with T-Bone.

Another weird thing that happened yesterday was that Kitty ran into Surfer Dude at our pool. Kitty assumes he saw me and SD, if you are reading this Kitty says "Hi". Kitty's son was with me and although he does not know the entire story of Surfer Dude he knows enough to know that we were involved. The interesting conversation between Kitty and son once we realized that Surfer Dude was there:

Son: "Does he know who I am?"

Kitty: "Probably, we are friends on Facebook."

Son: "I don't get how you can be friends with your exes. I have to cut them off."

Kitty: "It's not the same in this situation. We have no hard feelings. We were never monogamous and we've been friends on Facebook all this time. I have nothing to hide and have no hard feelings. As far as I know neither does he."

So again, SD, if you are reading this, Kitty wants to say "Hi". You look well and I am glad you are happy and I hope that you will not feel uncomfortable running into Kitty. I certainly would never put you or your family at risk for any hurt now or in the future. Peace, Love and all that crap xoxo

Can Kitty just make one more point since it is so difficult anymore for me to find time to post to this blog.

More and more Angry Guy is acting out. Kitty is sure that it is because our kids are grown and just about out of the house. We have been divorced for 5 years now and Kitty has just sold our family home and moved to a new place of my own. AG is probably feeling out of control. DUDE, you are the LAST to know that you have no control over Kitty!!! Anyway, he's been saying some pretty awful things to and about Kitty. On occasion Kitty will reflect on the past and to be honest Kitty has absolutely NO REGRETS about the things I have done in the past especially during our marriage.

Okay when I look back it was insanely stupid and dangerous to meet strange men in hotel rooms for sex. I do not see myself doing that now. Clearly Kitty was acting out but again I have no regrets. Kitty learned so much from those experiences and Kitty grew from each one.

I'm not quite sure how to express this but I get an insane amount of satisfaction knowing what I did and the fact that he could never imagine the things Kitty did during our marriage right under his nose because he was just too fucking lazy to care.

Anyway, just have been wanting to get that all out and to wish you all a safe and happy summer along with peace, love and all that crap :)

Friday, June 22, 2018

"Nobody is a Bowl of Cherries EVERYday"

It's funny that we are here again and by funny I mean sad. It's me...I know it is. Is Kitty too demanding of attention? Are my expectations too high?

SS used to say "Nobody is a bowl of cherries Everyday." He said that when we first got together. The past few weeks have been...I don't know...a little off. Oh don't get me wrong, the sex is still amazing and yet Kitty is starting to feel a little taken for granted outside of the bedroom.

Case in point, one of my big issues with Angry Guy was that overtime he managed to get out of attending any function with me (weddings, birthday parties, etc) using work as an excuse. I half jokingly tell people that I got to a point before he left where I just needed to learn how to work the grill, mow the lawn and use the weed whacker and he'd be replaced. Those three things took less than a week for Kitty to master.

Now SS works an insane schedule and Kitty has a few months where I work insane hours so I am empathetic. But in no time at all Kitty finds myself going to functions alone or not at all. Today Kitty doesn't even recognize myself. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!?

Last night for some reason flipped a switch for Kitty. The past few weeks have been filled with awards dinners and ceremonies. Kitty would not dare expect SS to attend. Last night Kitty took my kids out and met a group of friends to celebrate. I did invite SS and he declined. Now it's Kitty's fault I suppose for assuming he declined because he was working late and tired. But then half way through our dinner he began sending me pictures of his grandson's graduation from 8th grade. So he DID manage to muster up some energy.

This morning Kitty was invited to a wine pairing at a local winery by a local business. Knowing that SS would decline I asked a few friends if they wanted to go then thought, "WTF?!?!? We are right back here again!" Right back where I was with Angry Guy...filling voids. And we all know that once Kitty is filling voids it's a hop, skip and a jump to cheating town.

Kitty texted the invitation to SS and asked if he'd go with me. "Thank you but I'll pass." with a kissy emoji is the response that I got. And so, reverting back to third grade Kitty texted, "Would you mind if I ask [Man #1] or [Man #2] to go with me?" That was nearly three hours ago and Kitty has not heard a peep out of SS. Believe me I know that this is extremely immature but it's like I can't help myself. It's like the movie "Ground Hog Day".

Not too long ago SS and Kitty were talking about his annual winter trip down south. He leaves for 10 weeks. This past winter was a tough one and he seemed very depressed and lonely. Kitty did not waver and was a good little kitty while SS was away. I have to be honest though. I was sort of hoping that he would opt not to go this winter, When we last talked about it he said, "It's lonely down there when you are in a relationship and the other person is not there. You are not free to go out and party etc."

It was at that point where Kitty took a deep breath and said,"Well, would you like to agree to see other people when you are down there?"

SS immediately said and emphatic ""NO!" But this all got Kitty thinking.

I'm not sure what to do here. I am truly at a loss. I love SS with all of my heart and I know he loves me but does love mean never going out on a date with the ONE you love again? Maybe Kitty is just having one of those days where I am not a bowl of cherries. Maybe tomorrow will be better with SS.

Maybe Kitty needs to find the girl that SS fell in love with in the first place. That was Naughty Kitty. That was "I don't give a fuck if you like me or not Kitty".

Do any of you have any suggestions?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rocky Road or Smooth Sailing?

I have to say, it's been a hell of a year! Crazy as it seems Kitty has fallen head over heels with someone who has fallen head over heels with Kitty. We have survived Kitty's crazy season at work, SS's crazier season at work, difficult teenagers and a 10 week long distance relationship. No no no no no no no no please do not think that Kitty is boasting. Kitty is just simply amazed. If you asked me two years ago if I could ever just be with one man, Kitty would say "NO!" And yet, here we are. He's all Kitty thinks about and he's the only man Kitty wants.

I think the thing that really amazes me is that we really have no secrets. Kitty does not lie to SS and he does not lie to Kitty. I really believe that. And while he has said he is not interested in Kitty's sordid past, he does know there is a past and that gives Kitty a certain amount of peace.

This morning Kitty felt compelled to write. When SS stopped off to say good morning and have a good day he walked toward me with a big adorable grin on his face and said, "last night was wonderful. Thank you!"

Now if you ask me, every time SS and Kitty fuck it is wonderful and believe me even though it is mostly vanilla fucking, it is still amazing. I think it is because Kitty gets turned on just from the idea that I can still turn on SS.

One thing that Kitty noticed is that the men I was with before seemed unimpressed. Oh occasionally someone like Biker Dude was impressed by the fact that Kitty "never said no". There wasn't anything that Kitty wasn't up for. Over time, yes, Kitty took some things off the menu but I was still open to whatever my playmate wanted to help get him off. SS is relatively mild with his requests. He likes when Kitty rides him which as you all know is one of Kitty's favorites. He loves doggie which of Kitty's faves. And he sure does love the way Kitty sucks his cock and Kitty just loves that too.

I'm not sure exactly why but every now and then things are a little different...a little naughtier...a little dirtier...not a lot...but just enough to get SS crazed with excitement and Kitty just loves that.

Yesterday SS and Kitty were texting as we do throughout the day. Mostly just different "I love you" emoji's etc. I know...I know...ICK but guess what? SS said something about meeting after some school function Kitty had to go to. Kitty texted something back like "have any cravings?" Now generally when Kitty says that, I am referring to dinner but this time, yes, Kitty was talking about fucking and SS answered in graphic detail about how he wanted to fuck Kitty's tits, cum in Kitty's mouth then kiss Kitty so he could taste his own cum. This sounded like a reasonable request to Kitty but I suppose my response was not enthusiastic enough. SS seemed let down until Kitty assured him that his "wish is my command."

Later when we were in bed, Kitty could tell that SS was even more excited than he normally is which believe me is as excited as an 18 year old boy gets. He began rubbing Kitty's clit just the right way. His hands are absolutely magical. He is a mechanic after all and in all Kitty's experience I have come to learn that tradesmen particularly mechanics are absolutely amazing with their hands. I could tell that he really wanted to fulfill his request as he made me cum just with his hands. Ordinarily we get sidetracked or distracted and once Kitty sees SS's rock hard cock, I cannot help but climb on it to ride. SS never objects of course. But this time was different. Kitty and SS remained focused. "must let SS fuck my tits." Kitty just kept repeating that in my head.

Once Kitty came SS asked, "What would you like now?"

Kitty had one choice, "fuck my tits," I said.

SS squeezed a little bit of lube between Kitty's tits, I squeezed them together around his hard cock sucking on the head every stroke he made toward my mouth. I could feel his body quiver as he came closer and closer to his climax and then he said, "coming". Kitty sucked in a bit of cum, let him finish then kissed him per his instructions.

Just thinking about it makes Kitty wet. This morning as SS approached Kitty to say good morning, I saw his devilish grin and could tell even before he said it that after 15 plus months Kitty can still excite and pleasure SS like the very first time and that makes Kitty happy.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Spell

Sitting across from him last night at dinner, I listened to him speak and thought, "God, I love this man!" Oh shit!!! There it is again...the "L" word!!! I can't help it. I use it all the time now. WE use it all the time. There are times that if I could crawl inside of him to get closer I would. The electricity when he grabs my hand as we walk or when his lips wrap around my nipples when we fuck is indescribable. It makes me wet just thinking about it.

"You are my Viagra," he tells me as I gaze at his beautiful rock hard cock  with absolutely no enhancements what so ever.

All it takes is a look...a glance...him brushing up against me and I become wet.

I often want to write to let my blogging buddies know that I am still here. I am well and happier than I could ever imagine and at the same time I have no idea how I got here. "It doesn't matter," he tells me when I say this to him. "The road ahead is what we need to focus on."

Every word out of his mouth is like poetry even in bed when he talks about fucking...but we don't "fuck" we make love. I know...gross...but it's true. The connection is undeniable and when I think about ever being with another man...well I can't and this is coming from a woman who made a pledge to never being monogamous again.

I am clearly under some sort of spell but it is a spell that I pray never breaks.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The "L" Word

YEP! It's out there. Kitty and "Someone Special" said the words and more importantly MEAN the words!! Can Kitty just tell you that in a million years I'd never expect to ever feel this way about anybody at this stage in our lives. We have this crazy connection that I just cannot put into words. The connection is not only intellectual and emotional but translates into the best sex Kitty has ever had which for those of you who may or may not know...Kitty has had some INCREDIBLE sex!

Okay so by now I can imagine you are all thinking "Ew GROSS, Kitty! Nobody wants to read about LOVE. We want the smut. We want the dirty nasty details of Kitty and 'Someone Special' fucking."

Well, it's funny actually. While SS can be so kind and romantic outside of the bedroom, he can be nasty and filthy in bed like nobody Kitty has ever fucked. In fact, sometimes Kitty gets a little startled when SS says, "God I love your cunt!"

So one difference between SS and Kitty is our working seasons. Kitty's busy season just ended and SS's is just beginning. SS was so wonderful and supportive during Kitty's busy season especially in light of the fact that we had just started dating that Kitty wants to be a supportive girlfriend to SS.

A few weeks ago in the midst of stress over lots of things going on at work SS got bronchitis. It was horrible. We hadn't fucked in two weeks which as you all know is a cruel punishment for Kitty. So once SS began to feel better Kitty thought, "How can Kitty show SS how much I missed him?"

Well let me just tell you all that nothing says "I love you and I missed you" better than an old fashioned blow job. You got it! Kitty met SS after work. He took a break from his work and went right up to his bedroom. He did not want to kiss on the lips as he felt as though he still might be contagious. Okay so we stood and Kitty began kissing his neck. He had taken off his clothes and was standing naked. His cock was already hard but Kitty took my time. I worked my way down to his cock and began to suck on the head. SS loves when I do that. Kitty loves to please SS and I knew that he wanted me to swallow. Initially when we started fucking I told him that I prefer not to swallow but by this time I had become so infatuated with SS that I would have done anything to please him and to make him feel good.

He asked me to take off my top and bra. SS loves Kitty's tits and Kitty loves that. He spends a lot of time on them which Kitty thinks is wonderful but alas it was time to get down to business. And so Kitty for I think the first time ever gave a full blown unadulterated blow job (including swallowing) to the man I have come to love and then sent his ass back to work.

I must admit, it was so much fun!!