Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rocky Road or Smooth Sailing?

I have to say, it's been a hell of a year! Crazy as it seems Kitty has fallen head over heels with someone who has fallen head over heels with Kitty. We have survived Kitty's crazy season at work, SS's crazier season at work, difficult teenagers and a 10 week long distance relationship. No no no no no no no no please do not think that Kitty is boasting. Kitty is just simply amazed. If you asked me two years ago if I could ever just be with one man, Kitty would say "NO!" And yet, here we are. He's all Kitty thinks about and he's the only man Kitty wants.

I think the thing that really amazes me is that we really have no secrets. Kitty does not lie to SS and he does not lie to Kitty. I really believe that. And while he has said he is not interested in Kitty's sordid past, he does know there is a past and that gives Kitty a certain amount of peace.

This morning Kitty felt compelled to write. When SS stopped off to say good morning and have a good day he walked toward me with a big adorable grin on his face and said, "last night was wonderful. Thank you!"

Now if you ask me, every time SS and Kitty fuck it is wonderful and believe me even though it is mostly vanilla fucking, it is still amazing. I think it is because Kitty gets turned on just from the idea that I can still turn on SS.

One thing that Kitty noticed is that the men I was with before seemed unimpressed. Oh occasionally someone like Biker Dude was impressed by the fact that Kitty "never said no". There wasn't anything that Kitty wasn't up for. Over time, yes, Kitty took some things off the menu but I was still open to whatever my playmate wanted to help get him off. SS is relatively mild with his requests. He likes when Kitty rides him which as you all know is one of Kitty's favorites. He loves doggie which of Kitty's faves. And he sure does love the way Kitty sucks his cock and Kitty just loves that too.

I'm not sure exactly why but every now and then things are a little different...a little naughtier...a little dirtier...not a lot...but just enough to get SS crazed with excitement and Kitty just loves that.

Yesterday SS and Kitty were texting as we do throughout the day. Mostly just different "I love you" emoji's etc. I know...I know...ICK but guess what? SS said something about meeting after some school function Kitty had to go to. Kitty texted something back like "have any cravings?" Now generally when Kitty says that, I am referring to dinner but this time, yes, Kitty was talking about fucking and SS answered in graphic detail about how he wanted to fuck Kitty's tits, cum in Kitty's mouth then kiss Kitty so he could taste his own cum. This sounded like a reasonable request to Kitty but I suppose my response was not enthusiastic enough. SS seemed let down until Kitty assured him that his "wish is my command."

Later when we were in bed, Kitty could tell that SS was even more excited than he normally is which believe me is as excited as an 18 year old boy gets. He began rubbing Kitty's clit just the right way. His hands are absolutely magical. He is a mechanic after all and in all Kitty's experience I have come to learn that tradesmen particularly mechanics are absolutely amazing with their hands. I could tell that he really wanted to fulfill his request as he made me cum just with his hands. Ordinarily we get sidetracked or distracted and once Kitty sees SS's rock hard cock, I cannot help but climb on it to ride. SS never objects of course. But this time was different. Kitty and SS remained focused. "must let SS fuck my tits." Kitty just kept repeating that in my head.

Once Kitty came SS asked, "What would you like now?"

Kitty had one choice, "fuck my tits," I said.

SS squeezed a little bit of lube between Kitty's tits, I squeezed them together around his hard cock sucking on the head every stroke he made toward my mouth. I could feel his body quiver as he came closer and closer to his climax and then he said, "coming". Kitty sucked in a bit of cum, let him finish then kissed him per his instructions.

Just thinking about it makes Kitty wet. This morning as SS approached Kitty to say good morning, I saw his devilish grin and could tell even before he said it that after 15 plus months Kitty can still excite and pleasure SS like the very first time and that makes Kitty happy.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Spell

Sitting across from him last night at dinner, I listened to him speak and thought, "God, I love this man!" Oh shit!!! There it is again...the "L" word!!! I can't help it. I use it all the time now. WE use it all the time. There are times that if I could crawl inside of him to get closer I would. The electricity when he grabs my hand as we walk or when his lips wrap around my nipples when we fuck is indescribable. It makes me wet just thinking about it.

"You are my Viagra," he tells me as I gaze at his beautiful rock hard cock  with absolutely no enhancements what so ever.

All it takes is a look...a glance...him brushing up against me and I become wet.

I often want to write to let my blogging buddies know that I am still here. I am well and happier than I could ever imagine and at the same time I have no idea how I got here. "It doesn't matter," he tells me when I say this to him. "The road ahead is what we need to focus on."

Every word out of his mouth is like poetry even in bed when he talks about fucking...but we don't "fuck" we make love. I know...gross...but it's true. The connection is undeniable and when I think about ever being with another man...well I can't and this is coming from a woman who made a pledge to never being monogamous again.

I am clearly under some sort of spell but it is a spell that I pray never breaks.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The "L" Word

YEP! It's out there. Kitty and "Someone Special" said the words and more importantly MEAN the words!! Can Kitty just tell you that in a million years I'd never expect to ever feel this way about anybody at this stage in our lives. We have this crazy connection that I just cannot put into words. The connection is not only intellectual and emotional but translates into the best sex Kitty has ever had which for those of you who may or may not know...Kitty has had some INCREDIBLE sex!

Okay so by now I can imagine you are all thinking "Ew GROSS, Kitty! Nobody wants to read about LOVE. We want the smut. We want the dirty nasty details of Kitty and 'Someone Special' fucking."

Well, it's funny actually. While SS can be so kind and romantic outside of the bedroom, he can be nasty and filthy in bed like nobody Kitty has ever fucked. In fact, sometimes Kitty gets a little startled when SS says, "God I love your cunt!"

So one difference between SS and Kitty is our working seasons. Kitty's busy season just ended and SS's is just beginning. SS was so wonderful and supportive during Kitty's busy season especially in light of the fact that we had just started dating that Kitty wants to be a supportive girlfriend to SS.

A few weeks ago in the midst of stress over lots of things going on at work SS got bronchitis. It was horrible. We hadn't fucked in two weeks which as you all know is a cruel punishment for Kitty. So once SS began to feel better Kitty thought, "How can Kitty show SS how much I missed him?"

Well let me just tell you all that nothing says "I love you and I missed you" better than an old fashioned blow job. You got it! Kitty met SS after work. He took a break from his work and went right up to his bedroom. He did not want to kiss on the lips as he felt as though he still might be contagious. Okay so we stood and Kitty began kissing his neck. He had taken off his clothes and was standing naked. His cock was already hard but Kitty took my time. I worked my way down to his cock and began to suck on the head. SS loves when I do that. Kitty loves to please SS and I knew that he wanted me to swallow. Initially when we started fucking I told him that I prefer not to swallow but by this time I had become so infatuated with SS that I would have done anything to please him and to make him feel good.

He asked me to take off my top and bra. SS loves Kitty's tits and Kitty loves that. He spends a lot of time on them which Kitty thinks is wonderful but alas it was time to get down to business. And so Kitty for I think the first time ever gave a full blown unadulterated blow job (including swallowing) to the man I have come to love and then sent his ass back to work.

I must admit, it was so much fun!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Here Kitty Kitty...

Where has Kitty gone? You may be asking yourself this and some other questions. Well...Kitty is here...alive and well and enjoying my crazy vanilla life which as I am sure you can all imagine, is not REALLY all that vanilla.

Truth be told Kitty has met a very "Special Someone" dare I say Kitty is IN-LOVE?!?!?!?!? Seriously I do not know what is up. All I know is that I have met a man and at this point in time do not want to be with any other man. This man fulfills me in every way. I believe he feels the same way as we have been practically inseparable since we got together.

I do really have to write about him and could never fit all that I have to say in just one post. Let me start by telling you that he is quite a bit older than Kitty and yet our age difference is not an issue between us on any level. He is very young for his age and Kitty is an old soul so we joke that he is 61 and Kitty is 60. Fuck the age difference! This guy can get hard like a 20 year old man without any pills and damn if that isn't a major turn on for Kitty especially knowing that I am the one who makes him hard.

I do adore him and love the fact that we do not have to hide or sneak around although we do a little in light of the fact that Kitty has two teenagers in the house and OH...did I mention that he is a CLIENT? Oh yeah...well it's a bit of a secret for the time being since he is an old friend of Kitty's boss and although my boss has seen us flirting, is unaware that we are officially in a "relationship." I know...crazy...RIGHT?!?!?

So, Kitty mostly just wanted to write a quick post to say hi to ya'll and let you know that even though I have not much time to write these days, I do think about it and all of you often.

Love and peace to all of you and please keep in touch <3

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

They Can't Stop Thinking...

I guess he can’t stop thinking about Kitty. I mean he JUST got married this past summer and he’s reaching out to me already? I can’t say that I am surprised. He was trying to get with Kitty before he finally tied the knot. He’s one of those guys that swears once the ink is dry he’ll be faithful. YEAH RIGHT!!!

But Kitty has changed. Married men don’t necessarily appeal to me anymore. Wait…let me rephrase…NEW married men don’t necessarily appeal to me these days. Kitty is quite content with the few married lovers that I have and then should Kitty meet a new single prospect…well…we will cross that bridge if and when we ever come to it.

So yes, Kitty owes you all yet another apology for dropping out of site. But Kitty’s vanilla life is quite busy leaving no time for Kitty to write not to mention trying to keep things sexy for you all.

In reality, yes, Kitty still has sex but as I said to a blogging buddy of mine, it’s not the “dirtier the better” sex that Kitty has had in the past. The sex Kitty has been having is more fulfilling. Kitty’s lovers have been around for a while and so our sex has become familiar and comfortable which is nice for Kitty but maybe not so exciting to read about.

Ahhh well. I do want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2017 and please feel free to email Kitty. I love keeping in touch!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End of Summer Fucking

Hey there!! How are you all? I’m not sure about you but Kitty is sort of looking forward to the end of summer. This has not been a great one for Kitty but I sure don’t want to complain. Thank goodness 

Kitty seems to be in good health and working on my last pesky issue with my back/sciatica. Yeah…it’s really been keeping Kitty honest that’s for sure. Aside from IMYM who left the scene early in July, Kitty has only had one play date.

Kitty always believes that things work out for the best and I’m not sure about you but I’ve noticed that play dates especially with married men pretty much come to a halt during the summer. I suppose it’s because kids are home from school, spouses are on vacation…whatever the reason it is not quite as easy to fly under the radar. Kitty totally gets that. Kitty still has to fly under the radar as well. Even though Kitty is single, I still have my secret life.

So today Kitty got a signal that summer is coming to an end and playmates are in touch and looking forward to playtime with Kitty and believe me the feeling is mutual. Kitty is surprisingly busy at work for this time of year so corresponding today was difficult. Just as an example I heard from Esq2, The Traveling Salesman, Dodger, Hammer…

Kitty was doing some work for one of Esq2’s clients. I made the mistake of texting him and said, “I’m working on one of your clients and all I can think about is riding your cock. How fucked up is that?!?!?!”

Esq2’s response was, “Understandable”. Can you believe what a mother fucker that guy is?? Man, his ego is incredible but damn does his cocky attitude make Kitty wet. I am pretty sure he knows it too.

Quite the opposite is IMYM. Now he and I have not been together since early July. Kitty has very little patience for IMYM’s drama with his Asian girlfriend. Mostly it bugs me when he lies to me about her and blows me off to do some ridiculous with her like play bingo for the 10th time in a week. The last time he did that I confronted him about it. He curled up in a little ball and disappeared until today.

Kitty made the mistake of calling him to ask a favor for a friend and yes it was a little bit of a rush knowing that I was calling him in the middle of playing his regular Wednesday morning bingo game with the Asian. I let the phone ring but did not leave a message. Damn! IMYM must have jumped up and threw his Bingo cards all over to bolt out and call me back. I’ve been laughing at the visual all day. So after the issue with the favor was resolved Kitty made the mistake of asking IMYM how he is. Sadly he took the whiner’s approach and whined, “Not real good.” Now listen, I don’t mean to be harsh but Kitty is strong and in charge 23 1/2 hours a day. Is it too much to ask that the men she fucks be MEN for just 30 minutes?!?!?! To make a long story short Kitty agreed to meet IMYM sometime but then Kitty got to thinking about fucking IMYM and that just distracted me even more. So I’m thinking about maybe just fucking IMYM when it’s convenient and scratching the whole vanilla dating thing. I mean he’s got a great cock and there is something sexy about sneaking around with him. So we will just have to see about that.

Ahhh and then there is the Traveling Salesman. Kitty sure does love to get him wound up. He’s a tough one to describe. He seems very straight laced sort of like Kitty but I just feel like there’s a dirty little male slut aching to get out so today of all days Kitty took the bait and toyed with the Salesman. Oh we had our usual vanilla emails back and forth. “Does Wednesday work for you?” “I’m looking forward to seeing you.” Blah blah blah but then the devil in Kitty pushed the envelope and emailed, 

“What do you have in mind?”

Traveling Salesman: “I would stay at the Homewood Suites, we can share some appetizers, have a little wine, some cuddling, some foreplay. Maybe you can complete this?”


So I emailed, “Oh my! I have so many filthy ideas but in the end we always have better luck and more fun going with the flow don’t we? I do miss feeling you inside of me”

Okay so maybe that was a bit of a stretch. As much as I adore the Traveling Salesman his little cocktail weenie cock is hardly noticeable inside of me. But still when he responded with, “such as?” I had to let go.

“Well I’m a girl that likes to be directed in bed. I like for the man to take charge so first and foremost your wish is my command. Having said that I do enjoy everything we have done so far and am always up for trying something new if the mood strikes you. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to pleasure you so kneeling in front of you and sucking your cock is always something I enjoy doing. I hope you enjoy the way I suck your cock. I did enjoy riding your cock last time we were together. I have a funny story to tell you but I did come across a pair of handcuffs at neighborhood thrift. I can bring those if you are in the mood to play. I do enjoy being restrained but if that does not appeal to you we can skip that. I enjoy being fucked from behind but again that is totally up to you. Do you have any thoughts or did I miss anything that you might like to try?”

Traveling Salesman: “I really enjoy the way you suck my cock. Even when we were restricted in the back of your car, remember that? Loved it. Sure, bring the handcuffs would love to try them out. Certainly looking forward to seeing you, my cock is already at attention.”

My god! It’s like pulling teeth to get some of these men to step out of their comfort zone. For god’s sake! You are fucking a woman other than your wife!!You took the first step! You have a woman who is prepared to fulfill your wildest dreams! Now make the most of it!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summertime Getaway

“You have a choice of three things that I can do to you. A. I can lick your pussy until you cum. B. I can fuck you from behind or C. I can get on top of you and fuck the shit out of you”

He offered these options as I was riding his cock. Unable to think clearly all I could do was listen to my body. That’s what the doctors have been telling me to do lately so I thought, “Kitty, what is your body telling you?”

“Well, it’s a win/win/win for me now isn’t it?” I asked to buy myself a little time. His cock felt so good inside of me, I could not bear to move and risk that feeling going away.

“We both win.” He said as he moved inside of me ever so slightly letting me take the lead for the most part.

“I think I’m going to have to ask you to fuck me from behind,” I said thinking I wasn’t sure when I’d get the opportunity again and let’s face it being fucked from behind is just oh so delectable.

“Go to the edge of the bed,” he directed,

Kitty obeyed as he moved up from behind me and moved his cock inside of Kitty’s already wet pussy. God it felt good! I heard myself moan among his then felt him push his cock into my back while he came. RELEASE…

We both needed it. The days and weeks ahead will be grueling for him and hopefully Kitty will be working through my own health issues.

I have to say, those few hours locked away in our little hotel getaway will sure keep Kitty smiling.