Monday, January 30, 2012

Adult EBay

Am I the only idiot who has never heard of Adult EBay? It’s like the back room of the video store where the “x” rated movies were…you know behind the black curtain.

My  friend taught me how to access it. I love how before you “get behind the black curtain of the website” you have to click on the warning acknowledging that you are 18 or older. I am wondering how they can tell if you are telling the truth. Is it by the touch of the keypad or is there some sort of surveillance camera where they can see you like in the stores?

Well at any rate I am well over the legal age to view this merchandise so I don’t hesitate or feel guilty.

Holy Shit!!! Over half a MILLION items up for sale!! What a sick world we live in. Well, there is no way in hell that I am going to go through every item so I will browse quickly. You know I am A.D.D. when it comes to this sort of thing.

Okay first thing that I noticed is that you can buy condoms on the site. I don’t mean to be a negative Nelly but there is no way in hell that I would buy condoms on this website. Something that struck me as funny is that the “Used” option is available. USED CONDOMS?!!??! Really??? Luckily there were no listings under this category. This gives me some hope that the world is not a completely deviant place.

Even if you bypass all of the books, movies, “collectibles” there are over 143,000 sex toys. DUDE, I have got to check this out!!

The variety of items was unbelievable. There was a plethora of every sex toy one can imagine from vibrating vaginas, vibrators (obviously), sex swing sets. Oh yeah, where the hell am I going to hang that??? I would fall right off I would consider buying one just to blog about but I bet my life that I would break my neck using it. One of my other blogging friends will have to take on the challenge. Kittycat?? You up for this??

Interestingly enough all purchases must be made in cash or credit card…hmmm. No PayPal??? What the hell??? Trust people…trust. I apologize but I cannot support the use of this website. It is even too questionable for me. Have any of you had any luck here? I’d rather wait until QVC starts selling an adult line. At least they have a 30 day return policy.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Afternoon With XXX

The other day I worked with XXX. He made sure to keep me in his office for a nice long time. He does that partially so that I can earn money and I think he does it partially to keep me out of trouble. Either way I was glad to be there. Oddly enough his assistant was EXTREMELY friendly to me. It was her birthday which shouldn’t matter but she was super Chatty Kathy. I made a comment to XXX and said maybe I am sensitive to the fact that she monitors all of our emails. XXX confirmed that she probably realizes what is going on with us then began to tease me about the email that I sent him that one day that pretty much spelled everything out. I insisted that I was following his lead and figured he knew a loophole to get rid of the emails. He confirmed that he didn’t but didn’t care anymore. UGH! Well, whatever. What’s done is done. The funny thing is that XXX and I are an unlikely couple so if the rumor ever started at work I doubt anybody other than XXX’s assistants would believe it.

So the time came for me to work in XXX’s specific office. It was just the two of us. I was trying to help by doing some filing. I couldn’t help but picture XXX coming back into the file room with me. I thought about him coming up from behind me. I pictured him kissing the back of my neck with his hands on my waist. Then I pictured him bending me forward and fucking me from behind.

He did poke his head in to check on me a few times but he kept a safe distance. At one point we began talking about our sons. I started to tear up when he asked if I missed my son who is off to school. XXX came closer to me and tried to comfort me. He started to give me his platonic half hug but I wrapped both of my arms around him. Then he wrapped both of his arms around me. While it felt completely natural to look up at him and kiss him at that point I purposely did not.

Later after his assistant left for the day he and I stayed and chatted a little bit. We talked about the fact that he doesn’t believe in God which I find interesting given the fact that he grew up in such a religious family not to mention the fact that every time we were together in bed we are both exclaiming “Oh GOD!”

We talk more and more about our future together and less and less about an affair. We talk about traveling; getting our kids together and XXX even said he wanted to take me back to his home town.

We ended the conversation by talking about whether I should come into work on Monday or not. I said to XXX “You can always text me like you used to ‘alternative project’”.

As I was walking out the door I did not look back but I heard him say “I was thinking that very same thing.” Then I smiled to myself.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ashley Madison Archive Encounter

He was already naked when I got to the hotel. He was waiting for me and laughed when we realized that I went to the wrong hotel initially. I was banging on room 112 of Econo-lodge while he was waiting for me next door at the Econo-motel. Not a good first impression.

He opened the door in all his glory inviting me in like an old friend and began to kiss me immediately before I put down my belongings.

I always lose track of the fact that these are actually first kisses. I offer a hello peck as a matter of habit and the men catch my lips for a longer lasting more passionate kiss which reminds me why I am there in the first place.

I ask to put my things down when he remembers that he left the lube out in his car so he throws on a pair of shorts and runs out to his car.

When he gets back he immediately strips down again as I remove all but my black bra and panties. We slip into bed together and he tells me to take the rest off.

Immediately we begin. He described himself as 7” but I have to say he seemed larger. The one thing that distinguished him from all of my other lovers is his constant talking during sex. Now I am not talking about just dirty talk. I am talking about full on CONVERSATION…like INTELLEGENT conversation. Perhaps he needs to read my blog about how I am unable to think clearly much less carry on an intelligent conversation with a big hard dick inside of me. But he doesn’t read blogs unfortunately.

So he is chatting away asking me all sorts of questions as I am sucking his dick none of which are related to my sucking his dick by the way. He’s asking what I do for a living, where I went to college, about my family. Finally I had to tell him “Look, I don’t have a family right now.” Luckily he understood what I was saying.

The thing that I really enjoyed about him aside from his big dick of course was he was just SO NICE! All he kept saying was how he wanted to please me. He wanted me to want to fuck him again. And every word out of his mouth was a compliment. Isn’t that what this whole thing is about after all? Aren’t we getting together to give the other person what their spouse will not?

He also gave me THE MOST INTENSE ORGASM OF MY LIFE. Now I have to say that although I went with it at the time, after he told me exactly what he had done to me I would not go there again. Suffice it to say it involved him behind me which is why I couldn’t see what was going on and there was a hell of a lot of pain mixed with pleasure. Once again, I went with it at the time but there will not be a repeat performance of that particular act but as he remarked, “Sometimes you gotta improvise.”

He was the one man that literally begged me to meet again. While the sex was good I just did not get a good vibe from him after a few more conversations. Kitty was lucky. Kitty chose not to push my luck.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bipolar Kitty

This morning Kitty woke up in my usual frisky mood. No, I haven’t gotten any sleep and yes, I am still celibate. I have to say that the craters under my eyes have reached a new depth.

Yesterday I was in XXX’s office neighborhood and had to kill some time. He was working and his legal assistant was there so I asked if I could just sit and read. “Mi Casa su casa,” he said. So I sat side by side with XXX reading while he worked. We sat in silence which was sort of nice although I longed for him to turn to me and say “Let’s take a nap.” Which is his way of saying,” Let’s go to my place and fuck.”

I remembered an occasion when he actually did say that and we did fuck. I remember lying in bed with him then and feeling so relaxed and peaceful. I told him that. It was as though lying naked in his arms in his bed was my happy place…at least until he started to talk about serious things. That made me sad.

So this morning I dressed in my sexy jeans, boots, tight Christmas top from Angry Guy (which he didn’t even recognize this morning by the way), black bra and panties. Sure, I know the chances of ending up in bed with XXX this afternoon are slim to none but I feel sexier and for some reason can talk to XXX differently when I feel this way.

On my way to work I began to think about XXX and writing about him. Initially I was thinking about what a great catch he is for some lucky single woman. He is handsome, funny, well educated, makes a nice living, generous with his money and his heart and a faithful husband. I wish I were single because I would snatch him up in a second. I also started to think about fidelity. I often wonder if I could EVER be faithful to one man. Deep down I think I can. There is a part of me that thinks I could be faithful to XXX.

Last night when we were talking, we were talking about traveling. God, I would LOVE to travel with XXX. I think we would have an amazing time together. XXX admits that he and I would be a perfect couple in a legitimate world. The problem is that I am not looking to change my marital situation. I am not going to divorce Angry Guy so the potential for XXX and me to end up together happily ever after is non-existent. In addition, I have the karma thing going on. See, even though he doesn’t dwell on it, XXX comes from an EXTREMELY religious background. While he never preaches to me, he believes in fidelity for himself and so has kept pious all of these years with what has been going on with his wife. I am on the opposite extreme and he knows it. During that Ashley Madison period I would pretty much fuck any guy that was breathing with an erection. My point is that XXX has good karma and even though he is going through a hard time right now I truly believe that he is going to end up with a wonderful woman. Me on the other hand…well…my karma in the long run will not be good I am afraid.

Another thing I was thinking about was what a great catch XXX is except for the fact that his wife totally fucked him in the head. And now to make matters worse their son is having difficulties and so now XXX’s “cunt wife” has managed to fuck up SEVERAL men (XXX, her son from her first marriage and her little boy with XXX). That just pisses Kitty off because good men are so hard to find. It kills me that another woman fucks these guys up.

So basically this morning I went from waking up in a relatively good mood to sadness over XXX. This is the same sadness I felt when XXX and I were fucking. It was a sadness of lost hopes, dreams…lost potential. It was a sadness for the life that I might have had, could have had, will never have.

Today, I am bipolar Kitty.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kitty Changing Her Spots

Kitty is trying really hard to be a good kitty…a “different” kitty. Mainly I am being myself because basically I am a good person. I am trying to show XXX that I have changed grown and that we can go back to our playtime without any repercussions.

OF COURSE I realize that I am just kidding myself. But a kitty can TRY can’t she? There are times when XXX and I are working or having a conversation and things are just great. I think to myself “We can do this. We can make this work.” XXX is always blushing and is always just a little uncomfortable at first but within a few minutes he is back at ease. So for the most part things are good.

Then there is the occasional incident when Kitty feels rejected or lonely and I look to XXX for comfort and when he doesn’t respond the way I want him to I revert back to my insecure ways. Kitty really has to work on that…and I am.

Last night XXX and I were texting. I was bored and he was drinking which is never a good combination. We texted back and forth and played for a little bit. He had just had a text fight with his wife so I was trying to make him laugh via text which is nearly impossible.

In some ways texting is a valuable tool in others it is a dangerous weapon. To make a long story short the drunker XXX got the worse the text conversation went. We ended the conversation with me telling him that I am worried about him and that I love him. Then he said he was wasted and we had to talk in person in the morning. So you see things really haven’t changed very much around here. I didn’t get any sleep at all last night…not that it is a new thing.

I began thinking about the sex between XXX and me. It was good as I remember it although when things went south I told myself and you all that it wasn’t. My main issue in bed with XXX was that I concentrated so hard on trying to take care of his needs and help him cum that my own orgasm went by the wayside. This morning I sit here wondering if that would change the second time around. Maybe not. Kitty can’t help but be a people pleaser, particularly in bed. That in itself is a turn on for Kitty I suppose.

This morning I texted XXX that I was sorry about the whole thing and don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable and certainly don’t want to create drama. That is just one thing that makes XXX different from the other lovers I have had. We don’t play games. If he wants to say something he is more careful for the sake of hurting my feelings but in the long run we say what we want to say to each other.

We will always be friends XXX and I. The question remains, will be return to being lovers?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kitty’s Withdrawal

This morning was another one of those holidays when Kitty had to work but nobody else did. Kitty thinks that SUCKS! And yes, to answer your question Kitty IS still celibate and obviously cranky. So I had to work today. Big Cheese had to leave town to go to a funeral so he was gone. Now everybody knows by now that left to my own devices I will not get much work done. So I started the morning out by reading some blogs and checking my personal email. I know. I didn’t start off on the right foot especially on a Monday.

I chatted a bit with my Little Latino Helper then I texted XXX to see if he was in. We were texting all weekend. We weren’t naughty texting…well…HE wasn’t. The nice thing is that when my son left for school and I was driving home in tears I was thinking of texting XXX then decided against it. About an hour later he texted me just to ask how my weekend was going. That’s nice isn’t it? So throughout the weekend we just checked in here and there.

I asked him this morning if I could come visit him. Now let’s be honest. Kitty was hoping to sneak a little kiss in especially since my “French Kiss” post ran today and for all of his faults, I always loved kissing XXX. So I went to his office and he of course was in no mood for love. That’s right, his wife pulled her shit and he was in a crappy mood. Now, I happen to love XXX. I mean it. I have affection for him. Now my love for him is on a platonic level and can probably go to the next level given the circumstance but for now we are friends and when I saw the pain in his face I could only listen to him and try my best to make him laugh. He of course repaid me by telling me that I looked like I am losing weight. See, just another reason I love him.

He started calling his wife a “cunt” again which made me smile. No, I wasn’t smiling because I was right about her. I wasn’t smiling because XXX is obviously hurting and I wasn’t smiling because he tells me that I was right almost every conversation we have anymore. Kitty was smiling because whenever XXX calls his wife a cunt his sparkling blue eyes light up and twinkle. His lips curl in such a way and even though I know he is angry, he is just so damn handsome. Also I can’t help but think that maybe one of these days I will get that text…you know the text that he wants to have angry sex. Because after all, as long as he is not angry with me, angry sex can be pretty damn nice.

After that I returned to my office and had a visitor from the cute attorney down the hall. He was in a chatty mood and most of the time I don’t mind but I was beginning to stress a little over having some work done for Big Cheese when he returns tomorrow.

While I was chatting with my friendly local attorney, another friend began a Yahoo chat with me. I didn’t even realize that I was signed in. So my Yahoo friend who shall be nameless has been perturbed at me since I wrote those blogs about being blindsided. Even though I did not mean for those blogs to be offensive he took offense to them and has been a little frosty.

Kitty really missed this particular friend and wanted to make nice with him because as I told him I really DO adore him. He would be perfect for Kitty if only he could give me some one on one time but alas he is a busy man.

So Kitty and friend were chatting online and I don’t know whether he wanted to tease Kitty or TORTURE Kitty but he turned on his web cam. As soon as I saw his face my heart melted. I can’t explain what it is about him but he really does make my heart go pitter patter. His features are rugged yet he is handsome. He is growing a beard and he was dressed for working outside this cold January day so he looked particularly rugged except that he was wearing his reading glasses which reminded Kitty that yes, he DOES have a vulnerable side and THAT is what makes Kitty wet. YEAH! I SAID IT!!!

Then Kitty’s naughty friend began to undress. He had many layers of clothing on. First he removed his flannel shirt…then his thermal shirt….then he exposed that he was wearing long johns. Okay now this just reminded me of John Walton from “The Waltons” and damn if that guy wasn’t handsome and hot in his long johns!

So my naughty friend then began to take off his long johns exposing his fully erect cock. And damn was it a sight for Kitty’s sore eyes! Now ordinarily Kitty is not one for the webcam or that sort of thing. In general it makes me uncomfortable. But this particular friend happens to enjoy putting on a striptease and I have seen him naked so really it was like when we were together only I couldn’t touch him. I couldn’t feel him. I couldn’t LICK him. That made Kitty sad. Seeing him made Kitty a little lonely and made Kitty SHAKE LIKE A JUNKY!!!

Yes, Kitty is still celibate but I am not happy about it. I am not happy about it at all.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Things That Do NOT Make Kitty Wet

Kitty has been getting some grief over the expression “___ makes Kitty wet”. More than a few of my friends have said “What DOESN’t make you wet?”  They say it like it’s a BAD thing! Can you imagine?!?!?!

Now I am not sure how much my male readers know about what happens to the female body when a gal gets to be my age but at my last doctor’s visit my doctor warned me that my sex drive may be deteriorating or even DEMINISH! Well, Kitty told that doctor that I have never been so frisky and the doctor said “If we could bottle what you’ve got we could make a fortune.”

So Kitty is not going to apologize for getting wet over things that some of you may think are trivial. I did however try to think of a list of things that do NOT make me wet. Here is what I came up with:

1.     Laundry does NOT make Kitty wet

2.     Michael Buble does NOT make Kitty wet

3.     My particular line of work and those that work in it do NOT make Kitty wet

4.     Having sex in my car which happens to be a minivan and reminds me of the fact that I am a MOMMY does NOT make Kitty wet

Okay really? I think you get my point. So, see…there are at least four things that don’t make Kitty wet. Don’t make me think of more. My head is starting to hurt from all this concentrating.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

THE Text

Today started like any other day. I was working with Big Cheese who has finally returned from his damn vacation…then the afternoon with XXX. Things were finally beginning to feel normal again I sat with Big Cheese in his office daydreaming. I dreamt that I received THE TEXT. It said “My place? Same time.”

AHHHH… THE TEXT. What was a kitty to do? I didn’t want to be too rough on him because I had a feeling he had a not so good weekend based on his horrible mood the Friday before so I decided to be a nice kitty and texted back “sure”.

When the time arrived I left the office but noticed that his office door was still open. I continued out to my car and made the oh so familiar drive on an unseasonably warm winter’s day. When I got to his place he still had not arrived. I hesitated but grabbed the hidden key and let myself in. I took off my coat still a little confused but then decided to make the best of things and prepare for him. Generally he is there to greet me and lead the way. This was an opportunity for me to greet him for a change. Something told me he needed that.

When I reached the top of the stairs things began to make sense. We were once again on the same page. The bed was neatly made. There was a hot pink gift bag in the middle of the bed with a long stem rose beside it. I smiled at the thought. Not only do I love gifts but I love the sexy thought behind it.

Out of the bag came a beautiful French lace black bra with matching g-string and thigh high stockings as well. I glanced at the clock and allowed myself another 5 minutes before he came home so I quickly I slipped everything on. Nearly perfect fit. How did he DO that?

Sure enough I heard the door open and close downstairs. I heard him put his keys and his sunglasses on the kitchen counter. I pictured him talking off his coat and heard his steps as he walked up the steps toward me. I stood still as he came into the room. He took a long look at me and smiled as he ran his eyes up and down my entire body. Had it been anybody else I would have coward but today I was ready.

He stepped up to me looking into my eyes now and gave me that first kiss. It was no surprise to me how warm and welcoming that kiss was even though for a change I was welcoming him. He began to speak but I kissed him again knowing that this would signal “No talking zone” at least for a few moments. I wanted to enjoy this quietly. I wanted to gaze into those crystal blue eyes and drink him in. I wanted to enjoy every moment as though it were our last.

As we kissed I began unbuttoning his shirt. He easily slipped it behind him then reached between my legs. I was already so wet. I could feel him smile again as we continued to kiss not saying a word. I unbuttoned his pants but got no further before he pushed me toward the bed nearly throwing me down. I lay on my back as he removed the rest of his clothing and lay down next to me. He took another long look at me and once again began to speak. “I knew this would be perfect on you, Kitty,” he said. “Do you like it?” I smiled and nodded still not speaking.

He leaned in again to kiss me and slipped his finger past the string of the panties and immediately put it inside of me as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. “Go slow” I told him. He slowed down a bit and kissed my mouth. “You talk too much,” He said as he smiled. I reached down and he was hard….REALLY hard. I wanted to slip him inside of me but decided to wait a little bit. We kissed a little while longer. I think we both missed it. It had been a long time for both of us and it had been a long time since we were together. I kissed down his neck then began to run my tongue down the center of his chest slowly toward his stomach then down just to his hard cock. “Put it in your mouth,” he said.

I began licking his cock but took a quick second to say “You talk too much,” as I smiled. I looked up at him. He was looking back at me and seemed in no mood to goof around so I took my orders and moved his hard cock into my mouth slowly inching it in and trying with all my might to touch the back of my throat. In a few seconds he was in. I could hear him moaning and calling out my name so I knew he was enjoying it. As his breathing became deeper, his moaning louder and his cock harder I prepared. He had never cum in my mouth before but I wanted to be prepared. Just before he came though he stopped himself and said “I don’t want to cum yet. Come over here.” He motioned for me to lie next to him. We began kissing and he reached between my legs again. I chuckled a little because I could tell the string was getting in his way. He was becoming impatient. “Take it off.” I told him. He grabbed it in his teeth and pulled at it finding his way down to where I wanted him to be. His tongue teased my clit while his fingers moved inside of me for just a few minutes before I was the one moaning. He was on his knees next to the bed and had pulled me to the edge. I closed my eyes for a moment and before I knew it he replaced his fingers with his cock which was still remarkably hard. “God you feel amazing, “he blurted out. As he was thrusting into me he bent over to kiss my breasts realizing that I was still wearing the black lacy bra. “Damn!” He said realizing that he was the initiator of all the clothing today. Thinking quickly he turned me over on all fours on the bed and un-hooked the bra leaving me in just the thigh high stockings. He positioned me in sight of the mirror reminding me that he likes to watch then entered in one strong thrust from behind. I squealed initially but then assured him that it was a squeal of pleasure not pain.

He is not one to be forceful and is always concerned for my comfort and today was no different except for the fact that he knows that anything he does never hurts me physically so he proceeded thrusting hard from behind reaching around to alternately rub my clit then my breasts then my hips. Again I could feel him getting close to cumming as was I. If he had slipped his dick from my pussy to my ass I would have lost all control but again he stopped and said “I want you to cum on top of me. I know that’s how you want it.” He was right. This is an old standard. This time he lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and began rocking and moving him in and out of me. He sat up and sucked on my nipples as I moved breaking only to whisper in my ear, “cum for me now baby. I know you want to cum for me.” He kissed my mouth just after that and on his command I came. He kissed down my neck as I continued to moan. Before I had the chance to fall into him he pulled me up and quickly turned me back on all fours driving into me one last time. This time he drove hard and deep holding onto my hips. I leaned back into him trying not to fall forward and enjoying how wonderful his hard thrusts felt when he shoved his thumb in my ass putting me right over the edge. I literally lost my breath and began to cum again. As I cried out he drove into me one last time hard. I felt him quivering and heard his voice cry out my name. We collapsed onto the bed at the same time. He stayed inside of me for a moment and spooned me kissing my neck and shoulders from behind before slipping out.  We lay like that silently for quite a while when I felt him kissing me again I realized I had dozed off.
"Thank you for taking me back, Kitty," he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes again and sighed. I am completely relaxed for the first time in a long time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 7 Year Rule

Big Cheese and I were in the office talking about our upcoming weekend. A friend of his who is single is coming to visit him. We began talking about this friend who likes to date younger women…MUCH younger…like 30-40 YEARS younger.

Now Kitty is not an ageist and is not judging this guy at all. In fact Big Cheese is the one who made the comment “What could he possibly have in common with these girls?” I happen to agree with Big Cheese and not just because he pays me to.

Personally I don’t go for younger guys. Oh, I joke about it…A LOT but when push comes to THRUST I love an older man. I know, I know…no secret there. On my way home from work I was going through the men I have been with and I think the oldest was 57. Can I tell you that he was pretty fucking amazing?!?!?

Okay, Kitty is getting excited and off track. So Big Cheese was telling me that he has a “7 Year Rule”. Big Cheese doesn’t date anybody more than 7 years older or 7 years younger than he is. The funny thing is that I don’t see Big Cheese ever dating a woman 7 years OLDER than he is but I know that his current girlfriend is exactly 7 years younger. By the way, in case you are wondering, I am 14 years younger than Big Cheese and well out of his 7 year rule range.

So I just wanted to share this with all of you and possibly get your input. As I said, I love older men both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom. Younger men are WAY fun to play with but after that….

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How’s it Goin’?

“So how is your first week of celibacy going, Kitty?” Well, thank you for asking and actually it is not TECHNICALLY my first week. It’s actually been quite a while since this old Kitty has gotten some action. The other day XXX and I were having a conversation and I was thinking “I really should try to make staying faithful my New Year’s Resolution”. Since we are already half way through January that’s the one resolution I have actually kept so far. Once I started thinking about it though I started to shake a little bit. Kitty started to have withdrawal shakes. I thought about hopping back onto Ashley Madison and I thought about doing what I had to do to get together with Dodger but I thought “That’s not going to do you a bit of good.”

So my other option was the celibacy option…at least for now. So really it has been a while since I have had sex with anybody and as a result I have managed to be faithful for that period of time. Yeah, I’m going to be honest with you. Celibacy SUCKS! Now I am having a particularly rough day today but there are other days that aren’t so bad.

So another question you might ask is “What do you think about Kitty?”

Oh, Kitty thinks about all sorts of things. I think about the books I am reading. I think about my kids, my pets, the gym. The other day we were in class and someone shouted “Roll it out, Kitty.” I thought it was a man in the hall but it turned out it was my girlfriend the trainer. We all laughed and I said “I thought we got some fresh meat in the gym.” Then everybody laughed and Kitty began to think about dicks.

Kitty began to think about how good it feels to suck a man’s dick. My favorite thing to do is to suck on the very tip of the head. I like to roll my tongue all along the rim. Then I move my tongue up and down the shaft while I play with his balls in my hand. I began to think about the sweet, warm pre-cum that comes out and how I like to rub my lips along the top of his head as though that little bit of cum is lip gloss. Then I run my tongue over my lips to taste it.

Kitty began to think about taking the entire cock into my mouth and how the tip of the head feels against the back of my throat. Kitty really hasn’t swallowed since my days with Bad Boy oh so many years ago but believe me that is not Kitty’s choice.

Kitty thinks about running a nice hard cock over my cheek as I stroke it with my hand. Then of course Kitty thinks about how nice it feels to rub the head of his cock over my clit and how just that little bit of contact makes me want to put the whole thing inside of me. Sometimes he teases me and makes me wait. That just makes the initial penetration all the more sweet for Kitty.
Kitty thinks about how he thrusts in and out drawing nearly his entire cock out then plunging back into Kitty’s warm, wet kitty. Kitty loves to look into his eyes when he is on top. I love to watch him smile as he pumps his warm cum inside of Kitty. Kitty thinks about how he collapses onto me and begins kissing my mouth and neck then moves down to my breasts and even my kitty where his tongue pleasures me to my own climax.

Sure, Kitty is celibate…for now…but Kitty still THINKS about pleasure and maybe someday…

Monday, January 16, 2012

French Kiss

I received an interesting email the other day and it drew me to thinking about French kissing. I can’t imagine NOT French kissing.
I have a special friend who I will most likely never meet in person. I adore him. He calls me “Sweet Kitty” which drives me wild. He is very paternal toward me. He guides me toward “goodness and light” and gives me advice. That makes Kitty wet.
If I ever met him I would kiss him gently on the lips at first and then…I would gently lick his lips with my tongue. To me it is quite natural to kiss with my mouth open. Perhaps he will keep his lips shut tight. I would gently pry them open with my own tongue.
My immediate instinct would be to reach down with my hands and rub his crotch. I wonder if French kissing would make him hard. I would like to make love to him like no woman has before. I would like to ask him what he wants and fulfill his every whim. He makes me want to please him.
I would ask if he would like me to ride on top of his hard cock. Would he like me to suck his cock? I would ask him if there is anything besides French kissing that he has never done and I would do that to him. Has he ever had anal sex? Has he had sex doggie style? Has he had sex in reverse cowgirl position?
His wish is my command. It all begins with the French kiss.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


He walked out of my life today. Oh, I know he’ll be back. But it hurts just the same. I had him for such a short time. I fell in love with him at first sight. Even before, I think. When I look at him I get butterflies in my stomach. He is so beautiful that I want to cry. He is perfect in every way. He is smart and handsome and kind and God does he make me laugh.

I think he knew today would be difficult for me. We both knew it was the end…for now. He invited me to see the new Mark Wahlberg movie. He knows that Mark Wahlberg makes me wet. As we sat in the movie we joked about my “thing” for Mark. I shushed him every time Mark had a line. He laughed. As the movie progressed I got more and more tense. I knew that once the movie was over it was time for him to go and I was dreading it.

After the movie he went to the men’s room and I waited. I tried to fight back the tears. He insisted on walking me to my car and we made small talk but then it was time. I knew I had to let him go. I tried to fight the tears. He leaned down to kiss me. He is so much taller than me. I tried to stay focused on not crying. He turned to walk away then stopped and said “Stay out of trouble.” Then he smiled that gorgeous smile of his. The smile that turns me into a puddle of goo. All he has to do is flash that smile and his wish is my command.  I couldn’t speak. I smiled but he could tell that I was starting to crumble.

I got into my car and tried to pull away without him seeing me crack. I didn’t want to be the first to leave but I didn’t want him to see me cry. I didn’t want him to hear me as I cried out “Please don’t leave me!”
He texted me about two hours later, "I'm here safe and sound. Thanks for everything. I love you Mom."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celibate Kitty

I initially made the comment that I am going to become celibate to Bad Boy the other day and then Jiminy Cricket after an incident with XXX.

Bad Boy’s reaction was “Now don’t get crazy.” He also made a comment about my “Hoo-ha drying up” which believe it or not is one of my worst fears.

Jiminy Cricket found my vow more humorous. The two men who supported my decision were XXX and Angry Guy.

Now if the two guys that are most likely to sleep with me are supportive of my vow of celibacy what does THAT tell you?!?!!?

I told Jiminy that I think men like the way I write. They like to chat online, they like to text, email and they LOVE to read my blog but in person…not so much. I can only attribute that to men not being physically attracted to me. Okay so I can deal with that…I guess.

Now I know you are thinking that Kitty is fishing for compliments but I assure you that is not the case. I have never thought of myself as physically attractive as I told Jiminy. Growing up I was told that I was smart and I have been told that I am funny but Kitty has never been labeled as “pretty”. It wasn’t until this whole Ashley Madison nonsense with foolish men telling me non-truths that I started to believe. At any rate I was driving into work today thinking about the gym and thinking how well I do when I just go for me. Then Kitty started thinking about how well I do when I focus on work, when I focus on family and when I just do what I have to do to make myself happy.

I began thinking about all the time and energy I have been spending caring for the needs of strange men, emailing them, chatting with them, stroking their egos because their wives have stopped, meeting strange men in hotel rooms only to be left unfulfilled. Kitty has been spending an awful lot of my attention on men who don’t appreciate it and who offer nothing in the way of attention in return. Is that their fault? CERTAINLY NOT! These men don’t ask for Kitty’s attention. They have wives and families that take priority and Kitty is completely understanding about that.

So Kitty made the comment half joking then began to think about it and realize that for all intents and purposes I AM ALREADY CELIBATE just not by choice.

So now Kitty is making the choice. I know you are thinking “Kitty, whatever will you write about now?” Well, I am sure I will think of SOMETHING! I still have plenty that I have written about my Ashley Madison escapades but just never posted.

And you may all have to be supportive until I get my bearings. Kitty is going to have to re-focus all of that sexual energy on something else. I just haven’t decided yet what it will be.

Well first thing I can tell you is that Kitty is going to focus more on the gym and my eating. I already go to the gym faithfully but now it is time to kick it up a notch.

Kitty also has to focus on work. XXX has been wanting me to put in more hours in his office as opposed to in his bed so it may be time and it is a good career move for me. Big Cheese also needs me more so those afternoons in hotel rooms will be spent better earning money and working out.

Kitty also plans to spend more time with my platonic friends. Even though XXX and I won’t be fucking he needs my friendship and I am here for him not to mention I am here for all my other friends men and women who make me smile every day. It’s Kitty’s turn to give back.

Don’t you worry though. Kitty will find my way. I always do.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Masterpiece Part 2

I slip off my heels and my dress leaving me in thigh highs and the red panties and bra. I begin to undress you as we kiss first unbuttoning your shirt. You take off your pants and shoes then I work my way down. I kiss my way down your neck then run my tongue down your chest, stomach grabbing the waist of your underwear in my teeth and quickly working them off to expose your huge hard cock. I sigh as I quickly remember looking at it as a young girl in wonder.

My initial response is to put it in my mouth. I smile at the idea that you were the reason for all of this and then I proceed to suck on you. I enjoy you in my mouth much more than I did as a young girl. I savor the head of your cock. I run my tongue up and down the shaft. I can’t get enough of you. I want you inside of me but am enjoying sucking you. I am sucking you hard and you are moaning standing.

“Move over to the bed,” you tell me. I stand and walk over with you behind me.

“Get on all fours,” you command. I am wet with anticipation. I prepare myself for the unknown. I am excited and frightened at the same time. What will come next? I truly have gone back in my head to those days of our youth when you gave me commands and I had no idea what the outcome would be.

I feel you behind me. You rub your cock up against my ass and run your fingers quickly over my clit. You move your cock into my pussy. I moan with pleasure. You begin thrusting. Each thrust sends me to a place of ecstasy. I am in my own world hardly paying attention to my surroundings. I hear your voice. At least I THINK I hear your voice and then you are in front of me but still thrusting behind me. takes me a moment to realize that there is another person here…another man.

“Suck my dick,” you tell me. And I do with pleasure. The feeling of being fucked from behind by an unknown stranger along with the thrill of sucking your cock and feeling completely safe with you makes my head spin and my body quiver. In no time I am cumming as I hear the man behind me moaning as though he is cumming.

“Get on top of him and ride his dick,” you tell me. The unknown man immediately pulls out of me and rolls on his back on the bed. I climb on top of him. He feels so good. His cock is as big as yours and hard as a rock. I move up and down then lean forward to let you in from behind. You slide your cock in my ass. This double penetration almost immediately makes me cum but I don’t want to yet. I want to enjoy the sensation. Things are moving too fast and I have lost all control.

Before long I am exhausted and wondering where you two men get all of your energy. I am completely full and satisfied when you put me on my back and begin to shoot cum at my face. My eyes are closed and my mouth is open. I am tasting your cum and remembering once again our youth and your direction. Again I am smiling at the idea that things have come full circle. In my haze of ecstasy I do not realize that three more men have entered the room. I hear their voices. They are all telling me the same thing. They are all telling me to suck their cocks. I am thinking to myself this must be a dream. I pull myself up onto my knees and suck each cock until another pushes its way in my face. I am dripping with cum. As each man cums they aim toward my face. Someone tells me “You look beautiful covered in all that cum.”

I begin to rub some over my body. The cum is warm and I am wet and things have gotten quiet. I open my eyes and see just you in the room. You are smiling at me. I want to kiss you but I am covered.

“I’ll clean up,” I say.

“Leave it,” you reply.

You come over to the bed where I am now sitting. You lay me down flat and begin kissing me starting at my mouth then down my neck to my breast. You begin sucking my nipples. I know I am covered in cum but that does not seem to bother you.

You climb on top of me and throw my legs over your shoulders. I grab for your hard cock and find it quickly then put it inside of me. You begin fucking me and it feels amazing even better than several men at once.

I look into your eyes and see that you are about to cum. I feel your body tense and at the same moment my body succumbs and I cum too.

We fall away from each other both exhausted. I am paralyzed. My body has never felt so spent. My body has never felt so much pleasure at one time.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Masterpiece

Okay, those of you who read my blog daily may remember that Bad Boy wanted me to write a fantasy blog just for him. Kitty was ready, willing and able but had a bit of…um…”WRITER’S” block. Okay let’s just go with THAT. So Bad Boy helped me along as always with some of his Bad,Bad emails and together we created what we refer to as our “Gang Bang Masterpiece”.

I want to thank Bad Boy for the inspiration and also thank him for trying to convince me not to take a vow of celibacy. What can I say, it’s been a rough week. Thank you Bad Boy. Enjoy!

When I think of you and I can’t help but go back to our childhood. Yes, back to a time where we spent hours tucked away in our childhood bedrooms, our friend’s bedrooms at parties, on couches of families that I used to babysit for and the occasional peach field. Those were innocent days for me. We played. We romped and we explored.

I don’t know if I ever told you this but there was a point where I had reconciled to “go all the way” with you. I had thought to myself that you would be “the one”. And then…you pulled back…or so it seemed. Sure, at the time I may have been hurt but looking back it was perhaps the kindest thing a man could have ever done for me. As a result we are friends to this day. It is not important why we did what we did back then. I just look back and realize that I wasn’t ready and if we had consummated that part of our friendship who knows where we would be today.

What I am thinking about now is how far we have both come and how far our friendship has come. I believe if we consummated this friendship now we would definitely end it. I am not sure why but all of my lovers leave. I must project neediness once we have completed the act. I have been told that I push them away when in fact I believe they are the pushers.

At any rate I do think about us. I do imagine you and me together. I have very fond memories of your cock and crave a reunion so that I can appreciate you the way I could not appreciate you when we were children and yes, we WERE children…at least I was.

From where I stand there are different types of fucking. There is hard fucking and there is slow sweet fucking resembling love making. I can go either way but much prefer a combination of each. In the harsh cold winter months here on the east coast I can’t help but want to take a trip down to your neck of the woods. Your tropical home. Preferably an upscale luxury hotel. My fantasy would be to fly down to see you and arrive at the hotel with time to unwind and relax and enjoy a nice glass of champagne and a bubble bath.

You and I would have dinner reservations. Yes, a romantic dinner but casual. I am dressed entirely in black aside from the red bra and panties I am wearing underneath my short black dress. Although my dress is conservative it is clingy and low cut revealing just a hint of cleavage. To be honest I am not all that hungry but the dinner is important. You and I need to reconnect in person. I need some time to look into your eyes and drink in your smile. You always had a beautiful smile.

I am not drinking at dinner. I want to have my wits about me. I want to feel you on every level. It’s been a long time. I want to enjoy the entire experience. After all how many times does a girl like me get a “do-over”?

You ask me toward the end of our meal if I would like to take a tour of your city. I say that I would love to in the morning but am starting to feel a headache coming on then I give you a little wink. I am not sure at this point if you understand my ploy or not but you agree to take me back to the hotel.

I invite you in and look into your eyes hoping that you are thinking what I am thinking. I am hoping that you are feeling what I am feeling. You tell me that you will walk me to my room which makes me feel at ease not only because I want to fuck you but because the idea of going up to an empty hotel room in a strange city is a bit daunting to me. I am still a country girl at heart I suppose.

We walk into the room which has been prepared for the evening by the service. The lights are on but turned down to a romantic hue and the bedspread has been removed exposing a luxurious king size bed. “That bed looks so big for one person,” you say.

I lay down my purse and turn to you. You close the door behind us and hold my face in your hands then begin to kiss me. It has been such a long time. I forget how your mouth feels on mine and yet it feels like home.

You move your hands down the side of my body slightly pressing up against me. You run your tongue inside my mouth which immediately makes me wet and makes me moan at the same time. I want this moment to last. The anticipation is mounting and I am dying to get out of my clothes. More importantly I am dying to get YOU out of your clothes but I choose to wait. I want to enjoy every moment. We have all night. This is a rare luxury for me and I want to savor it.
To be continued...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“We Bought a Zoo”

Kitty took the kids to see “We Bought a Zoo”. Kitty was a blubbering mess. Little known Kitty fact…I am hard as nails on the outside but completely sensitive on the inside. It’s not always something I am proud of and one of the very reasons I started prowling was to try to toughen up. It seems to have made things worse.

Anyway, I cried through the ENTIRE movie. My kids thought this was hysterical as did all the people we ran into that we knew on the way out of the theatre. I told everybody I was crying because I realized I will never sleep with Matt Damon but I think they knew better.

Most of the people who really know me will assume right off the bat that I cried over the animals. Yeah, Kitty is a huge animal lover. My Ex used to make fun of me because I refused to watch a movie like “Single White Female” because there was a puppy in it. He said, “you can watch mob movies night and day but throw an animal in there and you fall to pieces.” As usual the Ex was correct.

Sure, I was crying over the animals and their dilemmas (I am trying not to give away too much of the plot for those of you who might go see the movie) but the story line of Matt Damon mourning his dead wife struck home for Kitty as well.

See, Kitty believe it or not is a big believer in karma…I know RIGHT! And Kitty’s worse fear is that I will die from some awful form of cancer or Alzheimers and not live to see my children grow up. I know. Kitty has an active imagination. At any rate the fact that this is the story line of the movie sort of put Kitty over the edge. And the fact that Kitty has some pretty bad karma coming my way…well….you get the point.

Another thing that really struck me had to do with Angry Guy. I have to say that Angry Guy loves me like Matt Damon loved his dead wife. If anything happened to me I truly believe Angry Guy would fall to pieces. I think the dude loves me; he just doesn’t want to fuck me. Pretty fucked up wouldn’t you say?

Ah so you can see how I tortured myself throughout this movie to the point of becoming a blubbering mess. Like I told my kids, “I’m crying because I will never sleep with Matt Damon. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

P.S. I highly recommend the movie. Scarlett Johansen was hot if nothing else.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Bad Boy is SO Bad

This morning I vowed to be a “good kitty”. Okay, I vowed to be focused at work on the second to the last day before Big Cheese returns from his long ass vacation. So ask me why the hell I decided to check my personal email from work?!?!?!

Well, everything was going so smoothly. Big Cheese emailed me with a “;)” in the subject line so I knew he was in a good mood. There were no crazy emergencies over the weekend and the mail was manageable.

Bad Boy and I had been emailing throughout the weekend but nothing out of the ordinary. Sunday night he turned the tides and let me know that not only did he REALLY like those “Discipline” posts that I wrote but he wanted me to write one for him. I explained to him that although I am surely up for the challenge those posts are inspired by men that I have actually been with…fucked. So when I write those posts I can literally hear their voices and feel them inside of me.

It’s been a LONG time since I have seen Bad Boy in person, not to mention a long time since I have seen or tasted his cock. I do remember it though. I remember it was large and HARD. DAMN! Do you have any idea what that does to a girl? Do men have any idea what girls go through when the first cock they ever see is big and hard like that?!?!?!

Well let’s just say that not all the cocks I have seen have measured up which is fine but still…

So sometime on Sunday in the midst of negotiating a reunion with XXX Bad Boy began emailing me how he wants me to write about what I want him to do to me. Believe me I have given it some thought but I am beginning to sound repetitive so I wanted to think of something unique just for Bad Boy. He said “no pressure.”

I thought about it all day Sunday throughout the night. I began writing a “Reunion” piece this morning but was taking my time. I knew Bad Boy wanted something sexy and filthy but all I could come up with was something romantic so I decided to give it a rest. Sometimes that’s what Kitty has to do. I have to mull things over. I have to picture Bad Boy and really think of all the naughty things I want him to do to me. But keep in mind that when I think of Bad Boy my heart gets warm because above all, he is my high school crush the guy who taught me how to give blow jobs.

Yes, I have once again gotten off track. So things were moving along nicely at the office and for whatever reason I figured I’d check my personal email which I hardly ever do and BAM! There it was! An email from Bad Boy and a NAUGHTY email at that! Now I am not going to go into detail about what he said. It was short and to the point but damn did it make Kitty wet!

I immediately replied “Fuck! I opened this at work!” meaning now I was totally turned on and completely distracted by the thought of Bad Boy’s hard cock specifically the thought of Bad Boy’s hard cock in my mouth…my pussy or my ass. DAMN you Bad Boy!

Finally I gathered my wits and sent another response to his email about the things that I now wanted him to do to me now that he completely distracted me. I think he will like it.

Now Kitty has to pull myself together and get back to work.

Damn that Bad Boy! He is SO Bad for distracting me and making me wet while I am at work. I will have to add a “Tongue lashing” to my list of punishments for him.

Monday, January 9, 2012

“Innocent” Texting

Since I have all but lost contact with most of my former lovers I got out of the habit of carrying my cell phone with me everywhere. There was a point where I brought it in the bathroom with me not to mention kept it under my pillow at night. I would receive random texts all times of the night and day depending on the man. Since Angry Guy has a tendency to wake up throughout the night and wander about I didn’t want him to pick up my phone at the wrong time. It’s been kind of nice actually…not having to worry so much…not having to cover my tracks.

So last night on my way up to bed for whatever reason I glanced on my phone just to make sure nobody had called or texted and sure enough there was a text from none other than XXX. What the fuck is THAT about? Originally I looked at the text and it made no sense so I thought a. He is drunk or 2. he meant to text a family member and texted me instead. It turns out the reason it made no sense was because it was German. UGH! WTF?!

So I texted back “lol…huh?” Thinking that I would get an apologetic text back or something. It turns out he was in some sort of a chatty mood. I will spare you the details but of course Kitty being Kitty once I realized that the text was in fact intentionally sent to me texted “You know how wet I get when you speak/type German” To which his reply was “Wow! What a thing to say.”

Okay, now was I WRONG to assume that this would turn into a “Naughty” texting session? I mean keep in mind that this guy had been adamant AGAINST any sort of texting while we were involved and now suddenly out of the blue he is texting me a “how ya doin’?” kind of text at night.

Not that I mind but come on! So once I confirmed that XXX was not drunk and was not in a playful mood I began answering his questions like “What are you doing?” I explained that I was reading and playing an online game with my friends and losing to every single one of them. He commented twice “You have A LOT of friends.” Then made a crack like “so they are your friends so they can beat you?” To which my reply was “Exactly”. Then added “Plus rumor has it I give good head.” Then a moment later I added “Inappropriate again?”

XXX responded “YES! But this is not monitored by [My assistant]”.

After a few more innocent remarks he added “I haff to putten das kinder to bed. Guten nacht herr fraulein.” Damn him!

I tried with all my might to get something naughty out of him. I asked if he was going to dream about me. He responded “yesJ” which meant that he would be thinking about me while masturbating. Sorry, but I STILL consider that a compliment. My final request was that he dreams about me winning my online game. “It’s sexier,” I said.

So, I am wondering what the fuck is up with XXX. Has he completely gone off his rocker?!?!?! First he is emailing me Grizzly Adams scenarios that are being monitored by legal advisors and now he is texting me at home after preaching how dangerous that could be for me. I know his attitude now is “I don’t care anymore.” But JEEZ-US!

Leave it to Naughty Kitty to get a hold of a great guy like XXX on his way DOWN the ladder of success AND sanity rather than when he is on his way up.

To be continued…

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kitty's Breasts

Now I am not one to brag and believe me that is not what my intention is with this blog today but I have gotten a few compliments on my breasts recently. I never thought much of it. See, these old breasts of mine are “retired”. They were “working breasts” when my kids were young. While I believe they could use a little “lift” I am pretty satisfied with their size. You will have to just use your imagination on that I think. Sure, I could tell you but what fun would that be?

I have this one blouse. It’s not exactly my favorite and the color is not great but for some reason when I wear this particular blouse I almost always get a compliment on my breasts from the Angry Guy. For him to notice my body at all is quite something believe me. So I try to wear this blouse at least once a week even though like I said, it’s not in my opinion the most flattering.

The reason I am mentioning this is because on Christmas morning as I was opening my gifts, one of the gifts was an interesting piece of clothing. Now let me point out that Angry Guy generally does not buy me clothes. That is a good thing, believe me. Also, Angry Guy had to work Christmas morning so he wasn’t actually there to see the look on my face when I opened the gifts he had gotten for me.

So the thing that made this piece of clothing so interesting is that it looked almost identical to the blouse that Angry Guy loves my breasts in. The color is the same which is a color that I never wear and I don’t think I look good in. The neckline is plunging. The fit is snug and there are even the same tiny little buttons running down the front. I can’t tell you how many times I wore that original blouse in the hopes that a man would be running his fingers down that button placket as he unbuttoned each and every little button.

So I am sitting here this morning typing this after trying on my Christmas gift wondering if Angry Guy purchased this blouse with the idea that it will accentuate my breasts which he claims to think so highly of. I could ask him but of course what fun would that be?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Games People Play

Kitty received an angry email the other day from a former lover who was insulted by the past few posts that I had written about the men in my life who just disappear.

And while I am sorry if anybody’s feelings got hurt, I wrote and will continue to write about how I FEEL. If you want to write about how YOU FEEL then be my guest. I will even post it if you ask me to (and send it in Word form).

The thing is that this particular person confessed that he had been sitting back and waiting to see what I wrote about him. So basically he was “TESTING” Kitty. Needless to say Kitty FAILED the test. I guess I never mentioned that I am not a very good test taker especially if I haven’t had the opportunity to “study”.

Now to me that whole “testing” thing is BULLSHIT! I don’t play those games. If I did, believe me all these guys would FAIL. Believe me when I say that my standards for a lover are well below my standards for a husband so Kitty makes a point of not expecting too much from these men.

Oh sure, I prefer if they had character and were truthful but “TESTING” them? Keeping track of their every move? Kitty has no time for that. All I ask is for a little consideration and if you say you are going to do something…DO IT! Oh, and some communication.

Bottom line is if you have time to skulk around my blog everyday then you have the time to shoot me an email telling me something nice. End of story and yes, Kitty FAILED the test. Kitty has no time for tests or games. Kitty will now “Return to ‘Go’ without collecting $200”.