Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“We Bought a Zoo”

Kitty took the kids to see “We Bought a Zoo”. Kitty was a blubbering mess. Little known Kitty fact…I am hard as nails on the outside but completely sensitive on the inside. It’s not always something I am proud of and one of the very reasons I started prowling was to try to toughen up. It seems to have made things worse.

Anyway, I cried through the ENTIRE movie. My kids thought this was hysterical as did all the people we ran into that we knew on the way out of the theatre. I told everybody I was crying because I realized I will never sleep with Matt Damon but I think they knew better.

Most of the people who really know me will assume right off the bat that I cried over the animals. Yeah, Kitty is a huge animal lover. My Ex used to make fun of me because I refused to watch a movie like “Single White Female” because there was a puppy in it. He said, “you can watch mob movies night and day but throw an animal in there and you fall to pieces.” As usual the Ex was correct.

Sure, I was crying over the animals and their dilemmas (I am trying not to give away too much of the plot for those of you who might go see the movie) but the story line of Matt Damon mourning his dead wife struck home for Kitty as well.

See, Kitty believe it or not is a big believer in karma…I know RIGHT! And Kitty’s worse fear is that I will die from some awful form of cancer or Alzheimers and not live to see my children grow up. I know. Kitty has an active imagination. At any rate the fact that this is the story line of the movie sort of put Kitty over the edge. And the fact that Kitty has some pretty bad karma coming my way…well….you get the point.

Another thing that really struck me had to do with Angry Guy. I have to say that Angry Guy loves me like Matt Damon loved his dead wife. If anything happened to me I truly believe Angry Guy would fall to pieces. I think the dude loves me; he just doesn’t want to fuck me. Pretty fucked up wouldn’t you say?

Ah so you can see how I tortured myself throughout this movie to the point of becoming a blubbering mess. Like I told my kids, “I’m crying because I will never sleep with Matt Damon. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

P.S. I highly recommend the movie. Scarlett Johansen was hot if nothing else.

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