Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Games People Play

Kitty received an angry email the other day from a former lover who was insulted by the past few posts that I had written about the men in my life who just disappear.

And while I am sorry if anybody’s feelings got hurt, I wrote and will continue to write about how I FEEL. If you want to write about how YOU FEEL then be my guest. I will even post it if you ask me to (and send it in Word form).

The thing is that this particular person confessed that he had been sitting back and waiting to see what I wrote about him. So basically he was “TESTING” Kitty. Needless to say Kitty FAILED the test. I guess I never mentioned that I am not a very good test taker especially if I haven’t had the opportunity to “study”.

Now to me that whole “testing” thing is BULLSHIT! I don’t play those games. If I did, believe me all these guys would FAIL. Believe me when I say that my standards for a lover are well below my standards for a husband so Kitty makes a point of not expecting too much from these men.

Oh sure, I prefer if they had character and were truthful but “TESTING” them? Keeping track of their every move? Kitty has no time for that. All I ask is for a little consideration and if you say you are going to do something…DO IT! Oh, and some communication.

Bottom line is if you have time to skulk around my blog everyday then you have the time to shoot me an email telling me something nice. End of story and yes, Kitty FAILED the test. Kitty has no time for tests or games. Kitty will now “Return to ‘Go’ without collecting $200”.

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