Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ashley Madison Archive Encounter

He was already naked when I got to the hotel. He was waiting for me and laughed when we realized that I went to the wrong hotel initially. I was banging on room 112 of Econo-lodge while he was waiting for me next door at the Econo-motel. Not a good first impression.

He opened the door in all his glory inviting me in like an old friend and began to kiss me immediately before I put down my belongings.

I always lose track of the fact that these are actually first kisses. I offer a hello peck as a matter of habit and the men catch my lips for a longer lasting more passionate kiss which reminds me why I am there in the first place.

I ask to put my things down when he remembers that he left the lube out in his car so he throws on a pair of shorts and runs out to his car.

When he gets back he immediately strips down again as I remove all but my black bra and panties. We slip into bed together and he tells me to take the rest off.

Immediately we begin. He described himself as 7” but I have to say he seemed larger. The one thing that distinguished him from all of my other lovers is his constant talking during sex. Now I am not talking about just dirty talk. I am talking about full on CONVERSATION…like INTELLEGENT conversation. Perhaps he needs to read my blog about how I am unable to think clearly much less carry on an intelligent conversation with a big hard dick inside of me. But he doesn’t read blogs unfortunately.

So he is chatting away asking me all sorts of questions as I am sucking his dick none of which are related to my sucking his dick by the way. He’s asking what I do for a living, where I went to college, about my family. Finally I had to tell him “Look, I don’t have a family right now.” Luckily he understood what I was saying.

The thing that I really enjoyed about him aside from his big dick of course was he was just SO NICE! All he kept saying was how he wanted to please me. He wanted me to want to fuck him again. And every word out of his mouth was a compliment. Isn’t that what this whole thing is about after all? Aren’t we getting together to give the other person what their spouse will not?

He also gave me THE MOST INTENSE ORGASM OF MY LIFE. Now I have to say that although I went with it at the time, after he told me exactly what he had done to me I would not go there again. Suffice it to say it involved him behind me which is why I couldn’t see what was going on and there was a hell of a lot of pain mixed with pleasure. Once again, I went with it at the time but there will not be a repeat performance of that particular act but as he remarked, “Sometimes you gotta improvise.”

He was the one man that literally begged me to meet again. While the sex was good I just did not get a good vibe from him after a few more conversations. Kitty was lucky. Kitty chose not to push my luck.

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Advizor54 said...

OK, you have to explain that one "act" in more detail. What did he do and why won't you do it again?

If it was that good......