Friday, January 13, 2012

The Masterpiece Part 2

I slip off my heels and my dress leaving me in thigh highs and the red panties and bra. I begin to undress you as we kiss first unbuttoning your shirt. You take off your pants and shoes then I work my way down. I kiss my way down your neck then run my tongue down your chest, stomach grabbing the waist of your underwear in my teeth and quickly working them off to expose your huge hard cock. I sigh as I quickly remember looking at it as a young girl in wonder.

My initial response is to put it in my mouth. I smile at the idea that you were the reason for all of this and then I proceed to suck on you. I enjoy you in my mouth much more than I did as a young girl. I savor the head of your cock. I run my tongue up and down the shaft. I can’t get enough of you. I want you inside of me but am enjoying sucking you. I am sucking you hard and you are moaning standing.

“Move over to the bed,” you tell me. I stand and walk over with you behind me.

“Get on all fours,” you command. I am wet with anticipation. I prepare myself for the unknown. I am excited and frightened at the same time. What will come next? I truly have gone back in my head to those days of our youth when you gave me commands and I had no idea what the outcome would be.

I feel you behind me. You rub your cock up against my ass and run your fingers quickly over my clit. You move your cock into my pussy. I moan with pleasure. You begin thrusting. Each thrust sends me to a place of ecstasy. I am in my own world hardly paying attention to my surroundings. I hear your voice. At least I THINK I hear your voice and then you are in front of me but still thrusting behind me. takes me a moment to realize that there is another person here…another man.

“Suck my dick,” you tell me. And I do with pleasure. The feeling of being fucked from behind by an unknown stranger along with the thrill of sucking your cock and feeling completely safe with you makes my head spin and my body quiver. In no time I am cumming as I hear the man behind me moaning as though he is cumming.

“Get on top of him and ride his dick,” you tell me. The unknown man immediately pulls out of me and rolls on his back on the bed. I climb on top of him. He feels so good. His cock is as big as yours and hard as a rock. I move up and down then lean forward to let you in from behind. You slide your cock in my ass. This double penetration almost immediately makes me cum but I don’t want to yet. I want to enjoy the sensation. Things are moving too fast and I have lost all control.

Before long I am exhausted and wondering where you two men get all of your energy. I am completely full and satisfied when you put me on my back and begin to shoot cum at my face. My eyes are closed and my mouth is open. I am tasting your cum and remembering once again our youth and your direction. Again I am smiling at the idea that things have come full circle. In my haze of ecstasy I do not realize that three more men have entered the room. I hear their voices. They are all telling me the same thing. They are all telling me to suck their cocks. I am thinking to myself this must be a dream. I pull myself up onto my knees and suck each cock until another pushes its way in my face. I am dripping with cum. As each man cums they aim toward my face. Someone tells me “You look beautiful covered in all that cum.”

I begin to rub some over my body. The cum is warm and I am wet and things have gotten quiet. I open my eyes and see just you in the room. You are smiling at me. I want to kiss you but I am covered.

“I’ll clean up,” I say.

“Leave it,” you reply.

You come over to the bed where I am now sitting. You lay me down flat and begin kissing me starting at my mouth then down my neck to my breast. You begin sucking my nipples. I know I am covered in cum but that does not seem to bother you.

You climb on top of me and throw my legs over your shoulders. I grab for your hard cock and find it quickly then put it inside of me. You begin fucking me and it feels amazing even better than several men at once.

I look into your eyes and see that you are about to cum. I feel your body tense and at the same moment my body succumbs and I cum too.

We fall away from each other both exhausted. I am paralyzed. My body has never felt so spent. My body has never felt so much pleasure at one time.

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