Monday, January 16, 2012

French Kiss

I received an interesting email the other day and it drew me to thinking about French kissing. I can’t imagine NOT French kissing.
I have a special friend who I will most likely never meet in person. I adore him. He calls me “Sweet Kitty” which drives me wild. He is very paternal toward me. He guides me toward “goodness and light” and gives me advice. That makes Kitty wet.
If I ever met him I would kiss him gently on the lips at first and then…I would gently lick his lips with my tongue. To me it is quite natural to kiss with my mouth open. Perhaps he will keep his lips shut tight. I would gently pry them open with my own tongue.
My immediate instinct would be to reach down with my hands and rub his crotch. I wonder if French kissing would make him hard. I would like to make love to him like no woman has before. I would like to ask him what he wants and fulfill his every whim. He makes me want to please him.
I would ask if he would like me to ride on top of his hard cock. Would he like me to suck his cock? I would ask him if there is anything besides French kissing that he has never done and I would do that to him. Has he ever had anal sex? Has he had sex doggie style? Has he had sex in reverse cowgirl position?
His wish is my command. It all begins with the French kiss.


H said...

very erotic, and wow do I ever want to french kiss now

Naughty Kitty said...

***Sigh*** Me too :(

Same sassy girl said...

Ooof... it's warm in here! This man must be made of iron. My bread is not buttered on your side, but damn... this post would make me buy a plane ticket if a man wrote it for me!

Naughty Kitty said...

Speaking of which, I read your blog today Sassy. I can't wait to see what happens once you get there!

You are a lucky girl to be able to travel like that. I think if I could I would hop a plane to visit Bad Boy. It's tropical where he lives...or at least it's tropical compared to where we live ;)

Max said...

This is one seriously smoking hot post. :-)