Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Little Latino Helper

My Little Latino Helper told me that he broke up with his girlfriend today. He told me that they are going to remain friends so that’s good. Um…so what the fuck is Kitty going to do with the REST of the information??? Oh yeah, did I mention that Big Cheese is going away for the holidays so I will have the office all to myself?

Now in reality I don’t know if I would REALLY fuck my Little Latino Helper. I mean trust me he IS cute but he is cute in a puppy sort of way and you all know Kitty has a “Daddy” complex even though I like to joke about fucking young boys the truth is nothing makes Kitty wet like a guy my age or older.

 My Little Latino Helper has that sexy accent true. And yes, it is true that Kitty has never fucked a Latin man before. Are they supposed to be well endowed? My Little Latino Helper would definitely need to wear a condom. Bummer. The men I have been with lately have had vasectomies. Kitty digs that because it takes some of the worry away…do you all remember that pre-Halloween scare that Kitty had? Well Kitty would have a tough time explaining a Little Latino Baby to Angry Guy. I bet My Little Latino Helper moans when he cums and Kitty LOVES a moaner. Hmmmm

I wonder what positions My Little Latino Helper enjoys. I wonder if he fantasizes about fucking me on Big Cheese’s desk. I wonder if he fantasizes about bending me over. XXX used to fantasize about the exact same things I did even before we started fucking.

Oh God! If XXX ever found out about My Little Latino Helper, I would never hear the end of it. Something tells me that My Little Latino Helper is not very discrete. That could be very very bad for Kitty.

So the next few weeks should be interesting. Kitty has not had any playtime in a long time. Kitty is VERY frisky. Hmmmm…what should Kitty do????

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