Monday, January 9, 2012

“Innocent” Texting

Since I have all but lost contact with most of my former lovers I got out of the habit of carrying my cell phone with me everywhere. There was a point where I brought it in the bathroom with me not to mention kept it under my pillow at night. I would receive random texts all times of the night and day depending on the man. Since Angry Guy has a tendency to wake up throughout the night and wander about I didn’t want him to pick up my phone at the wrong time. It’s been kind of nice actually…not having to worry so much…not having to cover my tracks.

So last night on my way up to bed for whatever reason I glanced on my phone just to make sure nobody had called or texted and sure enough there was a text from none other than XXX. What the fuck is THAT about? Originally I looked at the text and it made no sense so I thought a. He is drunk or 2. he meant to text a family member and texted me instead. It turns out the reason it made no sense was because it was German. UGH! WTF?!

So I texted back “lol…huh?” Thinking that I would get an apologetic text back or something. It turns out he was in some sort of a chatty mood. I will spare you the details but of course Kitty being Kitty once I realized that the text was in fact intentionally sent to me texted “You know how wet I get when you speak/type German” To which his reply was “Wow! What a thing to say.”

Okay, now was I WRONG to assume that this would turn into a “Naughty” texting session? I mean keep in mind that this guy had been adamant AGAINST any sort of texting while we were involved and now suddenly out of the blue he is texting me a “how ya doin’?” kind of text at night.

Not that I mind but come on! So once I confirmed that XXX was not drunk and was not in a playful mood I began answering his questions like “What are you doing?” I explained that I was reading and playing an online game with my friends and losing to every single one of them. He commented twice “You have A LOT of friends.” Then made a crack like “so they are your friends so they can beat you?” To which my reply was “Exactly”. Then added “Plus rumor has it I give good head.” Then a moment later I added “Inappropriate again?”

XXX responded “YES! But this is not monitored by [My assistant]”.

After a few more innocent remarks he added “I haff to putten das kinder to bed. Guten nacht herr fraulein.” Damn him!

I tried with all my might to get something naughty out of him. I asked if he was going to dream about me. He responded “yesJ” which meant that he would be thinking about me while masturbating. Sorry, but I STILL consider that a compliment. My final request was that he dreams about me winning my online game. “It’s sexier,” I said.

So, I am wondering what the fuck is up with XXX. Has he completely gone off his rocker?!?!?! First he is emailing me Grizzly Adams scenarios that are being monitored by legal advisors and now he is texting me at home after preaching how dangerous that could be for me. I know his attitude now is “I don’t care anymore.” But JEEZ-US!

Leave it to Naughty Kitty to get a hold of a great guy like XXX on his way DOWN the ladder of success AND sanity rather than when he is on his way up.

To be continued…

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