Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflecting Back on 2011

I suppose 2011 had its ups and downs for Kitty just like everybody else. I am happy to report that Kitty is ending the year on an “Up Note”.

Oh sure, my year was full of sadness. I met some bad men on Ashley Madison. I suppose “bad” is not the right term…JERK-OFFS. Yes, when I spoke of one of these men in particular to my headshrinker and to my clergyman’s wife they both said, “This guy is a JERK-OFF”. So let’s go with that term for the time being.

Now on the other hand, Kitty has had some wonderful sex, learned some life skills, made tighter bonds with my girlfriends and met some wonderful men who I maintain platonic relationships with.

Kitty kissed some frogs this year. Yes, I did. But ultimately Kitty found something that I did not even realize I was looking for. Kitty realized that I just want to find one special friend to share with. I want my special friend to share  advice, time and passion with me. I want someone that I can truly talk with and Kitty does not want to have to hold back. Also, I want somebody who actually WANTS ME. Kitty wants a man who wants to be THE man. I don't want to have to beg. I can do that right here.
I am not going to settle this time. Kitty does not have to settle.

So as we end the year 2011 and begin 2012 Kitty wishes you all the joy and happiness that I have right at this moment.