Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Blindside

One of Kitty’s biggest flaws is that I am FAR too trusting. See, Kitty doesn’t lie and so I assume those around me don’t either. Oh I know this is naive especially in light of this lifestyle which is almost entirely based on lying and cheating.
So, okay…yes…I lie and cheat on the Angry Man but as far as my lovers are concerned I am truthful and loyal…too much so. There is a point in my relationship with these men where they have decided to move on but have not informed me. That’s the part that hurts. The minute that I realize what has happened which is generally days if not weeks after they have already left me emotionally. It’s a blindside for me.
These men have all sorts of creative ways of leaving my life. Some completely cut off communication and drop off the face of the earth while others seem to linger and leave Kitty more gradually. They all leave though…don’t they?
When I was blindsided by my latest lover it felt like a slap in the face. We had been going along. He was busy with work. He was busy with family. I sat by dutifully and waited…and waited…and waited. We communicated throughout. He sent me emails and texts and chats. It was nice but I was getting impatient. When was it my turn to get some real live attention from him? And yet I waited…and waited…and waited.

My platonic male friends all told me that I was crazy to wait. They told me that if he really wanted me he would make time no matter what. They told me no more than 2 weeks should go by and even then there should be some communication…a date to look forward to. But Kitty believed and even after 4 weeks had gone by since we had our afternoon together, Kitty waited…and waited…and waited.
Finally I got an email from him. Among other things he mentioned something about his wife offering sex. WAIT! Stop right there! Of course there was no rush on his part to meet ME. HE WAS GETTING LAID!! Now in his defense he did tell me upfront that he and his wife still have sex on a regular basis. At the time I figured there was enough of him to go around but now I see I was wrong. Okay, I mentioned this to him and he assured me that sex with her was as he put it “plain chocolate” but with me was “Rocky Road”. Oh yes, he can be quite the charmer. I accepted that explanation and continued waiting….and waiting…and waiting.
The other night he and I were chatting. We were talking about how busy he was again. I kept waiting for him to say something about it being my turn. I kept waiting for him to say “Let’s set up some playtime this week, Kitty.” But he didn’t in fact he went on to tell me that he was going to be taking a few days out of town to go and visit a friend of his. Okay so now Kitty is beginning to understand…now Kitty is beginning to see the light.
So he can make time in his busy schedule to go visit friends for a few DAYS but he can’t make time in his busy schedule to play with Kitty for a few HOURS. SLAP!!!! SLAP!!!! SLAP!!!!
And that my friends is what Kitty calls “A Moment of Truth” a “Revelation” and a “Blindside”.