Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kitty’s Discipline

I have been thinking about the next time we meet. Our first time was wonderful, don’t get me wrong. You were kind and giving and thoughtful. You asked Kitty what I wanted and how I wanted it. But Kitty is a naughty, naughty kitty and needs to be disciplined.

To show you just how naughty I am, I have laid out a plan for our next encounter. First we will meet at the location of your choice. For now let’s assume it is the same hotel as the first time. That suited our needs just fine didn’t it?

The difference is, this time when we arrive, Kitty is going to have you sit in a chair next to the bed. Kitty won’t tie your hands but you will not be allowed to touch Kitty in the beginning. See? I told you Kitty is naughty.

Kitty will stand in front of you and begin to remove my clothes. I know you want to help and believe me, I WANT you to help. I want you to unbutton my blouse. I want you to unsnap my bra. I want you to put your hands inside my pants and feel my wetness before you remove them. I want you to do all that but Baby, Kitty is feeling awfully naughty now.

So I will undress myself as you watch. I will stand and move just out of your reach. How does that make you feel? Oh, I may brush up against you. I may run my tongue over your lips. Kitty may run my hands over your cock to see if you are beginning to get hard in your jeans. But you can’t touch Kitty…not yet anyway.

Kitty is going to get on the bed. I am going to get on my knees facing you. I tell you to sit where you are and just watch. I begin to touch myself. First I play with the hair around my kitty. Then I will take my index finger and run it gently over my clit. I will bring my finger up to my mouth to see how I taste. Are you ready to taste me yet?

I will continue to run my fingers along the folds of my pussy as I maintain eye contact with you. What are you thinking?

I can feel myself getting wet just as I write this. I don’t want to cum too soon. I want you to make me cum.

I hope this makes you anxious. I hope that at this point you can’t sit in your chair anymore. I hope that you decide it is time to discipline Kitty. I want you to take control. I don’t want you to ask me what I want. I want you to TELL me what I want.

You should say “Come over here Kitty and undress me.” Kitty will see that you are serious and will hop off the bed to take care of you. Kitty will ask permission to kiss you. Will you give Kitty permission?

Kitty would like to kiss your mouth. As I unbutton your shirt, I will run my tongue down the front of your body down to the waistband of your jeans and I will begin to undo your jeans. Kitty will grab your beautiful ass then remove your jeans to expose your big, hard cock.

I want to take you in my mouth. Can Kitty take your cock in my mouth please? Your cock is so beautiful that I can’t help myself. I sink to my knees and begin to suck on it even though by now my pussy is aching for you to be inside of me.

You pull me up off of my knees. We are standing together for a moment. You look into my eyes and reach down with your hand. You put your finger inside of me and rub my G spot just enough to let me know that you are in control now. You pull your finger out of me and put it in my mouth. I taste myself again as I look into your eyes.

You guide me to the bed now and climb on top of me. As you enter me you move my legs over your shoulders. You are deep inside of me and thrusting harder than any man has. I will try not to cum right away because I am a naughty Kitty but I am powerless and cum almost immediately.

We move together effortlessly and finally you cum inside of me. I feel wet, warm and juicy now.

To be continued…