Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spank Me Baby

Can I just tell you that I had a blast yesterday participating in the "Great Cookie Exchange"? I have to say that I am a whore for a good cookie recipe. More importantly, I am a whore for new friends so yes, I worked my way down that list yesterday and went to each and every blog because all those people came to my blog and commented. Kitty gets wet over comments on my blog.

I have to tell you also that the thing that made me smile alot was that most if not all of these blogs deal mainly with "adult content". Alot of them had to do with S & M. Now you all know that I am an open minded kitty. I do not judge others and while I do enjoy a single spank on my naked ass every now and then, some of the more advanced forms of S & M do not appeal to me personally.

Having said that, I do enjoy reading blogs about all types of sex so what I started to say was that I began to read the blogs on my list yesterday. Initially of course there was a cookie recipe then right below that there would be a sexy story. The idea of men and women taking a short break from our sexy time and S & M to post a cookie recipe just makes me smile. I don't know how else to put it.

So when the weather is bad and you are looking for something fun to read, take a look at my blog list from yesterday and take a gander. You may see something you like...or something you want to try.

Thanks again to JZ and all my new blogging buddies who included me in the cookie exchange.

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Ryan Beaumont said...

Yea, it's kind of like a Monty Python skit!

(in british accent)
"I'll take a russian tea cake and good spanking please!" :)