Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Clean Bill of Health

I noticed something interesting today. Actually it’s kind of shitty. See, I have been feeling really good lately…I mean emotionally.
Oh, yeah there was an incident at the gym this morning. My friend challenged me to a race in class and while I was running I lost my balance and fell. I skinned my elbow which hurts like hell and bruised my ego but other than that I am fine. My friend felt incredibly guilty so I told her that I am telling everyone she pushed me and if she buys me a coffee with extra whipped cream on it we can call it even. She agreed.

Okay, so back to my emotional health. I was really struggling there for a little bit. The headshrinker attributed my sadness to the voids in my life. She attributed my sadness to the void from the loss of my father, the void that my husband has left me by emotionally leaving our marriage, and the void that was created when my son left for college. Up until that point I was proud of the way I had handled my son leaving for school but I suppose the combination of everything together just left me well…VOID.

I had been dreading the holidays specifically Thanksgiving then something happened. Well, among other things like removing my profile from Ashley Madison, not communicating with men other than platonically…sort of, getting back to the gym, watching my diet and starting a vitamin regimen…well…Kitty met a friend. Kitty met Biker Dude.

Oh, I have mentioned Biker Dude before as “Jr.” and/or “The Voice of Reason”. Anyway, for those of you who haven’t been reading my blog (SHAME ON YOU!) Biker Dude is a name that I say tongue in cheek. For some reason XXX thinks my new friend is a biker which he is not. But upon closer inspection I have decided that at first glance, second, tenth his rugged looks (without having a conversation with him) one could believe that he is a biker dude. He and I have a little joke about it. So Biker Dude if you are reading this I hope you see that I am joking.

Anyway, I am WAY off track here. Biker Dude and I happened to meet for the first time in person just before my last headshrinker appointment. Needless to say we shared an amazing kiss so it is no wonder I was in a great mood right before my headshrinker appointment. As a result the headshrinker gave me a clean bill of health. Ironic don’t you think?

The thing that is shitty though which is the whole point of this blog is that when I was seeing the headshrinker Angry Guy was on his best behavior…for the most part. He seemed to be going out of his way to be nice on the days he knew I had an appointment.

Yesterday he called me at work assuming that I had a headshrinker appointment and seemed sort of disappointed when I told him that she told me I could wait a few weeks to come back if I wanted to. Now Angry Guy was not disappointed because he wants me to go to the headshrinker. Angry Guy was disappointed because he thinks he has been wasting his time being nice to me the past few days thinking I will report back to her.

I realized that this morning when he was acting like an incredible ASSHOLE! Pretty shitty don’t you think?


Ryan Beaumont said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post but surely you will do a post commenting about Mr Pussy from SINC!

Naughty Kitty said...

You twisted my arm ;)