Monday, December 12, 2011


The other day at work XXX made a comment that I am the only woman who craves sex as much as a man. He told me I am a "unicorn" whatever the hell THAT means. I know that I can't possibly be the ONLY woman.
I am fascinated, however by the wives of some of my lovers. I like to know what they will and will not do and why. I am not trying to pry. I am a task oriented person as well as a "people pleaser" so in an effort to be a "Good Kitty" I like to do my research so that I can please my partner.
I’d love to meet these women to pick their brains only because some of their husbands are REALLY good lovers…some of them.
So, what's up? Are these women in "Mommy mode"? Can they not find their way out? Now don't get me wrong. There is something to be said for giving up your life to raise your kids. I love my kids but hell, I'm still a WOMAN! I want to be loved and desired just like the old me before I had kids. So, what you are saying is that other women don't feel that way???
WTF?! That's madness!!
Now I for one have the opposite problem that you might see on Dr. Phil or one of those damned talk shows. On Dr. Phil the women complain that they can't just switch gears and go from changing shitty diapers to sucking on their husband's dick. Okay, I get that...sort of. I don't happen to have that problem.
My issue is that Angry Guy sees me now as the mother of his children...Madonna more or less only alot less make-up and jewelry. Wait...wrong "Madonna". He has me up on a pedistal. He won't "disrespect" my body by touching it much less cumming on it. I have to be honest here. Looking back Angry Guy was never as adventurous in the bedroom as I was and he sure as hell isn't about to start now.
So, I ask you what the hell is with these women who won't fuck their husbands? Don't they know how lucky they are that their husbands still LOOK at them as desireable?
Listen, if any of the men who read this blog agree and would like to send their wives my way let me know. I'd love to interview them and write about it. It's fascinating to me, sort of like a unicorn.


Ryan Beaumont said...

There is a movie "The Story of Us" with Michelle Pheiffer where she states to her husband (Bruce Willis) "this is who I am with you." It's "boilerplate" to say we grow apart but that is often what happens.

A sports analogy. A lot of people said Tim Tebow couldn't play pro QB, yet he is doing awesome with Denver. Could he do it with another team. Probably not, but he has chemistry right now with that team.

XXX and his wife just don't have chemistry. You did have chemistry with XXX. HIs wife might have chemistry with another man, who knows.

I believe a woman when she says she is too tired to have sex right now. But when she says it repeatedly eventually it means "I am just too tired to have sex with YOU." But with the right man who inspires her the energy will find her.

Naughty Kitty said...

I agree Ryan but I also agree that chemistry between a couple changes or can change. Yes, XXX's wife did have chemistry with another Now she supposedly has chemistry with XXX. He and I had a certain amount of chemistry but there was just something missing. I can't put my finger on it but it is enough so that I won't go back there with him again and that is good.
I actually meant to focus this on some other men's wives but you get the point.

Advizor54 said...

We can let the chemistry die through neglect and conditioning. If a wife says "No" enough, the man stops asking. But he only stops asking her. He keeps asking anyone else who will listen and give him even a partial yes. Women do not want to hear this.

Naughty Kitty said...

But WHY do they say "no"?

Advizor54 said...

They say no because they are tired, out of sorts, not emotionally engaged, because they don't accept a beer-belly and flatulance as foreplay. They get bored wtih three-pumps and a grunt counting as sex. There are a lot of reasons they say no, but couples rarely talk about it without yelling and hurting each other's feelings so it gets left unsaid most of the time.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Huh. I always thought that a "unicorn" was a single, bisexual, swinging female...

Mayhap your friend and I hang out in different crowds.

Naughty Kitty said...

LOL interesting. I never knew that. Maybe THAT's why he called me a unicorn! I'd ask him but he is awfully cranky lately.

Maybe I'll ask him what he meant after the holidays ;)