Monday, December 5, 2011

Orgasm in a Box

One of the perks of advertising on my blog is that I can get free sex toys to test on occasion. All I have to do is find a willing participant to test them WITH me.

The first product I chose is called “Orgasm in a Box”.

One thing is for sure. When the box arrived I opened it in the privacy of my bedroom with the door locked. I learned that lesson after the “Supersex” incident.

So the product came today and I have decided to take the responsibility of reviewing “Orgasm in a Box” seriously. Yeah, I know you don’t believe me but guess what…I am completely serious.

My father would be very proud at my analytical tendencies with this task. So first off I unwrapped the package. I did it carefully because I wanted to see if the product packaging lends itself to gift giving and the answer is “YES”. Listen, I know that “Orgasm in a Box” is not necessarily an appropriate Christmas or Hanukkah gift to open in front of the kids but it sure makes a nice presentation for a private gift giving session or a bachelor/bachelorette party gift.

So, included in the box is the Silver Bullet which has a remote control. How fun is that?!?!?!  It also includes a Bunny tickler, a few individually wrapped tubes of lube and get this!!! Batteries!! How many times do you get a gift on a holiday when all the stores are closed and it requires batteries which you don’t have in the house?!?! Laugh if you will but this shit happens to me all the time.

So now comes the testing portion of the review. Well let me tell you one thing. I have absolutely no experience with either the Silver Bullet or the Bunny Tickler so I expect a learning curve because I have never seen such a thing and there were not directions online for using it. That’s what I’m here for!!!!

It’s been two weeks since my last confession…oh wait…sorry…habit. Actually “The Angry Guy” has had a mean ass cold and we put the testing process on hold…well sort of.

I got tired of waiting and put the damn batteries in myself and decided to test out the damn thing myself so I could write this for God’s Sake. Doesn’t “The Angry Man” know that I have deadlines?!?!?! Jeez-us! Some “able bodied” assistant he turned out to be!!

So I have to say that this little Silver Bullet packs a powerful punch for a $20 bill. I highly recommend it for a starter toy for somebody who is not willing to make the big investment in the INA for instance. Although the INA looks to be more my speed but well out of my price range.

So the Silver bullet is quite fun. It has a remote control which can be tons of fun with a partner I think. If “The Angry Guy” ever gets better I may ask him to hold the remote just for fun.

The bunny attachment is a tickler more or less. So basically if you like a light touch you use the bunny attachment. If you are looking for hard core vibration you go old school with the Silver Bullet.

My only critique is that someone like me…who can’t wipe their own ass without a set of directions could really use a set of dos and don’ts  with this item. I am not all that experienced with toys. The Babeland website is full of great information and instructions. I just didn’t see instructions for the Silver bullet item specifically.

Bottom line take a chance. It’s $20 for God’s sake! What can you buy anymore for $20?

Oh, and if Babeland is reading…SEND ME THE INA!!! It’s going to be a long, cold winter.

P.S. I tried to link this to Babeland’s website but Blogger freaked out and took my blog as SPAM/Pornography if you can imagine. So please click on the Babeland badge on the left if you would like to do some naughty shopping with Naughty Kitty.


H said...

yum.. if it only had a wireless remote control, you get the bullet I get the control fun for everyone ;)

Naughty Kitty said...

LOL I'd never get any work done!