Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I have been having a terrible time getting into the holiday spirit lately. Believe it or not there was a time when I would decorate the house from top to bottom. I spent hundreds of dollars on decorations. One year I even set up the electric train under the Christmas tree.

This year we just bought our tree. It was marked down since it is already the middle of the month. AWESOME! I hate wasting money on a tree that is already dead. When Angry Guy and I got married, he agreed to raise our kids as Jews if I agreed to still celebrate Christmas. I agreed to have a tree in the house if he agreed that it be a live tree. My mother in law laughed at me and said “Honey, you are going to kick yourself when you are still vacuuming pine needles up in JUNE.”

This year I chose to go into the attic so that I could dictate exactly what came down instead of just having Angry Guy bring everything down and sorting through it. So I pulled the attic stairs down and right off the bat a dead bird falls out. LOVELY!! See, this is exactly why I make a point of not going into the attic.

Of course my daughter was completely grossed out and Angry Guy said “You just ate fried chicken. What do you think that is? It’s a DEAD BIRD!” We’ll have to deal with my daughter becoming a vegetarian another time.

So the next step is bringing the tree into the house and stringing the lights. Our crazy ass dog has a phobia about new things coming into the house so I am sure she is going to bark her ass off at the tree parked in the corner. I just hope to god she doesn’t pee on it. That surely won’t brighten my Christmas spirit.

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